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A Change of Heart (Vash x Psycho)
07-23-2012, 12:35 AM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2012 12:02 PM by X-Vash00.)
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A Change of Heart (Vash x Psycho)
The room was dark, the only light illuminating it was the emerald glow of Jerec's lightsaber. Jerec found that either holding it in front of his face and staring into the ignited blade, or telekinetically dismantling and reassembling it helped greatly focus his mediations. Today he decided that he would allow the soft glow and hum of the ignited blade to put him in the trance like state. As his mind wandered the questions of his mind he reflected back on his life. He couldn't remember much about his home on Kiffu, he was taken from his home at a young age so the memories he had were fuzzy and vague. There were some memories of his home and the constant flashes of lightning from the storms high in the clouds. There was also the memory of his father tattooing his qukuuf on his face. He instinctively touched the tattoo on his face, his finger tracing the line over his left eye until it turned horizontal and followed the curvature of his cheek with a slash through the curve all done in red ink. He focused again and remembered when the Jedi masters came and took him to his new home on Courascant. The Jedi way of life was not of his choosing, but it was the only one he knew so he put his time and effort into it wholeheartedly and he was rewarded greatly with knowledge and power no normal person can comprehend. He quickly suppressed that thought, according to the masters it was those thoughts that led to the dark side.

With that suppression he ended the meditation and withdrew the blade back into the hilt. He hooked the lightsaber and clipped it back onto his belt. He lit the room again, it was the humble room of all Jedi. It had a simple bed, large enough to fit two but most Jedi have no need for that due to their strict following of the code, a desk where reports can be made or messages can be recorded, a small table and chair for food and even a small kitchenette to prepare their own meals. It was very simple and plain, nothing so lavish and peacockish. Deciding not to sit around in his room being bored he stepped out to see what was going on in the temple.

As he walked through the temple he greeted his fellow brother and sister knights, even some small groups of younglings headig to the sparring rings. He found his former master, Gail Korala, and went to greet him. The man was Arkanian, his snowy white hair and blank eyes were dead giveaways. He was wearing the standard uniform of a Jedi Master, a cream colored tunic and pants underneath a long and flowing brown robe. Gail was a very traditional man so he had never warred from that outfit ever since he came to the order. Jerec found no need for such tradition so he wore a very urban outfit. A pair of blackm flight pants with a form fitting black shirt that had small pads of armor woven into the fabric around his waist and chest, over that shirt he wore a dark brown jacket with black trimmings and plated shoulder guards. He even went as far as to keep his naturally long black hair from getting too long and kept it somewhat short and neat as possible. He approached him and gave a respectful bow. "Good afternoon Master Gail." The middle aged Arkanian nodded at him, "Greetings my former apprentice. I assume all is well with you?" Jerec smiled, "Other than being a little restless I am fine." The Arkanian chuckled, "Ah youth, I remember the times of having the need for action. Let me see if I can elate that feeling for you. I have recently been given a mission to guard an important member of the senate on his vacation to Alderan. I would indeed take on this mission but I feel that my skills have grown dull and my bones too slow. I now ask if you would take this mission for me?" Jerec thought about it for a moment. He really didn't want to guard a stuffy old senator relaxing while Jerec was on guard; but it did get him away from the temple and he would be doing a favor for an old friend. He accepted the mission and went to pack his things.

Once his things were packed he slung the bag over his shoulder and went to meet the senator at the departure point. When he arrived he greeted the senator with the standard set of niceties and borded the craft with him. The senator was just as he had imagined, a portly man with clothes sewn of fine cloth and jewels adorned his hand that no hard working man could afford. They sat inside and the craft took off towards Alderan. Jerec wondered why in the world would a senator need a Jedi bodyguard for his vacation? Was he expecting some political activist to try and kill him, or was he just trying to show off the sway he had in politics to get a Jedi guardian? Whichever it was he knew he wasn't going to like it.
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