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Ryuga Haru
06-17-2011, 12:16 AM
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Ryuga Haru

Name-: Ryuga Haru

World- :Terra

Species-: Human

Age-: 26

Gender-: Male

Sexuality-: Straight

Appearance-: Short black hair and silver eyes. He has an average build with some muscle definition, and stands at 5ft 11in. Pale skin shows he rarely goes out into the sun.

Personality-: Mostly a quiet man, though his temper is something to be reckoned with, he is known to completely lose it at the slightest reason, though he has been learning to channel his rage. If one good thing can be said about him, it would be that he is always fair and just.

Skills/Abilities-: Ryuga is considered a master in the art of Muay Thai, making him a formidable close quarters opponent, his reaction time is near instant and while he is not the most built his strikes can kill when landed properly. More on the bizarre side of his history, being the first born son of his father he carries the family trait, a range based telekinesis. That is to say, the closer he is to an item the more power he has over it, though this trait only has a maximum effective range of about 20-25 meters.

Notable Strengths-: His strong sense of justice keep him on the right path and out of jail.

Notable Weaknesses-: His temper usually causes him to pick a faster and less desirable solution to problems.

History-: Ryuga grew up in the backstreets of Yorkton, his father trained him in Muay Thai, and explained his ability to him as well as how to control it. His mother was never there, and every time he would ask he father he would receive a strong blow to the head. When Ryuga turned 18 he left home, three days later his fathers body would be found, battered and broken with the pipe that did the damage lying beside his corpse and no prints to be found.

Equipment-: Carries around a small book about human tendencies, which he reads when he has nothing better to do with his time.

Goals (Optional)-: Seeks nothing more than to die for a good cause.

Miscellaneous-: Will follow anyone who seeks to improve the world.
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