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Alien Collusion
01-04-2012, 08:08 AM
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Alien Collusion
Lance Corporal Daniel O'Neill had just been given new orders sending him to an Air Force Base in Northern California, he finally arrived at the barracks after three days of driving cross-country. The area was seemingly deserted and unlike other facilities, no signs around the area or marked on any map he could find. He felt sure he had just landed the worst assignment of his military career. What he didn't realise was that it was a huge honour to be posted at the United States most secret base, Area 69. Unlike the much publicised Area 51 which was a hoax to cover-up and keep secret the governments latest technological advances, that were being developed at Area 69. The base its self is located in a former nuclear bomb shelter, spreading miles underground with massive tunnels quarried out of the solid bedrock.

With no one around he couldn't report in, so after quarter of an hour searching the nearby dry and dusty scrub land he decided to get some rest in a free cot in the barracks. Daniel walked up the wooden floor creaking as he stepped towards the wire mesh screen outer door, the main door left wide open and entered. There seemed to be known sign of any soldiers, no used belongings just a rolled up mattress and pillow at the end of every bed. He thought it was quite odd but paid it no further mind, quickly unrolling the mattress and placing the pillow at the head of the bed, before playing his body flat against it and shutting his eyes, just for a moment.

Unaware of how tired the Lance Corporal was he fell asleep awakening to darkness. Suddenly a floorboard screeched as somebody in the darkness stepped on it and before he knew it and felt a sharp blow to his head. The next thing he was aware was that he had arrived in a doctor's office. From the very first moment he opened his eyes and Dr almost immediately shined his torchlight checking him for concussion.

"Sorry son, every soldier comes this way. Nobody, well very few people knows their way in or out of this place" the bald Dr informed him as he continued his examination of his head.

Before the young soldier could answer the door opened and a Lt Col walked in, he quickly rose to his feet and saluted.

"At ease soldier. Dr is he fit for duty?" The captain ordered then enquired.

"Yes Sir, I'm just finishing his paperwork. He's all yours" the doctor replied briefly pausing to rub his cheek with the blunt end of his silver pen.

Out of character: I'm looking for a female to play a captured alien my character will be responsible for guarding. I think she should look relatively humanoid with an anatomy similar to humans, or at least sexual organs in the same places and to look somewhat feminine and sexual. Perhaps she's just as curious sexually about this strange human as he is attracted to her and not just a ploy to escape? Perhaps a bond is developed eventually leading to an escape attempt? I'm not expecting epic length responses, a paragraph or two is fine.
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