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Forgotten Kingdoms Reforged [NymphieKi and Me]
10-01-2011, 04:24 PM
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Forgotten Kingdoms Reforged [NymphieKi and Me]
Sceradian Kingdom: Throne Room

"That remains my strongest suggestion. That way, should word of this great voyage have escaped these walls, any attempt at stricking the Princess' Caravan, will happen at the most expected areas, and upon the most obviously armed ones. And while these are followed, an ambush prepared, your daughter shall be brought through a safer, and unexpected route. Ensuring the safety for your daughter." The old man's smooth voice, soothing a worried man's mind. Yet it did little good, a King worried for his only daughter's safety. The King slowly shook his head, as he raised from his chair, raising the leather glove of his right hand to his face, stroking over it with an unpleasing groan.
"And our strongest men will be with the main caravan?" The King asked, moving his gaze to the bald, wrinkled man. His far older brother. The brother bowed his head with a nod.
"Yes, my King.." He answered. The King nodded in response, walking towards the strategic map near them, putting his hand on the edge of it.
"And the other Caravans?" He turned his gaze over the dotted route on the map. The adviser joined him by his side.
"Already on route." He answered, as he placed a comforting hand on the King's shoulder.
"And.. My daughter?" He asked, turning his eyes towards the Adviser. He smiled in return to the concerned eyes, and nodded a single time.
"The Maids are preparing her for the voyage."

Sceradian Kingdom: Princess' quarters

A few of the lower Maids, where preparing the Princess' things, packing up what was necessary for the week long voyage. The main Maid herself, making sure she had brought the things necessary, before turning her gaze for the Princess. *Maideline was always worried for her Princess, wanting the best for her. She was still uncertain how she felt about the arranged marriage, but she would stand by her side, and do her best to prepare her. She had been with the Princess since they where both born, always knowing her place, being the same age as her by now.
"My Lady? Are you.. Prepared for the voyage?" She knew the Princess' things where prepared, and that her dress' had been prepared, yet she was never certain with the Princess, having always been her own woman.

*Far Waste's: Some miles from *'Broken Nook'

"*Baltar!" *Akiil's young voice called for his 'personal adviser', as he walked towards the edge of the mountain, his eyes gazing towards the 'Broken Nook' where their ambush where meant to be staged, and pay collected. Akiil where one of the best and most efficient mercenary leader from the '*Cutthroat Oasis', and that was why the old Adviser had hired him. But only little but his own men, knew of the mercenaries ways. A fairly old man, followed the young leader up the crooked stones, to join his view. As the man arrived, Akiil's eyes turned to him, and he smiled widely.
"In four day's time, we will be more rich, then we could've ever dreamed of, old friend.." He said with a smile. Baltar grunted and shook his head, turning his eyes over the waste's.
"Indeed, young Bendur. This is almost too good to be true.. Far.. Too good to be true. I do not like this deal." He said with a hoarse and doubting voice, slowly shaking his head. Akiil chuckled, clapping his other hand against the old man's chest.
"You always say that, dear brother. Go tell the men, to make a feast of the supplies, there will be no fires for the next three days. No smoke must be rising from the mountains, as our prey arrive. We will live upon cold food. For now. We'll be able to bathe in good food and women, in a good weeks time." He said with a soft chuckle. He held Baltar's shoulder, stopping him from leaving just yet. "And let my second know, I wish to speak with her here.." He said. Baltar nodded, walking off, to look for the commanders second in command, and trusted friend.

**Madeline: Madeline was born the same time as the Princess, having grown up amongst the Princess, yet as a servant, before a friend. She was taught to follow the Princess' every direction, and the Princess' knew this, able to take what ever advantage she wished of this. Madeline is blindly loyal to the Princess, but bound by laws of the King still. Now forced to lead the Princess on the long voyage, even if against her will.

**Far Waste's: Far Waste's lies north of both kingdoms, being a rarely traveled route because of it's inconvenient Nook's and mountain paths, making the voyage between kingdoms far more rough.

**Broken Nook: Broken Nook consists of a road, leading through a sharp turn, surrounded by many hills and mountain cliff's, making it very convenient for an ambush. The Nook is created by a small lake, surrounded by lush palms and fauna.

**Baltar Orgunhammer: Baltar has been a loyal friend of the young Akiil, through the entire of Akiil's life. Baltar took to raising Akiil, after his parents where killed by the savage Barbarian's from the south, and the great war between them and the Mercenaries of Cutthroat Oasis.

**Akiil Bendur: Akiil is a young mercenary, taught by some of the best, in both Archery, Swordsmanship, subtlety and strategics. This makes him one of the most feared assassins and most respected Mercenaries, even for his age. After a betrayal of a fellow henchman, he was forced to make his way through the '*Dead Desert' with little but a bottle of water, and a friends words. After surviving this journey, his survivability was never doubted again, and he started working alone, only bringing those he trusted the most.

**Cutthroat Oasis: Cutthroat Oasis works as a black market for entire Esreldia. Here only the most daring travel, and only little but the strongest leave it again. Alive, but with no penny left. Her mercenaries and assassin's is hired, for only the most daring jobs.

**Dead Desert: The Dead Desert, is the Deserts to the south of the two kingdoms, where the Savage Barbarians live. These deserts is only mapped half way, no one making it from one end to the other, without loosing their life. Only two has ever been known to travel through the entire desert. Akiil and Baltar never told what they saw.
A Crimson Surge
As blood dripped into the clear water of a filled glass, empty red eyes glanced at a clean white wall. The only sound a gurgling sound of painful and obnoxious death. Nothing as cruel, as the emptying stare of else bright blue eyes, slowly turning a hazy shade of their former glory. A gentle hand, desperately grasping for forgiveness, as the lips where unable, curling the long slender fingers into the soft cloth of a black suit. But never did it hold, the gurgling sound of a young ones demise. Never did the draining falter. Never did the glare change glance, as it kept focus from the begging demeanour of a dying soul. Death comes to all.
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