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The King's Contest: Profiles
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The King's Contest: Profiles
This thread is for Characters Pertaining to the King's Contest. I am currently accepting more players!!! Send me a PM to let me know you are interested, or just post a character here! I will post the intro to the group roleplay once a few character profiles are up.

Profile Format is as follows:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Profession: (Mercenary; Slave; servant; beggar; soldier; traveling salesperson; alchemist etc. etc.)
Affiliated Organization: (Organization that the Character is currently affiliated with; not Organizations that they have worked with in the past)
Character Description: (Physical Description only, including abnormal tattoos, oddly placed runes, breast size, hairstyle, objects that the character normally wears or carries with them, etc. etc.)
Background Summary: (Any critical past events about your character that you would like to share OOCly; this should help to keep the RP going; remember ICly other characters would not know this information unless they knew this character before now.)
Reason for Traveling to Riwer: (Your character does not have to enter the contest to join the RP; remember, Riwer has been closed off for around 50 years; there will be other motivations in play -example below-)
Special Abilities: (A description of any sort of special ability, magical aptitude, or powerful artifact that the character may possess goes here including epic weapons; abnormal agility; elemental affinities; sentient weapons; rare crystals or jewelry. Please no Godmodding in this area. -example below-)
Misc Information: (Any other information that you would like to share goes here, including a picture of the character)

Quick Race Selection (Race descriptions will be posted Below)--------------:

Race Options:
-Western Continent
-Eastern Continent
-Bear Tribe
-Wolf Tribe
-Eagle Tribe
-Dark (City) Elf
-Light (Forest) Elf
-Fire Djinn
-Water Djinn
-Air Djinn
Chimera (Parahuman)
-Other (Rabbit; Wolf; etc.)

Quick Magic Selection---------------------------

The Four elemental Magics (Each one counts as 1 school)
-Air (manipulating/creating Air/Lightning/electricity)
-Earth (manipulating/creating rock/stone/metal)
-Fire (manipulating/creating Fire/heat/lava)
-Water (manipulating/creating Ice/Water/Steam)
Conjuration (or summoning magic)
Transmutation(changing the properties of biological creatures or physical items)
Illusion(Creating fake people/monsters/items that seem real) Enchantment (Granting items magical effects; or crafting runes onto biological creatures)
Alchemy (creating potions to enhance physical or mental abilities, as well as healing salves etc)
Divination (acquiring knowledge by magical means)
Chronomancy (magic affecting time)
Necromancy (raising people from the dead, creating undead)
Psionics ( Magic dealing with reading thoughts, mind control, or moving things with your mind.)
Fae Magic (dealing with nature, growing plants/weeds, communicating with animals or fae spirits etc.)

Remember unless your character is an exception you are limited to 2 to 4 schools that you can master. You can combine schools for greater effect.

Example Character -------------------------------

Name: King Aldarn Riwer
Race: Human (Western Continent)
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Black
Profession: Immortal King of Riwer
Affiliated Organization: The Lion Guard
Character Description: Looks to be in his Mid-Twenties, the prime of his life, except he is over 100 years old now, and has not aged a day. He keeps his hair pulled back behind him, its strands becoming silver as the magic that kept him alive began to infuse his body. He is muscular, but agile, the perfect warrior-king.
Background Summary: Aldarn conquered the Orcish Horde around 90 years ago, driving them back and saving the Kingdom of Riwer from certain doom. Since then he rode out to meet threats throughout the Kingdom, finding an ancient sword, known as Firebrand, and a mysterious Orb, the Orb's magic has kept him alive and young for an abnormal amount of time.
Reason for Traveling to Riwer: He created the contest to fulfill a dying friends last wish. He is hoping to find a reason to come out of this rut of depression; and bring Riwer back to the days of its glory. If he can, he is sure to rut out the traitors of his Lion Guard, and others who do not wish to see Riwer become what it once was.
Special Abilities: Aldarn his a human turned Immortal by the power of the Orb. The Orb is about the size of a soft-ball, cannot be shattered or thrown away (he's tried), and it seems to have bonded to him. It seems to be nothing but a black orb, until you look into it deeply, then you begin to see swirls of white and gray, it almost looks like a vortex inside. Wizards have tried to break it, and have done centuries of research to no avail. It has also attracted a Dark Elf Witch, who is now a part of the King's Lion guard, although she does not know the full extent of the Orbs Power, she was attracted to it for some reason, and intends to unlock the secrets, even if it takes Centuries. Aldarn also carries his magical sword Firebrand with him at all times, in the heat of battle Firebrand will begin to glow softly, and letters will appear on the flat of the blade, like fire. These letters are in an ancient tongue, that no one can read, aside from the owner of the sword. Once the letters have appeared, the sword begins to communicate with its wielder telepathically, giving advice on how and where to strike, at what time to block, etc. etc. This makes the sword and wielder one, and an even deadlier force on the battlefield. Once the battle is finished, however, Aldarn must meditate for a bit to "cool off" and allow the sword to go back to normal.
Misc Information: Aldarn is a depressed character at this stage of the game. With his Immortality, he thought that he could make Riwer even greater, but the loss of his wife propelled him down a dark route that he could not foresee. He continues to dwell on her death, and believes it is his fault, because he could not unlock the secrets of the orb in time. He also blames himself for not being with her more, instead riding out to go on adventures and quests. This is only expanded by the Witch's whisperings, continuing to enforce that his wife is dead because of him. The contest was suppose to be an innocent search for a new love, however, because of the Witch's influence it will now also involve a great deal of sexual deviance. The Witch believes that within the privacy of Night, in the dark of the bedroom, she cannot be overcome; and whoever wishes to save the king, become the new queen, or just get all of the riches and servants that come with it, will have to outdo the Witch.


I am also looking for someone to Play the Witch (Probably a more dominant female) if you are interested in playing the character, send me a PM and I will let you know a few secrets about the character, and you can fill out the rest from there.

I will post the Race and Organization descriptions below as well.
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RE: The King's Contest: Profiles
Race Descriptions are as Follows:

Human – (Average Lifespan 100 years) Normal human, with normal human features, hair and eye color. Some variations on this may occur in both the Western and Eastern Human civilizations if magic is involved. This includes odd eye or hair color, glowing tattoos or runes on ones bodies, etc. The two human civilizations had traded for years before the City of Riwer cut off its borders to the outside world, so it is possible to find every type of human in both cities, however, there is more variety in the Eastern continent.
-Western Continent – The City of Riwer is within this continent. Less variation in the humans here because it has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long.
-Eastern Continent – Wide variety of humans, including Parahumans(see below)

Orc – (Average Lifespan 60 years) Agile, Strong, Tribal, the orcs live in the north on the western continent. Their skin consists of varying shades of green, while their hair ranges from black to vibrant red. The biggest difference between orcs and humans are the pointy ears, along with the small tusks that may protrude from their mouths. These tusks are less noticeable in females, and have been getting smaller each generation. There are some orcs that do not seem to have tusks at all, until you look into their mouths. Since the King killed the leader of the orcish horde generations ago, the orcs have split into 3 tribes and have been living off of the land ever since.
-Bear Tribe – Closest to the humans, the bear tribe began to trade with the outlying human territories some time ago. These orcs use agriculture, as well as hunting from the northern forest to survive.
-Wolf Tribe – Orcs who live deep in the northern forest call themselves the wolf tribe, they are masters at climbing, and use every part of every animal that they kill. They have little contact with humans but they do gain human items from the Bear and Eagle tribes.
-Eagle Tribe – Live in the northernmost reaches of the Western continent, the eagle tribe lives off of the great northern ocean that splits the two southern continents from the lava and ice-ridden northern wastes. Although they are further from the humans, they have become apt sailors and trade with many of the other races. They carve their settlements from ice and have a high resistance to cold because of it. It is said that the original horde was caused by a demon from the northern wastes taking control of an Orc, and these orcs are ever vigilant against demon or devil incursions.

Elf – (Average Lifespan – Immortal, although most choose to die around year 1000) Elves are beautiful, elegant creatures who have lived in the Western part of the western continent for thousands of years. They originated in the western forest, under the great oak, but soon split into two factions “Light” and “dark” elves. These factions waged war against each other for many years, living within close proximity, until the great peace was struck. That was three thousand years ago, the elves have now intermixed, their skin can vary from the onyx of the Drow elf from D&D, to the regular High elven skin tone, and anything in between. Same for eyes and hair. Mixes are commonplace, and it’s perfectly normal to see an elf with jet black hair, and silver streaks. Elves are still classified by humans by their views on the world, and the place in which they choose to settle, although the elves as a whole are okay with bouncing back and forth as they see fit.
-Dark Elf – Elves who live in the Elven Citadel City of Elemath, and choose to focus on the arcane magics as well as technology are classified as “dark” elves by the humans. These elves are actually the most like humans, trading, exploring, and learning.
- Light Elf – Elves who’ve decided to live within the forest are known to the humans as “Light Elves” These elves live very close to the Great Oak, protecting it, and communing with nature. They tend to focus on the old ways, becoming very proficient with the bow and arrow, as well as in the use of Nature or Fae Magic. Light elves rarely venture out of the forest, although they come into contact with all of the other races, they allow all to see and be with the Great Oak as long as they are peaceful.

Djinn – Live in the southern deserts of the western continent, the 3 Djinn are extremely different. They are classified below.
-Fire – The Fire Djinn look much like elves, except they do not have points on their ears, instead they have horns that normally stick out about a foot above their heads, and slightly enlarged canines. They live in the central part of the desert, and have an affinity for fire. Their hair ranges from white to Red to Orange to blonde. Eyes are normally brown, black, or yellow, although a rare few are born with green or blue eyes. Almost all Fire Djinn have nicely tanned skin.
-Water – Living off the coast of the southern part of the continent, the Water Djinn are blue-skinned waterfolk. They all have long tails, equipped with a fin that allows them to move through the water gracefully. Their ears are fan-finned, covering and protecting their gills. Their skin is varying shades of blue and green, while their hair can be white/blue/green/purple. They are equipped with cat-like eyes along with a third, clear eyelid, their eyes are normally blue or green. They (obviously) have an affinity for water
-Air – Floating far above the western continent, the Air Djinn created a floating city suspended in the clouds. Air Djinn have pale skin, and silver, white, black or blonde hair. They are also born with small wings that become a bit larger as time goes on. These wings do not allow the Air Djinn to fly, but they do allow them to control air magic almost naturally. Their wing color is normally white, but shades of grey or even black is not uncommon. Air Djinn have blue, yellow, purple, black or brown eyes.

Chimera (Average Lifespan 100 years) (Parahumans) – Live peacefully with the Eastern Continent humans in multiple cities. These chimera take on a few features of other mammals, two of the most common are below.
-Cat – Normally have cat ears, along with a tail. Very few have claws, however some have striped or spotted patterned hair.
-Fox – The Large fox tail is a dead giveaway, along with the pointy fox ears.

Gar (Average Lifespan 400 years) – Tens of Thousands of years ago, a mage created a race of stone fashioned to look like demons. These Golems were mindless servants, and with them he quickly carved out a fortress in the eastern continent. The mages power grew too great, and with it, his madness deepened, his territory was too small, he needed more, and in order to do that- he needed generals. He gave free will to 4 of his golems to lead his armies of mindless slaves into battle. At first, they served their master unquestioningly, and they waged a great war against the Dwarves, gaining more and more power for their mad king. The Mage began to become comfortable, he gave 12 more free will, sending 10 more out to be generals, he kept 2 within the kingdom. They were to be used as his personal entertainment. He staged great arena games and made those with free will fight against his mindless golems. When word reached the front line of the mage’s madness, the Gar generals marched against their former master, killing him and granting free will to the entire new race. They called themselves the Gar, and they have lived peacefully within the walls of their original territory ever since. Gar (who look almost just like Draenei from WoW, minus the face tentacles) who were made from stone, do not have flesh made of stone today. Today their flesh is just like any other, however, instead of sleeping, these gar turn into stone statues, immobile, but very protected. Their skin color has evolved from grey, to blue to redish and purplish hues. And their hair can be anything from white to red to black. They have no wings, and have an affinity for earth magic.

Dwarf (Average Lifespan 250 years)– Taller than most dwarf representations in D&D or other fantasy universes; Dwarves are typically about 5 feet tall, with most female dwarves reaching in the upper 4’s with ease. They can be confused with humans who are petite. They normally have various shades of red hair, although some dwarves have brown or black hair. Most also have green or hazel eyes. They are master craftsmen, wear ornate jewelry, and typically have various tattoos commemorating occasions, or just to show off art. They have the only mechanical engineering school in the entire world, and many of their mechanical creations allow for flight, bombs, cannons, etc. (Think steampunk dwarves.)

Various Organizations that your character can be a part of. If you have an idea for an organization, just send me a Pm and I can add it on here. Your character does not have to be a part of any organization, but this is extra fluff for the world even if you decide not to be a part of one.


The Lion Guard:
Aldarn’s personal guard, and close friends. The Lion Guard consists of the most skilled individuals in all of the Western Continent, and most say the world. He has all races on this guard, even relenting and putting an Orc shaman of the bear tribe, before his fall into madness. These guards are most often found close to the king, either in the palace, or in mansions strategically placed around the city of Riwer to keep order. Before the seclusion, many of these guard were great generals.

The White Raven:
A clan of Assassins for Hire. They excel at stealth and silently killing. Hailing from the Eastern Continent, They are made up of mostly humans or Parahumans, although they do have a few elves and djinn. They have a strict code of honor, and will not take contracts that do not line up with that code. (I.e. will not assassinate children, the sick, etc.) It is said that once you’ve been killed by a member of the White Raven, they leave a white feather somewhere close, this is an ancient tradition that is supposed to help your spirit find the afterlife by following the feather.

The Shroud:
A group of Thieves, Information Brokers; Smugglers; Slavers and Traders. The scope of this group is massive, it is the single largest underground operation in Riwer, and thus has no real hierarchy. Some members of the group stick to one task, while others dabble in many, including murder, to get what they want. The Shroud had flourished since the closing of Riwer’s doors, being the premier smuggling operation. Since Aldarn has reopened the borders the organization has suffered some, but illegal slave and drug smuggling is as still as lucrative as ever.

House of the Purple Petal:
An organization of Brothels who have taken their trade to the next level. They not only have women who are free do business as they’d like and reap the rewards, but they also have the only legal slave training program in Riwer, and they’ve also begun dabbling in information brokerage (the easiest way to get the truth out of a man is on his back). Down-trodden women may go to the Purple Petal and find refuge, and begin “selling their wares” almost immediately. Those who are inclined can also be trained as slaves through a series of tests (which are far too confidential for those outside the organization to know). These tests register the individual as a willing slave, and may be bought and sold within the Purple Petal ONLY. Most of the time true enterprising women have several that they use to become very profitable. Men and Women can be a part of the Purple Petal, although their intrusion into Information brokerage recently, has made them enemies of the Shroud.

The Cult of Xo:
Xo is an evil god, and some say, the corruptor of the Orcs 250 years ago. Xo believes in war, strength, and brutality. The Strongest survive, and the weak are slaves. To that end, the Cult of Xo are an underground organization who wish to do the gods will. They are made up of Bishops (or high priests) who lead the organization and claim to hear words directly from Xo (although most just use this to control the rest of the organization, and feed their maniacal egos) . The Bishops disseminate their words down to Cultists who lead groups of followers of Xo in sacrifices, riots, or murders. Illegal slaves are kept in the Cult of Xo, normally those who submitted following the murders of entire families, etc. The Shroud work with the Cult of Xo from time to time, as long as the money is right. The White Raven has clashed with the cult before because the Cult has no rules on who to kill. The Lion Guard has also put down several Riots started by the cult.

The Red Stream:
The chief competitor to the Shroud; hailing from the East the Red Stream is less prominent than the Shroud, however they deal in all of the same businesses, including assassinations. They are made up of mostly Chimera and Djinn, never turning down an offer, no matter how gruesome, as long as the price is right. Also, because there are less of them, they tend to work in tighter groups, and be more organized than the Shroud.

The Blue Claw:
Religious Zealots who believe dragons (not seen for millennia, since they created their own Moon and left to live there.) are gods in physical form. This organization is made mostly of humans, and the belief system is handed down from generation to generation. A few Gar as well as Orcs bolster their numbers. They are led by a single individual, known as the Dragonspawn, who gives orders through magical messages sent in dreams, or visions to the First, who are the second in command of the organization. The First are made up of the oldest members of the organization who have been taught to interpret these messages, and they give orders to their ‘brood’ or the members that they are in charge of. These Zealots will stop at nothing to find old dragon relics/bones/items, in order to receive the ‘blessing of Dragons’. The Dragons have yet to spend any time or attention on them, but that does not prevent them from trying. A few members born into the organization end up losing faith and defecting, these members are hunted by the claw relentlessly, the claw does not want their secrets getting out.

Great College of Riwer:
Created by one of the first great Kings of Riwer with the help of the Elves, the great college of Riwer is the premier location of magical study within any human kingdom. These mages are given free reign (with a few restrictions) to work and create various magical spells or items. The College is run by High-Mages Known as Philosophers. The Philosophers create the curriculum, and continue their research into various forms of magic. Instructors teach these courses, while continuing their own research and education. Young humans, chimera and even Djinn fill the halls in order to learn varying schools of magic; including: The Four elemental Magics of Air; Earth; Fire; and Water. Conjuration (or summoning magic), Transmutation(changing the properties of biological creatures or physical items), Illusion(Creating fake people/monsters/items that seem real), Enchantment (Granting items magical effects); Alchemy (creating potions to enhance physical or mental abilities, as well as healing salves etc); Divination (acquiring knowledge by magical means) ; Chronomancy (magic affecting time); Necromancy (raising people from the dead, creating undead) ; Psionics ( Magic dealing with reading thoughts, mind control, or moving things with your mind.); Fae Magic (dealing with nature, growing plants/weeds, communicating with animals or fae spirits etc.) Throughout a human’s 100 year lifespan they can normally master 2 to 3 of these schools; and these schools can be mixed (i.e. Illusion and Psionics to create an illusionary situation within a person’s mind). Elves take more time in learning the schools, and even though they are immortal, normally only learn 3-4 schools, before becoming bored and moving on. It is possible to learn every-single school of magic; but that would take thousands of years of study, and perhaps only those who are insane could achieve such a feat, (or dragons .) Big Grin

The “Mage Police” these Wizards, Warlocks, Mages, etc. Were the first to delve too deeply into Chronomancy (widely believed to be the most powerful school of magic). They were able to see the past/present/ and future. They realized that a few schools of magic are far too powerful to be tampered with too deeply. They maintain the Timeline as it should go, if a Mage decided to focus on Chronomancy in the College, they decide whether he is worthy to become a part of the Achronos Organization. If worthy, they get inducted into the organization, based on what they would do in the future if not with the organization. Leaders of the Achronos are known as Chrono-Lords or “Time Lords” ; while those in lower rank are known as Chrono enforcers. If mages dabble too Recklessly in Necromancy; Psionics; or any school of magic (and the timeline does not call for it, or it would cause the complete destruction of space-time, the world, etc. etc.) Achronos will decide to eliminate the threat before it happens. If a certain time-event has to go a certain way, Achronos will send a representative to nudge things gently the way they are supposed to go, however, if the representative tampers with the timeline too much, it could cause devastating effects. There are a few Chronolords who have gone Rogue, and Achronos have yet to catch them.

The Order of Shining Light:
The premier Religious Organization in Riwer, the Order of Shining Light worship the Gods of Light. They represent kindness, compassion, protection, and Divine miracles. This is the place where Divine Magic is taught in Riwer, and the Priestess’ are renowned for their healing. Since the Kings plunge into depression, the Order has beefed up its own guard, The Paladins and Guardians, or Warriors of the Light, in order to help protect the people and root out demons. The Order does have a few who are a bit too fanatical about finding and destroying demons, which can cause a bit of infighting, as well as the slaying of those who are not evil at all. These instances are rare, but they do happen. Each church within the city is run by a High-Priestess, she is helped by a few Priestesses as well as Nuns (those training to be Priestesses). The Paladins are the highest ranking warriors of light and command the Guardians as well as the regular Warriors. However, even the most lowly nun can give orders to a Paladin, as long as those orders do not conflict with orders given by a higher ranking priestess or go against the morals of the Order. The Warriors of the Order can be male or female, while the Priestesses can only be female.

The Myst Guard:
An order from the Eastern Continent of humans; the Myst Guard is a faction separate from all political parties, factions or Kingdoms. These enigmatic Gypsies from the eastern continent are protectors of ancient magical artifacts, mages of great power, and even Kings. They are subtle in their dealings, and many do not even know they exist. Normally they disguise themselves as students or servants and go about daily lives, until the thing (or person) they are protecting is threatened. Then they are fierce warriors. They often find themselves fighting against the Blue Claw, for many artifacts that they protect are draconic in nature. They have a close relationship with The White Raven, for their codes of honor are the same, and the Myst Guard will not hesitate to hire an assassin to get rid of someone who could be troubling for them in the future. The Myst guard are protectors of order, doing everything in their power to keep the status quo without interfering, they routinely find themselves at odds with The Cult of Xo and The Red Stream - The Cult for trying to cause chaos, and the Red Stream for trying to find out who their members are and sell it to the highest bidder.

A group of mostly elves; but now include some humans, who are the guardians of the Elven home forest and city. These Waywatchers are renowned for their accuracy with a bow, and guard against all threat with fervor. A few of the members of this organization can get a bit fanatical, creating splinter squads that travel the country-side slaying humans; djinn; and even other elves, for living in houses created by wood, burning fires, or doing normal civilized things. Most of them are quite even-tempered, and many can communicate with animals through telepathy.
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RE: The King's Contest: Profiles
Name: Selene
Race: Human
Hair Color: Golden blond
Eye Color: Honey brown
Profession: Guardswoman/Arcane warrior
Affiliated Organization: The Lion Guard
Character Description: She stands 5'11" and has golden hair which is usually worn with a series of thick braids to keep her long hair away from her face. She had unusual honey brown eyes and a large tattoo that spans her entire right shoulder featuring Celtic-style knotwork encircling a single rune for Strength. Though she normally wears armor, her figure is quite feminine beneath the platemail with measurements of 36D, 27, 34. When on duty, she wears her plate mail armor and carries a family longsword which is described below. She also carries a dagger and hatchet as backups.
Background Summary: Selene descends from a long line of Arcane warrior-class women and was taught from a young age how to handle a sword, bow and arrow or dagger just as easily as she cast magic. Her mother used to weave stories for her of the Lion Guard, a lendary band of men and women whose soul duty is to protect the King. Only the most skilled are allowed to join their ranks and ever since she could hold a sword, Selene vowed to one day be accepted among them.
Reason for Traveling to Riwer: To Join the Lion Guard and protect the King from those that would harm him.
Special Abilities: She has trained as a soldier before being accepted into the Lion Guard and showed her prowess in battle many times before. Coming from a long line of Arcane warrior maidens in the Western Continent, she carries with her a family sword passed down from mother to child for countless generations on the eve of their 16th birthday. The sword's magic can be activated to make the weapon more deadly than it normally is and when magic courses through it, it glows a brilliant blue. Though the magic is erratic and the wielder can never know which spell it will cast: Drain life, Chain Lightning, or Poisoned Blade upon contact with an enemy.
Without her sword, she can cast elemental magics effecting either air or water.

Misc Information: [Image: doran.jpg]
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RE: The King's Contest: Profiles
Name: Alva mar va Myrian
Race: Human/Eastern Continent/Gypsy
Hair Color: Brown, though in certain lighting it appears to have shades of purple in it
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Profession: Dancer in the King’s Court, head of King Aldarn’s secret guard
Affiliated Organization: Myst Guard
Character Description: Alva’s long brown hair is wavy and at times seems to take on purplish hues. She is 5’10’’ with a feminine figure of 38D, 32, 36. Her toffee colored skin and ice blue eyes add to her air of mysticism. She has a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder, and her name scrawled in ancient Gypsy tongue around her right ankle. She has four jeweled piercings surrounding her belly button that are used to enhance her seers power of divination. Alva still appears 26 though she is actually 36. She is constantly seen wearing deep blue silk clothing adorned in gold, as is the common dress of her people. She has not once been seen in the court of King Aldarn without her face mask that covers her nose and mouth, and is clasped at the back of her neck.
Background Summary: Alva’s grandparents had moved to Riwer before its borders were closed and settled there with a small section of their clan. It had always been a sacred rule that a gypsy born with the ability of a seer, or the unharnessed magic of divination, was to be trained as the leader of their clan. If they wished to join the Myst Guard and leave their clan, they were required to leave behind a child to take their place. Alva was the only exception to this rule, as she was the first of two children born within a year of each other with the unharnessed power of divination. When she chose to join the Myst Guard at the young age of 13 she received no hesitation from her fellow people. She began studying at the Great College of Riwer when they found that she had a strange aptitude for magic. She quickly took to divination, enchantment and alchemy as if it were a second nature to her. They deduced that this was from her upbringing as a gypsy of the eastern continent, and that the rare ability should be harnessed for the greater good.

Few know of her association with the Myst Guard, the king being one of these, but even he doesn’t know that she has been leading the Riwer branch for 6 years. For the past 10 years she has been searching for some way to help break the king from his madness, looking for any hope at all. Two years ago she began hearing rumors of a woman that had once been a partner of the king's who had shortly thereafter become with child. This had been twenty years prior to her receiving the information though. When she searched deeper into the matter she was troubled to learn that this woman had been a member of the purple petal, and that the child had been given away shortly after birth. She began searching for clues that could lead her to the child, whom she soon found to be a woman. She found the girl’s mother, who told her that her daughter would be hard to find, because she was running from the Blue Claw. The woman confessed that due to her own curiosity, she had begun dabbling in magic while still carrying her child, and when her daughter was born her golden hair was littered with strands of silver, and her right eye, looked like the eye of a dragon.

Alva realized that finding the girl the normal way would be hard, so she used her powers of divination to help locate her, and when she met the girl, she was surprised by the likeness the girl had to her mother. She was then perplexed with how she would get the girl to have an audience with the king. No one would believe her if she simply announced that she was the King’s daughter, especially not as long as that elf witch had her hold on the king. She kept close contact with the girl who had taken a new name to protect herself from the Blue Claw, and covered her right eye at all times with a green silk cloth. When the king announced the contest to find himself a new wife, she saw her opportunity. It would be risky, but it would be a sure fire way to ensure that the girl would have a moment alone with King Aldarn, hopefully long enough to convince him of the truth. Whyrher, who was now being called Alydia was completely against this idea at first, stating that she would rather find another way, but with some persistency she finally agreed to enter into the contest, up until she was able to convince her father of the truth, and then she would drop out before anything went wrong.
Reason for Traveling to Riwer: It has been her sworn duty to protect the king, and harness her magical abilities to better serve her purposes.
Special Abilities: Alva possesses the powers of divination, alchemy, and enchantment, all very common attributes amongst her fellow gypsies. She is skilled with a dagger and throwing knives. There is also a rumor that she continues to look so young through the jewels that adorn her body.
Misc Information: Alca
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RE: The King's Contest: Profiles
Name: Whyrher, now being called Alydia Dusbon
Race: Human
Hair Color: Golden blonde littered with strands of silver
Eye Color: Left eye- Green, right eye- golden
Profession: Warrior, and Tailor
Affiliated Organization: House of the Purple Petal
Character Description: Whyrher has long, curly golden blonde hair that is littered with strands of silver. She is 5’6” with a figure of 34C, 28, 32. Her left eye is green, but her right eye is golden and has the appearance of a dragon’s eye. Her right eye is covered by a beautiful green cloth that she ties around her eye and then intertwines with her hair. She is constantly seen wear beautiful hand made gowns.
Background Summary: Whyrher’s mother is a well-established member of the House of the Purple Petal, so when she became with child after an encounter with King Aldarn, no one really thought anything of it, that is until the girl was born. From the first moment her mother laid eyes on her, she knew that Whyrher was the daughter of the King of Riwer, but because of her mother’s curios nature, she had been dabbling in arcane magic while still carrying Whyrher, and her child was born with the right eye of a dragon. The next 22 years were spent running from the Blue Claw while still doing their jobs within the Purple Petal. When Whyrher became of age, she too joined the House of the Purple Petal, but also trained in the art of war, because she was constantly running from the Blue Claw.

She did not believe her mother at first when she was told that she was the daughter of the king of Riwer, but when she was confronted by Alva, a member of his court, about her father, she realized that her mother was not lying. She then changed her name so that she could continue to hide close by until Alva thought of a way for her to meet her father. She began to keep her eye covered at all times, as long as someone had a chance of seeing her, simply claiming that she was blind in her right eye when someone confronted her about why she kept her right eye covered. When Alva told her of the contest she blatantly refused, but after thinking it over a bit more she began to realize that this could possibly be the only way for her to ever get a moment alone with her father.
Reason for Traveling to Riwer: She seeks to ease the pain of her father, and prays that she can convince him of the truth before it is too late.
Special Abilities: When her dragon’s eye is uncovered she can see a person’s intentions, or the inner workings of certain things. She is skilled with a halberd, as she prefers to not fight too close to an opponent since many of her opponents are commonly trying to gouge out her right eye. Whyrher’s strands of silver hair seem to sparkle after she’s been wounded and within a few day's time the wound will have seemingly healed itself.
Misc Information: Whyrher
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