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Blistered's Notebook (for plots and solo stories)
01-09-2009, 03:27 AM
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Blistered's Notebook (for plots and solo stories)
(Plot 1: Deus Ex Machina)

2020. Several years had passed since the second Cold War happened between the newly reformed Soviet Russia and the Empire of the United States had ended. Technology has advanced by astronomical leaps and bounds, giving soldiers of warfare a new look. For one such soldier, this prototype was the fusion of Russian genius and American ingenuity.

The subject that was used for this project was a former United States Marine Corps captain, William Belmont who served in Iraq during the Gulf War in 1991. One day, while on a routine patrol and talking with his comrades, he heard a loud whistling sound. Something was headed their way, and it was coming quick. After shouting for everyone to get down, William was blown to pieces by what was considered to be a mortar shell.

Of the pieces that remained long after the dust settled, only William's head and body was of the only things that survived that horrific blast. His arms and legs were completely shattered. However, being the group they were, they would not allow a war hero such as him to die in such a place as this. With the vain hope that he would brought back to life one day, the squadron carted William's remains back to the States.

It was from here that two doctors decided to put aside their differences and combine their creative talents to not only rebuild this soldier's remains, but also to restore him to his former glory.

He had all the makings for expanding this sort of technology to others that have fallen in battle: A keen sense of combat, highly protective armor, and more than enough weaponry to settle a level 2 riot before it escalated any further. Even if it meant having to kill a few rioters in the process. All in all, this half man/half machine was supposed to be a counter-terrorism unit built for the sole purpose of protecting major areas and to safeguard the populace from further harm.

The weaponry he was fitted with consisted of KF-434 dual arm cannons that used rechargable energy from a miniaturized nuclear reactor that was embedded in both gauntlets, thusly granting Deadman unlimited firepower. At will, he could charge this energy to unleash a tremendous blast from both arm cannons, obliterating anything that stood in his path. Scanning, although he could very much use his eyes, was done by a mobile radar system that could detect energy sources from as far as a 500 mile radius as well as heat signatures, incoming ballstics, night vision for dark places and detect hidded areas not visible to the naked eye. Mounted on his feet was a combination jet propulsion system and suspension system that could traverese over various terrain like smooth flat surfaces to rocky, crag filled areas such as mountain regions or caverns. Protection used for the entire body was also deemed necessary, so his entire body had to be encased in a strong enough metal that would be able to take the rigors of combat. The final decision was made to encase the soldier's body in a suit made entirely of an advanced but extremely expensive material known only as adamantium.

There was also one other factor in this program, hencely called, "The Kalishnikov/Freedman Project". This cybernetic humanoid was gifted with the ability to think for its own and feel the same emotions that a human could. In other words... it was a cyborg that could make its own choices and act accordingly. Not like your typical everyday android, mind you. But it wasn't exactly human, either. This design was somewhere in the middle.

This was the final result. The price tag was just as unbelievably expensive as was all the research that went into this project. A whopping 750 trillion dollars.

Many chastised this project, claiming that this project was barbaric and inhumane. Many assumed that reanimating the dead was one step closer to opening Pandora's Box and destroying the entire concept of humanity. The cycle of life and death would no longer apply, they all said.

However, just before the final touches were completed on the prototype, Dr. Kalishnikov suffered a massive stroke, nearly dying on the spot. Unable to finish the work they begun, Dr. Freedman altered the programing of Deadman for it to finish itself then placed Deadman's finished design in a capsule where he had hoped that he would be operational within five years.

2041. In a new age of technology and cybernetic enhancements of all sorts, the Empire of the United States had held back numerous terrorist cells and even the outbreak of a civil war erupting within some of the major cities, such as Chicago, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Omaha, Dallas and even the nation's capital, Washington DC. Every one of these cities endured the tests of time and has only grown more and more stronger, both governmentally and financially, thusly bringing a new confidence to the populace and a hope for a brighter day.

However, some nations didn't see it this way. Of these nations that saw the opposite of what the EUS had dreamed were the Soviet Empire of Russia and the Southern Abrabic Emirates. To attempt to counter the EUS's technological acheivements, scientists from these two mega-countries have sought to steal any sort of technology from EUS, even going as far as to sneak a few of their own spies into the EUS to capture any technology lying around that was deemed useful. However, the SER had heard rumors about one particular project that had been long since abandoned and left in stasis for five decades. One of their own scientists was on that project, but died several years into the reconstruction of a cybernetic weapon of war. According to their belief, if they could find this cyborg, they feel that they could build an indestructible army of super soldiers capable of destroying the EUS and settle their Cold War rivalry once and for all.

The SAE, however, had a different agenda, but included the decimation of the EUS. They felt that with this technology, they could place hidden spies on different sections of a city's border and ultimately blow it off the map. They felt that with this extreme amount of force delivered in such a short amount of time, the EUS would have no choice but to bend to the SAE's will.

The problem, however, was that neither of these three mega-countries have found this soldier. However, the SER accused the EUS that they hid this cyborg somewhere, and they weren't fessing up. The EUS answered back that they also were never aware of this cyborg's existance up until the mentioning of the doctor's name. Upon the mentioning of the cyborg, the project and the two doctors that came together for this, the EUS went into a frenzy, trying to locate this soldier and maintain its secrecy as well as safeguard it from theft or destruction.
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01-09-2009, 03:28 AM
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Deus Ex Machina (Chapter Incomplete)
Chapter One: The Life, Death and Rebirth of a (Former) U.S. Marine Corps Soldier


Somewhere in Iraq, circa 1991

"Belmont! Come on! Get up off your ass and move it!" barked a First Class Lieutenant. "We haven't got all fuckin' day to dick around!"

"Alright, alright!" 21 year old Senior Captain William Belmont answered grudgingly, frowning as he stood up on his combat boots and taking hold of his military issued M16 assault rifle after plunking his desert-colored camouflage helmet on his short blonde-haired head then began to head for the tent where his comrades and the higher ups had the grunt's duties for the day. More often than not, he and possibly a few others were going to the front lines for a general garrison job of some sort or another. Then again, it could possibly be simple guard duty, for all he knew.

What William wouldn't do to finally get some action around this sand-filled hellhole. Afterward, he just wanted to serve the rest of his time here in Baghdad then head back home in Santa Monica to be with his fiance. Then again, that was what virtually everyone else had in mind after their service was up. Go home, be with their wives, husbands, loved ones and family then spend the rest of their days growing old, retiring and eventually slipping away into the annals of military history as one of the greatest soldiers that the United States had ever produced.

Upon arrival inside the tent, William aimed his irises of bright greenish-blue around, seeing the other soldiers that had also arrived here. Some white, some black, some Mexican and some females. For now, they were merely conversing with each other about random topics. Some were talking about being on the front line, others were discussing what they were going to do when they get home and others still were talking about several other things.

Seconds later, one of the top ranked commanders were now standing in front of them all, shouting for them all to settle down. "Pay attention!" He shouted. "Tomorrow evening, there will be an incoming surge of reinforcements. Some of which will be replacing you and others will be staying behind to join us for the offensive that's scheduled that same evening." He added, reading from the memo he was handed.

At one point during the meeting, one soldier stood up in the crowd and spoke up. "Sir. Permission to speak freely?" He asked.

The commander nodded his head at him before speaking. "Go ahead soldier." He answered.

"Sir, what about the others?" The same soldier asked.

"As I mentioned, they will be remain behind to take part in the offensives that coming up in a few days. You will all be briefed on your assignments. Is that understood, men?" The commander answered before looking out across the desert colored mass of camouflaged humanity.

"SIR YES SIR!" They, including William all sounded in perfect raucous unison.

"Good. Now go get some rest men. You will all find out if you're being replaced or not on your respective bulletin boards and who you're being replaced by. In the meantime, this meeting's over. Go on about your business." The commander answered.
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