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04-28-2011, 08:09 PM (This post was last modified: 05-08-2011 10:18 PM by Church.)
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Name: Razeal, Raz for short
Type: snow leopard
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Raz is a lean, shorter than average for others of his kind, snow leopard with striking golden eyes.
Personality: Kind and gentle most of the time. Has an explosive temper and could go off at any moment if something makes him angry, but also can flip from pissed to calm at the same moment so he is a bit bi-polar. He loves to cuddle and kiss, finding it extremely romantic but is also a horny little gay kitten. He often prefers long term relationships over short ones, liking the romance that goes along with knowing someone for a while.


Race: human
age: 26
Description: male, tall, strong and yet he is small for his race. He has black hair and striking green eyes that often hold anger if he doesn't get exactly as he wants.
Personality: kind, extremely protective of his 'things' when it comes to other people. He is very loyal and would be your friend for life, if it came down to it. He is also a bit naive, not yet knowing the ways of the world or really how to fend for himself, after being taken care of by maids his whole life.
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04-29-2011, 09:21 AM
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Name: Alexander
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Sexual preference: Females
Appearence: Alexander
Occupatio: Author
Personality: Tries to relax for the most part, but never has the chance. He is respectful and fun to be around. Often found busy writing his next great book.
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04-30-2011, 01:44 AM
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Name: Lorin
Age: 22
Sexual Preferance: Both
Gender: Male
Furry Type: Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael)
Appearance: Thin and of slight build, Wide powerful shoulders and strong legs, Left ear droops a little and the right has a golden ring through it
Personality: Untrusting as a result of being hurt by someone one too many times, Loves with a deep passion, Having inner conflict with whether to have sex or not (abstinance)
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05-02-2011, 08:36 PM
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Trek is a mountain man, around 30 years old, and seeks a maid or courtesan to slake his hungers.

He has returned from his platinum mine and is too slim. His 6'6" powerful frame a bit too spare from rough living. He needs to eat hearty, drink well, and know the physical love of a woman.

Long black hair cascades down his back and his blue eyes offset his well tanned muscled body. He needs a bath, and a bath attendant.
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05-02-2011, 11:43 PM (This post was last modified: 05-02-2011 11:43 PM by Silver117.)
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Name: Kyle
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Preferance: females
Furry Type: panther
Appearance: Tall and adverage muscled body. Has a Peace symbol tattoo on his right shoulder. Wears a surfboard necklace, a dark blue sleeveless t-short, and stripped shorts.
Personality: Kyle is always cool, calm and collective. He of tries to be friends with all he sees. His days praticing surfing and martial arts helps him stay fit and strong. Had dated and got romantic with women but is still trying to find his dream girl.
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05-03-2011, 04:09 AM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2011 04:11 AM by Nehmahati.)
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[Image: Kat.jpg?t=1304398931]

Name: Katherine Hawkins (Though only her parents call her by her real name, everyone else calls her Kat.)

Gender: Female

Race: Siren

Age: 25

Appearance: Hair: Long, to her waist, the same color red as a stop light, naturally wavy, though there are days when she straightens it.

Eyes: Electric blue, though the colors churn when she is highly upset, using her abilities, or feeding, long eyelashes.

Height: 5'9

Build: Athletic, but curvy

Skin: Pale, translucent, heavily tattooed, mostly with drawings created by her favorite artist, Otep. She is also peirced, She has snake bites, her right eyebrow peirced, her right ear is peirced all through the length of it, while her left ear has only three peircings.

Job: She now runs the club Sinz, a club that is often frequented by supernatural beings. She is also apart of a metal band that is growing in fan base. They do performances twice a month at Sinz.

Personality: Feirce, loyal, bit of a temper, protective of those she holds dear, sarcastic, at times vulgar, sometimes picks fights, but generally tries to do the right thing, she's a metal head (meaning she loves metal music)

Power(s): Has all of the listed abilities of a siren, except that her specified element is fire.

Weapon(s): She has various blades she sometimes keeps with her, but she always has her twin Kukri swords with her, a gift from her friend and guide, Athekka. They are magikally tuned to her and her powers, so that she can set them aflame in combat.

Bio: Her mother was a rogue siren who knew that Kat was the reincarnation of the first siren to be created, so she bound Kat's powers and left her with a human family so that she could live a normal life. When she was 18, it changed and she went through many horrific events that led her to unbind her powers and discover who and what she really was. When her powers became unbound, she began to have trouble at times struggling for control over her body when her past life Auris began to try and take over it. She was the first and to most sirens was a sort of mother to them all. But Athekka also gave her a pendant that keeps Auris below the surface, at least for now. After a few near misses here and there, she has traveled many places trying to outrun the sirens who want to hunt her down and those who seek vengeance or possession of her, though recently after things have seemed to calm down, she has returned to run the club Sinz, the bar that Athekka left to her.

Siren Traits:

- Immortality

- They feed off the energy of creatures through the use of lengthened claws and through singing and touch.

- Can manipulate and create one element, such as fire, water, earth, air.

- Can reach every vocal range, which means that they can mimic voices.

- Can emit an extremely high pitched scream that calls to other sirens, can kill a human, and damage another immortal.

- When a siren mates with another creature, the female child is purely siren, and the male child takes on the race of the father.

- They are extremely agile and strong creatures, able to jump far distances and run at blinding speeds.

- When they use their powers or feed, the hues of their eyes churn in them like a brewing storm.

- When they feed or use their powers, their skin, eyes, and hair began to glow as they fill with energy and power. Depending upon the amount of energy they intake, it can be more subtle, or more prominant.

- Sirens are power hungry creatures instinctually, which is why when they hunt, they usually hunt for inhuman creatures.

- Sirens do not (typically) leave their realm except to feed, mate, or hunt down rogue sirens. It is penalty of death to go rogue, for a siren in the mortal realm can expose them to vampires. If they are exposed to vampires, it can mean the enslavement of their race. This is why sirens are believed to not exist, even among the supernatural culture.

- Because of the way they feed, sirens' blood is extremely addictive to vampires, because it gives them a high. Their blood is extremely magikal. Because they are immortal creatures whose blood is not only not poisonous, but gives them a high, if the wrong vampire found out they truly existed, sirens could be hunted down and enslaved to be used as a blood source. It would solve the problem of risking exposure of vampires to humans and the sirens would be an infinite source of blood. This is why it is penalty of death for a siren to go rogue.

- Also, their voice effects different species in different ways. For humans, it will put them in a trance, making it easy for them to be influenced. For Fae, they absolutely love sirens and usually follow them around bugging them to sing. Vampires, they feel a lure to the sirens, but they tend to have more control over themselves, unless if they feed off of their blood. Sometimes the song can cause an obsession with the siren, but it depends upon the willpower and age of the vampire. Were-creatures (especially were wolves), any creatures with a higher tuned hearing their singing effects the worst. For female werewolves for instance, it causes them to essentially hulk out, make them think they are trying to take their mate (even if they don't have one). Their instincts will see them as a threat and they will have an uncontrollable (most times) need to attack the siren and kill said siren, if they hear a siren sing. For male werewolves, the reaction is just as primal, though in a different way. The male will automatically have a need to mate with the siren by any means neccissary, even if by force. Most times (especially with younger werewolves) they will instinctively transform to their wolf form, though some older werewolves have a little more control.

- Their feeding allows them to maintain their immortality, beauty, and youth. Because of this, if they are starved of energy, they become mortal and age as mortals do. When this happens, they can die mortal deaths.

- Sirens are usually primal untamed creatures who are prone to their emotions. They tend to have quick tempers. Sirens raised in their proper realm are untamed, following only the rules of no interaction with the rest of the world except for necessity.
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05-03-2011, 08:35 PM
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Name;N`oire Oblyx

Gender; Male

Age; 248 < about mid twenty's>

Race; Dark elf

Appearance;<picture to come>
A rather tall figure for his race, the man was only about five foot six. Skin the color of deep onyx was packed over a rather wiry lithe form. the dark elf had short cropped pure snow white hair which eye's the color of water due to his elemental leanings. The dark elf would wear a loose blue robes the color of his eyes and soft leather pants to a place such as this temple.

Seeker or Temple Worker? seeker

Class; Sorcerer specializing in Hydromancy.

Religious? None.

God/Goddess and their domain if they have one: see above.

Ons; anything cept

Offs; scat and snuff

as a young dark elf N`oire, learned he had a affinity with the element of water and ice. Calmer then most his brethren. He left the underworld in seek of more knowledge of his art on the surface. as the underground did not have many master's of hydromancy. the elf, young for his race has just been slowly adjusting to the surface. Having heard of the temple. he has come to seek what knowledge and solace it may offer a weary traveler
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05-04-2011, 09:20 AM
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[Image: Anime223.jpg]

Name: Aleksandrei 'Alex' Sikovskey

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Age: Appears 24, is really 150 years old.

Appearance: As shown in the picture.

Height is 6'2
Build: Lean, slim

Job: Mercenary. His price varies depending on who pays.

Personality: Calm. Cold. Rarely speaks. Neutral until forced to take a stand or paid to do so. Prefers a French musician who calls himself Igorrr. Reliable.

Powers: The usual vampire stuff, hightened senses, increased strength. All at the cost of being hungry for blood. Apart from that, a trained shadowmelt, he becomes almost invisible when he slips into the shadows and makes it look like he travels through them.

Weapons: Various guns depending on the job, though when he's out of work, he will always carry around dual Desert Eagles, and a combat knife hidden in his sock.

Bio: The perfect killing machine. Alex has no memory of what happened to him before he was turned. The first few decades he suffered massively from depressions and nightmares about the experiments performed on him before he was turned. He has no history, only knowing that the Tzar equipped him and paid him royally to defend the monarch personally. He accepted the job, until someone paying more came along. He never took long getting used to new guns, always one step ahead of the European armies. Carrying out assassinations, small strikeforces and even treason. The money was good, but he never spend it all. Eventually the jobs got him across the Atlantic and he went underground when the first price was put on his head. He still does small jobs but keeps his identity covered from anyone he doesn't trust.

For use in A Siren's Call when the thread goes up.
Considering that I live in Europe, my time online is different from those that live in the US, however I am still active into the night in the weekends, so please feel free to still RP with me.
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05-04-2011, 06:48 PM (This post was last modified: 05-05-2011 10:03 AM by Lanolyt.)
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Male, human

Appearance: slim and average height, he is new to sexual experiences and very nervous.

He is skipping classes to to visit the famous temple of pleasure, and has saved up all he could to meet one of the girls. He wants to learn about loving and has no clue that he's getting in over his head.

He is not really very religious, but respectful of the gods.

His blue eyes look down a lot shyly, and his leather shirt is a bit rumpled, but he is a cute geeky guy, who has no clue that he's attractive.

Ons: Any feminine race, preference for a really big girl (not obese, but full-figured would be acceptable if someone wants to play that way. Big as in beyond human size. even a giantess. Someone who will pick him up and play with him.
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05-04-2011, 09:55 PM
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Name: Abel Karinoff / Kabo / Fayt Karinoff

Age: 18 / 14 / 16

Gender: Male / Male / Male

Species: Vampire / Neko / Human

Sexuality: Bi / Gay / Bi

ABEL: [Image: Red_Eyes_by_anikakinka.jpg]
KABO: [Image: download.jpg?t=1304461554]
FAYT: [Image: Blue_Eyes_by_anikakinka.jpg]
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05-05-2011, 01:45 PM
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Name; Ohatsu Hyuga.

Gender; Female

Age; 27

Race; Human.


Seeker or Temple Worker? Temple Worker.

Class; Cleric/Sacred Prostitute.

Religious? Yes

God/Goddess and their domain if they have one:

Ons; ((See O/O page.))

Offs; ((See O/O page.))

History; Ohatsu Hyuga was born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, and growing up she had always wanted to be a model of no small fame. Doing excellent in school throughout her life, Ohatsu made her parents proud, (and the fact that they would disown her from her inheritance if she didn't helped in that regard,) both of her parents being in the upper class of society but not so far up to be filthy rich, just rich. Both of her parents were successful in the movie business before they retired to raise a family. While relatively unknown anymore, they still live in comfort and style due to said success, but Ohatsu wanted to earn her own fame and not live under her parents shadow. Working as well as going to school in fashion and modeling areas, being quite good looking and hard working helped get the attention she wanted.

Then tragedy struck when her parents' plane went down after a vacation up in the mountains of India. Ohatsu had luckily been delayed in getting on that same plane and thought to simply catch up on the next flight. That had been three years ago, and she had since found her way to Neria's temple where she found a piece of heaven she never would have thought existed until then. She owes Neria much in helping her to find her heart and soul again, and stays at the Temple as a way to repay her kindness and unheard of generosity.
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05-12-2011, 08:05 AM
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Calinar Whitemane.

Human Mage of the White Shadow.

Apparent Age: Mid 30s, actual age...over 100, but he's not telling.

Appearance: light skinned and white haired, average height (5'10") around 160 lbs. Sky blue eyes in a ruggedly handsome face. Clad in white shirt and pants covered in strange knotwork, with a full cloak around. Dagger and staff to hand, and a strange amulet shaped like a sunburst. His brown boots are well worn.

Background: A devotee of the White Shadow Guild, he follows where his muse leads him...usually into trouble... He actively seeks to remove threats to the realm where he finds them, but stays with in the law. Usually.
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Name: Rose Black.
Title: none
Age: 17
Children: none
Place of Birth: UnKnown
Race: Light Elf
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Soul Mate: none
Parents: None
Siblings and/or adopted: Alucard.
BackGround: Rose was abandon at a very young age. She does not remember or know who her parents are. Rose Has learned to hide her Emotions over time; she’ll never show them to anyone because she doesn’t let anyone close to her at all. That is until Rose came upon her Teacher/Master he taught her everything how to fight from Magic. She never knew his Name so she called him Master or Teacher. Rose had become very close to him. Master was and is the only one that has ever seen her cry or even Break a smiles. Rose Loved Master as a Father as a Soul Mate. Rose thought he’ll never leave her, which is until He Came. This person She never will speak his name nor Have anyone Say it around her. If Some Says he Name She will go Completely Crazy and Kill anything in her Path of Destruction. This Person’s Name Well never Leave her Memories Because of what he did to her and her Master. This Person Forbidden Name is Kyu. Rose Hates Kyu , He Made her watch him Beheaded Her Teacher then Took her as he Own Pet and Raped, Abused, and Beaten her because she Would not Listen Nor Take orders From him. Rose went through that For the Last 17 Years of her life. Rose Killed Kyu Because he Forced her to fight him as he Not Knowing of her Fighting Skills. Rose killed him in three Strikes and beheaded him like he did to her Master.

her Look

[Image: largeAnimePaperscans_Carnelian_Kisa.jpg]
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Name: Alucard
Title: None
Age: 19
Children: none
Place of Birth: UnKnown
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Soul Mate: None
Parents: Dead
Siblings and/or adopted: None

Her Look:
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05-21-2011, 12:01 AM (This post was last modified: 05-23-2011 10:04 PM by AvengingTearZ.)
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Name: Malekith

Malekith was the son of Aenarion, the first of the Elven Phoenix Kings, and the mysterious and beautiful seeress Morathi. She became Aenarion's second wife after he rescued her from a Chaos warband. Unknown to Aenarion, Morathi's time in captivity had cast a shadow on her soul which would soon eclipse all elves. Raised as a prince of Ulthuan, Malekith grew up to be a fine soldier and general like his father. Under his mother's tutelage, he became an accomplished mage. Malekith was brought up surrounded by political intrigue, but he had little interest in Elven political society. He preferred to lead armies and win battles in his father's name.

After the death of his father, Malekith was the obvious heir to the throne. Malekith said that though he wished to lead Ulthan into a glorious new golden age he would gladly swear fealty to another if the council of princes so desired, taking him at his word a vote was taken to choose the new Phoenix King, which resulted in Malekith being passed over in favour of Bel Shanaar. Malekith appeared to accept the result with good grace, but privately he seethed with resentment and frustration. He vowed to bide his time until he could make the throne his own.

Malekith instead was appointed Commander of the High Elf forces. He proved to be a brilliant young general, gaining power and allies with his glorious victories against Greenskins and the forces of Chaos. His campaigns gradually pushed forward the frontiers of the Elven colonies. While leading a campaign in the cold north of the New World he came upon an abandoned pre-human city, within which he discovered the Circlet of Iron, a talisman of awesome sorcerous power. After many decades spent mastering his powers of combat and magic, he had worked himself into a position second only to the Phoenix King's.

And Malekith may have been content to continue on in this way, for though he was not the phoenix king his power was virtually unchallenged, but the curse within Aenarion's blood would not be denied. Rumors began to stir of the resurrection of the cult of pleasure. A dark cabal of chaos worshiping elves in service to Slaanesh and Malekith took it upon himself to quash this cult once and for all. He began an inquisition with intent of rooting out the members of this cult and at first the elves saw him as their hero, a noble warrior leading a grand crusade against the wicked but as his campaign wore on many high ranking and prominent officials soon found themselves under the headsman's axe having been accused of worshipping chaos.

In the dark winter of -2751 IC he accused Bel Shanaar of being a Slaaneshi devotee (A member of the Cult of Pleasure) during Feast of Purity, a religious festival celebrating the power and glory of the great phoenix. But his accusation was his fatal mistake, for who among the elves could believe that the Phoenix King, Asuryan on earth, could ever fall to such depravity. Unfortunately, Bel Shannar was poisoned before he could offer a defense and Malekith took the opportunity to seize the shrine on Asuryan and ascend to his rightful place, then no one, no matter what they thought in their hearts, could deny his right to rule.

Believing all he now had to do was crown himself as the new Phoenix King for he had the blood of Aenarion running in his veins, Malekith confidently marched into the sacred flame of the god Asuryan, the final test that each prospective Phoenix King has to pass to prove their worthiness for the crown. The sacred flames would not suffer his polluted body and refused to let him pass, and the holy flames cast him out. Horribly injured, he was carried to his stronghold in Nagarythe with his mother on her dark pegasus.

There, Morathi nursed her son back to health. With the aid of the sorcerers he had trained in the arts of dark magic. Hotek, a renegade Priest of Vaul, forged a great suit of black armour which would lend strength to Malekith's withered and fire-blasted body. The suit was fused onto his body while still white hot from the furnace. After his torment on the flames of Asuryan, he felt little pain. The completed suit was named the Armour of Midnight, and few could look upon it without feeling dread. From that day onwards, the fell Elf lord was known as the Witch King.

Meanwhile the council had elected Imrik as the third Phoenix King, who assumed the title Caledor I, taking his name from the kingdom of Caledor and the Elf mage Caledor Dragontamer, his ancestor. Caledor and Malekith gathered their supporters and battled each other for the throne of Ulthuan. For more than a decade they fought a great civil war. Time proved to be Caledor's ally for as time passed, Malekith's treachery became more evident and more elves flocked to Caledor's banner. In a climactic showdown, Malekith was defeated by Caledor in single combat in the Field of Maledor. The Witch King's supporters retreated back to their fortresses.

Malekith decided to try one final gamble for the Phoenix throne. He instructed his sorcerers to undo the spells that bound the Realm of Chaos in a bid to secure aid from the Dark Gods of Chaos. For hours they struggled to undo the barrier. In the end, the task proved to be too great even for the combined might of Malekith and his coven. Their efforts were thwarted by a group of mighty elven mages trapped in the Isle of the Dead. A surge of raw arcane power struck back at Malekith's fortresses. Many of his sorcerers died from the magical flashback. The land itself buckled under the magical strain and a great tidal wave came crashing down on northern Ulthuan. Mighty earthquakes devastated the land and fine cities of Ulthuan. The lands of Nagarythe and Tiranoc were submerged under water. Thousands of elves were killed in the cataclysm known as The Sundering.

The fortresses of the Witch King survived the catastrophe, being protected by powerful spells. The fortresses broke off from the land and floated out into the sea, thus the dreaded Black Arks were born. Large as icebergs, they floated to the northern part of the New World where they grounded. Naming the desolate chilled land Naggaroth or "Land of Chill", the Witch King claimed it as his own new domain. The kingdom of the Dark Elves was born.

What he looks like:

Malekith's physical body was a hollow shell of his former glory after the flames of Asuryan spurned him and so he had a renegade priest of Vaul and several traitorous sapherian wizards construct a powerful black suit of armor, fusing it directly to his twisted form that he might regain a measure of his former physical prowess. To its great horned helm was welded the dark and powerful circlet of iron. Malekith had become the stuff of nightmares, dark runes and glyphs of powerful chaos magicks were wrought upon his armor which caused all who looked upon him great pain and suffering, and on his sword there shined a great sigil of Khaine, a symbol of his birthright as son of Aenarion. Truly, he had become the lord of the dark elves.
[Image: malekith.jpg][Image: malekith.jpg]
I love you Bryce Heart
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Name: Eva Rose Black

Race: Light Elf

Age: 23

Children: Rose Black

Sexuality: Straight

Birth place: Unknown

Parents: none

[Image: anime_185-preview.jpg]
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05-29-2011, 12:53 PM
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[Image: totallynotanerd.jpg]

Name: Edward 'Eddy' von Baron
Age: 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lb
Hair Color: Silver
Iris Color: Silver
Build: Athletic
Interests: Smoking, Drinking, Sex, Gambling, Lying, Fighting, Stealing, Acting.
Skills: Great conversationalist, Modern Sex Guru, Knife fighting, Information Gathering, and a rather spectacular actor.
Personality: Eddy is a man of life and optimism. The world is his oyster, as he cares not for his personal health, or that of others, but of just having a good time. He is quite outgoing, starting conversations with random strangers. He finds no real difference beyond friends and associates, aside from finding sex easier with friends.
Bio: Not much is known about Eddy's background. He is more of a drifter, a casual man of casual tastes. He rarely gives personal information, at least whatever it takes to bed the woman in front of him. Many do say he has some sort of background revolving government operations, some sort of spy or agent. But most dismiss these claims as myths, as what kind of agent would be found in a third world country, playing dice with locals to earn a few bucks?

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05-30-2011, 02:06 AM
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[Image: orc2.jpg]

Name: Grigosh
Age: ???
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 205lb
Hair Color: Black
Iris Color: Red
Build: Body Builder/Soldier
Interests: Combat, Women, Fighting, Weapons, Ale.
Skills: Master of hand to hand, master of bladed and blunt weapons, inhuman strength.
Weapons Of Choice: Two serrated blades, forged of steel.
Personality: Grigosh doesn't talk much. He rarely finds a need to, as he lets his prowess in strength and armed skill represent his words. He is a man of action, and rarely sits back when something disturbs him. He sticks to his smarts, with weapons and killing. He rarely raises a finger to issues of political or subjects of interest. He knows he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He just carries a massive sharp sword.
Bio: Grigosh comes from the same background most orcs do. He was born to fight, and he has excelled. Few enemies live to tell of engagements with this monstrosity. The few that do usually lack a limb or two. He has served at one point as a soldier, a drill instructor, and a master of arms. Though unlike his fellow orc, he had strayed from the path. He still engages with those who choose to fight him, but he himself is on a journey of understanding, to learn of the world and the people who occupy it. Though some lusts, he cannot deny. The savage orc has even taken to bringing females under his fist, bringing them as slaves purely for his enjoyment.

Note: This character will be a sort of 'master' to females who are willing and accepting of an orc dominant. Applications for slavery will be taken and only 'profile' characters will be even considered. Actual ownership will be determined via a RP trial, the initial capturing if you will. They will be listed in this post, and perhaps a brief recap of how they were captured, if I feel like it.
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05-31-2011, 05:59 PM
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Race:New Vampire
Skills:Singing,playing the piano,drawing
Abilities:She can control the elements,but her ability is still weak.
Appearance:She is normal height,fit body.She has deep hazel eyes and long black hair.
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Name: Sora Michi
Age: 756, appears 16
Place of Birth: Unknown
Race: Black Angel
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: bi, only gay towards extremely effeminate males
Parents: None
Siblings: None

Background: killed at an early age (16), Sora was re-bred into an living weapon to combat the four riders of the apocalypse. For being too "sinful" (not necessarily sex related) Sora was cast from heaven and stripped of his angelic abilities, though appendages remain (wings specifically). He has lost all memories except his hand-to-hand combat abilities. In order to return to heaven, Sora must either repent his unknown sins. If he continues on his path of sin, he will be dragged down to hell. If there is a way for him to return to being a human, it hasn't been found yet.

Because of his unusual physical makeup, certain medications may have different effects on him.

Appearance:[Image: toumajx2.jpg]

Name: Natsuki (No last name, he is a slave)
Age: 14
Place of Birth: Far away Neko village to the east.
Race: Neko
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: whichever he needs to be
Parents: both alive, living in his home village
Siblings: One younger brother

Background: By the time he was old enough to walk, Natsu was bred and taught to be a slave to a wealthy vampire nobel. He was taught to please and serve in every aspect, and does so with great enthusiasm, from simple cleaning and serving, to feeding and whatever else might be required of him. He was taught that the greatest honour was to serve a vampire nobel.
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A kiss on the hand, and maybe gently on the lips. Lay me down and softly whisper that there's no escape from your insatiable lust. As I melt from your words I can do not but submit, tonight my body is yours...

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06-03-2011, 04:30 PM
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Name :Selenna Rose
place of birth:A village known as Dark town but its hard to get too.
Sexual Orientation:bi ,loves woman with a nice body leans mostly towards male thou
Parents:she killed them their name's was mandy and shawn jones
no brother or sisters
bio:Selenna came to blue moon by accident she was hunting down the men who were hired to kill her . She found a portal and thought they had gone throu it but ended up in blue moon. She soon liked what it had to offer her. She also found she was no longer hunted down. Well it seems the cheif of dark town thought she was dead or no longer a threat to his son. She killed her father for trying to make her marry the prince of the cheif of dark town. She killed her mother for screaming and annoying her with her cry's after she killed her dad. She tryed to kill the prince because he wanted her and she did not want him and he had raped her once or twice this causing her to love sex .
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Hope this doesn't get me into jeopardy :7

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Guten tag!
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06-10-2011, 01:39 PM
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Name; Evelyn

Gender; Female

Age; 21

Race; Faerie

Appearance; [x]

Seeker or Temple Worker? Seeker, for now.

Class; Not sure

Religious? Open to all forms of learning

God/Goddess and their domain if they have one Not sure.

-Bondage (Light or extreme)
-Public Humiliation
-Black Mail
-Leather, corsets, posture collars, etc.

-Bestiality (Most Furries are alright though)
-Futa (If I want penis I'll do a man)
-Body Builder Types

Evelyn was once lost and on a quick path to a drugged up and worthless death when she decided to turn her life around and look for enlightenment. She found the temple on her travels and was intrigued by their methods and beautiful lifestyle.
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Name: Riku Lizgrad

Race: Feline (Anthropomorphic)

Age: 19 (apparent age is 17)

Class: Swordsman

Physical Description: A cat with white fur as well as blue eyes. He has dark, spiraling marks going up his arms, stopping in a thick band at his elbows. He wears a dark jacket with no shirt underneath as well as dark slacks. He does not commonly wear shoes, or if he does, they are sandals instead of regular shoes. He wears one thick, black, leather glove on his right hand which he uses to wield his sword with. His sword has a jet black hilt along with a gleaming, stark white blade.

Personality: Usually dark and serious. He tends towards not being terribly friendly around others whom he does not know, though he can learn to trust people if he is around them long enough. If someone aggravates him, he will usually react with mild hostility, though nothing serious. He will not go along with fights that are being picked with him, unless the person attacks him first in which he case he will defend himself. If he catches someone performing an unjust act, he will stop them using whatever means he needs to. Overall, he is rather untrusting, but those that he does trust he does not forget or go against unless he is betrayed.

Ons: Anything in general when it comes to sex as long as it is consensual. Also must love the girl that he is with if he is going to have sex with them.

Offs: Anything disgusting, non-consensual, having to do with bondage or worship or humilation, etc. If he sees anything non-consensual going on, he will attack the offenders without regard, generally. Be extra cautious when doing your non-con with him around, unfortunately.

Backstory: (bit of a long one but I love to do long backstories, flesh out the character).

Riku was born to a family who really did not fit within society, generally. They were anthropomorphic, meaning that they were animals and humans mixed together. It was not something that everyone really appreciated. There were others like them in the society, but they were all generally avoided for some strange reason. Riku, as a kid, had to deal with that. His growing up in Kindergarten was just fine, as none of the other kids had really developed that much of an attitude. It was when he got into first grade that things turned to hell for him, for the kids that were there in his school didn't like other furries, as they were called.

He and his other friends were always bullied by the older kids any chance that those kids got. It didn't matter what they were doing, minding their own business, talking, eating lunch...they were dumped into trash cans, had their lunches stolen, were beaten against lockers, etc. The worst part was that no one cared what happened to them. None of the security did anything to enforce what was going on. One day, Riku came back home with his arm broken, the staff saying that they had to send him home for "causing an uproar". His parents never sent him back to that school. He was homeschooled for until he was ready to go into high school, where maybe there he would find some friends.

High school almost turned out to be equally as bad. He was constantly teased, bullied, especially by the other men who told him that he was never going to win a girl. However, there was one girl that he captured the heart of, all by accident. He had been playing team sports, playing soccer. A teammate got angry with her, for she was a fox and was outrunning everyone and just doing better, when after all, humans were supposed to be the superior race. Angry, he tripped her and was going to start stomping on her legs, trying to break them. Riku noticed the assault before he could start it, and got over to him by the time he had tripped her and shoved him away before starting a fight with the boy. He was suspended for three days for starting a fight, even though he shouldn't have been, because he had saved her. The kid that had attempted to seriously injure the girl, whose name was Kara, was expelled from the school. From that moment on, all she could do was think of him.

They hit it strong right from their first date. They had similar interests and both accepted their differences readily. It didn't take them long to start talking about marriage, talking about sex when they were eighteen, maybe even doing it a bit earlier. Unfortunately, none of that was ever going to happen. A group of the kids, during their senior year together, had plotted to end their lives. No "furries" were going to graduate from that school. None ever had, they had all been expelled or dropped out. They had decided that neither Kara nor Riku were going to graduate. They bought their guns and waited for the time to strike.

Kara never saw what was coming. The man walking towards her, going to pass her, whipped out his gun and fired at point blank range. He was supposed to have done it in unison with his counterpart. However, he was off timing. Riku, hearing a gunshot, knew what was happening. The other man frantically whipped out his pistol, too late. Riku had kicked his arm and then kneed him in the groin, making him double over in extreme pain. Grabbing the gun, Riku single handedly took out all of the other assailants with accurate shots, acting entirely on adrenaline as they came towards him. It took him a few moments to realize all of what had happened...and who the person who had been shot was.

Dropping the gun, he looked at his hands. He had murdered in self defense, but murder was not acceptable on any parameters whatsoever. before he knew what was going on, he was arrested on the spot. He was told of Kara's death...and his heart was shattered. Kara, the only girl whom he had ever known to love, had been destroyed by the hands of these cruel, heartless bastards. Bowing his head as he was led to the jailhouse, he could do nothing but sob almost uncontrollably. She had been the one thing in life that he had strove for. Suicidal thoughts entered his mind, thoughts of leaving forever, locking himself inside of a basement, pulling a knife to his own throat...what was he to do without Kara?

He was given a second chance, a cruel one. He was released, but not without being changed. His body, once orange in color, was painted pure white, his eyes being the only thing that wasn't changed. He was then given the black marks to signify that he was not a man to be trusted, though everyone knew what bogus it was. He was then released, and has never been the same since. He bought himself a real blade, one that was meant to be used to fight, and trained with it, learning how to use it like a natural. He then swore that all those who would dare bring harm against others, human or not, would suffer if he was there. He became a vigilante, a hero in the people's eyes and a villain in the eyes of the government. What he does today and who he meets may change him back to what he once was...or it could make him all the worse for wear. What happens?...we shall see.

[Hopefully this is an okay character bio. If you like or have suggestions, PM me? I hope I'm allowed to ask for that.]
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Full Name: Rose Ash Archer
Pronunciation: Ro-se A-sh Arc-her
Nickname: Rose
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Race/Species: Dark Shape Shifter
Voice/Speech: Cold tones and Sometimes Emotions
Language(s) Spoken: Japanese
Current Occupation: Queen/Pack Leader of her Kingdom/Pack
Origin: Unknown
Current Residence: Kingdom of the Darkness
Catchphrase/Quote: If Life is Wanted then I welcome Death


Height: 4ft
Weight: 112
Hair Color: Depends on what she is that day
Eye Color: Depends on what she is that day but they are Mostly Blue
Preferred Clothing Style: Dark Light Clothing


Personality: She is Mainly has a Cold Attitude to everyone, But she warms up to her Family
Likes: Killing thing and Fighting
Dislikes: Softy and Cute things
Fears: Not being Need or Wanted by the ones she Loves
Talents/Skills: Mastered Swordsmen and Mastered Of Shadows
Hobbies: Reading, Hitting Trees and Sparing.

Social Life/Relationships

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Blue Shae and Carly
Children: Matt, Marcus and Beth
Other Relatives: A lot..
Partner/Best Friend: Jason & Keemo
Other Important Friends: Tato98
Enemies: A lot
Pets: None


Special Abilities/Powers: Controls Shadows and Flames
Fighting Style: Silent and Swift
Peaceful or Brutal: Both
Weapon of Choice: Her Four Guns and her Katanas and her Axe


History: So I was sitting in the woods looking out in the Distance. And I saw a family walking by me…I kinda sighed because I didn’t know what that was….like to be in a Family…Sad..a 16 year old Kid..on her own in Harsh world. Fuck them..I don’t need anyone…I am done with humans..Life is a Bitch..But has a plan for everyone, I guess my plan is to be by myself for life….Good I Rather be alone. Then I wont have to deal with..Humans or Other Creatures…I am Rose…age 16…I am a Dark Shape Shifter..By Myself since I was born. I Trained myself on how to Protect myself from men…Vampires…Demons….and Humans.
I walked into a Village…and everyone was staring at I was a Dangerous thing that shouldn’t have entered there…Sheesh I mean I am not a demon or anything…Just a Lil girl….but no people look at me like I am trash…I will prove them wrong…I will never have Someone look at me like that again…I am going to become a better fighter…and Protect myself better…Mentally and Physically.
Today I was confronted by a Lil girl…her name is rin..she wanted to play….but I didn’t understand…what she wanted So I merely ignored her and kept walking….i hope its that last time I see that girl again…I almost killed her…Damn it why am I like that…I why…I don’t understand myself…Meh I forget it after awhile…then I Ran into her I was hunting she was getting attacked by a Demon…So I saved her…she thanked me…then gave me..a Hug…What the hell is a Hug….she put her arms on me…then I Took her off of me…then I Smelled a Strong Demon coming near us…I Stood in front of the lil girl…But she Ran to the Demon as she yelled his Name I guess…Kurai -sama…? Who is he ….I never heard of him…
Hmm…Night time….What is with the Darkness being so Comforting…to me. Darkness is like a Home to me….But as I was Sitting there…I felt another person there…It was that Kurai Creature…..Hmmm..Sometimes I wonder what he wants but I really don’t bother with him…I just keep on my feet…and keep Moving..i don’t want to be Caught by anyone…
Another Village…Wonderful…I really hate Creatures…that just Stare at you….and doesn’t Stop Staring at you….its fucking annoying as hell…..haha…I threw a Dagger a one….it almost hit him…but it missed…he never set his eyes on me again. Rin…is a human…why is she with a Demon….Never mind.. its none of my Buzy. I Mastered Swordsmanship today…Finally…Sheesh it took forever to do that….Now just to Start on my Black Magic and Shadows…Sheesh….thats gonna take for ever….
Walking in the Day…is annoying too many sounds…I Ran into….Haft-Breed today…Damn he was Rude as Hell….I Never want to Deal with that again….Fucking Filthy Creature…Meh anyways…My Magic…Well gets getting there…Probably a Few more weeks…then I will be a Expert of it….Do I need anyone…? I don’t think I do… But meh every creature are the Same…Worthless..and Unless...and Really Annoying…Sheesh..I am thinking about walking at night…Hmm…that’s Sounds good.
Walking at night was the best idea ever.!!!..Sheesh no humans…No Demons..Thank god…I Flipping happy about that.. I ran into Kurai again…I didn’t Speak to him and was just Standing looking out at the moon as I sat on the Cliff and he Stood Next to me…I merely ignored him and just sat there…. I Sense someone is following me..But I don’t know who it is...But I wonder. Why would a Demon follow a shape shifter...Interesting. But I will find out who it is…Hmm. I wonder if it Kurai…wait why am I writing about him…I why would he give a Crap about me. –sighs- I don’t understand this world. I truly will never understand. Why I am alone..or Why I was Abandoned…but who cares…that’s in the past now. I mma leave it there and continue to where my feet take me.
I passed by a castle today I looked at for a Moment very pretty place…Never saw a place like this…hmmm…then out of nowhere that little girl yelled my name I just looked at her and Stood there as she ran up to me and Asks “Do you want to play with Rin” as she tilts her head at him and I shook my head no at her. Rin frowned as I raised a brow as I looked at her and thought to myself “did I hurt the Child, She isn’t bleeding. Why is her Aura so blue now” I merely shook my head. Then the little girl yelled “LORD KUARI!!!” as I covered my ears and watched her run up to the Demon. Kura looked at me for a moment then looked at his guard. I put up my guard as I walked away from him and the little Girl. Then his guard surrounded me as I walked away. I grabbed my guns and watched them as they started to attack me. I looked at the First guard to attack as I grabbed his throat as I Grabbed It I Slammed him into the Ground and Aimed my gun at his head and Shot off his Head then I put my guns away and Grabbed my Swords as I looked at all the enemies around me. Then I got hit on the back of the head and Blacked out.
As I started to wake up I tried to move my arm but it was Chain to Something. I opened up my eyes and Looked to See where I am, I noticed I was in a room and on a Bed. I Growled as I Sit up and try to break the Chains until I heard the Door open. “That won’t be work Kitten” Someone said I turn to see the interrupter as look at them and Realize it was Kurai. I growled at him and Kept on trying to Break the Chain that attached me to the bed. Kurai walked over to me and Placed his Hand on him as I Snarled at him and Says in a Low whisper “Get you fucking hands off of me you Filthy Male” as I Broke one of the Chain and Slams my Fist into his Face then Broke the other one then ones on my Feet and Jumped at him Crushing him into the Ground as I Growled at him “Don’t Touch me.” As I Jumped off of him and Grabbed my weapons and Jumped out of the Window. I walked into the woods kept on walking as I Found a Cave and Made that My Home for three years.

3 Years Later
I walked out of my cave and Looked around I was 18 years old now. As I was walking out I hear a Loud noise coming from somewhere. I went to go see what the noise was I kept my guns close to me then I came upon a new kingdom. I walked up to it and Pushed opens the Doors as I looked in Side then I hear a Sweet and Gentle voice “Who is there, How may we help you” as I looked up I saw a old Female vampire sitting in her throne and next to her was her husband and her kids. I Stood there Silent for a few moments then whispers “I am Rose, Dark Shape Shifter” the old female vampire looked at me for a few Seconds then said “I am Lady Blue, Pleased to meet you” bowed my head Slightly then I looked at the Children as one Stood up and Said “I am Lady Carly, Sister to Lady Blue” I nodded my head at her then I looked at the Prince as I noticed he was Spaced out. Then I Said “are you in the need of guards, Milady Blue” as I looked at her with my icy blue eyes.
Then lady Blue looked at her Son and Says “Why yes we are, My Son needs a Personal guard. But I we will need to test your skills” I merely nodded as one of the Guard Stood up and We walked to the middle of the place. As waved my hand and My Swords appeared on my back I grabbed both of them and took a Defensives position as I looked at the guard. The guard then charged himself at me as I Quickly did a flash Step and Cut the guard in Two as I Looked at lady blue with Blood on my sword as she nods and Says “you May be his Guard” as the Son looked around then saw a Dead body and Stood up and Says “What’s going on” as he looked at him then at his mother as she Said “Ryo Sit Down. This is Rose your New Guard” Ryo looked at me and Smiles gently and just looked at him with a Blank Face. Then I took my position next to him. Then some man came inside the Castle Stumbling and Lady blue Shot up out of her Seat and Runs over to him as she Yells the man’s Name “JAY!” then looked up at her and Smiles weakly and Says Softly “I got Poisoned, Blue but I don’t know who did it” I walked over and Looked at him and as I Placed my hand over his Body and Closed my eyes as my hand glowed red then black as the man got his Normal Color back and Sat up and Looked at me and Asks “what did you do…?” I looked at him and Just walked away and took my post back.
Lady blue looked at me as I have been with them more than a year now. The ryo walked up to him mother and Says” Mom may I speak with you Alone” she nodded and took his hand and watched them walk away. As they left I grabbed my head as I was really confused, every time that prince comes around I get a warm feeling in my stomach it feels like butterflies in her Stomach. “Mom, I love Rose..but I don’t know how to tell her” Ryo said to his mother Bluntly.
Lady blue is taking back on his words then Says “Just tell her, My Son” Ryo just Nods as he walked out and Looked at me as he Saw me grab my head he Ran over to me and Held me up and Asks in a gentle voice “Rose are you okay” I looked up at him as my eyes were filled with warmth and Caring as I whispers to him “I am Fine, thank you Prince Ryo” as I tried to remove his arms but they wouldn’t move then I looked at him as I looked at him I felt his lips on mine my eyes grew wide as I felt him kissing me. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his Neck. “Rose, Be Mine please” he Said softly I nodded at his words as he picked me up and Hugged me close.
“Its been four years since Ryo asked me to be his girlfriend” I thought as I Sat in the grass then I felt a Hand on my shoulder I looked up and Saw Ryo I Smiled Gently at him as I stood up and took his hand as I began to walk but he Stopped me and got down one Knee and Said “Rose, Will you Marry me” as he held out a Ring with a Emerald on it. I Just looked at him for a Few seconds and Said in a Soft voice “Yes I will” he put the ring on my finger and Kissed me Deeply as I kisses back.
We both walked back inside and he went up to his mother and Said “Mom, Me and Rose are getting Married” Blue Just Stopped to what she was doing and looked at her son then me and Smiled Brightly. A Few weeks Passed as we planned the wedding. Then the next thing I knew it was my wedding day, I was so excited as I got into my Light blue dress with white lace around it. Then I looked as blue entered the Room and Says “Wow you are Lovely Rose” I Smiled gently at her. Then the music started to play and she took my arm as we walked down the lane. I looked up at ryo and Smiled at him, we got Married it was so pretty and nice. Everyone was crying I kind of giggled at them.
So the next day me and ryo were laying in our bed as I got up and got dressed and looked in the Mirror and Smiled at my appearance. Then blue can rushing to the Room and Said “Kyu…He..Left me..” as I walked over to her and Brought her Close to me and Asked “do you know why..?” as I held her then ryo said “what do you mean he left…Father is gone…” I looked at them as I didn’t know what to do I never had a Father so I don’t know what it Felt like to lose a Father. They were mad and Sad for a few weeks but as time passed they got over the fact that he left.
Blue looked at me and Ryo and Said. “We are in a war with the South, Rose get you men and get Ready now” I nodded my head as I stood up but the Ryo says “WAIT she cant go Mother She cant, she is Pregnant” blue looked at me then back at Ryo. Then she just nodded and Says “Rose come with me” I just nodded as Ryo Said “I will go Mother” as he left for the horses and that was the last time I Saw him…he died in the war. Blue looked at me as she frowned as I held my swollen Stomach then I Suddenly Felt a Pain in my Stomach then a Wet trail down my leg. Blue’s eyes went widen and says “you’re in Labor”. A Few hours later my First born Son was here, he looked just like Ryo but he had my eyes and Temperament. His Name is Matt.
Its been four years Since ryo has been gone. I miss him but I understand he isn’t coming back But I actually Found Someone Else I like. His Name is Zac, We met During a Fight inside my castle and he Kept on coming around. He left his ex wife for his own Reasons, Matt has Grown a lot in the pass year he is almost 17 (He is a Dark Shape Shifter, Ages Faster than Humans) But he has gone away for his training and has been gone for 3 years. Then me and Zac were talking one day and he Looked at him and took my hand and Says “Rose, Be my mate please” as I looked at him as my eyes went Widen and as I said “Yes I will”. I Stopped aging now, My age will remain at 25 as I looked at Zac and Smiled at him. And this is were I am today. Currently getting Married in December to My love Zac.

Short Description/Biography: She was Abandon by her parents at a young age and she turned Cold as time passed.

Fun Facts: she Likes to hurt trees Big Grin
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