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What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
03-23-2012, 12:58 AM (This post was last modified: 03-23-2012 11:14 AM by NorthernSunset.)
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What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian Penny was lounging today.

She was a professional, in her early thirties. At least, she was still on the kinder side of 35. She’d been working in her chosen field for about 15 years now, and it had treated her well. She had all the jewellery she ever could have wanted, a place of her own, and a clientele that was nothing if not loyal, and money in the bank, enough to be choosy about new business. She could work from home, but often found herself in strange and exotic venues.

She was very much a girl next door type, curly brownish hair that fell a couple inches below her shoulders, forest green eyes peered out from behind a pair of “sexy librarian” glasses. She was tall, leggy, but with curvy figure that screamed womanhood at every twist, from her full breasts to her tapered waist to her full rounded hips and ass.

She lounged on the balcony of her 8th story condo. The weather was beautiful in her southern town. She read the same sentence a couple of times off her e-reader. Her net book was open by her side, her home page up. Gillian wasn’t your average professional. Oh she looked the part, but her profession was the oldest one in the book.

Executive Companion Service, had been running for 15 years now. It had started out on a whim, a dare really, from a dear friend to start a
1-900 number in college to help offset the bills. Gillian had made enough the first 6 months to pay for the up coming year. She enjoyed it, and she enjoyed talking to people and making a distant connection with them. Real men complicated things, but voices over a phone; that was something she could compartmentalize and walk away from.

Sure, there had been a couple of regular callers whom she cared about, even came to know, as well as you could know someone without a face. They all knew hers, but she...she had no clue if the guy on the other end was handsome or not, she just heard voices. Then booming success turned into something more, as a couple of the regulars began calling not only for the phone sex, but to actually talk. She had one who spoke of issues with his wife at length, sometimes that’s all the do was talk about the “home life”. It all depended on what her client wanted to do, and how often he called.

Five years after starting the call line, one of her regulars came to town on a business meeting. His girlfriend was at home, but he needed a date to a formal event. He had asked Gillian for a price to escort him. She had thought long and hard about agreeing to that first “date”. But, she had relented. A thousand dollars for two hours of her time. That was a good deal. No expectation of sex or anything else, just a companion for the evening.

That had started it. From there, it had progressed to taking some very selective clients as sexual liaisons, but she was smart, and clean about it. And discreet.

Gillian heard a little bloop-ping from her net book. A sound reserved for incoming applications. She perused the form. Her interest peaked. It was a slow day. A slow week, if she was being honest. Some fun might just be exactly what the doctor ordered.
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03-24-2012, 01:35 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Allan was on his way, back for another conference. His flight was set to return two days after the conference which suited him just fine. Every time he came to this town he couldn't help but look her up. Gillian. It was funny how things unfolded.

Allan was happily married. He had been so for several years. They had their ups and downs, like many other couples. Things became stressed between Allan and his wife at times. Allan was traveling all the time and his wife resented it. They always made up and after time they could settle back down into a normal routine for a month or two before Allan had to be off again, in some other place.

During his first visit to the city he toyed with the idea of finding a once-only fling with some random girl. His mind played through the scenario of how he would meet the girl. How he would charm her in a dark lounge somewhere in a nice part of town. He would sweep her off her feet and casually suggesting that they catch a cab together. They come back, have room service drop off a bottle of champagne and a basket of strawberries. They would make love, twice, before falling asleep in the soft sheets of the bed and wake up in each others arms. They would wake in the morning and they would kiss, making love a final time before he paid for the taxi ride home for her. They would exchange names only - no phone numbers. They would never see each other again, only thinking of her whenever the smell of her perfume on another woman excited the memory.

This never came to be, of course. Instead he would pop open his laptop and scan the internet for singles and chat lines that he would never call or contact, just for the fun of playing make-believe. It was during this searching that he had come across the advertisement. It was just phone-chat. Not even remotely close to sex or cheating. He could talk with another woman without feeling guilty. Hell, he did it all the time. He'd flirt shamelessly with the waitresses and the flight attendants and the occasional stripper when he was so inclined. This seemed different though, something naughty and dark. The first time he called he hung up when the phone connected. The second time he called he waited for the voice to answer.

The phone-calls escalated into something more. He would call whenever he was out of town. Not just when he was in the city, but whenever he was on the road away from home. At first the calls just got him excited. He'd stroke himself, listening to the dark, sweet voice of Gillian describing what she would do to him or what he could do to her. After a while though, it became more. She became a confidant. It was nice to have someone to confide in, someone who could hear his burdens and his worries without judging and without having to answer to anyone. It was after they had been speaking for a year that he had asked to meet her.
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03-24-2012, 07:07 PM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian was just about to click the new client request, when her cell phone went off. Clients generally did not have her personal cell phone number. That tended to get sticky. Not that she never gave it out, but she was if nothing careful. Their ring tones were customized so if she wanted she could tell without being near the phone who it was who was calling. This one started out as a snippet of a song she knew very well, and she smiled softly, Allan.

She closed down the website, leaving the new applicant in the dark and in favour of her most, intriguing of clients. Allan had been one of her phone clients for a long time. He had a very soothing voice, and they had spent hours on the phone after he had first applied for her service. They spoke about everything, from his siblings, to his job, to his wife of twelve years, she was his confidant but also a person who knew the players without really knowing them. It was only his side she ever got and that was the beauty of what she did.

Her clients were always right, unless they were wrong, and then Gillian never had a hard time telling them if they were. Allan though, had seemed to grow on her more than most. After a year of phone interludes, they met. Allan travelled to her city at least once a month sometimes more, and on one of his longer stays, he had asked her for coffee. Not quite the typical “date” Gillian was used to, but it was his dime, and the thought seemed to make him happy.

Meeting him in person had cinched something in Gillian. He had fantastic hazel eyes, was tall with very strong arms for an executive, and was just slightly distracted through the whole thing, in a cute, absent minded professor way. She didn’t disagree when he asked if they could try for another “date”.

Two dates turned into a dozen, her showing up at the bar he was at with friends sitting and watching them together, waiting until everyone had left before sliding into the seat next to him. Or waiting for him to come to her. A couple months ago, he called and booked her for more than just a simple coffee “date”.

They had gone out to dinner, and then he had taken her back to his hotel room. Gillian shivered with the memory. She was a sexual person, she enjoyed a good orgasm, but only four of her clients had ever blown her mind with the liaison they had shared. Allan was one.

She picked up the cell.

“Why hello handsome, come to brighten my dull weekend?” Gillian teased. She roughly knew his schedule, but it still sent her heart racing every time his ring blasted from her phone.
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03-25-2012, 09:06 PM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Allan hesitated, like he always did. There was a big part of him that wanted to maintain his loyalty. After all, he did swear an oath, a solemn vow to be faithful and to love and respect his partner in life. Which just made the allure of calling Gillian all the more devious and seductive. He'd had opportunities before, but there was nothing like what he had with Gillian. There was an undercurrent, something that went beyond their "professional" relationship. Gillian was something else, something that he couldn't get anywhere from anyone, except Gillian."

After a few long seconds he inhaled slowly through his nose and began his talk. "If I'm talking to the right person, I am hoping that she can brighten mine. If it brightens both of our weekend, well then... things are looking good. How have you been doll? It's been a while, too long. I'm in for a conference on the exciting world of policy development and analysis. Care to take my mind off of it some time in the next two nights? The company spent big, I'm staying at the Crowne Plaza."

Allan hoped she was available. She had never turned him down ever, but there was always a first time for everything. He thought about taking off his wedding ring, but he knew he wasn't fooling Gillian. She had heard everything about his life, at least all the major details. She heard about his happiness with his wife and some of the hardships they went through. All in all, Gillian knew everything she needed to know about Allen. Especially how to make him cry out in bliss.
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03-27-2012, 01:31 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian smiled as she listened to Allan’s voice. She knew he had issues reconciling her in his life. He loved his wife, he was never going to leave his wife and from all intensive purposes, Gillian would have to injure him if he even thought of it. She seemed perfect, but prefect only went as far as being there. With Allan’s schedule, she wasn’t there for a lot of it, and that meant he had a void, a pit of need, that Gillian could fill.

“Crowne Plaza, huh?” Gillian smiled. Allan got put up in a myriad of places, some good, some great, and only once or twice some fairly sketchy places, at least that she knew of. And let’s be honest, no matter how much she liked a client, a sketchy hotel put a damper on things. She and Allan had laughed at the one situation, but on the second, even though his room was paid for Gillian refused to stay there.

“You must be attending one of your fancy conferences.” She smiled as she teased him picking up her things and moving off the deck. If she was going to have a date tonight there was preparation that had to happen.

“So tell me sweetheart, what are you looking for tonight, and I can see if I can make it happen for you.” Gillian set her net book down and opened her walk through closet. Tucked in the back was her selection of interesting sets, designed to titillate and entice the male mind. She stood before it wondering what she should wear for him this evening, or if he was going to have a request.
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03-27-2012, 01:55 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
"I would love to see you show up, modestly dressed in a long skirt and a nice top. Nothing too fancy, but nothing plain and boring either. I want you looking like we're going out on a date. Underneath, I want you wearing something shocking and enticing. Something that will make me anticipate taking you, having you and feeling you throughout the late hours of the night. I want lace, I want red and I want crotchless. In return I'll be in a suit, navy, with grey slacks and a nice tie. You'll look like you're out on a date with a mormon." Allan chuckled.

He loved knowing some of the outfits that Gillian wore. Some of them were so revealing, even underneath her outer layers, that he could find himself hard and wanting before even saying hello. Gillian had that kind of effect on him and they both knew it. He always fantasized about coming home to his wife with an unexplained stain on the front of his suit. He'd take it to the dry-cleaners, they'd have to recognize that kind of stain. They'd give him an awkward smirk when he dropped them off, and perhaps a knowing grin from the girl who handed them back when he went back to pick them up. Perhaps it was that knowledge that they would know that made the fantasy that much more exciting.

"When we get back I'd like to use my tie for a purpose it was never intended for. I'll have you tease me and then I will have my turn teasing you. Then tasting you. But not once will I take my suit off. Everything I do to you and you do to me will be done in this suit. I might change the pants, but the jacket will remind me through the whole conference of what will transpire later. Tell me, how does that sound to you?"
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03-28-2012, 01:21 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian laughed softly as she listened to Allan describe items in her wardrobe. She knew exactly what to put together for him. She smiled as she pulled several things from her collection then laid out a nice modest black dress. It was tailored with bold seaming that accented her curves and fell just a few inches above her knee in a very classy number.

“So, same as always?” She asked, huskily as she set her tub to run.

They had made an arrangement when these escalated dates began that Allan would use a paypal account for her transactions. It was nearly instantaneous, and one spot he knew his wife would never see the money missing from. He did a lot of buying on ebay, so it was easy to explain away if she even saw the bill.

Gillian touched her net book and brought it to life. She pulled up her accounting feature and set it open as she continued prepping for her bath, ensuring Allan could hear the running water. Gillian dipped her fingers into the water as the tub filled.

“Perfect,” she whispered softly, as the balance on her web account updated. “Well, love,” she said softly. “If I am to meet you for 7 or 8 I need to let you go, I have a hot bath calling my name.” She let the teasing tone slip into her words.

Let him imagine her sinking into the tub naked and taking her time getting ready for him. Half the fun with Allan, was she knew those simple words would have a reaction all their own as would the sound of the running water. He’d know she’d be getting naked and that thought would drive him just a bit crazy.

Gillian smiled as she whispered her farewell to him and hung up the phone. She undressed and stepped into the deep tub, sighing as the hot water penetrated her skin.
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03-28-2012, 01:38 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Allan's entire body broke out in goosebumps when her voice lowered from the low, sultry tone of her voice on the phone down to the soft, sweet whisper. He shuddered a little, a delightful little tickle broke out up his spine causing him to shiver with delight.

Allan knew that Gillian had been drawing a bath. He could see the hot, curling steam rising up from the water. He pictured a few lit candles surrounding the bath as the only source of light in the room, casting the silhouette of her naked frame on the walls of the bathroom. He could see her shadow dance and sway with the flickering light caused by the soft breeze that she would cause just by swaying around the room. He pictured her, getting into the hot water slowly, drawing up a little of the water into a sponge and trickling it down the front of her chest, a trickle of water forming a stream between her beautiful and ample chest. Then she would sink down into the water, her delicious backside would dip into the nearly still water of the bath...

Allan could feel himself getting hard, the anticipation was half the fun. The other half was going to be the fulfillment of that fantasy. He loved watching her naked form, it was curvy and it had a natural grace that came with her gentle movements. The sex was always fun, but it was the whole experience that the dates worth every penny. He did want to just have some random fuck in a hotel. That could be arranged by anyone, hell, he'd had offers before. He never took them though. There was something with Gillian that he never had with anyone else. It was the total professionalism of the experience matched with the knowledge that she chose him as a customer. He didn't go shopping for this woman like some john out on the streets. They had talked and she decided that he would be a welcome client on a very small, very elite list.

Allan was ready for the night out. He had showered, shaved, deodorized and prepared everything. He went through the trouble of being manicured even, just to make sure that everything was in the right place and he was as deserving as a customer as she was as his escort. Tonight was going to be an excellent night and this conference was going to be excellent as well.
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03-29-2012, 12:39 AM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian was meticulous. She washed her hair and conditioned it, then slowly took the razor to her legs, ensuring she got every spot. She did her arms and then washed herself once more with a softly scented soap. By the time she stood from the bath, her skin was soft and glowing. For just a moment, she turned on the shower head and let it run over her head, the cool water sealing her skin and the conditioner in her hair to make it shine brightly. Turning off the water, she pulled the plug and stepped from her magnificent bath. She wrapped a towel about her hair, and then slowly took another and dried herself from the tips of her toes to her ears.

Hanging the one, and leaving the other in her hair, she made her way to her awaiting clothes on the bed. She started with her stockings. Slowly she unrolled the sheer silk like fabric up over her long legs, ending just two inches before her leg curved into her ass. She then stepped into a pair of black lace and red satin crotchless panties. She smoothed out black satin garters and hooked them carefully to the stockings and then the high hem of her panties. She looked at herself for a moment.

God these had been the best investment she’d ever made. The straps so versatile, that they could turn any pair of panties into a functioning garter belt, if one wanted. Gillian had seen them at a “trade” show several years back, and had bought 6 sets. As the first set had started to get ratty, she had replaced them with a fresh set to ensure she always looked sharp and fresh.

She then turned and picked up the cute little bra. She shrugged it on, clipping the back together and then slipping her arms through the black satin straps. The red satin cups were like a tiny shelf, boosting and thrusting her cleavage forward. Making her breasts seem even more voluptuous. The black lace trim barely disguising her nipples as they puckered and pushed against the fabric.

She pulled her dress over her clad form, it slipped neatly over her curves encasing them like a glove. She looked into the mirror, her creamy skin threatening to spill from her modest neck line, a deep crevasse of promised tissue visible to tease ones imagination. She slowly shook out her hair from the towel, tossing it to the floor before running her fingers through it, tussling the damp curls to fall angelically about her face. The last thing she needed was a small smattering of makeup, and then she was ready to meet Allan.

Taking great care, she put on an understated yet perfectly stated bit of smoky green shadow. The grey mascara making her eyes pop into life. She softly dusted a hint of blush on her cheek bones pulling them to the lime light and finished with a softly tinted high gloss lip balm that made her lips drip with a pouty kissable sheen. Turning from side to side she double checked herself. Everything was in order, accept a little bit of diamond dust on the crown of her cleavage leading up her neck to catch the light. Allan hated glitter, it got everywhere on him. But the fine powered Gillian used was not glitter, it was more a luminescence. Something that when she entered the room with the right lighting, everyone stopped to stare as she was unbelievably remarkable.

Gillan slipped into her heels, and grabbed her wrap with her hand held night purse, containing her cell, her keys and cash. She made her way to the front of the building, smiling demurely at Rick, the doorman as he greeted her from the elevator. He called her a cab to take her to the Crown and as she waited she chatted with him. Rick was an older gent, a background in security from somewhere, but he always had a smile for Gillian and loved to chat idly while they passed the time, and there might have been a hint of an on going flirt there, as he called her "my dear". But he was intensely possessive of his people, as he called them. And more than once, Gillian had seem him jump into action when someone needed to be forcibly removed from the building.

She settled into the cab, Rick closing the door after her, as she was charrioted away to meet Allan.
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03-29-2012, 05:00 PM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Allan took the elevator down to the lobby. He sat down on one of the luxurious leather sofa's which faced the door. There was a gas fireplace to the right of him flickering silently while he watched people walk in and out the doors. He pondered what he was actually planning and how brazenly he was going to meet with Gillian, take her arm and walk right out the door in front of everyone. It wasn't like this was something he would normally do, but in this instant he was doing everything so openly. Unabashedly would be an even better way to say it, because he wouldn't have cared. The second Gillian got in the door they would talk, she would touch his arm, and he would be able to smell her perfume. They would hop into another taxi and they would be off to some lovely restaurant.

He watched the people walk in and out and wondered what was going on in the lives of all these people in this hotel. There were some people he knew as a nodding acquaintance here and there going from convention to convention just like himself. He wondered if any of these people were up to the same sort of shenanigans that he was up to. In the end it didn't really matter, but he wondered how many of these people took the opportunity to make acquaintances while they were away from home. Probably more than he thought.

He watched as the door slid open. At first it was just another bellhop, coming through the door and opening it. Right behind him, however, was Gillian. The Bellhop wasn't in it for a tip, this time, he just wanted to get a little closer and have a good, long look at Gillian as she walked by. He watched the bellhop's eyes lower from her smiling face right down her back to her ass. Allan smiled inwardly, knowing exactly what the 19 year old bellhop was thinking. He smiled to Gillian and walked forward giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I am so glad you were available to come and see me. Shall we go out and grab a bit to eat?"

Allan hadn't eaten since he left on his flight. He ate with his wife, thinking about how lucky he was to have her sitting in front of him. It was funny how when she was there she was all he could think of. In the air he thought about maybe giving Gillian a call when he got into town and by the time he was getting out of the taxi he had to take it slow because the idea of getting in touch with her had given him a semi-erection. Now that she was here, he still thought of his wife briefly, but as soon as they linked arms all his attention in the world was for Gillian.

"What do you fancy this evening, dearest Gillian?"
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03-30-2012, 11:11 PM (This post was last modified: 03-30-2012 11:11 PM by NorthernSunset.)
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian smiled as Allan took her arm, showing his possession of her. She looked up at him, the sight of his face. He had the ability to make her heart skip a beat. She leaned into him and smiled.

“How bout sushi? I haven’t been to that little restaurant we like so much since your last visit to town.” She paused as Allan hailed them a cab. The small sushi spot was an all you can eat place with a Korean BBQ. Allan had introduced it to her on one of their first meetings, and now it had become a ritual of sorts to visit it at least once in their weekends together.

Gillian settled into the cab, her legs pressing against Allan’s as they were chauffeured to the restaurant. The line to get in was fairly short. Allan and Gillian were completely over dressed for the place that was just off the local Tech Campus. But it didn’t matter. They got a cozy table in the back for two. She smiled as she let Allan order the dishes for them. He knew what she liked so she didn’t worry about his choices. As the small platters began arriving she watched Allan cook the meats on the open fire pit in the centre of the table.

The sashimi was thick and generously cut, it was fresh and melt in your mouth good. Gillian dipped a piece in some soy and then delicately laid it on her tongue. She closed her eyes as the fish melted on her tongue. A smile curving her plump lips. She opened her eyes to find Allan entranced by her.

“Are you okay, love?” She asked softly knowing that he loved watching her eat sashimi. It was one of the things he had mentioned the first time they had come here. How much he loved watching her eat with her chopsticks. She smiled demurely as she reached for another piece of fish dipping it in soy then lowering it to her mouth. Gillian smiled at Allan she he offered her some pieces of cooked beef from the grill. As their waitress came by to fill their tea, Gillian reached for his hand.

“I missed you, and I am so glad you called tonight.” She said softly leaning forward over the table slightly, letting him have a peak of the lace of her bra beneath the top of her dress.
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04-01-2012, 08:51 PM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Allan watched slowly as Gillian opened her brightly painted, glossy lips and slowly moved the piece of fish over her white teeth to rest on her pink tongue delicately. As her mouth closed he sighed in envy of the fish that was resting behind her delicate, sensual lips. He couldn't help but feel the sharp tug of his cock in his pants against his dress slacks. He wondered why he didn't stroke himself, just so he wouldn't have this problem the rest of the night. The fact was though, he probably would have. Gillian could probably make Allan stand at attention with just a whispered request. Never a command, that wasn't how Gillian worked and that's how Allan liked it. He liked being in charge and made efforts to ensure that was how things were whenever it was an option.

"Yeah, I am ok. Better than ok, actually." Allan replied slowly, still captivated by the sight of watching Gillian enjoy the Sashimi.

In turn Allan picked up a slice of Tuna that was presented next to a nest of cabbage and a small mound of Wasabi. To the best of his knowledge, Gillian didn't like Wasabi so he took the pieces next to it to ensure her dining experience was as excellent as his own. When Allan caught sight of the lace he felt the tug in his slacks again. He knew that much more of that would lead to a full-on public erection. That was something he wanted to avoid, but was going to relish later. He would remember how she got him half-hard in the restaurant without actually doing anything. He would tell her how it was her fault he was nearly embarrassed because of her and he would make her make amends. On her knees. That was all part of the fantasy, for both of them.

Allan sipped his tea and smiled up to Gillian. He was impressed by the sushi, as always. He relished the flavor and scent of the salmon and tuna slices. They were so soft and melted on his tongue. He ordered a few selections for the Korean barbeque. Lamb was always a favorite and he checked off some other meats and some battered vegetables. "See anything that you want?" Allan winked.
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04-05-2012, 05:59 PM
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RE: What Your Wife Doesn't Know(Caspian and NorthernSunset)
Gillian watched Allan a smile on her lips. She was always amazed at how he could find so much pleasure in things. It made her wonder sometimes what his wife was like, if she felt the same way Gillian did when she watched him enjoying something.

“Just you, sweetheart.” She said softly, her eyes meeting his, and she winked back at him. They had an incredible flirt, chemistry, spark, whatever you wanted to call it, but it sizzled easily between them. She lay her hand on the table after taking a sip of her tea, signalling to him it was okay to touch her if he wanted. She let her eyes roam over Allan.

He worked too hard.

Yes, he loved his job, but it took him away from home more than it should. She knew it caused some stress between he and his wife. His wife had put up with it for years, but the strain was starting to make her crack by Allan’s accounts, and while it hurt him, he saw no alternative.

Gillian arched her eyebrow at him as his hand interwove with hers. She gently let her finger stroke the base of his palm. She had learned from years of doing this, sometimes it was more about intimacy rather than sex. Her elite clients tended towards the intimacy side of things more often than not. But with Allan, it was knowing when to cross that line. She knew if she was truthful to herself about the situation with him, she’d be in trouble.

So, Gillian refused to think about it. She ran the tip of her tongue over her glossed lips as her eyes flicked to Allan. Had it really only been 4 weeks since they were in bed together?
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