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Head Hunters Profiles
07-25-2011, 02:34 PM (This post was last modified: 07-25-2011 02:37 PM by Valchyrie.)
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Head Hunters Profiles
Profile Skeleton.






Weapon(s): (Keep it realistic as to what you can carry, don't have a bazooka hidden in your pocket. You can have two guns and a shotgun for example, the shotgun strapped to the back if you want, but again, keep it realistic.)

Favourite Music Genre:

Favourite Song(s): (Keep it to three


Name: Sophia Catastroph.

Age: 29.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Personality: Changes between cold and warm. Playful when want to be. Calm. Don’t believe in the easy way.

Weapon(s): Micro-bomb rifle. It fires off a bullet with a small but powerful bomb inside it, into the enemy, and explodes a second later, whether the enemy is dead from the bullet or not. Also carries has a shotgun strapped to her back, going from left shoulder to right hip, and the micro-bomb rifle from right shoulder to left hip when both are sheathed, and has one gun strapped to her left hip.

Favourite Music Genre: Jazz.

Favourite Song(s): Feeling good – Nina Simone. Oh my god – Lily Allen. Birds Of Prey – Batman Cartoon Song.

Other: Tongue piercing. A white snake tattoo on her back, that’s got a black lotus flower in the circling it’s creating with it’s body.

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07-25-2011, 05:41 PM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2011 07:21 AM by Tr1ckY_1337.)
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RE: Head Hunters Profiles
Name: Leone Durante Angelo (Nicknamed "Ace")

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: A bit asocial, the gunman typically is all about business. While some may have gone crazy, gone violent, or remained hopeful during the zombie apocalypse that plagued the world, Leone has remained completely indifferent about it; taking it as it is, killing one zombie at a time. He may seem absolutely uninterested in people much of the time, but if it somehow benefits him or peeks his interest, one may be able to find the company of this somewhat cold, distant man. After developing a relationship with Leone, he will open up and eventually start to speak more, especially of his own free will. One thing is for certain; it is almost impossible to get this gunman to smile.

Weapon(s): HK MSG90 (Militarized PSG-1) with a FA762SS Suppressor and Hensoldt Z24 4X28mm Optic scope, topped off with a 5 round magazine. For closer range, Leone elects to utilize an FN P90 Standard LIR with a Liberty Constitution Suppressor and paired in the off hand with a tactical knife for any zombies that get too close.

Favourite Music Genre: Electronica

Favourite Song(s): Mic Check by Hadouken!, Animal Rights by Deadmau5 ft. Wolfgang Gartner, Clown Song of Death by Cheshyre

Other: Leone knows when it's time to defend himself and when to flat out run. He knows enough Karate to defend himself should his knife fail him, and definitely has the parkour skills to get him out of a fight. A dragon tattoo covers his upper back, based off of a typical design. He got it done after getting drunk one night with friends.

Picture: [Image: 627770-1.jpg]
I love to RP, so hit me up. Just give me a plot and I'll tell you if I'm into it or not. Because of my various kinks and such, there is not a lot I'm not into. Nothin' extreme, of course. Also, if we're in a roleplay together, please inform me when you leave. I don't want to bombard you with PMs askin' where you are. >.<
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07-25-2011, 08:07 PM
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RE: Head Hunters Profiles
Name: Dr. Emily Vaughn ("Doc")

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual (She feels that the world in it's current state isnt a place to be choosy.)

Personality: Doc tries to make light of even the worst possible situations. She feels that if we cant keep our sense of humor, even in this 'Apocalyptic society' then we're no better off than the zombies. That all changes however, becomming serious only when a member of the team is in need of medical treatment. Especially now, when many potential injuries have only one cure... a .45 to the base of the brain stem.

Weapon(s): HK-MP7 submachine gun, Colt 1911-A, and half a dozen scavanged frag grenades.

Favourite Music Genre: Classical

Favourite Song(s): Flight of the Valkyrie

Other: Emily was the daughter of two medical personel in a survivor encampment right outside of 'Ground Zero'. She was raised to assist them in daily care of soldiers, and in a world with very little in the way of actual doctors, she more than qualifies. No tattoos or piercings, she was a 'good girl' before picking up a gun and having to learn the hard way how to use it. She bears a faded scar on her left cheek streaching nearly from her nose to her ear, she claims it came from a Zombie from before she joined up with HH.

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07-27-2011, 05:43 PM
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RE: Head Hunters Profiles
Name: Alexandria Dawn (nickname "Alexis")




Personality: she a bit silly at first, likes to joke around and flirt but when business is happening, she puts her game face on

Weapon(s): Hanzo sword, two guns on both sides of her (9mm)

Favourite Music Genre: Rock & Techno

Favourite Song(s):Omen-The Prodigy

Other:knows how to do parkour from training with a friend and has too much fun killing zombies.

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