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10-04-2010, 01:20 PM
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Name: Daniel Brunson

Race: Werewolf and self proclaimed sourcer

Age: 25

Sexuality: Dominant Bisexual (likes a bit of eveything)

Description: : Medium height and build Caucasian male, he had thick mid-short hair and a shaggy unkempt goatee round his mouth both of which are jet black. His eyes are a jade green which seem to stand out from the rest of his face (which to his pleasure has helped him score over the years). No matter what he takes great pride in his turn out dressing in smart suit's which always seem to consist of sublte dark colors.

Likes: Cigarettes, strong alcohol (whiskey etc), woman, books on magic, sleeping and learning sorcery.

Dislikes: Bratty children, hangovers, being attacked by supernatural beings and not understand how to do a spell.

Bio: Daniel is a laid-back sort of guy who since being attacked by a couple of supernatural’s is learning sorcery for his own protection, despite his attack he bares no judge against the supernatural races believing that it could have just as easily been a all human gang who attacked him. He is sometimes a jerk but generally a nice guy if just a little too easily distracted by sex and women. Due to the 'disagreement' he had with his ex-wife Daniel had to move cities or face the wrath of a very angry demon, he now hopes the change of scene will allow him to get on with his life in reletive peace.
First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.
Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
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10-05-2010, 04:53 PM
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Name: I have been known by many titles, and more names than I would care to recite. Call me Demos, for I am of the people.

Age: I am youthful in body, though my soul is ancient

Appearance: In human form, Demos is tall, thin man, with pale skin, and close cropped red hair. His eyes are a pale green, that seems to almost glow in dim light. In this state, he appears to be no more than 25 years old, and typically dresses in black slacks and dress shirts. He favors a black leather duster, and typically wears expensive hand tooled leather shoes. Around his neck, he bears a silver ankh on thick chain, and bears a set of matched silver rings on his fingers. The left a serpent with emerald eyes, and the right a dragon with rubies.

When his incubas nature is revealed, he transformers in a heavily muscled, and winged gargoyle like creature, with blood red skin, horns, and glowing green eyes.

Type: Demon, Human hybrid

Powers/Weapons: Demos is the product of the union between an incubus and a mortal woman. As a result, he has the extended lifespan and magickal skills of a demon, while retaining a human soul and sense of mortality. He has lived since before the dawn of modern civilization, and has passed unwatched through history. His form does not age as humans do, but instead remains youthful, and vibrant, so long as he indulges his incubus side's lustful appetites. By stealing small pieces of life force from those he meets, he can retain his immortality, without causing them any marked harm. The trick lies however in the balance. Unchecked, his Incubus side would break free, causing death and destruction as it whetted its appetites with a thousand mortal souls. It is only through the practice of occult magicks, and icy self discipline that Demos manages to keep this aspect of himself in check.

Untold centuries of study and his own magickal nature have given Demos a rare grasp, and skill with magick. Allowing him a rare skill in the arts of pyromancy, white magick, illusion casting, and summoning, arts that would take a normal lived person as much as a century to grasp. His Incubus nature also gives access to ecstasy magick, though he is leery of what using this might do to the balance that exists within him. He has additionaly a large store of knowledge relating to the occult, that serves him well.

Demos is skilled in sword play, and is practically immortal, able to heal from blow struck by mortal forged weaponry. Only Magickly enhanced weapons can kill him.

If Demos is sepperated from his Ankh, or sustains too much injury, he can transform to his Incubus form, which can feed on life force at a touch, and has superhuman strength and speed, as well as the capability of flight. While in Incubus form, Demos is subject to banishing spells, and can be exiled from this plane.

Bio: Born in the dark ages, Demos was the unwanted result of a union between an Incubus, and mortal noble woman. Marked with red hair at birth, and gifted with strange abilities, he was seen as an outcast of his village, and stoned from the village. It was only through the intervention of a kindly old crone, that he was taken in. The woman, a witch of some order, saw the potential for darkness within him, and sought to teach him to defend against it. Taught all that she knew, Demos went out into the world of man again, and used his skills for personal gain. Becoming a well known performer, and putting his talents to use in amazing, and conning the common man. Though this brought him wealth, it did little to sooth the darkness within, and he found himself at a constant conflict with it. Always fighting against his nature. He tried his hand at war next, but found the mortal battles unsatisfying for one who could not die. Ever he tried to find what Destiny had plotted for him, but always found it half shrouded against his notice. Always just beyond his reach.

And then it happened. One night, resting in a small inn, in an out of the way part of the world, he heard the cries from behind the wall of a young girl, panicked and terrified. Filled with concern for what was happening, he broke into the room. Finding within a demon that trying to possess the woman. Seized with purpose for the first time, Demos struck out at the monster, fighting with it for the soul of the girl, and saving her. And so his purpose was made clear. Forced to walk between the worlds. Apart from each by his nature, he would protect humanity.

That was long ago, but little has happened since. At least not as regards Demos' business. Now a wealthy but reclusive individual, Demos uses his own occult methods to seek out those who would cross over to this plane to do harm, and deals with them. Protecting those not even aware that he exists.
My F-List

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."
-Oscar Wilde
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10-06-2010, 09:44 PM (This post was last modified: 10-06-2010 09:44 PM by MirrorCracked.)
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[Image: 0703aristotlesleep.jpg]

Name: Mel NcCourt

Age: 19

Occupation: Assistant Librarian

Race: Cat-Human Chimera

Sexual preference: Straight-to-bi, submissive.

Appearance and personality: The image shows him at rest. When awake, he's bright-eyed and bespectacled, lean, and a little over-formal. He bears himself like a reserved gentleman most of the time, until he sees something that catches his curiosity - at which point it's anybody's guess how he'll behave. Though he'd call it a stereotype, the idiom about inquisitiveness and feline mortality rate really does apply here.

Bio: Born in the tiny catperson village of Felix Culpa, son of a doctor and a librarian, Mel has lived a decidedly sheltered life. Preferring to read, practice his acrobatics, and experiment over more worldly concerns, he has managed to remain something of an innocent. He's not absolutely clueless, and may be sharper than he lets on, but who can say? Whatever his technical skills, he still believes that a blowjob is some kind of hair treatment.

Powers and skills: No obvious powers, but he may have a latent streak of mad genius hidden in him somewhere. Though he's competent at acrobatics, nobody's going to mistake him for a trained fighter.
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10-07-2010, 11:36 PM
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Name:Roxy Heart
Sexual preference:Men
Personality: Stubborn, but caring to the ones she finds needs help from her. She is very powerful when it comes to speaking and doesn't taking to being yelled at lightly. But someday wants to find a man that can control her wild heart and need for what she wants.
Appearance:She has long flowing black curly hair that she keeps neat and taken care of. She is a taller girl than normal, and has a toned body. She has dark brown eyes that hold your attention. She has the spanish curves that she received from her mother, while he lips are full. She tends to wear nicer clothes.
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10-08-2010, 12:35 AM
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[Image: gun.jpg]

Name: Lizzy Ellis
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexual Preferences: Men
Race: Human
Job: Lead secret agent for a small private sector, she always is packing heat and has had her share of action. She is assertive and has a short temper when she does not get what she asks for immediately. She is used to snapping and people jumping to action in her day to day life. She is currently on a mission to find and kill a white collared criminal who stole millions from her boss. She has been undercover as a call girl and her cover was nearly blown by a security goon who rummaged through her things and found her true identity. She had to break his neck and leave him lying in a dark ally to save her mission.
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10-08-2010, 05:32 PM
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name : Skylamor
Age: looks to be about 18
gender: female
race: unknow at this time
hight: 5 foot even
weight: 170lbs

Skylamor is a seductively curvy girl with dark jade green eyes, long straight silver hair and flawless ivory skin . Abandoned at a young age at the steps of a catholic Church she was raised by the nuns. Brought up to believe in God and that sinners go to Hell. But now that she is older she has gone wild. Moving from village to village, looking for someone to keep her company before she vanishes into the night. Sky answers to no one, atleast not yet. She has yet to find the one that can tame her wild ways. But dont think her so weak.

Sky, has a secret, one that not even she knows about yet. There has always been something differnt about her. She is trying to unravle the truth of her birth. And along with that find out what makes her so differnt from ever other girl. With every village she leaves, she is one step loser to finding out the truth of it all.
By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.
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10-10-2010, 06:38 AM
Post: #207
Titanus Dradonus
Age: Apperance 25; actual, 2
Bio: During the great dragon wars, many mages collected the dead scales of dragons to study their armour, and magic behind them. Only one persona was able to make the break through, and it was Doctor Aradom Madara. However, before he could brag or file anything, titanus killed him as soon as he was created, not knowing what was going on. Titanus killed more guards, unarmed, before he was brought down, and imprisoned. The king wanted to use Titanus as a puppet, and tried everything to get Titanus to obey him. But all Titanus wanted was to be let free, and find meaning in this harsh world he was brought into.

One night, Titanus did just that. Realizing he had the magics of the dragons, although limited, he broke out of the jail cell, and quickly learned hot to fly and flew away. Titanus has been roaming the land ever since, and was never seen ... until now.
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10-11-2010, 04:58 PM
Post: #208
Name: Rushi (Rush or Ri)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5"3
Weight: 90 lbs
Sex: Demon Succubus Female
Sexual Preferance: Bi-Sexual
Apperance: (Refer to Avatar) Short black hair with shoulder length pony tails. Light pale white skin. Wears a black bra and short pants with a white belt.
Bio: Spawned from Hell she was created to be a succubus. A man's desire. all her life she wanted to be loved by as many men and sometimes women as possible. She's a very controlling person but at times tends to be very shy to work the man's guard down. She also has a thing for neko males.

Likes: Being Pleased, Neko Males
Dislikes: Boreing people.
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10-14-2010, 08:59 AM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2011 06:14 PM by Scotty Rage.)
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Name: Keane Conrad
Sex: Male
Age: 25 (Apparent. Actual age is unknown.)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 lb.
Build: Medium, Toned

[Image: Eligos.jpg?t=1280463646]

Keane is a mysterious man, seeming to show up when someone is in need of something. Though his motives are unknown, he has been reported as committing acts of both good and evil, and for no apparent reason. He asks for nothing, and offers nothing but his service where it is called for. Nobody knows where this handsome stranger seems to come from, simply being there today, and gone tomorrow.

His first appearance was a few years back, when two warring gangs threatened the peace of a small town. Keane walked into town one day and offered to help the people. Soon after he was helping one gang, then the other, and strange things happened over the course of the war that ultimately wiped out both sides of the conflict. He then disappeared, not even staying for the people of the town to thank him, but somehow they knew he would be back, and it might be for a more sinister purpose the next time.

He has made several other appearances in different locations since then, serving people for small tasks that seemed to mean nothing, to assisting with tasks that involved important people. He seems to be a neutral player, one day murdering in cold blood, the next, saving the live of a peaceful diplomat. He has even been known to help people open and run businesses, negotiate treaties, and other tasks that require less physical involvement and more mental.

A charming man, he speaks with a confident tone, his voice smooth and calming, but at the same time stoic and unsettling, depending on the image he wishes to project. Reading him is no easy task either, as his emotions seem to be in check at all times and his expression is always stoic. While he displays amusement or disappointment and similar emotions from time to time, nobody can ever recall him being happy, sad, angry, hateful, vengeful, or any of the deeper emotions people tend to display.

Perhaps one day the purpose of this unique individual will be revealed, but for now he remains the ultimate mystery...

Name: Eli Brisco
Sex: Male
Age: 29 (Apparent. Actual age is unknown.)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 195 lb.
Build: Medium, Toned

[Image: file_20736851.jpg]

Eli is best known in the underground fighting circuit, having been undefeated in over forty matches. Then, one day, he just left. No one knows why, only that he had decided he was finished. Since then he has lived respectably off the money he made in his fights, which was quite a bit, though he finds himself feeling restless. Not wanting to go back into fighting, he decided to put his skills to what he saw as a better use for them. Private protection.

Eli now serves as one of the best private security consultants and body guards in the business, using his extensive mixed martial arts background and sharp mind to give people a sense of safety where there normally would be none. His business has expanded since he originally started it, requiring him to hire others on as well. These days he doesn't take many jobs personally unless they're extremely important clients, though everyone seems to want to hire him.

Brisco doesn't work for just anyone. He seems to have a set of standards that clients must meet before he will agree to a contract with them, and as in demand as he has become, he can pretty much pick and choose his customers. It seems that as of late, however, he has once again began to feel restless, and has started taking on jobs himself like he used to. Perhaps he might find someone in need of his particular services...

Name: Dell O'Brien
Sex: Male
Age: 28 (Apparent. Actual age is unknown.)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 185 lb.
Build: Medium, Toned

[Image: XGNe6cALk9.jpg]

Not normally one to try and draw too much attention to himself, Dell tries to blend into the crowd instead. Quiet unless spoken to, always aware of his surroundings, and perceptive, it's obvious that whatever he does, he's a professional at it. Normally seen wearing expensive suits, he keeps his shoulder length dark brown hair neatly groomed, letting it fall around his face to frame it perfectly, even after running a hand through it occasionally. Deep, sea green eyes seem to notice every detail of things around him, from the environment to the people themselves. He never misses anything, even though he might not always mention what he observes.

Driving a late model Camaro that has been heavily modified, and having plenty of money to show for whatever it is that he does, one can only guess he is quite successful. Hidden under his Armani coat in shoulder holsters is a matched pair of Colt .45 Semi-automatic pistols, though only one who either got close enough to search or gives him reason to draw them would find this out. In his wallet he carries a set of business cards, an ace of spades with a reaper in the center. This same card has been found on the bodies of several prominent criminals found shot to death in recent years, linked to a contract killer known as The Judge.

Within a few minutes of talking to this man one can easily figure out he's quite intelligent, possessing a high IQ and a sharp wit to match. Not only is he very educated, but he also possesses common sense and is streetwise as well. All of these factors make him a formidable person to have as an enemy, along with being highly skilled in various fighting techniques as well as an expert marksman. Most people have determined that it's much better to have him as a friend than an enemy, though if he calls you friend or ally, he is fiercely loyal, and can be counted on when you need him. He does, however, expect the same...

Name: Drago (No other names known)
Sex: Male
Age: 30 (Apparent. Actual age is unknown.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 210 lb.
Build: Medium, Toned

[Image: f726edb21b2b6e0271460e0f7fba5713.jpg]

Very little is known about the man who calls himself Drago. It's speculated that he isn't a man at all, but some unnatural force of malice set upon the world for no other purpose than to breed fear and chaos. Tall, handsome, and well built, there is a certain charm about him that many find hard to resist, but there is always an aura of uneasiness about him as well that makes people shy away from him often. Something about his cool demeanor and casual attitude seems a bit too calm, as if little phases him. This could be, of course, due to his demonic nature. Demons have no fear, and Drago is indeed of infernal origins.

The form that most don't get to see is that of a fearsome, otherworldly being that looks to be built for battle. When in human form, though, Drago can usually be seen wearing his trademark blue leather long coat, decorated by buttons and straps. He always has his blade strapped to his hip beneath that coat, a short knife, similar to a tanto, though there have been claims of having seen the blade extend into a full length katana by some when he draws it. Among his many abilities, it seems Drago is a master of the elements, using fire, air, earth, and water to breed chaos among the masses. Fire has by far proven to be his favorite tool, though, as it seems to inspire the most fear in people.

While it is unclear exactly where he came from, and what he is doing here, the only thing that is certain about Drago is nothing is certain. His motives are a mystery, his nature is unpredictable, and he cannot be truly trusted by anyone. In the end he serves one person, that being himself. Everything he does is for his own goals and personal amusement, and he's more than happy to use any person he comes across as a tool to meet his ends.
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((OWOD Vampire RP))

Name: Known only as the Cajun
Apparent Age: 36
Clan: Unknown
Generation: 7th?
Description: The Cajun wears outfits that are 18th century style, with a New Orleans feel to his attire. He sports either a top hat, or a straw hat with two raven's feathers in the right side, in the style of a fedora. He wears a cowhide suit vest atop a white long sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of worn cowhide pants, a pair of snakeskin boots, and a pair of fingerless gloves. He stands at 5'11", and seems to weigh around 136 lbs. A bolo tie adorns his heck, with a skull for a clasp, red gems set in each eye. A small pouch is tied to his belt, within which is a mass of craps dice carved out of bones. He has a second smaller pouch around his neck as well, but he doesn't remove anything from it. He also walks around with a cane with a skull for the head, again two red gems adorn the eye sockets.

An assortment of rings adorn his fingers, most of them seem quite old. In particular, a wedding band rest on his left ring finger, worn with a great deal of age. In his left ear are three piercings: two studs, and a dangle in the shape of a raven's feather; in his right is one stud. His smile is full of sharp teeth, not a single tooth resembles that of an herbivore. (Scholars will note that they do not appear as though they might be Nagaraja teeth, simply all carnivorous.) His presence alone is enough to make most humane Kindred shy away from him, and humans rarely seek to enjoy his company for long. A tattoo of a snake wraps around his right arm, and bites into his wrist on the inside of his arm. (Theologists will note that it is a tattoo of Li Grand Zombii, not a tattoo for Sutekh/Set). The Cajun almost always has a small toothpick in his mouth, which upon inspection, or to the very observant, is actually a small sliver of bone carved into a toothpick.

Other: The Cajun coughs a great deal, as though he were deathly ill. He seems to be listening to something other than what he is perceived to be paying attention to, as though someone from beyond were speaking to him. The Cajun speaks in the third person, rarely using personal pronouns. To those who perceive his aura, there is a presence of black tendrils that appear to be diablerie veins. Magic is also in his aura. The Cajun's Embrace is a mysterious event, as he never tells anyone that he WAS Embraced. His story is usually something along the lines of "The Cajun play a game of Liar's Dice with Death, and win. Death give the Cajun the gift of immortality, for a price." He is cold, and lacks compassion. He is a follower of the Path of Death and the Soul, and is very devoted to his studies. (Notable Merits: Eat Food, Medium, Foul Blood, Special Gift[a Setite removed the Cajun's heart, and the Cajun has it hidden away]; Notable Flaws: Curse[his birthname is forgotten by all those who knew it, or are told it], Eearie Presence, Necrophile, Patricide; Derangements: Delusions of Disease, Necrophagia)

In the ways of Disciplines, the Cajun has shown that he knows Obfuscate, Auspex, Celerity, and Fortitude to the fourth level. He has been taught the combination discipline Doublespeak, as well, and is known to use it. Few people truly know, but it is assumed he is a practitioner of Vodoun Necromancy, and Wanga, and some even believe that he has access to paths outside of what Vodoun normally teaches. Some believe he has an exceptional understanding of Thanatosis, as he's been reported to have been reduced to ashes at one point, but the ashes disappeared when the person turned around. That kindred mysteriously disappeared shortly after making those claims. Whispers that he practices Mortis circulate as well. But that would be ridiculous... wouldn't it?
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Name: Kiruna Mikada
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Japan
Likes: Anime, Sushi, Ramen, Beautiful guys and girls, Beach, Sex, Pain, BDSM, Dominant people.
Dislikes: Rude people, over abusive people, gross things, Snakes (phobia)
Personality: Kinda shy girl, loves sex and cannot get enough of it. She is a very good caring person that loves to hear the problems of people and try to solve them together. She is a tomb of secrets because she will never betray someone trust by revealing secrets entrusted to her.
Bio: She was born in Japan, ever since little she always had a brilliant mind getting straight A on all of her tests and classes. Graduating with honors she started looking for a place to call home and go study in the university ending up in one of the most prestigious universities of the states and graduating with honors from there as well. It was then when her parents died and she took on their fortune, now rich and with nothing to do she travels around looking for some fun. (Since there are so many rps she could join the rest will change with each rp)


Name: Jonathan Kineas
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Kinks: He is a very dominant male, he loves to have woman do whatever he ask of them.
Personality: Preatty confident guy, he lets his money do all the talking he wants. He is a horny guy, he loves to have fun and does not care what people think of him. He is well known to be a people person donating to funds and making his part in making this world a better place.
Bio: Owner of a multimillionare company, Jonathan is the type of person that does not take crap from anybody. If he can’t do the job he will contract somebody who will, he is well known across the globe to be a kind soul for the weak however from time to time he does himself favors going to brothels and having some fun. His company is the best sexual toys company in the planet. He has companies all over the world and is very well known in the porn industry.
Appareance: [img][/img]
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Name: Leon
Age: 25
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'3
Build: While he has plenty of muscle, he is not the bulging type. More like a defined muscular build.
Personality: He is very nose to the grindstone type however, he will make time for his friends or faithful business associates. Also his coworkers, he gets to know them well enough.
Eight years in the line of defense.
Master of Hand-to-Hand combat,
Small firearms as well as the U.S. M-14,
Some Knowledge in the area of explosives and First-aide
Other: Over the years Leon's fine-tuned senses have given him a high resistance to charms and curses. He is unaware of this himself. However, his sixth sense has saved him time and time again on the battle field in the form of luck.
[Image: helloknight-2.jpg]
Everyday Wear:
In civilian life he has grown accustomed to wearing suits for they meet all criteria of everyday life. However on the weekends around his home it would not be strange to see him in a pair of jeans and a Carhartt jacket.

Working on a new character....
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10-19-2010, 07:12 PM
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Name: Eloise Stone
Age: 26
Hair: Blonde
Height/Weight: 5'3, 105 pounds
Build: Slender with ample breasts and curves
Personality: Sweet girl who loves to play the innocent when reality, she is quite the opposite
[Image: Scarlett-Johansson-s-Sexy-Esquire-Shoot-1662.jpg]
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10-20-2010, 01:53 AM
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*dusts off*

Character's Name: Cage

Alias: White Rose

Species: Amurjin

Age: 23

DOB: December 21st, however due to festivals her slave papers say January 6th

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Ivory, goes down to waist.

Eye Color: Silver

Fur/Skin Color: Pale skin, with ivory and ebony striped tail, ebony ears

Markings: Ebony stripes running down her spine and across some of her ribs

Height: 5'6" [5'8"with ears.]

Weight: 115 lbs

Blood Type: AB+

Sexuality: Bisexual

Current Job: Leader of the Garden of Eden bounty hunters

Previous Jobs: Slave

Weapons: Sig P239, H&K USP .40 compact, Beretta Cheetah 84FS, Browning Hi-Power, multiple knives, steel fans*

*Note: Cage now uses her fans primarily for weapons. They come in four different shades and certain differentials apply to each fan. For the color of the fan in question one must rp

Personality: Quiet and calculating, Cage has a habit of judging someone based upon first/second impressions. She seldom talks unless spoken to. She is infamous for a rather destructive temper, her name even stemming from that fact. Informative to a fault, she will provide answers to things she knows best, however she also will say that she doesn't know everything, because if it is not a fact, it is an opinion.

Brief History: Cage was born on the darkest night in winter to an enslaved human mother, and her mother's tiger anthro master. A rare kind of hybrid, Cage was kept though separated early from her parents to be trained as a "proper" slave, forever branded by the blood that ran in her veins to remain in the slave trade till her death. It was not until after a near two decades of rape, torture, and abuse that Cage managed to escape completely from the Trade's fingers.

Having followed after a fellow bounty hunter, and then moving on her own she has established herself quite well. Codenamed, "White Rose", Cage doesn't deny the fact that she is as beautiful as she is deadly, with no hint of ego. Once she fell back into the slave trade's clutches she was freed to a not so welcome master who gave her up for more interesting conquests. It had been a long time since she had returned to her old past time, but a friend left a calling to her and a past to revise. With the Garden of Eden now in her hands she plans on restoring what she once lost and hopfully recover from something far worse than the past she had. The future that might never be.

KNOWN ENEMIES: The Rat - though who exactly 'The Rat' is Cage doesn't go into much detail about.


White - Defensive fan
Red - Offensive fan - Has pointed spokes on the end
Blue - Ice fan - contains beads of liquid nitrate on tassles that freeze the edge of the fan.
Green - Poison fan - The tips are covered in the poison from poison dart frogs. As such the fan usually remains capped unless necessary to use
Black - Fire fan - the tips of the blade are coated in a 'fire' material while the fabric is fireproof. Beads of flint hang from the fan.
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Name: Sally Watson but all know her as Wildkat.
Age: 27
Place of Birth: America somwere/ she does not know
Likes: Anime, Ramen, Beautiful guys and girls, Beach, Sex, Pain, Dominant people, being Dominant too,money.
Dislikes: Rude people, over abusive people, gross things,spiders,scorpions.
Personality: loves to make others happy and is trust worthy. she will protect her job friends and her lovers.
Bio: She was an orphan and learned at a young age at 10 money runs the world. When she was 13 she had sex the first time from the man who ran the place by force. She ran away a year later. At 15 She found her first love A girl who was a singer and stripper who taught her the art of being a stripper and how to please her customers. She then found out she loves sex. (Since there are so many rps she could join the rest will change with each rp)
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10-23-2010, 10:32 PM
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Name: Veronica Mendez
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Personality: Very outgoing and friendly, she loves to have fun and make fun of everything she can. She loves to just find something funny in everything she and her sister do. However when she has to be serious about something she changes completely. She is more focused and aware of everything around her.
Race: Human/ mutant
Power: Mind Block (Can resist any mind control power). Read minds, Super smart, Fast regeneration (With sister near only)
Bio: She was born in the island of Puerto Rico. Ever since little she had a link with her twin sister. They did everything together. Veronica was a very cheerful girl, she always loved to play pranks on everybody and just have fun wich caused her to be in trouble from time to time. She always got straight A’s at school wich was weird because she never studied. At the young age of 15 they did some studies on her, she resulted to be a genius in every sense of the word. They offered her to skip grades but she won’t go without her sister.

Graduating with honors, she ended up in Harvard and studied business. Her collage days were more of the same, having fun, sex and drugs. However one day her parents died, leaving both of them with a fortune. They quit school and decided to go on their own, exploring the world and seeking new ways of having fun.
Kinks: She loves to be dominant, she loves bondage and everything having to do with BDSM. She is not a stranger to just sex though.
Limits: Gore, Vore, Extreme Violence, watching her sister get hurt.


Name: Monica Mendez
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Mutant
Personality: very serious, she likes to take things seriously. She is not a stranger to have fun however. She is more focused than her sister, but she also depends on her for business deals reason why she defends her so much.

Power: Super Strength, She cannot be hurt by anything only when her sister is around, Super speed, Resistant to pain.
Bio: She was born in the island of Puerto Rico. Ever since little she had a link with her twin sister. They did everything together. Monica has always been the more serious of the twins. She believed of doing things how it should be done and not mess around with it. She always seemed to be with her sister, protecting her and keeping her out of the problems she got herself in. She loved her sister and knew who she truly was,

After graduating with honors (Thanks to her sister) she went on to a collage near of where her sister was . However one day her parents died, leaving both of them with a fortune. They quit school and decided to go on their own, exploring the world and seeking new ways of having fun.


[Image: The-Jolie-Twins-Sexy-Silk-Sheets-005.jpg]
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10-25-2010, 09:02 PM
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Name: Natalia Brusky
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Preference: Anything that will sleep with her
Personality: Natalia is quick witted and sharp for her age. The only thing that she has against her is she is a huge flirt. She will flirt with everybody and anybody and she will even flirt with her own family. She does it because she;s a Nymphomaniac, being addicted to sex since she was 16 years old. Of course, she doesn't tell people that cause then they'll think that she's a slut.
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11-09-2010, 07:16 PM
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[Image: Burn_to_change_by_majinthing.jpg]

Name: Gareth Dryden
Real Name: Vlaew
Age: ??? (Looks 22)
Gender: Male
Race: ???

Personality: Excruciatingly capricious, it is near impossible to determine what he'll do next. One moment he might help you up from the edge of a ravine, the next he'll spit in your eye and kick you back down, laughing as he watches you fall to your death. Or he might belittle you and call your mother a hooker, only to praise you for the slightest thing a few seconds later. He's completely unpredictable. No one knows his true motives or what kind of person he is.

History: Vlaew, or Gareth Dryden as he has called himself the past 35 years, is a strange being, completely out of this world. He is the last of a long gone race from a different dimension. They were far advanced to any human civilization, with technology you couldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams, but eventually fell victim to their arrogance when they attempted to rearrange the very fabrics of time and space. An anomaly split their entire universe apart. All was chaos. Reality was being distorted by their foolish experiment, causing the whole dimension to collapse on itself.

For some reason, Vlaew was spared the destruction that his people had brought. All particles were somehow absorbed into his body and he slipped through a wormhole. He found himself in the middle of a vast desert, completely devoid of life. For years he had wandered the barren wasteland when he finally stumbled upon humans for the first time. They were oddly similar to his people, but with different features and skin tone, and by far underdeveloped in comparison. He slew the nomads and wandered on.

Soon he left the desert and ventured out in the world, meeting many different civilizations. He found that in this dimension, he did not age at all. He had achieved what his race had dreamt of for so long - eternal youth. The complex molecular structure of his new body allowed him to stay youthful for all time, but not only that, he could morph himself to look more like these humans, so that he could blend in.

Years, decades, centuries, millennia passed, and he watched many civilizations rise and fall. He chose many names for himself and lived alongside the humans, occasionally changing his name and his face to avoid suspicion. Over time he discovered that the merging with the old dimension had also granted him many psychic abilities, such as telekinesis, mind reading, teleportation, among other things.

Now, he keeps on wandering the world, searching for new ways to keep himself amused. Eternity has made him easily bored, and he has grown weary of simply observing. Instead he now seeks to interact more directly with those around him rather than watching as societies are torn asunder and built anew.
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11-10-2010, 12:44 PM
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My new character
Name: Sarah Johnson
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: werewolf
Personality: She is very wild and quick to anger. She is very caring of those she loves and befriends. she will stop at nothing to get sex or help out others.
Power: she can change into a werewolf
Bio: She was raised by her parents but when they passed on their neighbors took her in at the age of 13. That is when she lost her virginity to their son. She soon found out that the mother was a stripper and learned the art by watching her and using her son to practice on. She then got a job at the age of 14. that is when she moved out and got her own place and found Sally Watson and took her in. It took only one year to become a pro at what she does.
looks :her human form :
wolf form:
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11-13-2010, 04:41 PM
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Species: dhamphire
Job Class: a hunter of sorts a decent cook can handle most tasks with relative ease.
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 pounds

Description:Zarian has natural snow white hair that goes down to his shoulders and is usually soft to the touch. Crimson eyes that he usually hides under grey non prescription contacts, he wears rimless glasses. He has a slender effeminate build and is prone to wearing old victorian style clothes causing most people to confuse him for a cross dressing gothic lolita. He generally carrys around a handgun with silver bullets for the ammo with the inscription slayerXslayer written on the barrel although he generally carrys throwing knives with him under his coat. His hunting uniform is a simple tench coat worn over a red skin tight tee shirt that shows off his neck and black jeans with combat boots.

Personality: He has his moments of harshness when people piss him off but other wise he is genrally a calm level headed man his one hot button is being called a girl when he enters places and constantly getting carded due to his looks.
He generally talks in an old style fashion and is quite chivalrous. He wont hesitate to attack someone who is hurting a female, and is very blunt with his answers usually causing most people to hate him due to his honesty. He rarely speaks unless someone address's him and finds companionship with novels rather than people. The only time he is not wearing his contacts is in the early morning and at night as he takes them out to sleep there are rare days that he wont wear them due to lack of need to.

Visual aid for the character
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11-14-2010, 06:05 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-2010 12:14 AM by Caramel Ry.)
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Name: Caramel
Age: Unknown
Perceived Age: 26-33
Orientation: she'll do anything.

-5'8, athletic build
-Dark olive skin
-Long wavy blood red hair
-Hazel eyes

-Flirtatious and predatory. When she's around, she's here for one thing only.
-Authoritative. While she has been stripped of much of her strength and power, the personality characteristics of holding court and leading others remains innate to her core.
[stock character]

Name: Tasha
Age: 23
Perceived Age: 17-25
Orientation: Lesbian

-5'3, lithe
-short red hair, pale skin
-Hazel eyes

Quiet and softspoken. She's been deaf since she was 16. She doesn't like to talk about it. Very curious and inquisitive, a people watcher. She can be playful when someone brings her out of her shell.

[Character is a work in progress]
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11-19-2010, 01:34 AM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2010 01:49 PM by Kylea.)
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Name: Silvara Mitheer PhD
Age: 26
Perceived Age: looks 22 acts 34...usually
Orientation: unconsidered

-5'2", athletic build
-Milky white skin
-Hair varies, she can change it's color and style chemically
-Hazel eyes

-Very intelligent, clever and observant. A scientist to the core but able to handle her own in a tough situation
-Spunky, forgetful and INCREDIBLY clumsy

She graduated from her doctorates degree when she was 22 with a double PhD in genetics and transmogrification. BS in Chemistry and Several Foreign languages. She then started her own genetics splicing research development plant. No one is quite sure where the funding stems from for her production, including herself. But being wiser for her age she knows better than to ask questions she doesn't want answered.

(on a side note I just realized how coincidental it was I started her in Club Blood Cherish... that was completely on accident yet more than perfectly fitting)

I have others that are coming I know it...but for now I think she has proven to take my attention the most. I think she could find herself fitting in. I'll update as necessary. Wink

Name: Kylea
Age: 24
Perceived Age: looks 18 acts her age for the most part if not a little older
Orientation: straight

-5'4" bodaciously curvy but yet well toned in all the right places. Thick hips and thighs, a flat carved stomach type of girl.
-Pinkish toned pale skin
-Dirty Blonde and long with thick bouncing curls

-What can I say, she grew up with 4 brothers and a dad, her mother passing shortly after her birth to an addiction to prescription drugs
-she can fight with the best of them but loves to cook and dress to kill
-Makes her own cloths and prefers wearing things that catch the eye.
-She loves being the center of attention but doesn't usually have to do much to get there. People seem naturally drawn to her boisterous character and strong personality.
-Brutally honest, making it hard for her to keep friends around with week spirits.

[Image: 28ta5gt]

Name: Trillium Scordamaglia
Age: 24
Perceived Age: 20-25 teaches at a high school so they all assume she is older
Orientation: straight

-5'6" delightfully proportioned thicker woman, full in the chest and booty and strong all over
-Pinkish toned pale skin
-Short blonde curls
-Hazel (green/blue/gold)

Very friendly, but incredibly intelligent. She doesn't put up with students and their bullshit. She calls the shots in her class but makes it fun for students to learn. She teaches Chemistry and wants to be a field scientist at some point. She has good relationships with almost all her students and all the staff. The ones that don't like her only do so cause they can't "be with her" Wink
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11-20-2010, 04:54 PM
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Name: Darkuss Serro
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: shourt black srait hair, tanish golden skin, he wears all black clothing from his death mettal rocker black leather coat to his baggy blackcargo pants fitted with chains.
Personality: shy, he tends to be a loner but he has a secret..... he loves cooking.
History: his parents died in a car accadent at the age of 12, he lives alone now working dead end jobs and does what ever he can to live.... even steal... he made a gang at the age of 16 after he took down a gang leader knon as Ozaca the Unbeatable, and named it KIOM (Kaose Is Our Master.)
Relationship Status: Single
Pic: [Image: viewthread.php?action=attachment&]
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11-27-2010, 04:46 PM
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Name: Bad
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Feminine Females
Description: 6' 3'' - 190 lb tanned skin, short hair and a well built body.
Attitude/cockiness level: 200%
Occupation: anything he wants to do
Hobbies: appreciating feminine beauty using all his 5 senses!

[Image: Paul_Walker(1).jpg]
Plz check my request thread before messaging me Smile

Im super busy atm. Will reply to all my threads asap.
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11-27-2010, 07:23 PM
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Name: Ian McLaren
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'9 with shoulderlong chestnut brown hair. Medium tanned skin with a slight amount of muscle though still rather thin. Broad shoulders. Usually seen wearing either dark clothes or swimming trunks and a shirt depending on the way.
Occupation: Appears everywhere there's money to be made or females to be served.
[Image: bro.jpg]
Considering that I live in Europe, my time online is different from those that live in the US, however I am still active into the night in the weekends, so please feel free to still RP with me.
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