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Succubus and the loving neighbor boy {Ryuu & Camryn Draik}
06-12-2012, 02:06 AM
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Succubus and the loving neighbor boy {Ryuu & Camryn Draik}
Alex is fairly average young man, he is 17 years old, 6 feet tall, has dark brown hair that usually has a messy spiked looked to it, he has hazel eyes, and a nice tan skin tone. Alex is not exactly ripped for his age, in fact he looks extremely average physically but is actually very nicely toned, and isn't a jock but is still rather athletic. Alex practices par kour(free running), knows some martial arts not from lessons but from his ex-marine father and uncles. Alex is also fairly smart so his grades are never lacking.

Despite personality, outward appearance, and social status, Alex does have one problem in his life at the moment. His family. Alex's parents had been going through some trouble with each other Alex was never entirely informed of, but despite that he understood what was happening. The problems had been progressing so far that when it was time for Alex and his parents to move into their new house, his mom stayed behind to take some time to think. Alex didn't entirely mind though, he didn't do too much with his parents at this point anyway, however he did enjoy his dad's company very much, and was glad he at least had him to hang out with until he started hanging out with the local kids. 

So Alex and his father approached their new city together, yet somehow alone. Alex's father understood how hard the problems between him and his wife must be on Alex, and as the approached their new neighborhood said "excited?" Alex replied "not really, a little anxious I guess" his father Clyde said "well don't worry son, a new neighborhood a new school and a new city, it's a nice way to start over, leave your problems behind. Besides its a nice area, I think you'll like it here." Alex gave a small smile and said "yeah I guess you're right dad.... So exactly how much longer till we get there?" Clyde replied "just a little longer son in fact" his father stretched his neck out a bit and with a very very slight strain in his voice said "this should be the neighborhood right here." 

they turned into the neighborhood and Alex realized his dad was right, it was a very nice neighborhood not a perfect one, but nice. Alex began scanning the streets for neighbors, hoping he'd see someone his age instead of a bunch of little kids or something. As they approached the house, Alex could see the for sale sign by now, off in the distance an empty drive way and a small white sign on the lawn as his dad said "here we are Alex" he smiled and looked at Alex and back at the road as he said "home sweet home" as they drove up however Alex could've sworn he saw a girl who looked about his age out of the corner of his eye but when he looked back saw no one there. They pulled up to the house, opened the garage and door to the house and then began to help with unloading the moving van that had been following them. 

Alex was ready to finally start his new life as he said "hey dad is it ok if I just hang out outside for a bit? It's nice out so I figure I'll just stretch my legs a but after that drive." his dad replied "no problem Alex, heck I might join you in a bit after all that driving myself." "thanks dad" Alex walked out onto his new slowly stretched as he lay down spread out on his back on the grass, his head resting on his hands.
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