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Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
04-23-2011, 04:56 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2012 02:13 PM by Spynmaster.)
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Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
Alright, time to post my first request.

Xtremers Inc - Adventure/Harem/Hero/Heroine-type RP

The planets of the Fanza System have lived in harmony with each other for as long as anyone can remember, trading goods and traveling between one another. However, that balance was shattered one day, when portals appeared all over, releasing ships, soldiers, and monsters that terrorized precise areas of each of the planets. Killing, kidnapping & slavery, plundering goods and resources. They even took advantage of their own magic, the MetaForce, by using specialize weaponry & gear, magic-mixed monsters and humanoids, and even improvised spells and techniques. Of course, the people of the Fanza System wouldn't tolerate this tyranny, rising up to combat this threat who has called themselves Eclipsion. However, their insolence was met with fierce and powerful ordinance, resulting in a slaughter that raised the concern of the spirits of the worlds, the Spirit Council.

The spirits gathered to discuss something that needed to done. Eclipsion was hurting the world and all the life on it, and they're strongest forces were powerless to do anything about it. Hope was all but lost. There's a magical relic whose power is said to rival the gods. The MetaEye, envisioned and created by alchemists and specialized magician. So much so that it was sealed away due to misuse. It could have enough power to counter Eclipsion, but they need a special user. After a ritual to find that user, they came upon quite a surprise: the user is not even in Fanza. The user was tracked to a planet in the Sol System: Earth. All that was needed was someone to retrieve the user. Angel, the spirit of planet Ultria, which happened to be Earth's dimensional sister, offered to handle the matter personally. Seeing no issued the spirits agreed. But who would be worthy of delivering the hope of the Fanza System, and brave enough to challenge the might of Eclipsion?

Alright, here's where the partner comes in. A female human Ultrian was selected to handle this daunting mission, being accompanied by three bodyguards. She was in the thick of it from the beginning, when Eclipsion invaded her home country of Supinu, immediately sent to repel the threat. She knows how brutal Eclipsion can be, so she wants to restore hope to her people. Her mission is to find an Earthian, Vance Brice, bring him to Ultria, and prepare him to properly receive the MetaEye. What she doesn't know is that Eclipsion caught wind of this plan somehow, and have already gone ahead eliminate Vance before you reach him. Who will succeed?

I want to hear what kind of partners you would bring to the table. I prefer a fighting character capable of balanced physical and magical techniques, but again, I want to see possibilities. Except a relationship to develop, because I'm a romantic, and I enjoy a mix of action and adventure with love and romance...with a little naughtiness, of course. What I'd really like to see is a harem-type party for this story. Mult-char players encouraged to come.

Please bring ideas, not just for characters, but for plot and battle ideas, 'cause I plan this thread to be ongoing. I've had this idea back in late 80s, so I've worked on it for a while.

Also, I'd love it if someone could take control of the storyline while I lead my character through it.

Meanwhile, here are some pair-ups and kinks I'd love to take up.

Male Warrior x Female Princess
Male Vigilante x Female Cop
Male Vigilante x Female Criminal/Thief in Latex
Male Prizefighter/Athlete/Racer x Female Manager
Male Prizefighter x Female Rival
Male Human x Female Feline/Lagomorph/Squirrel/Mink Furry
Male Psychic Warrior x Female Magician
Male Adventurer x Female Elementalist
Young Shy Horny Bachelor x Mature Sexually-Aggressive Voluptuous Fetish Woman
Male Fighter x Female Horny Amazon Warrior
Male Adventurer x Succubus(Female or Herm)
Male Psychic Warrior x Magical Warrior Princess
Male Prizefighter/Athlete/Racer x Female Wealthy Sponsor/Fan
Nerdy Guy x Popular/Rich/Athletic Girl
Warrior Protector Guy x Harem of Assorted Women/Succubi
Guy x Reverse Gangbanging Women/Succubi
Freelance Tech Expert x Rich Horny Mature Woman
Latex Hermaphrodite x Sex-Deprived Girl
Female Feline Furry x Female Human Girl
Lusty Hermaphrodite x Submissive Top Male


Just a note, unless otherwise stated, so our main characters will be OCs. Also, knowledge of the characters' personalities is mandatory, so don't even bother if you don't know what's going on in the canon's heads.

Sailor Moon
Disney Princesses
Megaman X
Tales Series
Lunar Series

Disney Princesses) I really want a setting where the girls are in a modern-style school setting.
Sonic) I really want a combination setting of SatAMSonic/Archie Sonic & Sonic X. If someone could play as Amy Rose & Sally Acorn, that would be awesome in a can!
Tales Series) I'm a huge fan of this. Ever since Tales of the World, I wanted a setting where the Tales heroes/heroines were on the same world.
Sailor Moon) Grew up watching this and am a "eternal" fan. ^_~ Minako/Venus is my fave so I want a pairing with her.
Megaman X) I like the dramatic element, having the Maverick Hunters actually feel and think about their actions. It really lets you get inside their heads and makes you think that you don't have to be human to think and feel like one.
Castlevania) I'll be playing as a hunter with physical attacks & techniques, and perhaps the female character could be playing with either purely magical or a mix of physical & magical.
Lunar) Definitely an adventure involving comedy, romance, and action. I think Lunar is kinda the unsung star of RPGs.


Hetero) The standard pairing for me.

Yuri/GirlxGirl) Love this. Alot.

Dom or Switch) I'd really love a switch girl, like someone that's good at being submissive and dominating, showing off her body while being sexually aggressive. Of course, a solid dom is fun as well. Allows two doms to clash, which often turns into sexual wrestling.

Ass/Anal) I'm an ass man. The bigger, the better. I should also point out that I like voluptuous, curvy women.

Tight, Shiny, and Sexy Clothing) I love seeing women walk around in tight skirt and dresses, their hips and asses swaying. I also like shiny clothes like latex, vinyl, and the like. I also like bodysuits, leotards, nylons, panties & pantyhose. And heels(no platforms). Of course, it only looks good with curves on the body to begin with.

Hermaphrodites) I love seeing a female do it with a girl that has cock and pussy to pleasure with. Usually demons and succubi are associated with these.

Grinding/Dry Sex) This is clothed, non-penatration sex. I'm turned on by the idea of a woman grinding against a man in her clothes. This can also be applied to torture sex, as the guy's cock is sheathed as she's stroking him.

Sexual Torture/Milking) What turns me on alot is when a bunch of doms surround a guy in bondage and makes him watch something erotic and pornographic while they stroke, suck, and fuck his cock, leaving him squirming and writhing in his bonds. Oral and anal buttsex is also possible. This could involve excessive climax or climax restraint.

Furries, Yiffing, and Bestiality) I have a thing for (mainly)felines, lagomorphs, and creatures like squirrels, skunks and other mustelids that can manipulate their scent to attract and repel, rodents, and sometimes foxes.

Harem, Concubine, and Polygyny) In case you don't know, a polygyny is a marriage to more than one woman. Now, it doesn't have to be a marriage, 'cause I sure wouldn't mind it just being my guy and the girls unconditionally. In addition, I want a setting where its a metaphorical harem, like in anime, where the girls would never admit to it, but it would be the atmosphere. [Ex: A guy fighting with and/or protecting an assortment of girls]

Mature Women) With age comes experience...and beauty in my case. There's nothing like a voluptuous, mature woman who knows what she's doing. Of course, I have a limit on how old. No grannies please.

Fantasy) I like to play in fantasy settings, because females tend to have beautiful dresses and skirts, and there are also feral, tribal women that are gorgeous as they are violent. Recently, I like modern fantasy, for example, when Earth is invaded by multi-dimensional creatures.

Superheroes/Metahumans) This is a recent interest, but fun nevertheless. I want to either see a Hero x Heroine mix or a Hero x Villainess mix.

Action & Fighting) I like fight scenes and action. From men chasing down women and besting them in combat, to a modern scene involving a vigilante and a policewoman, to sexual wrestling & tribadism fights. I want to experiment and try things out.

Blowjob/Handjob) If you can do this to my character frequently, then I love you.

Rape & Femdom) Now, I'm quite picky about this. Going back to the Dom and Milking scenes, I would like one or more women ambushing my guy and claim his cock as their own. We will discuss before playing the thread, but I prefer this light.

Tribadism) Next to Herm x Female, this is one of my favorites. It could be sensual or aggressive, from front or behind.


First on my list: Male/Male. Don't ask. Offenders will be ignored/blocked/reported on sight.




Extreme Bondage) This involves anything intended to cause harm.


Extreme Pain

Bodily Harm or Mutilation) Instant turn-off.

Whipping or Spanking) I just don't go for this.

Rabbit Hole


{More to come when I think of them}

I'd love to do them either on threads, IM, or email. PM if you're interested. GMs an DMs highly encouraged!

Thanks for reading!
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09-27-2011, 10:20 PM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
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12-14-2011, 03:08 AM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
A Bump
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12-14-2011, 06:19 AM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
Hey id loven to do a male warior x female amazon pairing with you
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01-14-2012, 06:23 PM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
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04-16-2012, 02:22 AM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
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06-03-2012, 02:58 PM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
*dusts off the thread*


Alright! I've come up with new ideas, so check it out!

A Princess' Folly - Mind/Body Control, Non-Con, Hypnosis, Exhibition, Medieval Fantasy

An spoiled, bratty princess is expected to be the heir to her kingdom, but despite various attempts to educate her, she refuses to give up her carefree lifestyle. It doesn't help that she's beaten the best knights & guards in combat, not to mention she's no stranger to the art of seduction. Everything changes, however, when they arrange to have her trained by an adventurer. The princess assumes it'll all be a breeze, but little does she know that the man is an experienced Psychic Warrior, and he ends up hypnotizing her as she tries to seduce him, only he ends up seducing her. She becomes a model princess to the public eye, but at night she's his slutty little doll.

I really want the princess to really become his personal slut, thristy for his cum and hungry for his cock, willing to do whatever he wants, from wearing the dresses and lingerie he wants, to performing perverted and sexual acts. It's not what she really wants, but the mental programming makes it so that it seems like what she wants, and she has no idea.

My Darling - Mind/Body Control, Non-Con, Hypnosis, Exhibition, Modern Fantasy

A voluptuous and curvaceous woman with a sexy sense of style and a seemingly-endless bank account is on the constant search for that special someone to relieve her of that itch in her life. Due to her standards, however, she has turned down every man that has advanced on her. Everything changes when she dates a man that releases her inhibitions...literally. He is a psychic, and he ends up hypnotizing her, turning her into a totally slutty doll. She gives him everything. Her money, her home, her heart, and her body.

Same as the last, only modern. She'd be wearing the clothes, lingerie, and costumes that turn him on the most, while sharing his bed and bank account with him. Although-while, she'll think it's completely normal, and all she'll care about is making him happy.
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08-11-2012, 02:14 PM
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RE: Male Seeking Female RPer [Multi-char players encouraged]
Added Fandoms
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