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01-09-2011, 11:07 AM
Post: #251
Name: Samantha Havel

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Ethnicity: American

Kinks: pretty much anything except pain, true degredation and scat.

Personality: Playful but prone to brooding if she gets upset, Samantha or "Sam" as she has her friends call her, is a bit of a "skater chick" and has easily changing emotions, her mind a storm of activity, never just wanting to settle for anything always looking for the next thing to make her feel alive, always trying to hide when she hurts and only showing the happy side to those she cares about.

Appearance: [Image: tumblrl2o5fckj551qz5964.jpg]

Bio: Samantha comes from a wealthy family, Her mother is a very successful lawyer and her father a very powerful international buisnessman, neither had ever been there much only giving her a ridiculously sized allowance and access to all of their properties and time shares. So after school ended Sam decided to come out here looking for a way to relax but still feel alive at the same time.
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01-09-2011, 12:16 PM
Post: #252

Name: Nina Lasiter

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Ethnicity: American

Kinks: Biting, Scratching, Handcuffs, is a Sub.

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, smart, funny, dorky, and a good singer.

Bio: Nina desided to come to the island after her parents divorced, to try to relax and get used to the idea for spending holidays in two different places.

[Image: Anime%20Sexy%20Girls%20127.jpg]
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01-09-2011, 01:16 PM
Post: #253
Name: Lady Dawn LaFleur

Age: 26

Trait: Hermaphrodite

Persona: Devious and aggressive, though as a sophisticated woman, knows how to be merciful and understanding towards her slaves.

Species: Human

Appearance: [Image: picture2sg.png]


Bio: Lady Dawn is a widowed Mistress renown for all the money her husband made during the late years of his life, and now that he's dead, Lady Dawn is taking advantage of her early life as a twenty-six-year-old Queen of her people as every year the Mistress purchases three slaves to take back home to her manor and has her all-female orgies with them. Besides her great fortune and immense amount of female slaves,
the good Lady is also a hermaphrodite, having a penis as well as a vagina to make her imprisoned girls feel the heated passion within her dungeon.
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01-09-2011, 04:16 PM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2011 04:46 PM by TakodaVega.)
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Name: James S. Sky

[Image: 40056802_1218628235_normal_sexy_neko_guy.jpg]

His neko ears and tail come from a genetic modification performed by his fathers company. He also has one disfigured eye as a side effect of the genetic modification, which is still in it's prototype stage. His figure is slim and althetic, mostly due to a high metabolism, not excersise. He has medium length dirty-blonde hair and his visible eye is red. Read background for more info on how he got his appearance.

Sexual Orientation: Bi, but still not very open about it.


Background: James is the son of Johnathan Sky, the entrepreneur who made billions of dollars on his new concept of transport. His flight line was centered, not around the fanciest chairs and the most modern color concepts , but was centered instead around the concept of blending man and nature. Each planes cabin did not have seats set in an orderly fashion, but instead large pillows that could be arranged my the customers. Each plane was sealed to the sound and view of the roaring engines and instead the sound of calming nature was heard instead and windows were removed. This made flying a social, peaceful event which quickly made his father a billionair.

In an outlandish, some may even say insane, publicity stunt, James's father inserted the RNA of an unamed mammal into his unborn sons fetus, in what he said was "an attempt at bringing man and nature closer than ever before."

James was the result. His father loved the way James looked but as James grew older, he found himself hating it. People could easily read his
Emotions based on how his tail or ears moved, and he was often called "cute" or "adorable" but never attractive. He felt more like his fathers pet than his son.

So, at the age of 19, he decided to take one of his fathers planes and fly to a distant, reclusive island that he had heard his mother gossiping about. He knew they would not look for him there, because his parents, both being rather old fashioned in mentality, were appaled by the rumors of the islands inhabitants and their conduct.

James was determined to be taken seriously by someone, even if he had to lie about his very personality. So as the control tower on the island gave him permission to land, James lit up a cigarette and slowly began to decend towards his new life.
[Image: wswt34.jpg]
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01-09-2011, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2011 04:48 PM by TakodaVega.)
Post: #255
Zenku Umada

[Image: 19600-axsaru.png]

up for anything but guts, pain, and the "recieving end" (he is bi)
he is kimd heart ed and passionate he is on the island for an escape of everyday life
[Image: monk_stretching_out_by_hikaru_sky-d47ru3p.gif]
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01-10-2011, 02:32 AM
Post: #256
Wildkat but real Name is Rose evens but no one knows that.
Bio:When she was 12 she ran away from the orphanage. She found this girl at 15 moved in with her and they was in love but split on good terms. She also showed she was a good singer and had a Talent for being a girl who got paid to sleep with people. At the age 16 she began working the job and has been ever sense.
Looks:[Image: 1657393fzcnfl80cz.jpg] just picture her in black cat ears and tail for she loves to dress up as anything but cats are what she loves to dress up as that is how she got her stage name wildkat.
[Image: 6567831.jpg]
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01-10-2011, 01:10 PM (This post was last modified: 01-10-2011 01:12 PM by Sanity'sEclipse.)
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Name: Evelyn "Eve", Grace, McCloud ((character restricted to only "sejou Island roleplay" and any later connected threads if any))

Age: 20

gender: Female

Ethnicity: American

Kinks: enjoys pretty much anything except pain related stuff

Personality: Flirtatious, often conceited, outgoing and rebellious Evelyn is a borderline troublemaker

Bio: Evelyn was born the youngest of two siblings into a family of great wealth in California. Her father made himself scarce around the household often away on business excursion sometimes for months at a time leaving Eve and her older brother Tracey to compete for the affection of their mother. Despite her best efforts though her ability's always paled in comparison to Tracey's and as a result she rebelled against her mother and other authoritive figures in the many schools she transferred in and out of. Later when Eve had reached her eighteenth birthday her father attempted to buy her affection by sending her an expensive maserati from his dealership in France just like he did a few years prior with her older brother on his eighteenth birthday who received a black lamborghini (the same one Eve drove away with in the "Seijou Island Resort" roleplay). Evelyn eventually used her maserati as a get-away vehicle in an incident involving her old boyfriend who abndoned her before the police arrived on the scene after her escape attempt ended short when she spun out of control and crashed. She was then taken into custody by the police and later rescued by her parents who issued the punishment of spending the season with her older brother who'd purchased real estate on Seijou Island so she could learn some responsiblity from their parents favored child by living under his rule and getting a job on Seijou to repay her parents for her vehicle and all of the bills she incurred from crashing it.

Appearance: She stands at a height of 5'7", has flawless, darkened, tan skin and long lusterous brown hair that reaches her mid back in length. Deep Hazel eyes accompany her sun-kissed complexion, her more noted features though are her larger bust, trimmed waistline and long legs.

[Image: Resort_Boin_videogioco-1.png]
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01-10-2011, 04:28 PM
Post: #258
Name: Dante Hellhurst
Age: 25

gender: male

Ethnicity: American

Personality: A bit of a fish out of water at the moment, but overall friendly, smart and at times enjoys taking the lead.

Bio: Dante was a know nothing mailroom boy at his company, through a twist of fate he managed to land a position in the advertising department, and his rank (and cash flow) have increased significantly. Recently he has been invited to the Maid Manor by his boss and has been enjoying the company of Myst, one of the employees.

Appearance: [Image: Rock.png]
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01-13-2011, 05:43 PM
Post: #259
My character

Name: Crystal Van Dyke Codename: None

Age 25 Height: 5'11'' Weight 135 Body Type: Athletic

Hair: Jet Black Eye Color piercing blue measurements 34-22-34

Occupation: Private Detective Hobbies: anything supernaturally
related and is and can be a little
mischievous at times.

Powers: Like Melinda from Ghost Whisper has the ablity to see ghosts and like Melinda does what she can to help them cross over. Unlike Melinda however she also senses other things supernatually related like demons, witches, and vampires. Also over time her powers have grown stronger to the point where she can communicate telepathically and has devoloped the ablity to put up psychic barriers for protection.

Weakness: Her powers at times have become a double edge sword. If she is not careful certain psychic energies will overtake her. Take for instance sexual energy is hit with a heavy dose she will lose control and become a raging slut so to speak.
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01-15-2011, 12:28 PM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2011 12:34 PM by DeathsDisciple.)
Post: #260

Age: 19


Birthdate: May 22,1991

Height: 6'3

Build: strong muscular, but still lithe and quick.

Hair: Red, curly, long, always tied back

Eyes: Green, lime like fresh cut grass.

Face:attractive, square and a look of steel.

Skin: extreamly pale

Markings: no tattos, tongue peirced, a strang scar from his right ear across his neck and down his chest.

Attire: usually wears black everything, rarly wears white tshirts

Demeanor/Personality:Resolved, but out there, has very bad attention problems.

Quirks: he is extreamly friendly to strangers and acts like he's known them his whole life

Family/History: entire family, mom dad and twin brother died in a plane crash, he was the only surviver, thats where he got the scar, he was 16
[Image: DDsig.jpg]

{{my favorite part is seeing the death in your eyes while your still alive}}
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01-15-2011, 08:02 PM
Post: #261
Name:Lory Trilvea

Age: 16


Height: 5'4

Hair: Medium length, strait, Auburn

Eyes: Violet


Clothes:A halter top, arm sleeves and a long skirt

Personality: She is very quiet and demure, but will open up to people fairly quickly if they speak to her first.

Quirks: She has a phobia of nearby loud noises. Lesbian, a little Bi-curious.
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01-16-2011, 01:32 PM (This post was last modified: 03-12-2011 02:00 AM by razerwing.)
Post: #262
Name:Delshyk (last name unknow)
Race: human
bio: he has no idea who his family is. all he remembers is thaat one day, something came and attacked his home. he remembers the blood, the noise. but that was 10 years ago. now he is in a hunter clan, called the Night hunters division. they taught him everything that he needed to know, where to hit, how to kill, how to survive. although he isnt the fastest, he will give his life to protect friends. not a conversation starter, he acts like a normal person. he gets nervous around women, if they even choose to talk to him, and is very loyal to the few friends he does have. he stumbled across Blue Moon after a scouting mission went wrong. his team was shot down and Delshyk was the only survivor, suffering heavy injury to his left side from mortar shells. his favorite weapons is his customized M16 and a small Colt is always at his side. his obsesion with knives makes sure he constantly has his collection with him at all times. generally a nice person to be around.
Weapons: M16, Colt, various knives
Appearance: 5`4, kind of muscly, dark brown hair, deep blue eyes hiding behind thick glasses, almost a ghostly white, always wears bandages on his right arm due to..... certain problems.

Name: Jack Swan
Bio: a close friend and comrade of Delshyk. he has been with him ever since he founded the nighthunters division, after his old unit was killed. Second in command of his elite unit, Alpha 1, he specializes in hand to hand, and medicine. has the same undying loyalty to his and Delshyks friends.
Looks: 5", pale skin, athletic body, deep brown eyes.
Wears: normally wears a tight-fitting shirt with Alpha 1 printed on the front, black cargo shorts, and his units specialized jacket. also carries around a backpack, just like Delshyk.
Weapons: as the most lightly armed person in his unit, his mian weapon of choice is a silenced magnum with a scope. also has an array of darts, knives, and a few swords

Name: Darkwolf
Species: Neko
Age: 17
Bio: was abandoned during the early years of his life. Has the ability to change from his neko form to his wolf form, which is deadly.
Appearance: wolf [Image: Wolf_by_Doom114.jpg]

neko appearance:[Image: images?;amp;t=1]

(Darkwolf will be used as a furry roleplay in all roleplays. If you want a furry, or an anthro, then darkwolf will be used.)
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01-23-2011, 05:30 AM
Post: #263
5' 5"
125 lbs
Unknown race (looks human-except for eyes)
Appears 20-ish years old
True age unknown
Black hair with golden tips that falls to just below her collar bone
Fluorecent emerald green eyes that most humans are afraid to look at
Wears a black tanktop and black cargo pants
Carries a ebony bow with silver inlay and green 'black hills gold' leaves scattered about around her left shoulder and a small sword on the back of her right shoulder
Keeps three daggers attached to each thigh at all times
Readily makes healing potions and poisons from supplies in her pants pockets
Knows many forms of martial arts though passive untill absolutely necessary (will make first move if threatened enough or to protect her loved ones)[/color]
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01-23-2011, 08:19 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2011 08:20 PM by StayFrosty♂.)
Post: #264
RolePlay: Satanic Cult RP

Username: StayFrosty

Name: Devon Rockefeller

Age: 17

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Victim or Cultist: Victim

Appearance: [Image: Picture1.png]
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01-24-2011, 07:07 PM
Post: #265
Name: Leo Jackson
Age: 24
Race: Human
Bio: Leo has been in the army longer than he can remember. He was brought up from birth to be one of the elite sniper squad that get deployed for assassinations and espionage. Among his skills with a rifle and a scope, he is also an accomplished swordfighter and judo practitioner. His parents are both retired army officials, and had a lot to do with his training. The trio were also sent on missions together, normally a family team is an issue, when all three understand who dies dies they are unstoppable.
Appearance: [Image: largeAnimePaperscans_Range-Murata_s.jpg]
Weapon of choice: Any scoped rifle, back strapped katana.
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01-25-2011, 04:09 PM
Post: #266
(Note: I only play Izzy when I feel like doing het stuff. It's not often.)

Name: Sarah Reckless

Nickname: Izzy

Age: 16

Race/Ethnicity: Human, American

Appearance: Izzy has long medium-brown hair that goes down to the backs of her knees, usually tied up with yellow ribbons. She has some very spiky bangs that fall into her big, round blue-green eyes, and her skin has a somewhat sort of tan on it. She can usually be found with a bright smile on her face, something that seems to make her (and whatever room she's in) seem lighter.

Usually, Izzy can be seen in a very frilly and girly styled dress, yellow in color, decorated with ribbons, frills, lace, and a sash around the waist. She usually wears stockings and high heels (white stockings, yellow heels) as her socks and shoes, and that normally completes her outfit.

Likes: Yellow dresses; ribbons; reading poetry; candle-light; sunsets; kittens; tea (English tea); parasols; speaking in German; sewing; horse-back riding; brushing her hair; laughing; wearing old-time clothing; eating tea snackfoods; painting; singing.

Dislikes: Dark and scary places; nooses; suicide; people who don't understand her; boys who drink; people who try to force her into things she doesn't want; having someone interrupt her when she's doing something; rats.


[Image: Izzy.jpg]
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01-26-2011, 01:03 AM
Post: #267
[Image: The_Wheel_of_Time_by_dark_spider.jpg]

Role: A server/waitress at Heat(Roleplay: The Place To Be)
Name: Rosetta
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Age: 850+( Appears 23)
Species: Human
Personality: She is a quiet and reserved person even though she works at a night club and is a soul collector. Then again, it isn't like either are her choice to begin with. She is very difficult to anger but when she does get angry it is best to stay out of her way, she doesn't get along well with males due to what happened to her, many many years ago, but she tolerates them enough.
Bio/Other: She is human for the most part...years ago she 'disobeyed' a god and he had her cast into the Underworld. Good news was, she was a pure soul so they couldn't do much to her. Bad News was, once someone was sent to the Underworld they could never go back to Earth or Heaven. So, she striked a deal with the Dark Lord and became one of his soul collectors.

[Image: 436870-bigthumbnail.jpg]

Role: Co-Owner of Heat(Roleplay: The Place To Be)
Name: Christa Fay(Everyone who knows the real her, calls her Deviline)
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Age: Unknown
Species: She-Devil
Personality: Well...she is diabolical. She can't wait to see mankind run itself into the ground and believes that with the help of the club and any other plans her 'Father' will happen sooner than later. Of course, her evil nature doesn't show easily and she masks it well behind a bubbly persona
Bio/Other: Well there isn't much to say about Christa. One moment she was nothing more than a mere part of the Dark Lord's soul, the next minute she was whipping lost souls so that they'd work faster.
[Image: r481.jpg]
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01-27-2011, 07:55 PM
Post: #268
Information RE: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Role Owner:MasterOfWhispers
Name: Pike
Species:Psychic Human
Description: Tall, Dark Hair, Red colored eyes. And a sharp features.
At the tender age of 13 this easy going thief's abilities awakened at the moment he was attacked as a child by anti meta human activists. When it was awakened he ended up going into hiding with thieving being his primary means of supporting himself. At first it was small crimes, stealing here and there from banks. But after awhile, he went into more sophisticated thieving. He began to steal form others of the super natural world. Be it Magus workshops or from demonic forges. He's lived on the run ever since.

Role Owner:MasterOfWhispers
Species:Dream Born. Wolf Man
Personality: HAs a more feral, wild demeanor. Tends to act on impulse. Sometimes not in control.
Appearance:[Image: Wolf_Boy_by_pen_gwyn.jpg]
Background:During One of Pikes heists from a dream demons vault, he ended up touching a mirror which gives life o certain aspects of a persons soul. Upon Touching this mirror Kain as well as many others were born from Pikes soul acting only as voices in Pikes Dreams, sometimes giving him visions. During random times, Kain would manifest phyiscally out of Pikes Soul, and en-act his own purposes. Sometimes helping Pike, or screwing him over.
"The price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted."

[Image: 293928-101190-trenchcoat-brigade_large.jpg]

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01-29-2011, 11:43 AM
Post: #269
Role(type of worker or one of the three types of souls): bartender
Sexual Preference(optional):Bi Curious
Species(mainly for workers):Vampire
Appearance(real pic, anime pic, or para is fine): mid length chocolate hair, ice blue eyes, 5' 7", 130 lbs of pure muscle
Personality: suductive and edgy
Bio/Other: unknown
Feeling The Heat?(why did you come to the club?): loves toying with humans and making an easy living
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02-07-2011, 03:48 AM (This post was last modified: 02-07-2011 03:52 AM by TeutonicKnight.)
Post: #270

Age: 910
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Race: Angel
Height: 6"1"

Power:Combination of swordsmen and Telekinesis backed with a little magic of lightning and healing powers.

Bio:Once a proud and brutal knight of the Teutonic order.Betrayed and killed by fellow knights
has risen to wander aimlessly through the world. Doing good when he can but mostly death and chaos.
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02-07-2011, 02:56 PM
Post: #271
A man of Russian birth, Detrich traveled the world, never truly sticking to one place. He's been down many roads and paths in life yet only stays true to one. Business. See, business is his life, after all this man is a merchant. Of what you may ask? Well, of anything he can get his hands on. Cars, guns, women, knick knacks, guitars, you name it he's sold it at some point in his life. Now however, Detrich has arrived in America, where his English is not so good. Thus, you have encountered him today.
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02-10-2011, 07:31 AM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2011 10:09 PM by Balthazar Darkthourne.)
Post: #272
Name: Xionis Alan McCloud XIII
Age: Looks 28, actual age unknown
Race: Human((Cursed))
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Appearance:[Image: XioColor.jpg]
Born to a line of royalty that has long since died out, Xio is a well-known drifter of the planes. He slew his possessed father at the age of seventeen and was thrown out of Paradise. The elders placed a curse upon him, so that he may spend eternity alive, forever paying for his sins.

He took up magic, using it as a means of transportation between existences. Using a few stolen spells, he traveled from plane to plane, seeking a purpose. All the while, he honed his craft to a beautiful skill. By the time he reached the lands of the Blue Moon. Here, he travels about and hones his magical abilities, forever chasing the infamous Balthazar Darkthourne, whom he blames for possessing his father so long ago.

Powers/weapons: Possesses several offensive and defensive spells, as well as a pair of .50 revolvers. Also well-versed in swordplay.

Other: Xionis collects magical artifacts as a way of life, and has been known to violently pursue those who abuse them.

Name:Balthazar "Sylas" Darkthourne
Age: 6,217
Race: Demon
Sexual Preference: Bisexual((Leans toward females))
A villainous bastard, well known for torturing and slaughtering the innocent. Darkthourne will stop at absolutely nothing to gain what he seeks. Dethroned as the ruler of Hell by a silver-haired warrior, he now travels the planes in search of a means to become more powerful.

A prominent dealer of souls, Sylas often relies on good looks and charm to get one foot in the door before he twists his victims apart. He tends to prey on the selfish, usually pimps and ganglords, as a source of income. They seem more than willing to trade their useless souls for immortality.

Balthazar has two forms, one of which is rather beauteous to behold, while the other is not so much. Sylas only transforms into his "true" form when he believes the time is right, or the need has arisen. He usually uses the bestial form to scare newly-acquired slaves into submission, though he sometimes uses it to torture the older ones from time to time.

Powers/weapons: Uses telekinesis and pyromancy. Is also capable of instantaneous teleportation, and gains powers through soul deals. When in true form, uses a sickle and chain.

Other: He is actually one of Xio's ancestors.
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02-14-2011, 06:39 PM (This post was last modified: 02-14-2011 06:41 PM by amaya.)
Post: #273
RP: Shadow Base

name: Aya

gender: Female (straight)

species: Human

age: 16-17

specialty: chemical, but enrolled as a soldier (newbie)

personality: Cold, mysterious but normally she is shy, bit naive and kind.

appearance(anime,real,para): Looks mostly like Tifa form Final Fantasy, mostly dressed in Black top and shorts, with riding boots.[thin athletic body, Black eyes, Black long hair,165cm (5' 4)...52kg(114.6 pounds),32b size breast]

[Image: rezi765435677776666.jpg]

bio/other: Her parents got killed by a vampire as she was still young, she was saved by one of their clan, one who had some human emotions left. She turned her for the basic, kept her alive and educated her. Beyond her young age cause of the Vampire power she could to graduated from the university young enough and with his help they invented a formula that could keep the lust for blood in low levels. But she never talk about that. Cause she grow up alone she looks cold and mysterious, but her character is more kind and shy, but she tries to hide that. When the Shadow based open she thought it would be the best thing for her to take revenge on those who killed her parents.

most used weapon(s): katana, and small blades that are placed inside her boots (all though she need more training on using them)
[Image: Capture.PNG]
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02-19-2011, 12:46 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2011 12:59 AM by YamiNoUrufuRōzu.)
Post: #274
Name: Yami
Title: None
Age: 519
Children: None
Place of Birth: Woods
Race: Shape Shifter
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Soul Mate: None
Parents: Unknown
Siblings and/or adopted: None
Personality: she is a quite. She does not trust other people at all she Can be very Dangerous at time if enraged. She is very loyal to her Lord and Queens. She listens to very order she is Given. She Will Kill anyone that gets in her away when she is order to do something.
Back Ground: she was Born in a village that looked down on her because she was different she Looked different. She kept to herself most of the time she never really connected with anyone because she was afraid to let anyone in. she didn’t know her parents. She was abandon at a very young age. She is the lost child in her village. But when strange events happened in her Village all the villager blamed her and Kicked her out of the village. She was 15 at them time. she was alone for two year until her was 17 and a Vampire Family found her. They raised her as their own until they saw the powers she Be held within her. they Used her as there weapon against their Mortal enemy the Lycan. The vampire replaced her Name and Called her Yami which means Darkness. Yami had Reminded Loyal to the vampires for 5 years that is until she learned what she was used for and Fought back against the Vampire. After the she has been Alone, a wonder for 497 years By herself. She has learned to not Trust another Creature that Lives in this Dying world. She Keeps to herself she is Highly Dangerous if Looked at wrong or Tampered with. She talks in a Low voice she Never raise her voice. she is usually in her Dark Drow Form.
Dark Drow Form:
[Image: drow_by_lokai2000-300x300.jpg]
shadow Wolf Form:
[Image: Wolf_linkGreystyle.png]
I'm trying not to lose my head, but i've never been this scared before..
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02-26-2011, 01:54 AM (This post was last modified: 02-26-2011 01:54 AM by MorningWaters.)
Post: #275
Creator: MorningWaters
Full Name: Josey Andrea Micheals
Nicknames(if they have any): JJ
Aliases(if any): None
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 22
Height(optional): Five foot six inches
Weight(optional): 119 lb.
Species/Race: Vampire
Appearance(clothes, hair, skin color, eye color, jewelery, scars, tattoos, other things): Her hair is a very bright blond hue, with several 'peek-a-boo' red highlights. She has only one tattoo, which is a thorny vine with rose buds that travels all the way down her pine and ends just an inch shy of her bottom. She has very pale skin and bright violet eyes. She changes clothes from day-to-day, but the appearance of her clothes generally stick to the same pattern. She always wears the same boots.
Personality: Josey has a generally composed exterior, but on the inside, she's a very troubled and dark person. She tries to avoid anything that involves having to express her feelings. She uses anyone she meets.
Abilities/Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: She's a very skilled tracker and predator. She can stalk her prey for long periods of time, sometimes causing them to go insane. Her only real ability is reading situations and people's emotions to use to her advantage. She can't tolerate silver.
Extras: Enjoys a good game of cat and mouse. She's a very seductive creature when she has to be.
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