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Trickery Profile Thread
11-11-2011, 12:30 PM (This post was last modified: 03-15-2012 04:01 PM by Lila Lupin.)
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Trickery Profile Thread
This is the profile thread for Trickery

The Bride and The Demon of Pride

[Image: 6cddb328cbbb452393e655e623de726fd9c8cc5b.jpg?282296]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Mr. Fox
Here I'm Called: Leviathan (Levi) Malphas
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: Appears to be in his mid to late 20's
Under These Clothes: Male
On the Inside: As the embodiment of pride, Leviathan is quite arrogant. He views himself as the most powerful, most intelligent, most handsome demon in all the land. Whether these statements are true or not is up to debate, but he does seem rather competent. He is also very condescending, viewing his six other demon brethren as lower than himself in about every way possible. This includes seeing them as unfit to take their brides that are betrothed to them. He is also rather charismatic and could be called a natural born leader.
The Things I Do: Warlord of Hell
A Twisted Path: As the demon representative of Pride, Leviathan has had quite an interesting life. He was born along with his seven 'brothers" as part of the royalty of the demon world. Since as long as he could remember, Levi was pushed to be the best at everything. From combat training to philosophy, Levi excelled at all causing his ego to grow along with him. As an expert swordsman and a brilliant tactician, Levi soon found himself situated as a very high ranking officer of the Kingdom's military.

Since he represented Pride of the Seven Sins, Levi was present for the deal that was granted to the mortal humans one hundred years ago. By granting them wealth, the humans betrothed the first daughters of the linage. For several generations the deal had not been completed as only males had been born. Finally though, all seven of the families had produced a female offspring and they have finally reached the requested age of 20 years old. Now that the women had been spirited away, it is time for Levi to claim what is his.
Apple of my Eye:Evelyn Serium
What You See: He can take on a more monstrous, true form that includes long sharp nails, emerald scales covering his skin, sharpened teeth, large powerful wings, a long reptilian tail and a pair of long harp horns jutting from each side of his head. He reserves this form for combat. Somewhat like this.

[Image: 2qaoks6.jpg]

My Heart Holds the Truth: Viola
Here I'm Called: Evelyn Serium
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 20
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: Evelyn is a stubborn woman who is set in her ways. She is hot tempered and can be very selfish. Being raised by a prestigious family, Evelyn was turned into a very proper a lady like woman out that her outspoken attitude. What makes Evelyn unique is how her golden tongue can quickly turn sharp, her words being her choice of weapon. Not scared to speak her mind, Evelyn is always truthful and will be honest to anyone she meets. Even though Evelyn seems to have some negative and egoistical tendencies, she is loyal to the ones who manage to earn her respect.
The Things I Do: Being spoiled.
A Twisted Path: The Serium family is a wealthy family who feed Evelyn with a golden spoon her whole life. They took completely pity on their daughter’s fate and gave her anything she wished for. Sadly, this treatment made Evelyn a spoiled brat who looked down on others compared to herself. She was beautiful, she was rich and she knew it.
Apple of my Eye: Leviathan (Levi) Malphas

The Bride and The Demon of Greed

[Image: 1247223502l.jpg]

My Heart Holds the Truth:Yamamoto
Here I'm Called: Beelzebub (Beel) Mammon
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: Appers to be in his early to mid 20s
Under These Clothes: Male
On the Inside: Andol obesses with the gain of wealth, power, and military might. If thier is one thing that is constantly on the demons mind more it is these things. Though once he has them, he sees them as nothing more than just another object in his collection. To him it is the thrill of getting more that he enjoys. Though dare to touch or harm one of his things, and he will bring down all might on you. To him his brothers are just objects to be used. Some of them as weapons for there military potential. Others just because it is fun to mess with them as objects that he owns. They are 'his' brothers after all... so in his mind they belong to him.
The Things I Do: Hells Military Commander and Banker (Self proclaimed Nepoleon of the Underworld)
A Twisted Path: Andol's life has always been lead with one single purpose, the gain of more things. Be that land, power, money, objects, his goals have alway remained the same. To try and get more of them. Though claiming being one of the pyshcially weakest of the seven(Though the margin of how much is actually quite a bit less than he will let on which leaves one to believe wethier this statement is actually ture) Andol has always seen military and monetary power has beening the best way to obtian those goals. It is his intellegance that quickly became his weapon, and his mastery of military tactics became one of his main focuses. His ability never lose a battle quickly earned him spot as leader of hells military forces. This also goes the same for the realm of his love for politics, because being able to manipulate his brothers weakness to obtian more things has always been a bit of a past time for him. Of course even now Andol still does not consider what he has to be egough, as there are always more lands that must be conquered, and more money that must be obtianed.
Apple of my Eye: Marissa Adrian Macone
What You See: He has two white horns sticking out of the black hair on his head. His eyes blink side ways instead of in the normal up and down method. He also has retractable claws that come form the tips of his fingers.(He has a habit of carrying a vial of posion with him to coat the claw if need be.) When in combat his eyes turn form thiere normal black to completely red, and he speeds up his movements to blinding fast speeds.

[Image: HannahMichelle-1.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Lila Lupin
Here I'm Called: Marissa Adrian Macone
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 25
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: Marissa usually tried to act very ladylike, but she has a streak in her that is rather rebellious, and challenging, While she usually tries to be a sweet, mild mannered young lady, she can come off as a bitch if you rub her the wrong way. When she dances, or listens to music, she gets sucked into her own little world, and can miss quit a few things, but other than that she's very analytical, and enjoys wrapping her head around a problem, especially if it's mathematical. She has a very kind heart, and hates to hurt others. She loves to help out when ever she can.
The Things I Do: Professional Ballerina
A Twisted Path: Marissa has always had a love for dancing, ever since she was very small. Her mother was a professional dancer before she decided to retire and teach ballet instead. When Marissa was little she used to sit and watch her mother practice for as long as her parents would let her. Since her father worked the Stock Markets like a pro she also learned a great deal about mathematics. She was a very bright and promising child, and she surpassed her parents expectations as she grew up. Her parents were devastated when they realized that the bedtime story they used to tell her, was not just a bedtime story.

They hated the idea of having to send their daughter off, but they wanted her to continue to have the best of everything possible, so they sent her off, to be married to the Demon of Greed. They didn't even have time to explain to her what was happening, but her mother did give her the copy of the old bedtime story, hoping that her daughter would understand what was happening. She also has an extensive love of music, and nice clothing. She loves to do things, and she starts to get stir crazy when there's nothing for her to do.

Apple of my Eye: Greed
What You See: She has a small flower tattoo on the lower right corner of her back.

The Bride and The Demon of Wrath

[Image: demon2.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Zynode
Here I'm Called: Ashtaroth Baal
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: Appears 27
Under These Clothes: Male
On the Inside: Ashtaroth is quick to anger and slow to forget. Many consider him a bit on the extreme end of the emotional spectrum and as such is prone to more darker moods than his brothers. He is usually the first to strike and the last to stop. He prefers solitude and can also be brooding. When his anger is provoked he has violent outbreaks and usually reverts to his true form when angered to the limit. In any situition if combat happens he almost always participates. He sees his brothers as annoyances and would rather kill then talk to them. If humans were to see him in a relationship they'd describe him as an abusive boyfriend. He secretly prefers redheads and hates blondes.
The Things I Do: Enforcer of Punishment in Hell
A Twisted Path: Ashtaroth as royalty and as an elder(remeber cain killed abel in a jealous rage) brother was raised to be a warrior first and diplomat never. Having suffered more combat than his brothers he would constantly engage in altercations with them. He soon found a desire for isolation when he found he could focus more when alone. Among his brothers he was the roughest with any companion whether they be damned or succubus. He loathes the idea of a human bride but secretly craves affection denied by his family.
Apple of my Eye: Makenna Jael Halstrom
What You See: Has an "Incarnate Form" and is covered in scars from head to toe.

[Image: chester-ocampo-hot-chicks_04.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Talin
Here I'm Called: Makenna Jael Halstrom
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 23
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: free spirit, graceful, creative, flirty, hates being fussed over, will run away to think about things when they go bad (instead of dealing with them right away), friendly, gentle and caring, easily flustered, and loyal
The Things I Do: Singer and Violinist
A Twisted Path: Daddy’s girl through and through, when her parents split, she was 11 and forced to go with her mother. Her mother drug her far away from her father and the man became a distant memory. Life went on and he remarried but she still bore his name. Makenna threw herself into music and took to the violin like a fish to water. At 18 she tore away from her mother’s grip and took a job as a singer, backing up various singers in lounge acts helps her to feel normal and not like such a pampered brat. As her relationship with her father once again flourished, he encouraged her to go to college. She entered University and is currently being scouted for a local orchestra. Her mother has been cut off from her life. Things couldn’t be better.
Apple of my Eye: Ashtaroth Baal
What You See: 5’ 10” and has a few musical notes tattooed on her right hip.

The Bride and The Demon of Envy

[Image: the_moment_before_the_show_by_ala21ddin21-d322nqi.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: DreamingRose
Here I'm Called: Krystyn Armia
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 23
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: She's very strong willed, fierce, and daring. She loves to tease, and to taunt. She tends to be very attached to her friends, and family. She holds them close to her heart. She'll do anything for them. If someone threatens them or harms them in any way, she'll do everything in her power to fight back and help them. Even if it means harming the ones that harmed them.
The Things I Do: Work at a flower shop
A Twisted Path: Unknown
Apple of my Eye: Envy
What You See: Her hair is black and her eyes are blue

The Bride and The Demon of Lust

[Image: 887766.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Rikku42
Here I'm Called: Jethro Artimus
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: Looks to be 23
Under These Clothes: Male
On the Inside: He's charming, kind, a peoples person. Many end up thinking he's a good person. In reality he's not exactly, all he cares about is getting into his target's pants. His seductive nature is something he uses to his advantage as much as he possibly can. Manipulative to get what he wants. And dont think he's not intelligent for he is, but he likes to lay back and enjoy life (just maybe not be as lazy as sloth). If you irk him the wrong way he becomes short and mean to the person. And it may take some time to get back onto his better side.
The Things I Do: Head of Hell's Welcoming Committee
A Twisted Path: Being considered the nicest out of your brothers has it's ups and downs. One It landed him the job of being the head of Hell's Welcoming Committee. He had the charisma and appeal to draw people into hell's firey depths. Which being born into the royalty part of the demon world via the lust line he had a wide spread of room to do what he pleased as most of the time his parents or guardians were off doing what pleased them the most. He found that when he was old enough to move about the worlds on his own he found he quiet liked earth and what it represented that he simply began to learn the ways of people, which ended up him falling in love with a human girl. That didn't end well, thus he came home and took the position that his higher ups deemed him worthy to do. Which is fine with him since he gets the occasional job where he must seduce the living to hell.

Will one of these fine ladys be able to soften his heart and deter him from his unlawful ways?
Apple of my Eye: Madison Arianni
What You See: True Demon Form ->

[Image: Animegirlwithglasses-1-1.jpg]
My Heart Holds the Truth: sydnie.cherie
Here I'm Called: Madison Arianni
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 21
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: Madison was always very imaginative, and seemed to fall naturally into a career in writing. The worlds and people she created were among the only things that could hold her interest for a long time. That and video games, which seemed to be the perfect outlet for her underlying aggressive nature. She hates not being in control, and being wrong is an almost foreign concept to her.
The Things I Do: Writer/Obsessive Gamer
A Twisted Path: As social a person as Madison likes to be, she never had many friends. She always found it hard to maintain interest in people, and once she was no longer entertained by a person she cut them out of her life. No relationship, platonic or otherwise, ever lasted longer than two years. Though she lost her virginity at eighteen, she viewed sex as something to do to keep a partner complacent, and had never lusted after anyone a day in her life.
Apple of my Eye: Lust
What You See: Madison has a heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh, dimple-like impressions in her lower back, and a tongue recently pierced out of boredom.

The Bride and The Demon of Sloth

The Bride and The Demon of Gluttony

[Image: sample_be45ecb373f002c6932ac0fd56adc48e.jpg?1393030]
My Heart Holds the Truth: Redking6
Here I'm Called: Thrace Valthhas
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 29 looking, really uncertain of his own actual age.
Under These Clothes: Male
On the Inside: Thrace is a calculating figure and prefers to work on the outside of things. Often a quiet and outside observer who takes immense caution in everything that he does. He's also very meticulous and likes to make sure that he knows everything about the affairs the he becomes part of. However, while not quick or prone to anger Thrace does not take threats or actions against him lightly and will find ways of making that person pay in some form, often in such a way that makes the person bloat themselves into their own downfall either literally or metaphorically.
The Things I Do: Task master, and knowledge keeper of hell.
A Twisted Path:
Apple of my Eye: Bride of Gluttony
What You See: Thrace always seems like he is emaciated and frail. However he may look like this physically he is rather strong though a tad weaker then some demons. He, much like his title, is constantly needing some form of nourishment and tends to over consume in part.

[Image: SUNLIGHTpng.png]
My Heart Holds the Truth: -Lady Bloody Ava-
Here I'm Called: Claudine Roux Dupont
At the Bottom of My Hour Glass: 20
Under These Clothes: Female
On the Inside: Smartest of her class, and talented with the violin. She has a strong hate for the stupid and ignorant. She has a sharp tongue to anyone who wishes to challenge her. Stay on her sweet side and she can be quite the socialist. She is silently sweet. She is a very giving woman and can't stand the arrogant and pompous.
The Things I Do: Composite music and perform on rare occasions.
A Twisted Path: As the only daughter of the Dupont family, Claudine holds a special place in her father's heart. Well educated and fluent in French and English. Her two older brother's envy their talented sister. While she is not the business mogul they are, she seems to do little effort to win their father's praise. Music holds a special place in her heart. She uses it to express all of her emotions. From furious to sad, she vents by playing her violin. Her favorite favorite artists being Chopin, Schubert, and Bach. Her mother passed when she was only fifteen. She took up the role as the woman of the house hold and loves her family to death.
Apple of my Eye: Gluttony
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