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Submissive mother/Dominant Son role
04-12-2011, 11:29 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2011 12:24 AM by MasterAerius.)
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Submissive mother/Dominant Son role

I am new to this site and this role technicly belongs in two different sections so i am putting it in two sections as they count for both, that i can see.

Important: Please read this entire thread. Also please know that the actual roleplaying would be via either MSN messenger or Yahoo Messenger. Please either e-mail me or PM me IF your interested in the role and provide a sample paragraph/post of your roleplay style, if its in relation to the role i will take more interest. I am a sucker for details. Smile

About me: I have been roleplaying for about 10 years now, and I am good with detail and dont give one-liner posts unless its called for. Sometimes you just cant type alot, depends on the part of the role. I do my best to provide good detail in a short to large paragraph ,depending of course on what needs to be said. I can provide everyting from body description to that of a luxury Master Bedroom. Whilst I do make the occasional typo, I strive to use proper grammar and capitalization. I dont do "u r so hot, u make me cum soo good".

What I'm looking for: I am seeking a female roleplayer for a longterm role, who will give me equal if not better detail and especially detail with clothing and actions. For example if i were to command you to crawl to me in the role... Posts like "*does so" or "*slowly motions over to where he was" wont cut it. I am sick to death of traditional vanilla roles, I want something wild, kinky, taboo, forbidden, something that would make ron jeremy hard. To use a bad pun lol. Now, I am open to the traditional roles, but I want something good. So... I would like to find someone to do the following:

Role Theme: Incest/Master and slave

Specificly: Mother/son

Quick description: Dad died, Mother is submissive, Son enslaves

Ideal: Plot progression, not slow but not too fast, constantly evolving.

Kinkyness Factor: 9/10

Fetishes involved: Incest, Ageplay of sorts, love, romance, control, abuse, orgasm denial..ect..

Role: Dad died several years ago and you (My mother) has been either noticeably lonely, or not so much. Dad knew how to treat a woman ,with a firm hand and control. Mom always obeyed dad. I hear you masturbating nightly and given my age (between 13 and 16) my sex drive begins to function and i do so hearing you, sneaking peeks..ect.. Despite you being my mother, your a general pushover. Giving unconvincing lectures and punnishments. Although I'm a good kid, i'm not a huge badass and I love you. One day i assume my role as man of the house and begin training you as my personal sex slave and servant. Your age, early to mid thirties, hard bodied mom with a reasonable wear and tear/sag.

Additional Info: The general storyline can be changed and modified so long as it suits the both of us, and details can be changed. This is just the generic theme and role. I am open to minor changes.

My qualities:

I am kinky, extremely dominant, open minded, not into the big 3 such as scat/bathroom, severe violence or severe bruality like beatings and blood.

What I want my roleplayer to have/be:

I want someone (extremely) submissive, kinky, open minded, detailed roleplayer, looking for longterm (several months at least),
English must be their primary language, Good grammar, spelling and proper punctuation a plus.

Here is a sample of ways I can and do usually roleplay.

*Smiles and stands from his black italian leather recliner before walking out of the living room into the kitchen. Wearing a tight pair of royal blue boxer shorts, his chest and feet bare. "Do you want something to eat?' Looking over as he asked his newly enslaved Mom.


I smile and stand from my black italian leather recliner before walking out of the living room into the kitchen. He wore a tight pair of royal blue boxer shorts, his chest and feet bare. He turned his head slightly before speaking..."Do you want something to eat, slave?" He looked over at his newly enslaved Mom as he spoke.
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