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Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
06-23-2012, 12:46 AM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2012 05:47 PM by Lazy Poetess.)
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Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
So, does anyone else hate doing this? I feel like I'm trying to pimp myself out or scrounge desperately for someone to notice me. It's weirdly degrading, and not in a good way. Ah, well, it must be done.

First off, about myself. I am a twenty-nine year old woman who has been roleplaying for about fourteen years now. I have a very firm grasp on what I do and do not want, and I'm going to be very clear about those two things here in this thread. I suppose it might come off as snobby or strident, but I refuse to accept less than my minimum requirements. I will not enjoy any roleplay that doesn't meet those requirements, so why even get involved in one?

All things listed are equally important, so don't think you can get by because you can meet one or two. That just won't fly, ducky.

A. Grammar and Spelling - I insist on my partner being highly competent in both of these fields. I understand typos and more creative grammar usage, since I am subject to both myself, but 90% of what you write must be correct. This might seem harsh, but trying to deal with poor grammar and spelling ruins my enjoyment of the RP and I will end it, which is no fun for either of us. I realize that this potentially discriminates against those for whom English is not their first language, and for that I apologize, but, again, there's no point in making exceptions if the result will be an early end to the RP.

B. Intelligence and Maturity - I do not need my partner to be in my same age bracket, necessarily, but a mental, emotional and sexual maturity are a must. I'm well aware that there are people who are quite a bit younger than I who display a surprising maturity level, and those who are older than I who have yet to mature at all. So, this is not about age. I enjoy talking with my partners outside of the RP, and I'd like to enjoy these conversations. Also, both factors play a major role in how one roleplays, so please, assess yourself carefully before replying to me. Can you match my intelligence? Are you mature? I know this sounds as if I think very highly of myself, but it's really just me being very honest with you. I'd like the same from you.

C. Creativity and Wit - I love roleplays where I am caught off-guard by the other player's posts, and amused by what they do. Creativity involves more than stringing together a mess of descriptive, ten-dollar words. Wit goes beyond making jokes. The most pleasurable thing for me is when someone I'm playing with comes up with something new and exciting that I've never roleplayed before. I don't just mean in sexual scenes, but in every type of engagement our characters might become involved in. I also adore banter. When two characters can match wits, and neither is appreciably superior to the other, it makes for very enjoyable scenes. There's not much I like more in a roleplay than a good back and forth between two clever characters.

D. Tolerance and Open-Mindedness - I refuse to play with someone who is intolerant. Racist, sexist, ageist, or any other permutation thereof, if you are any of these things, then do not bother contacting me. I can accept almost all people, no matter who or what they are or do, as long as it doesn't involve harming those who have not consented. Now, that being said, I can accept certain aspects of this sort of mind-set and behavior in characters, and have enjoyed roleplaying with characters who displayed intolerance of some kind in the past. As long as the intolerance is strictly on the part of the character, and not a reflection of the player's close-minded viewpoint, then I can and will accept it. As for open-mindedness, this is also very important to me. I am the sort of person who is willing to try most things at least once. I do have limits, and they will be posted below, but for the most part I am extremely open. I would like my partner to be of a similar mind-set. Exploration is highly enjoyable and can keep a roleplay interesting for a very long time. If you have very stringent, narrow likes and dislikes, then perhaps you'd be better off looking elsewhere for a partner.

E. Bullying and Pressuring - Do not do this. If I have said that I will not do something, no matter the reason, do not attempt to pressure, cajole or persuade me to change my mind. I've dealt with too many people, both 'dominant' and 'submissive', who thought that they could get me to go beyond my limits, and it's incredibly frustrating. I will not make any attempt to push you to do something you do not wish to do, so give me the same respect. The moment you try to do this to me, I will end our association completely. I despise bullies who can't take no for an answer.

F. Respect - This is woven through most of what I have already stated. If you respect me then you will have read all of what has come prior and will have either decided that we are not suited, or will adhere to my requirements. I will respect my partner and I expect the same. That's really all that needs be said here.

Limits -

Pedophilia - (Under 16)
Adult Babies
Hardcore Sadism - (Ask if you need clarification.)
Extreme Violence
Excessive Melodrama - (Ask if you need clarification.)
Pregnancy - (Just not my thing.)

More may, and probably will, be added.

If it's not on the list and you want to know if I'm open to it, just ask. The worst I can say is no.

Post Expectations -

I would like to roleplay in PMs or email. I'm open to IMs, but this will have to be discussed. I've had too many IM roleplays end up disappointing me because the other player did not post enough, or it turned to pure smut.

I would like someone who can, and will, post at least two meaty paragraphs per post. Now, I don't like saying this, because there are times when two characters become involved in a discussion, or the RP has faster-paced scenes, in which two paragraphs are not necessary or desirable. This also invites those who post two paragraphs of mostly internal nonsense, or descriptive filler, then give me one or two sentences of something that I can actually respond to. This is silly. I want give and take here, and I won't leave you in the lurch, so please don't do so to me. So, if you need to discuss this with me to understand better what I'm wanting, then feel free to ask.

Likewise, please don't give me eight paragraphs of self-gratifying fluff. I will not be impressed by your ability to write lengthy, pointless descriptions of your character's hair, eyes or how gracefully they tie their shoes. This is useless to me and doesn't further the story, or give me any reason to remain involved in said story.

This may also be added to in the future.

Plot Cravings-

Librarian/Patron - This story revolves around a young woman who works as a librarian in a relatively small town. She is quiet, unassuming and something of a wallflower. She's never been very social, though she can be quite personable and entertaining in a one-on-one conversation. One day she finds some books which have been specially requested by a patron and, out of curiosity, she begins to look through them. She is shocked and aroused by the nature of the stories and images within. They are non-fiction books about sado-masochism, bondage, domination and submission. Biographies of people who have experienced these things, and detailed references to the practices of such fetishes. They're not pornographic, but they open her eyes to a whole world she never really knew existed. The books intrigue her enough to make her want to meet, even if only briefly, the person who ordered them.

I would like to play the librarian in this plot. Thus, my partner would be playing the patron. I would like it to be a male, and a switch, if at all possible. I enjoy switch/switch BDSM roleplays more than any other kind. It provides more variety, in my view, and that makes the story that much more interesting. I see this as a long-term RP involving romance and a growing relationship between the two characters.

Student/Professor - She is desperately in love with her professor. She knows that they shouldn't be involved, that it's against the rules, but somehow that makes the idea that much more enticing. Unable to resist any longer, she begins to make her feelings known in the assignments she turns in. He teaches creative writing, and her stories take a decidedly sensual, even blatantly sexual, turn. In essence, she begins trying to seduce her professor through her writing.

Again, I would like to play the student here. I also see this being a long-term, romantic roleplay. It would involve fetishes as well, though the story could go many different ways, and there needn't be a definitive BDSM slant to it like the previous one has. I'm wanting the age gap to be relatively minor, as in the student in her 20's and the professor in his 30's. Also? I'd love if the professor was a bit of a nerd. And possibly kind of preppy?

Father/Daughter - (NOTE: I will be very picky about who I agree to play this with. I've been burnt and annoyed too many times.) This story revolves around a teenage girl and her father. The daughter is anywhere from 16-19. She's no longer in high school, so if she is 16, then she graduated early. I don't have some grand story here, just the premise on which the story can be built.

A single father and his daughter have lived in the same town their entire lives. However, when the company that the father works for shuts down, he is forced to look elsewhere for a new job. Things work out, but the two are forced to move to a much larger city, which is where the father's new job is located. Trouble arises when the father discovers that his boss has an unspoken bias toward married men. The bias rises from his religion, or perhaps from a concern about sexual harassment in the workplace. The reasons don't particularly matter, since the result is the same. The father, concerned about his job security, asks his daughter to pose as his wife. Luckily, she is quite mature and capable of looking the part of an older woman if necessary. The two never expect how the play-acting at company functions and dinners with the boss and his wife would change how they view one another.

So, as with all my RPs, I want romance and a slow-growing attraction here. I also prefer to have a sense of shame and the taboo in my incest RPs. So, while the two develop feelings and eventually give into those desires, they should resist them and actually feel concerned about what they are feeling. I love tension and anticipation.

Brother/Sister - (Note: As with the Father/Daughter plot, I will be picky about my partner.)

Ten years ago, their parents went through a very nasty, contentious divorce. Their children were caught up in the cross fire and she ended up with mom while he and dad moved across the country. They haven't seen one another since. Now she's moving out of her mother's house and going off to college, and she knows exactly where she's going.

Basically, this story revolves around siblings that aren't -too- different age-wise. At this point in the story, they're both in college. She's a Freshman and he can be whatever level you'd like. He could be in his mid-twenties, if you wanted to go with a graduate or higher-level student. Anyway, she found out where he was going to college and applied there. She wants to get back in touch with him, but she's wary of how he'll react, so she plans to strike up a friendship without telling him she's his sister. Fortunately, he's looking for a room mate and she needs somewhere to stay. Things will progress from there.

I'd like this to be romantic and similar to any other couple, except she has a deep, dark secret and he'll eventually discover it. I enjoy tension and wild passion, that ache of anticipation that comes from wanting someone and knowing you can't have them. I don't want them immediately hopping into the sack. I envision him pursuing her, and her wanting to succumb, but the knowledge of their relationship makes her hold back. He doesn't know why she's holding back, but he knows she wants him, can tell, so he keeps pushing. It's all very sexy and naughty. Any other kinks and fetishes that you want to add in, we can discuss beforehand or just go with the flow, as long as they're not on my dislike list or too out there. If there's any question, I'm always open to questions and much prefer to be asked ahead of time, rather than having something unexpectedly sprung on me.

Just to make everyone aware, I am open to other ideas. I just tend to keep my own plot postings to only those ideas I am particularly craving at the moment. However, be forewarned that in almost every instance, I will want romance to be part of the story. I've already stated my aversion to pure smut, and I really only enjoy stories that have a romantic element. This doesn't mean that the romance can't be part of a larger plot-arc, just that it needs to be present.

More to come...
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06-23-2012, 09:54 PM
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
06/23 - Added Father/Daughter plot pairing.
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06-23-2012, 10:26 PM (This post was last modified: 06-23-2012 10:28 PM by reginalux.)
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
Wow I loved actually just reading your request.(wish this was Facebook and there was a like button option available on this site) Hilarious intro/hook, perfect topic sentences followed by witty and amazing segments. The paragraphs were clearly separated by topic and were direct, in the information that you were giving out. Your "voice" was very present throughout the post. It was as if we were talking directly to you. Even the punctuation was spot on(as far as I can tell). Are you a language arts teacher lol. Not trying to play with you, obviously, but I love your request thread. Can I steal bits of it?
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06-24-2012, 02:47 AM
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
If you like, Regina. I appreciate your comments, and, actually, I'm an English Major six credits shy of my first B.A. I plan to go on to get my Ph.D., so it's pretty important that I have a fairly impressive grasp of the English language.
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06-24-2012, 04:43 AM
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
Hi there. I like to keep my conversations private, so I sent you a pm Poetess.
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06-30-2012, 01:57 PM
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
Edited the options and added in a bit welcoming other ideas.
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06-30-2012, 05:48 PM
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RE: Mature, intellectual Female searching for like-minded Male RPer for MxF roleplay.
Added in Brother/Sister pairing plot.
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