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04-24-2009, 12:25 AM
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Post character profiles here. Put in as much or as little as you want, just put in something before you start posting. Make a profile for each character you'll be using. Use only one post for all your characters. If your profile is decided to be insufficient, you'll be asked to expand on it. Failure to comply with these directives can result in being barred from the open RP forum.

Crappy characters are allowed. Staff power abuse is allowed. Murder, rape, and damn near any other IC action is allowed. These rules are subject to editing at any time.


No idle chatting in this particular thread
character profiles only.

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04-24-2009, 12:39 AM
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The deposed God of Cruelty has spent many, many eons wandering the planes, ever since his brother Marduk threw him across worlds. It wasn't until the pantheon in a small realm called Blue Moon adopted him into their family that he found his anchor, and since then, he has worked tirelessly to repay their kindness. Blue Moon has expanded greatly under Trygon's hand, though the residents of the small world are somewhat divided on whether that's a good or a bad thing. He remains as hateful and vicious as he always was, but he's learned respect for his superiors here. As such, he is completely subservient to the Lady of the Realm.

(Following info copy and pasted from old Gaia account. Will be updated later)

Trygon is a Black Dragon. His most common form is his Anthro form. Unless noted otherwise, assume he's in that shape. In human shape, he wears a brown yukata, black gloves, and thin pants under the robe, and in dragon shape, he's roughly the size of a B-52 bomber. In Anthro form, he's about 8 to 8.5 feet tall, mostly due to his extended neck. He has a 'dragonish' head, with no ears or horns, a pointed snout, yellow eyes, many sharp teeth, and a forked tongue. He is winged in Anthro form. He can fly, but not for more then an hour at a time. His tail is about four feet long, with a blade on the tip.

The blade is not natural - Trygon filed down his scales to add it, after encountering a strange extraterrestrial with an elongated head and a poisoned barb on it's tail. His hands and feet are taloned. The foot talons are sharp, but nowhere near as sharp as his hands, which he maintains with pride. They are easily as sharp as razors, and probably sharper.

Scales cover his entire body in this form. They seem to be utterly impenetrable by any means, though Trygon has hinted that there IS a way to bypass them. The truth of the matter is that Trygon doesn't know what the method is, either. He once knew, but hid the knowledge from himself to prevent it being plucked from his mind. He has a subconcious aversion to attacks that can harm him, however, and will dodge them instead of boldly absorbing them, as he does most strikes.

His favorite magical attack is 'Consumption', in which he pierces his tail or his entire hand into a foes heart, and steals their Essence. Essence is the fundamental definition of any creature - The soul is the core of it, but it is much more then a soul, also containing the lifeforce, or Chi, or any number of other names, and the mind. Also, since neither the body nor the Essence actually dies, immortals are just as easily struck down as anything else. All Essence Trygon consumes is woven into a network inside his body, where his power sources from. All Essences remain alive and aware, but unable to act in any way. After a very brief time inside that network, they are warped to become like Trygon is, bloodthirsty, with a horrible cruel streak. The seal on Essences is individual, and made of their own lifeforce. As such, any efforts to break free are immensly painful, and if successful, instantly fatal. Trygon relies on Essence to fuel himself - Theoreticlly, being deprived for long enough would kill him. However, he's killed so many, he could go years without eating.

Trygon's fire is an oddity. In Anthro form, it's a plasma, burning hot enough to cut through most anything, but he must charge it for a long, long time before he can attack with it. In full dragon shape, he can attack with the fire whenever he pleases, with no charging, and it has an odd quality. The fire is the opposite of Absolute Zero, and is the hottest temperture possible. It literally destroys matter, not with a 1:1 matter:energy conversion, like antimatter, but destroys it, knocking it utterly out of existence.

Trygon abhors most weapons, preferring to get close to death with his talons, but he once had an enchanted shotgun, and he's a good hand with german longswords, his favorites being the Zweihander and Flamberge.
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04-24-2009, 01:42 AM
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    • Sidonie is the mother goddess of Blue Moon, having molded the small plane of existence out of her desire for a paradise. She is Goddess of Pleasure and Sensuality having but one canon. "Pleasure for pleasure's sake." She encourages all to find pleasure where ever they may. The only thing that she cannot abide is profaning the innocence of children. She considers it a great evil to steal away a child's innocence and will strike down any who commits such a heinous crime.

      Blue Moon was new and weak as a new born lamb when Trygon first appeared in her realm. She had caught wind of his crimes in other realms and was not, at first, welcoming to him. Over time her opinion of him changed, and she welcomed him at last as he became the hero and champion of the realm. She has a strong affection for him, and considers him a great and loyal friend.

      (( More to come later when I have sleep. > < )) [/list:u][/list:u]
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04-24-2009, 02:05 AM
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Name: Curtis (last name unknown)
Age: 20
Hometown: Saffron City

[Image: creril-13.png] Big Grin Pokemon sprite.

Appearance: Look! It is a young man! Yep thats pretty much what he is. Slightly pudgy on the stomach and faintly muscled along his arms and legs he seems only just showing signs of being a bit fat. He stands at a solid 6' 1". The young man's hair color is a nice dark shade of black and dark brown in the right angle of light. His eyes are an odd silver in color with only a thin black line denoting the iris/pupil.

The young man's outfit seems to be a jumpsuit of sorts, black in color with the cuffs and hems/bottoms being a nice dark orange in color. There doesn't seem to be a zipper anywhere on the outfit either but he does have pockets at random places. At his neck is a necklace with a dragonfly charm, though its tail seems to be in the shape of some sort of key.

His only other real accessory is a rope connected to a rather large barrel/keg, fitting to his height with a keyhole at one section and a top on the other, secured in place by a small flip lock. The Keg/barrel hangs most of the time on his back though sometimes it is seen at his side.

Personality: At the core he is lazy. Most of his responses to certain situations are rather depressing. All in all he has an 'I don't care' attitude about pretty much everything from battling, to raising Pokemon.

Biography: Age 1-5 - Life started out somewhat normal for the young man, except the shadow of Giovanni and Team Rocket. By the age of two he had been introduced as a special, supposedly mindless new member for the team. One who had no remorse about hurting pokemon or people, the ultimate team member who would obey Giovanni and him only. By age five things began to slowly and almost unnoticably deteriorate as he interacted more with a group of stolen Blastoise, Wartortle and Squirtle.

Age 6-11 - These years of his life conflicted with his training as a rocket, but only to the fact that he actually got to know his 'brethren', the same group of turtle's. For a fleeting and hopeful moment for giovanni was the slight psychic ability the young man showed for a few months towards pokemon, nearly rivaling Sabrina. Alas that was not meant to be, after a particular nasty skirmish between the raticate, a muk and himself it vanished forever. At age nine he recieved what would be his first pokemon, a Shiny Squirtle. Though it wouldn't hatch for a good six years in the future. As he reached the end of his eleventh year he was gifted with a dangerous raticate as his 'first' pokemon.

Age 12-17 - Most of these years are fuzzy, even to him for as he reached age thirteen Giovanni had his scientists experiment on how to make the boy 'mindless' once more in his sleep as well as when he was awake. To make him a heartless member of the team they also used his own borrowed pokemon to attack and make him even hate the pokemon he was to use for their evil deeds. In the middle of his training around the age of sixteen something amazing happened, his squirtle hatched. At age seventeen Curtis disappeared from the rocket hideout with his squirtle, after releasing the Raticate into the wild of course.

Age 18-current - Having been on the run from Team Rocket, with his status of Class A Rocket, a position given to him when he began to really show promise before the squirtle hatched to becoming the heartless rocket member. Now he makes his way around the region of kanto, and eventually finds himself in Furoh, Squirtle securely in its pokeball. He wears his Rocket garb somewhat proudly almost, though the notable R is hidden somewhere in his outfit.

Other: Your damned right he is a fucking pokemon trainer. D:<

Anyways He finds himself here in the realm of Blue Moon after being warped into time and space from a great battle between Palkia and Giratina. With only his squirtle by his side he sets out to explore the land.
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04-24-2009, 02:25 AM (This post was last modified: 01-24-2011 09:40 PM by BlisteredBlood.)
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Dead/Damien McCallister

A fifteen century old demon worthy of his rank, this montrosity stands a whopping 7' 3" and weighs about 600 pounds of extremely well chiseled mass. His skin color is completely stone gray and his eye color is completely black, save for two white rings which could be considered irises. Long black hair falls to his shoulders, doing nothing to conceal the equally impressive silvery-gray horns sticking out of the sides of his head and sweeps upward then forward, something along the lines of a fighting bull. He also sports apolcalytic markings on his face and arms: Both of his tremendous arms are emblazoned with red skeletal dragon-like tattoos snarling towards his chest. On his face are markings of another sort, looking something similar to most warrior demons of this type. At his back is a extremely large pair of gargoyle like wings that extend outward to about his height which he can conceal courtesy of two well hidden slits on his back.

In his human form, Dead goes by the name of Damien McCallister. He stands about 6' 3" and weighs about 250 pounds of the same musculature as he would look in his demonic form. However, his human features are completely different. He retains the same long black hair, but his horns are nowhere to be seen as his wings. His eyes also become more humanlike, shimmering a bright shade of a glacier blue that seems to haunt you no matter where you went. The outfit he wears is a white t-shirt that's concealed by a long, black leather overcoat. The shirt itself is tucked in neatly into his black demin jeans wrapped with a chain belt. He retains the same boots, but not as pronounced as they are in his demonic form. The weapon he wields while in human form include a broadsword that bears the name, Kingslayer. The true power of this weapon is unknown other than he can summon this to his side at anytime or when he feels threatened.

Although he can be a charming sort, this is only a cover. Beneath the surface of this clever beast, beats the heart of a sadistic monster that doesn't care what he has to do in order to find out what makes his victims tick.

After all, being the envy of other demons is never something to shy away from. For most of his life, Dead was said to be the son of Satan, but this story has never been argued. Most that did kept quiet and dared to talk about with fear in their voices. Other things that had never been argued is his innate ability to control not only the elements of lightning and fire, but also the hearts and minds of human men and women alike, enslaving them to do whatever he wished. Some of these things can be either heinous to outright despicable, depending on what he felt like at the given time. However, he had since grown tired of one other realm he once lived in, soon departing it for greener pastures. The odd thing about it, though, was that a goddess came up to him and asked to serve under her in a land known simply as Blue Moon. Dead merely laughed it off at first, thinking that there was no way that it could be possible, but upon hearing that he could have whatever it was that he could possibly desire, the elder demon simply grinned a wicked smile and accepted the goddess's deal all while stating that as long as it didn't impede his work of corrupting souls to the point of eternal damnation.

How he met Trygon was something else entirely. Dead had heard of this god-like dragon in the past, but never really thought about him much in the year that he had been at the same realm with him previously. Oddly enough, now that he has met and gotten to know him, Dead has seen Trygon as something more of a kindred spirit or - Lucifer forbid him from even saying it - a twin brother. The both of them have the same ambition of wanton desecration, yet they were separate entities all the same.

(Info copied over from my character profile and edited for this purpose.)

Character Name: Reagan Kharn
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Feral Human (Canine)

Description #1: [Image: Anime_Warrior_by_chaotixwolf.jpg]

In his human form, Reagan stands roughly about 5' 9" and weighs about 180 pounds of slim but toned muscle. His hair is somewhat shaggy and falls over his golden irises that are slitted like that of his animal-like side, but overall, he looks human enough save for the fact that his superhuman strength, leaping ability and savage attacking style are dead giveaways to his true nature. Another peculiar feature of his is that while he appears to have no visible marks on him, he does have, however, one physical characteristic that makes him stand out from the rest. On the right side of his face, is a years old scar on his cheek that he received courtesy of an accidental knife swipe.

Description #2:
[Image: werewolf_2.jpg]

In this form, Reagan grows to about 6' 10" tall and weighs about 300 pounds of sinew, fur and well defined muscle, this is one feral dog you shouldn't mistake as any mere pup. The scar tissue on his face that while is still present even as his face becomes more animal-like, it is partly obscured due to the fur.

Personality: A seamless mix of both Russian and German, he also speaks the English just as clearly, despite the fact that he speaks with a predominantly Russian accent. However, if you get him angry enough, his words will come out in what would normally come out in German but he sometimes unknowingly spews out some furious Russian words as well. Be warned if you're the target of his venom. However, he has a very impeccably long temper despite it's offset by an intolerance towards unimportant and ignorant matters. He is of the opinion that idle chatter is just useless noise, according to him.

Character Name: Alphonse Holystone
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Description: [Image: 1-12.jpg]

Alphonse stands 6' 3", weighs 225 pounds in which all of it is in toned muscle. Crimson hair falls down to his shoulders and when a good wind is whipping around him, you can visibly see what appears to be hunter green colored eyes looking at you with a sense of purpose behind them. His clothes might hint towards him being a mercenary for hire, but he really doesn't believe in working for money when he really is a traveling swordsman, going from here to there, city to city and from country to country, leaving them partly worn in a few places.

Personality: To say that Alphonse is a bit of a comedian would be saying a bit much, as he usually prefers to joke around only when he feels as though it's the right time to crack a nugget that was guaranteed a big laugh out of people. For when it's time for a fight, expect Alphonse to not hold anything back and waylay into an opponent with incredible speed and accuracy. Despite this enthusiasm, he often displays a reluctance towards fighting those that he feels as though isn't really worth his time or aren't worth the effort and back away slowly from the potential threat. It might come across as arrogant, but the proof is in the pudding when he easily eliminates the target with seemingly one fell swoop.

Biography: Alphonse, as mentioned, is a traveling swordsman that has been seen traveling from place to place in the hopes to test not only his own strength against tough opponents but also the strength of any known contender that has stepped foot into the arena and sought to topple him. Many times over, Alphonse has only fought harder and faster, showcasing an aptitude to fight extremely well under pressure. As a result of this, many people have sought him out for possibly enlisting him into their military or mercenary group, but every single time, Alphonse has only refused their offers unless if there was a condition that they would meet. If the purpose wasn't for the right causes or went against his moral grain, then he retained the right to refuse based on those two aspects. It might have made him be a stickler or possibly even a goody-two-shoes, but Alphonse had his reasons.
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04-24-2009, 02:41 AM
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[Image: Anime18-2.jpg?t=1240553738]

Angel is a good three decades old in age. But she was not alive for those years of age. You see Angel started out as a statue. Inside of the Mother Goddess' Gardens. Her plentiful Lush gardens, of the main temple. A crafter spent twenty years, perfecting the imagery he wanted to present as the Garden's Guardian. Using the imagery that he was given by Sidonie, he created the perfect Guardian for her Gardens.

A lusciously formed female, of petite proportions. With a body of someone meant to be loved. Long hair, and pretty features. She was clad in garments befitting the Guardian of Sidonie's gardens. Gifted with two real weapons. 'Illumina's Scythe' and 'The Blade of Enlightenment'. Both of which when in the right hands, will be weapons used to protect the realm they where brought into. Both weapons came from another realm, with the carver.

The carver passed away after the completion of his Masterpiece, throwing up his arms and crying out for joy, as he finished Angel. His death cries drew Sidonie down, where she cast her gaze upon the creation he had manifested in the imagery he had created. She mourned the loss of the Carver, and made sure he was given proper eternal rest.

She turned to the statue completely made of a white stone, shining brightly in the Twilight light. She reached out and brought the statue to life, giving it a soul and a purpose. Angel was born then, born into true sentience. The rock fell away, revealing the female to the new light. She collapsed shortly after her awakening. She wasn't used to being in a world full of physics and logics.

The soul remembered what it had done in the past, and then it molded that to it's new purpose as well. For the next Ten years, the living statue learned her duty and task. She was the High Priestess of Sidonie. A special High Priestess at that. She was the High Priestess of Love and Devotion. For you can't have Sensuality and sex, without the other side of the coin.

Angel is an 'Untouchable' so decreed by Sidonie herself. Those that attempt it usually die by Angel's hand, or that of one of the other gods following Sidonie's decree. Her 'Untouchable' ranking, is just for sexual things. For if someone tries to overpower her, and force it upon her... well that's when others will step in. She is still capable of death, like every living being. But because she is Sidonie's High Priestess she holds a touch of power that will prevent her from being as weak as her years dictate.

Angel stands at 5'5'' with a slim musculature, and hollow bones. This is to keep her alight, so she easily breaks in her bone aspect. She seems like she wouldn't be a talented fighter, but Sidonie provided for this cherished Priestess, setting her to learn fighting from BlueMoon's PvP God. As well as that turned out, no one really knows. They just know that she seems a bit foreboding to fight anyways.

Her personality is moldable, and will shift like the winds. It will change as she sees fit. Depending on the mask she wears, depends on how she is towards her. Her job as Sidnoie's Priestess is also something that coincides with her other duty. She is a Soul Collector, she takes the souls of the departed and takes them for their judgment. She does this one a nightly basis, for three to four hours.

'Illumina's Scythe' aids her in this task, as it collects and harvests the souls. The other skills of it are yet to be discovered, as the same with 'The Blade of Enlightenment'. Someone has yet to get in a fight with her truly, and so thus she remains as she is. She has to perform one act of sensuality a day. As a devotion symbolism to Sidonie. Whether it's drink an expensive wine, masturbate, eat something sinfully pleasurable, or fuck(All those looking for a fuck should turn away).

The High Priestess of Sidonie. She constantly states that Love and Devotion, will bring about even greater connections to those in the sensual acts. That is her advocate. Only problem is... How can someone advocate what they themselves have yet to feel for another person? (Sidonie is like a mother to Angel, so she technically doesn't count in such aspects as we are describing.)

[Image: Pink_haired_girl_by_Kyandee.jpg?t=1242797549]
Name: Serena
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Serena is an upbeat and rather attentive young woman. Working as maid in the cafe attached to The Demon Gates Inn, she has a busy life.

She is rather cheerful, and will do her best to improve someone's mood. She will talk to them, and help them out. Even give one of her special massages. She's a rather naive and innocent seeming female at times.

But the moment you become too lewd with her, the fierceness shows itself. She is a Serving Maid only, she is not for fucking. She prides herself on the innocence she has kept as long as she has. Having grown up in a less then ideal household, she had a lot of problems managing that.

She even went so far as to get a chastity belt. Made by a forge god no less. She traded away all of the money she had, before she made her new life. When she got her new life, working where she does now... the key was given to her Employer. Whom she trusts with the guarding of it.

Her past is a little shadowed, but she doesn't take kindly to men striking women, or raping them. She catches anyone in such an act and she will do her best to kill them. She's well trained with knives, and keeps a set of small blades strapped to her thighs.

Just because she's a fullblooded human, doesn't mean she isn't dangerous.
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04-24-2009, 07:30 AM
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Name: Zerephress Dreyga
Age: 14
Hair: Snow Blonde
Eyes: Pink
Height: 5â??3â?
Weight: 115lbs
Race: Human
Background info:
There is a single God, known as the Creator. He is the one who made the planets and worlds. His first creation is known as the Last World, the plane which this story begins. A peaceful planet, with all the element of the Earth we know; the oceans, the forests, the deserts, and the cities. But the Creator wanted to make a better world, one closer to perfection. But to watch over the world, he left a Guardian. The Guardian was a creature like him who was powerful. For a time, this world was peaceful, but then the people grew jealous of the Guardian and the omnipotent powers he held. In an act of jealously and envy the people united, and killed the Guardian in an attempt to steal his power. The Guardian refused to attack that which he was sworn to protect and let the people do so. Once dead, the people went their separate ways, each with a piece of the Guardianâ??s body.

But from the body of the Guardian, other beings formed. The Brain became the False Goddess Fintal, who reigned over the realm of the knowledge and the element of water. The body became the False God Alvrius, who ruled over Strength and the Wind. The heart however, was carved in half by the people. The right became Zenriou, of inner balance and light. The left became Dreyga, of the power of oneself, and darkness. These False Gods all began to spread their influence, and the people divided. All of the False Gods wanted to serve the Creator in a sense, but they all varied and disagreed. Fintal believed that if the mind was strong enough and everything was known, then the people of the world could become Creators as well. Alvrius believed that with Strength, they could withstand evil and overtake the Creator. Zenrious believed that the world should be left as how the creator made it, and believed that Alvrius in particular was wrong about trying to overrule the Creator. Dreyga, however, saw that they needed to serve the Creator even further, and that the defective worlds the Creator made were to be wiped away, so he may try again, the Last World being one of them.

In order to have their ideals fulfilled, the False Gods chose one person in particular, to be their Acolyte. There was a boy who was left as an orphan in the kingdom of Zenriou. He was raised there, until he was almost at the time of age, and was to be blessed by the False God. But Zenriou sensed that there was a black seed within the children, and one of them would lead to the destruction of the world. In order to stop that, genocide was held on the day of the children's blessing, and all the children from that year were killed, except that one boy. A girl the boy knew had gotten ear of this event and took him away, telling him to run away from the kingdom and never return. So he did, and he then met a man, Dreyga. As Dreyga was the False God of Oneself, Dreyga had no kingdom. Dreyga had only his Acolyte and no one else. He took the boy in as his only one and began to raise him. But the boy missed his old kingdom, and ran back one day. But there, he was not treated well and cast out again, by the very girl who helped him; even though she did so with much grief and was only considering what was best for him. He did not know this however, and he began to feel negative feelings for the first time in his life, and the negativity form another being inside of him. For a time, the other took over and trained further, becoming stronger and stronger.

Then the day came, where all four False Gods faced off against each other. The acolyte of Fintal was cast into the realm of Dreyga, and tortured to death. Alvrius' servant died in battle against the once boy, now a young man. The only ones left, were Dreyga and Zenriou. The accolyte of Zenriou however, was the girl. With out realizing it, the two fought against each other for days. The boy on the inside however, knew that it was the girl and he regained control and let himself die by her hands because he could not stand to fight against her.

That boy was Zerephress. The dark one inside of him was Ssendress.

With that, the world was reset, and now it is in the current world; the second world. The people were all placed back in the world, and reincarnated into this world. The war continues now. Fintal now feels more hatred against Dreyga than before, and will get back at the boy no matter what. Ssendress however, with the blessing of Dreyga, was put into another body by Dreyga, and left to perform the deeds of he demanded.

As the body of the guardian was split apart, many smaller gods were formed as well, some who became spirits that followed underneath Dreyga, Fintal, Zenriou and Alvrius. Each one became a different element of the planet whom small tribes may have worshiped and prayed to. When the children came of age they were blessed with the power of their villageâ??s deity, along with another demigod, who was a much more personal spirit to each individual person. If the spirits graced their bodies, a symbol would be etched onto their hands, the main god for the left and demigod for their right.

Despite fleeing from his kingdom the day of his blessing, Zerephress was blessed later on by Dreyga himself. On his left hand was the symbol of Dreyga, a blackened upside down heart, cracked and ruined with wings keeping it afloat. His personal symbol became that of Cie, the spirit of ice for which an intricate snowflake pattern now covers his right hand. With each he is able to summon the element of. Cie enables him to make small darts of ice to throw at others, along with forming small shields to at least protect him self. In terms of less defensive abilities, he is able to carve and handle ice like clay in his hands to form intricate patterns. Dreyga grants him much more destructive powers, allowing him to create orbs of the same energy the Creator used to make the world, except these are used to make matter vanish. Due to the destructive nature of this, and Zerephressâ?? gentle nature, it is not a very commonly used power of his.

Rp Sample:
The boy idly hummed to himself while wandering the forests. Usually, a child like him would not be spotted in such a place. It wasnâ??t considered safe, especially with the hostile nature of all directions. It would be a motherâ??s duty to protect and nurture such a child, to tell him to stay away from these places, and just be a good boy.

He didnâ??t have the chance though.

Where he came from? It didnâ??t particularly matter. That was all considered trivial. All he knew was that now he was alive once more. No longer was he trapped in that horrible plane of emptiness. His Creator had finally returned to him and repainted the blank easel. Even though the skies were dark, with the drums of thunder rolling, and the limbs of trees shook with fierce hostility, it was still much warmer than the sensation of nothingness.

That organic sensation was what made this child so happy. To be able to feel the warmth radiating from his own hands, and be able to claim, â??I am here.â? Living was such a wonderful thing, and he would surely enjoy every moment of it while here. He just hoped that this world would be more peaceful than the last. Hopefully the Creator had solved the problem of war this timeâ?¦ No, he wouldnâ??t focus on such thoughts. He shook his head again and smiled at the rumbling clouds, before looking off to the horizon. There was a city he could just barely spot. Well, it would be a good chance to go and meet some people. What was life without friends? It certainly wasnâ??t much, and he was insistent on fixing that problem as he ran towards the far off city.
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04-24-2009, 08:41 AM
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Vanslaz, or Van, was not born; instead he was created. He is a construction of dark matter, sentience, and chaos. Van isn't so much a god, yet he is the undisputed lord of dark energy [hereafter referred to as the 'shadow' element], illusions, and chaos; well, maybe not so much the last two, but definitely the first one. Vanslaz was created after light broke through the darkness, acting as the 'designer'. Using his power over shadow to move elements and atoms into various planets and stars. After the creation of several galaxies Van wandered his creations, it was about this time he discovered the power of Belief. Due to the mortals on the planets he created he came to notice the existence of beings similar to himself, they called themselves Gods. These 'Gods' were born of mortal belief, he came to study them and was impressed with their power. However, these 'Gods' were fearful of Vanslaz, as he existed before they did, and as his power was greater than theirs.

After centuries of plotting, some of the gods from a planet known as Faerun decided to team up against Vanslaz as he was wandering about as a cloaked traveler. Van was hard pressed as there was quite the pantheon of Gods, Goddesses, and demi-gods even. After suffering several fatal wounds, and in his spite and rage, Vanslaz enacted his 'phantom dark energy' and ripped the fabric of the spacetime for Faerun and it's galaxy; the shredding of one of his more favored parts of the multi-verse complete, Van stitched the fabric together so the vacuum would not destroy the rest of the universe. He then proceeded to enter a stage of hibernation to allow the shadow from the universe to slowly repair him.

Millennia past and finally Vanslaz was whole again, however his power reduced to barely that of the Gods that wounded him in the first place. The multiverse was now successfully functioning on its own and needed no real additional assistance from Van, creation and evolution were taking care of the rest. Not to mention several new gods and goddesses that commanded respectful power and an impressive number of followers. Vanslaz decided to take a quieter role in things from now on; Locking away most of his life-force and power into a black structure he called a "Phylactery". He hid this object well in his personal pocket-plane he created before his 'death'. Now, with only the power of a demi-god, Van wanders the land of Blue Moon. Vanslaz is interested in Blue Moon because he did not create it, and he wishes to experience this land as a mortal would.

Vanslaz has several forms, himself a being of shadow and chaos. His first, and primary form, is that of a cloaked traveler: Vanslaz is completely wrapped from neck to finger/toe in a black, silk-like stripped wrapping. Like a black, silky mummy. Except that each individual finger and toe has been wrapped. The wrappings themselves are imbued with shadow, holding the atoms tightly together, like an armor. In this form Van is often seen walking with a black pole, near the top of the pole is a curving blade that 'flickers' in and out of sight. This is actually his Scythe, the 'Blasphemer'. Van also carries a shape-changing, black bladed sword. It's size changes from as small as a six inch knife, to that of a Claymore. The only gist is Van cannot control it's shape-changing. He dubs this sword as the 'Destoyer', primarily because of the sealed antimatter within the shadow blade; Vanslaz rarely draws this weapon, due to the fact that if it were to chip, the antimatter within it would tear the spacetime in his immediate area. Van keeps both weapons with him constantly.

Van's second form is that of a flashy assassin; With bright green hair and a purple bone outfit, he often receives many interesting looks. His weaponry in this form is that of two spring-loaded, retractable katars on his forearms. He also has spring-loaded blades in the heel of his boots as well as curved blades extending from the toe of his boots (curving up and inside, along the tongue of the boot) as well as spikes on his knee guards. The Blasphemer is stored away in his pocket dimension while the Destroyer remains on his hip.
[Image: Vanslaz01-2.png]

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I have been browbeaten into establishing a character here, and since I am feeling creatively bankrupt I'm going to employ a PC I created on old Darker for the Supers group RP, which never did anything after his initial introduction. I had another Supers PC, Baker, but I never did write up a profile on him; all you needed to know about him was established in his introductory post, and that's been lost with the old website. So instead, I give you my super-sensory Superhero.

Name: John Thomas Blevins

Description: Caucasian male, near 40 years old, 6', fit but tending to paunchy. Close-cropped brown hair and goatee, blue eyes, Roman nose, wears glasses (though does not need them).

Powerset: Immensely increased sensory processing capability, side effects including excellent memory, superior interpretive and evaluative cognition. General psychic, rated high in telepathy, e.s.p., and precognition/postcognition (unreliable). All powers receptive; no ability to implant thoughts, project images, teleport, or affect time. Negligible telekinetic ability (can lift and manipulate a coin-sized mass, or push a greater mass along a surface).

John's life was relatively normal until age 10 or so. That was the first time he had a very specific “bad feeling” about going on a particular ride on a school trip to an amusement park. He therefore was not a victim in the ensuing tragedy. Soon thereafter, he was able to sense when people were lying, and over the years, his powers grew. However, even at a young age, he was fairly pragmatic about the usefulness of his abilities. He could do very little compared to the heroes who made the news; sure, he could learn things about the enemy, but could he use it before his face got pounded in? He didn't think so, early on. By the time he could answer “yes” to that question, his habit of non-involvement was well-established. Instead, he lived as regular a life as he could, using his powers for personal amusement and occasionally for small justices, as he perceived them.

He got a job as a building inspector for the City of Chicago, where he became known for his uncanny ability to correctly detect flaws in construction and failure in building codes, and his notable unwillingness to accept bribery. “Bloodhound” Blevins has turned down a supervisor’s position four times, preferring to stay in the field.

[CAMPAIGN MOTIVATION NOT RELEVANT HERE: Not long ago, John experienced a series of long-range premonitions; some were images, some were mere knowledge, some were things he had to do, some were possibilities that could happen depending on his action or inaction, some were promises, and some were warnings. Never one to deny the truth of his own abilities, he grumblingly set about to do the most good he could. He may not be a hero, but what kind of human being would he be if he didn't at least try to avert the possible deaths of millions?]


My telepathy is such that I can perceive an entire mind, including current thoughts, memories, and mental processes, merely by concentrating. I cannot alter or affect minds through telepathy, but I can gather information to make normal means effective. Mind-shielding for non-telepaths is effective to a point, but there is still data to glean. Imagine the mind is a light bulb. Unshielded, I can examine the bulb, its construction, etc. A shield is a plank between me and the bulb; I can't see the details. However, the bulb still shines, and I can deduce things based on the light cast around the plank. Similarly, even with a shielded mind, I can sense emotional states, strong relationships, and truthfulness. The only short-cuts around my truth-sense are being a telepath (with the consequent total shielding), being outside my sensory sphere, or honestly believing the statement (in which case it isn't a lie). I can also shield my own thoughts, although with my senses extended, my shield is as “leaky” as described above, though considerably more resistant to psychic attack than artificial shields. It should be noted that any shielding of a mind is obvious to a telepath trying to read said mind.

Through e.s.p., I continuously perceive a sphere of sensation around myself. Rule of thumb: contents of any enclosed area with some extension into surrounding materials, or approximately 10 meters, reliably, whichever is more applicable. Though I have total perception within the sensory sphere, I only have one center of sensory attention; all else is like “peripheral vision,” so I don't know details until I turn my attention to them. Side effects: I can see in utter darkness within the sphere, and I can perceive as if with normal eyes in any direction regardless of location of physical eyes.

E.s.p. traditionally allows perception at a distance, so I can see or hear from afar as if I were standing close. Range of perception point is any point within line of sight from my physical body, albeit “line of sight” usually means a line from my head in any direction; extended distance is limited to line of sight as compensation for the sensory sphere effect. Projected senses are not limited to sight and hearing, although others are employed only rarely. I have difficulty perceiving through solid objects at a distance, although I can penetrate thin or less dense materials via a “stepping-stone” process. Extra-sensory perception implies extra senses: my vision and hearing have expanded ranges, I possess electrosensation (detecting electric/electronic signals), radiosensation (detecting generalized electromagnetic radiation), and spectrosensation (determining chemical properties of materials via light absorption).

Precognition acts reliably in the extremely short term, allowing a “danger sense” about threats, especially violence. It can be specific and detailed, which may allow pre-emptive counterattack, when feasible. When conscious and able to move freely, I am almost impossible to physically hit. As the time frame extends forward, precognition becomes less and less reliable, and I am unable to voluntarily trigger visions of the less-than-immediate future. I have more success with applying postcognition, but triggering that function is also less than reliable.

I have but one real attack that involves my powers. The effect of my “attack” is that, in the space of an instant, I look into my opponent’s mind and find a knot of pain central to his/her makeup, examine it with an outsider's eyes, and tell my opponent a basic truth that he/she is either in denial about, is too close to the situation to perceive, or simply has't considered. I, the writer, don't actually have to know what this truth is; I, the character, do, and that's fine for these purposes. Point is, the effect is shocking, both because I know about this secret or trauma, and because I tell my opponent something true that challenges or sheds new light on it. At the very least, my opponent should be stunned into temporary inaction from the mental shock, and depending on the trauma and how he or she chooses to react, in the long term it could effect personality change. Yes, it's the “attack” that can bring about better psychological health! In any case, I don’t like to use my “attack” often, because I’m not comfortable getting that up close and personal with even my friends, much less my enemies.
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04-24-2009, 07:03 PM
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I feel that for all the gods there should be a normal person.

Name: Minako Osaragi

Description: Asian (Half-chinese, Half-japanese)About 16, long black hair and dark eyes, glasses, 5'1

Minako is a student attending school in Sapporo where she lives with her family. She went to America when she was 12 for a foreign exchange program, going to school in (god I don't remember, I think it was Seattle). She has above average grades, and knows more english than most of her peers, having gone to America she now speaks semi-fluently. She doesn't have too many friends but she isn't picked on. She's a member of her schools literary club. Her mother is 45 and her father is 41. Her father is her Japanese parent and her mother is Chinese. She has an older brother named Asuta.

(Things will apply given the settings, this is my usual rp character for modern and similar settings.)

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(Trygon, I must thank you for making such a forum Big Grin. Now, If only we could get some dice rolling for stats and such, I could put up a d20 Modern that I'm working on.)

Alexander de La Cruz had been from place to place, looking for somewhere to settle down. A place where there was moderation but prey that he would be able to feed on. And he found such a place: Blue Moon. He was a little shrank at first, at such a freelance but moderated place, but always the hopeful one, he picked up his chin and walked in with head held high.

The Great Lord Trygon had already set up his power hold within the establishment. Another wanderer that Alexander knew from another area he had explored. A land that died off as darkness encroached over it. But that was the past. A shining future was to dawn over Blue Moon.

He stayed in the darkness for the longest time, watching, testing the waters. But soon he came out, showed himself fully. Strength in weakness. His opposition was just as powerful as those that would be willing to fall behind him. Though he would never have such a war.

Being a entity of the darkness, a Vampire, Alexander rarely went out into the night. He is slowly working on sun resistance, staying up in the early hours and late hours of the sunlight. Maybe in another thousand years he will be able to stay awake. Maybe.

His hair is always tied back at the nape, for it has it's own annoyance when he cannot see what is in front of him. He is tall, some would call him dashing and handsome, though he would never agree. Wearing dark dress clothing and a black cloak, his blue eyes are usually what people see first. His body has its own allure, but he prefers to bring them to him with his voice, using it in a low, almost melodic tones that bring them closer, easing their tension and lowering their guard. He always gets what he wants, though there is very little he desires enough to take with force.

He rarely shifts, but when he does, it is either in combat, or when he is exploring. His normal non-combat shifting is into the form of a snow wolf, with fur nearly blindingly white. He also prefers to move fast by growing out a pair of black, feathered wings. When he does fight, he uses a multitude of shapes, from the shape of a dragon, to mist itself.

He has been in a rather tranquil state as of late, watching over the Denizens of Blue Moon, staying out of the foot prints of Trygon while seeing who needs their own justice, and reporting.
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04-25-2009, 12:06 AM
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Name: Naomi Vaultus

Age: 19

Race: Human

Bio: Following the suicide of her sister Xandra, Naomi went thoroughly insane. She had never found out why her beloved sibling had killed herself, but having watched her slit her own throat had traumatized her. Ever since she found that she had an insatiable lust to see it again and again. She began to commit wanton murder, mimicking in some way how her sister had died. Eventually it devolved into just wanting to see people die, no matter how, but it was usually very violent.

At a glance Naomi would seem like a normal sane person, but the appearance is just a cover. She remains calm for the most part, specifically picking targets and figuring out the best way to get them alone and torture them. The way she preferred to kill now was in a slow and painful manner, exhibiting the most horrible tortures she can think of, but if she's in trouble she remains well equipped to handle the situation swiftly and silently if need be.

A side effect of Naomi's quite advanced mental illness were a few strange powers. A stare that could paralyze even the most fearless people with terror for at least a short amount of time, and the ability to temporarily silence all of her body's movements just in case she needed to sneak up on her prey.

Weapons: A butterfly knife, a stiletto, a rapier, 9mm pistol with a silencer.

Powers: Terrifying stare, Utter Silence. (Effects described in bio)

[Image: c3.jpg]


Name: Xandra Vaultus

Age: 23

Race: Broken Soul

Bio: Xandra was a sad child in her youth. Having been plagued with negligent parents and what seemed to be a curse of bad luck. All through her life she had suffered tragedy after tragedy, first the death of three of her friends in a crash, next the murder of her lover following which the culprit had attacked her and blinded her with the hot barrel of the gun pressed up against her eyes.

The final straw had passed when her little sister had ran away and had never come back. The depression set in with a strong mind to defeat her, and that it did. Only a year after Naomi had run away, she took her own life, perhaps for the opportunity to once again see her friends and her lover. Unfortunately it was not so.

Death had taken her, but her soul being so battered and broken through a life of hardship could not transfer to either heaven or hell. She now wanders the earth, not sure what to search for so she might find peace and see her lost loved ones, if it would be at all possible.

Weapons: None, basic martial arts.

Powers: Invisibility, Intangibility, Possession.

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"O'er the battle grim,
The Valkyrie presides,
Brave souls upon her wings,
To Asgard forth she rides.

Minions of the gods,
Einherjar dubbed are they,
In Valhalla toasting every night,
The battles of each day.

The Chooser of the Slain,
Battle Maiden
be her names,
Yet others has the valkyrie,
To those whose kin she claims.

To the widows and orphans,
An Angel of Death is she,
The Thief of Their Beloved,
The Accursed Valkyrie."

And so was the legend of the Valkyrie who served the god Odin in the city of Asgard.

At one time, Anjeru was such a Valkyrie, using her abilities to service her Lord Odin. She would decend upon those who be slain in battle, those who would die an honorable death, and bestow upon them the right to be Einherjar. One day, thousands of years into her duty, she took one such honorable warrior forth to Valhalla, unaware that action would cause her destruction. The son of the warrior made a pact with Hel and her demon mut, Garm, to sacrifice his companions to strengthen himself.

The young man was stealthy in his ways, managing to stay under Freya's radar with the help of Hel; he gained power, but at such a rate that goddess Freya didn't suspect what was to come. Loki had become aware of an impending complication to the Valkyrie's existance, but refrained from spreading the warning to Valkyrie Anjeru because he couldn't quite pin point what was to come.

The young man came to challenge her and the Einherjar that she had collected through his sacrifices. He faced her and the people he'd killed to reach her. And in a cruel twist, his own father came to her defense. The young man was distraught and angered. He let loose the power he'd gained through his covenant with Hel and brought down the Valkyrie.

Distraught was Odin and Freya, in their loss of such an unforgettable companion, that Odin agreed to let Anjeru fall instead of being given into the unforgiving arms of Hel and death. Odin deemed for her service in his name and honor, that Anjeru would be given her status again in another land.

This was how she came to be in the land of Blue Moon.

Appearing and living a mediocre life among the patrons, Anjeru was at last at peace. She got along well with most and in time, Trygon and Sadonie came to her in hopes of her becoming one to help watch over Blue Moon and its inhabitants.

Anjeru agreed.

As Odin had said, The Valkyrie came to be once again.

Name: Valkyrie Anjeru
Age: Unknown, but known to be thousands of years at least.
Sex: Female
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5'5
Eye color: Ice Blue
Hair color: Red, looks almost like fire, with mixes of dark red, auburn, orange, and at the tips, white.
Occupation: Watcher and Rule Enforcer of Blue Moon, in the service of Trygon and Sadonie.
Personality: Anjeru comes off as indifferent at first glance, cut off from the world, and insistant in the ways of solitude. To those who make it past that barrier, she is warm, loving, and friendly. A true friend in name and action. She, however, is firm in the beliefs of Blue Moon and seeks to keep it peaceful and orderly. She won't hesitate to wipe out a threat to her home.
Weapon: Anjeru has the legendary blade forged by Hel, Angel Slayer. It was the very sword that brought about her destruction and now she uses it to squash those who would impede upon Blue Moon.

(That's all for now. Been playing too much Valkyrie Profile, lol. Might add more later, when more of my brain is functional. Ie, more caffenine. Lawl.)
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Name: Amber Delostas
Age: A lady never tells.
Sex: Very female.
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'4"
Eye color: Caribbean blue
Hair: Blond ringlets that fall in different lengths, with bangs that fall just barely in her eyes.
Overall appearance: Shapely, and curvy. Normally in a revealing little getup, stiletto heels, and a shimmer pink lipgloss. She has a sway to her walk, full of confidence. She rarely bothers with jewelry.
Powers: Teleportation via hellfires. Feeding on the souls of her bed mates.
Bio: Classified.

Name: Amethyst "Meth"
Age: About twenty one
Sex: Female.
Weight: 85 lbs
Height: 5 foot
Race: gazelle demon
Eye color: Gray
Hair: short, unkempt, uneven locks, dyed vibrant hot pink
Other descriptives: A tiny girl, thin and heavily tanned. Full of pink lipped smiles and excessive piercings, she's bubbily and approachable, but not good with social skills. She moves around a lot, always traveling, experiencing the world. Though she sticks out most anywhere, with her brightly colored clothes, belts a plenty draped around her tiny waist, and baggy pants complete with big boots. She's skittish and jumpy, and doesn't appreciate being surprised.
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The Mutant
Age: 22
Sex: Female and a lover of men
Species: mutant or some sort with a human back round.
Eyes: White
Height: 5'10"

Looks/ Back round/ Abilities:

She stands tall, her skin coal black, covered in soft little fur like hairs that made her touch skin feel soft and velvety and more appealing. She is a creature of the night as bright lights blind her sensitive pure white eyes and the sun makes her body over heat unless it is very cold then she can freely move within the sun light without fear. Yet, she still cannot push herself physically within the cold and sun. She prefers night.

Her face is firm and smooth with high cheek bones. Her smiles are filled with deadly sharp teeth. From her head, long waves of black hair fall down her shoulders, often pulled back in a pony tail.

She often wears a simply black tank top sort of top that shows off her cleavage and trousers that cut off at her knees to show some of her slender legs while her feet are swallowed up by thick boots.

She is a biological killing machine. She dislikes using weapons, but for precaution she tends to keep a small pistol hitched onto her pant's belt just in case. Otherwise she is more highly developed for battle. She has larger lung area then a normal human, thus taking in more oxygen that quickly gets passed to one of her two hearts. One of which is bigger to get blood into the lungs and then the other one distributes it an an immensely high rate also leading to her having a very high temperature. Her fingers, she doesn't know as to why, will turn into sets of long, large claws made of bone and perhaps something else she is unaware of.

Along with the blood pumping through her, her muscles are always supplied with oxygen allowing her to jump and perform feats of strength and agility with surprising speed and ease. Yet, the draw back from long fighting or lose of blood is that. In order to preserve herself, it will shut down and what blood is left will go about to repair injuries as fast as possible.


Unknown to her, she was an experiment for the army, to create a soldier that didn't need to hide behind heavy armor and artiliery. Unfortunetly. She wasn't close to perfect because of the fact she shut down. So they threw her off to some family where she lived and raised in a house that dispised her. She never left because she depended on them. Until now.
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Name: Sean Dionysus
Apparent Age: 27
Actual Age: 836
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Appearance: Long auburn hair spills down from his scalp, flowing past his shoulders, which he normally keeps in a braid. Eyes like jade chips gather in the sights around him, lending a piercing gaze to those that meet it. His skin holds a lightly tanned complexion and he stands at average height and build, being 175 cm and having a lean muscle physique.
Bio: Sean was born in the year 1173 to an Irish mother and Roman/Greek father. His parents had fled from Ireland during her pregnancy to escape from the Norman occupation of their home, wanting to provide a better life for their child. Because of this, Sean did not set foot in his homeland for many years, instead growing up in Europe and knowing only what stories they told him of their true home. While not wealthy they were better off than most, especially considering the strife they had had to battle through to get to mainland Europe, and as such they lived comfortably, moving place to place slowly over the years. They exposed Sean to as much as they could, wanting him to learn the true value of life. It was not until Rome in 1200, precisely on the eve of the New Year, that Sean met his first vampire. He was taken and, given the choice of death or a new life, drank from the one who had chosen him. Sean was reborn that night, a new vampire for a new century. The one who had made him was already hundreds of years old, born in the time of Christ, and as such Sean inherited significant power. For years they were together, Zachari teaching Sean all he would need to know about being a vampire. After several decades they eventually parted ways, the younger of the two wishing to go out and explore the world as he had never before: with a vampire's cunning and senses.
Personality: Sean is exceedingly kind and respectful to those he meets, whether he kills them in the end or not. He lives by the old traditions to this day, killing only the evildoer and sparing the innocent. He is thoughtful, provocative, cunning and highly intelligent. Though most do not get to see it he has a love of literature and music, the latter tastes ranging from Mozart and Beethoven to the music of this current generation. Sean reigns in his emotions remarkably well, though when his control slips they can get the better of him; a trait worsened by his vampiric status as he feels them so much clearer than mortals would. Dominant is a word which suits him, especially when he finds a partner who fits well with him. Being what he is he cares little for gender, loving all sexes equally, though more oft than not he can be found in bed with a woman of some sort.

Name: Damascus
Apparent Age: 43
Actual Age: 32
Race: Human (Demon)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Appearance: His appearance varies, both in body and clothing. Normally can be seen with long, thick silver hair which flows down his back. His eyes are naturally blue but more oft than not are tinged, or even completely taken over, but a deep red color. His skin still holds a light tan, though he looks rather gaunt. A cold, merciless stare sweeps over those near him, pitiless eyes taking a cynical look at the world around him.
Bio: It's your classic story. Boy becomes necromancer. Boy thirsts for more power. Boy summons demon. Demon invades boy's body. Boy becomes exponentially stronger but is subject to the whims of the aged demon. Boy and demon live happily ever after, slaughtering and raising the dead and causing general mayhem.
Personality: Volatile, abrasive, short, patient, respectful, demanding, vicious. All these, and more, can certainly be applied to Damascus. His moods tend to fluctuate, brimming over with rage one moment and the next trying to befriend you. Course, then he's likely to just be trying to stab you in the back, but then everyone has their rough edges, right?

(Hmmm might have to clean them up a bit, but I think they cover it mostly)
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[Image: gothicgraves.jpg]

Like a phantom, Notte Requiem haunts the night, for she is a darkness with no shadow. A mystery, she can slip in and out without notice. Although, extremely sexual, her world is divided, compartmentalized into variations of her beliefs. She fears very little, death nor pain have hold over her, and she laughs in the face of those who both desire and fear her kiss. For once known, once seen, can be a cruel twist of fate for anyone caught within her web. Always watching, waiting, ready, like a formed and well trained predator. She is sleek and graceful, like a panther, and her eyes could stare into ones very soul. Devouring.

Her age is unknown, even her very name could be falsified, although it is said that she was burned at the stake as a witch. The marking of the crucifix branded into her breast.

Yes - I do realize that this is extremely half assed for being my work, but I really don't feel like doing anything right now. I'll update it when I feel in the mood.
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Urban Rp character
Name: Elizabeth "lizzie" Yakurai
Race: Human
Nickname: "The ghost"
Biography: Born to two seemingly normal parents, Lizzie had what at first glance was the perfect life. Behind this Facade however, the Asian 'perkygoth' had a life of hell, her father abused her vicously, and her mother was a closet alcholic. Lizzie was placed in afoster home at age 12, and her dream took off from there, she wanted to be a cop. Unfortunately the police force thought her too Idealistic, not ready for the horrors of the street. She then became fed up with organized crime fighting, striking off on her own as a vigilante.
Appearance: [Image: ag.jpg]
Age: 20
Occupation: Crimefighter

(more charries will be added later!)
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[Image: awesomeness.jpg]
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Switch Maltrese


Hybrid [Half Demon, Half Human]

History of an Avenger:

Switch is the illegitimate child of Lucifer's thirteenth son when he came to Earth and mated with a human woman. Upon her birth, her mother lost her life when Switch had to be cut out of the womb in order to survive. Her mother's heart gave out in the process and was unable to be revived. The name 'Switch' was given to her due to her almost duo personalities. She grew up in a world where darkness and light fought for dominance and she herself was the center of it. Like Dhampire children, Switch was prone to changing into a killer when her anger was ignited until something or someone stopped her rampage. After a time, she came to be able to control her anger once it was lit and channel it into targeted killing and controlled mass murders of certain syndicates. Once that occurred, she gained a bounty on her head, effectively earning the term, "The Devil's Own." The struggle between her human self and her demon half was constant, unable to merge into one sentient being. Due to this, she lived alone, had no friends but a demon cat that had found her home one day. Jack, her kitten companion, prowls around their home, keeping out strangers and safe-guarding her from other demons.

Switch inevitably meets her notorious maker, Lafayel, when she goes into the woods to find Jack. He is a rather handsome Devil, and strangely enough is able to instantly recognize her and comments that he expected her to die and is rather pleased she was able to reach the age of one hundred without meeting such an end. They exchange words and he actually appears remorseful in having been unable to locate her until now due to a charm placed on her by her nurse: the band around her left arm. They exchange more words, some heated, some muted, before he helps her merge the two halves of her soul. She is soon able to keep herself in control at all times, except in extreme cases, but it helps ease the constant internal struggle she faces daily, such as helping or injuring someone for the sheer fun of it. With his only gift given, he leaves to return to the Underworld and leaves her with a question. "Where do we go when we die?"

The next century and more of her life is filled with bloodshed and unseen battles while cleaning up the messes as she made subtle alliances with vampires and other such creatures of the darkness. But even she made partners with such beings as good witches and even a grouping of angels. She becomes part of the Avenger class in that she may be of a neutral party, she will still kill people whether for a reason or simply for the hell of it. And now she, with her companion Jack, she roams, looking for a new place to settle as she takes somewhat of a break from the murder business.


Though she is quiet and sarcastic, she has this uncanny habit of being able to guess what you might be thinking. She knows when you are armed, whether you are physically armed or not. She happens to be a virgin, only because she killed all her suitors, whether on purpose or on accident. Also, Jack bites people he likes. She has a thing for nice and quiet men with a sense of humor and a backbone.


Quiet and sarcastic but not unfriendly, Switch usually keeps to herself but will talk to others when they speak with her. She enjoys sharing company and drinks, and doesn't mind making a friend or two. Still, it takes a lot to get within her inner circle, and even more for her to allow you her trust. She isn't much of a sexual creature due to her constant struggles and moving from place to place, but isn't so much of a prude to not know when she's being hit or or anything of the sort. She likes cars and weapons, and has no problems being blunt. She is polite and well-mannered, but get on her bad side and you might as well write up your will and testament. She also has a wonderfully morbid sense of humor.


Heightened senses and extremely fast. She can teleport or shimmer to wherever she wants as long as she can picture it in her mind. She also had a Berserker mode in which she herself blacks out and ends up destroying everything in sight that is alive until someone or something snaps her out of it or she comes out of it on her own. The black outs can last anywhere from five minutes to five hours. She wields multiple swords as her choice of weapons besides her fire and shadow abilities. She can create and manipulate fire and control the shadows as long as she is not exhausted or is in control of herself.
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04-27-2009, 11:05 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
My name, is Kael Vanlichtentein.
I was born sixteen years ago...with a sister and another brother. My mom, Skyler, gave birth to us as if we were triplets, because, technically, we are. Each of us were born in different forms. My sister, was human. My brother, human as well, though with obvious canine attributes. I, was born as a wolf. Deemed to likely be a feral, mother and father were the only ones who helped me change. Staying in their own pure forms to coax the first shift.

It's been many years since then. I now know what I am. What I can do.

The moon is my only master, it holds my shifts in it's hands with a grip firmer than my own. It's been several weeks since an involuntary shift, and I've been dodging the full moon for months. With such modern marvels as planes, and cars, I have been sneaking away from the night when the full moon boasts it's curse.

I keep my whips on my person at all times, normally in a briefcase. It is the only way to prevent them from being spotted, as most people take heavily to their sadistic appearance. Studded and coiled with silver filaments, they are everything necessary to slaying my own race in the most painful manner.

"Murderers should be punished for the agony they cause not only to their victims, but to those whom live on."

It has been years since my father has made any contact...even longer since I've spoken with mother, but I will find him. He will pay, for ruining our lives.

Hm? Ah, hello. I, am Kyro.
Shrouded in mystery, the form of a cloak is what you find me wearing on most days. Steely boots, and traditional samurai pants line the covered flesh of my legs. A rapier hangs from my hip, made of an alloy containing many metallic properties, noteable metals in it's make are currently: Silver, and Umbranum, a metal which can only be harvested in the incorporeal plane, which gives the weapon the ability to hit even a ghost in it's incorporeal state.

I can fly, yes. It's not as fun as it seems, trust me. There are so many places one can fly in a state of undeath that bring even the tiniest iota of happiness. Oh? You caught that. Yes, I am dead. Yes, I am alive. That makes me one with the undead, a wraith of sorts, something like a friendly ghost. Keep your hands to yourself, and we will likely get along, let your fingers slip, and there's a chance you will join me in undeath.

My hair is long, somewhere near mid-back at this point. It's strands are beautiful in my eyes, a brilliant shade of silver, created from many a different streak of gray, chrome, silver and platinum. My flesh, a colorless shade of gray, is soft to the touch, but to call it cold would be an understatement. I have seen hypothermia creep up a man's arms before he could even finish his last breath. The unwanted touch can take a life in a matter of milliseconds, however, if allowed, a touch that is consented can be kept for nearly half a minute. Dreadful, isn't it? Only the most strange of creature have had the necessary protection to live after a touch.

I have been dead for a long time now. Though not as long as my counterpart, he has been undead for far too long, and personally, I believe he has lost 'it'. In any case, it has only been some odd hundred years since my death, not more than two hundred though, I'm sure of that. My life memories are blurry, like a dream, though, I'm rather sure they were just that, a dream.

Name: Mei Mie Mitorigi
Age: 17
Race: Fey (Blinkwing)
Powers: Shrinking, Teleportation, Flight.
Eye Color: Bright Yellow.
Skin: An exotic and creamy blue, which seems to get darker with sunlight exposure, but lighter with deprivation.
Natural Height: 3 inches 2 centimeters
Human Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Persona: Shy in most cases of tenderness and love, however, sex for his race and the ranks of most faeries is something natural, and thus, nothing to be shy about. He is often finicky, and timid, teleporting away from most unfavorable situations.

Character name Nikolie "Nikky" Mustakrakich
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral Good
Bio After moving out, Nikolie lived a illegal life. Taking a turn for the drugs, and soon after: the raver scene. His mind half gone, and body kept so very beautiful, his days are spent ever so wonderfully. Enhancing each moment with thoughts of new things, or even things he'd done before. Lost, without a real sense of what to do with himself, he parties his life away, intent on having as much fun as he can before that tragic day should come, and he won't be allowed another breath. Social, he finds himself often either wishing to be with friends, or being with them, finding that no matter what, they always manage to keep his spirits high, and he can't be so down when surrounded in loving peers.
Personality A Social Butterfly, however quiet he may be, and almost exclusivly laid back. Though having his own little bits of philosophical and deep lifestyle, he chooses not to dwell on the big picture, for it's a spooky one indeed. Instead, he keeps a smile on, and with a bit of contagious happiness, helps others do the same.
Appearance Hair of a ashen grey, hangs to his shoulders in the back, at it's longest layer, and only to his noses tip, in the front's longest layer. Though many layered, and quite straight, it always seems to kinda flip out and away from his cheeks, his forehead, standing out a bit, almost as if styled. Eyes each, bare different shades of color, one, the left, is a beautiful sea-green, around the edge, though starts off as more a sage. While the right, starts off in the shade of a dark, dark blue, almost black, before bursting into a rather light, baby blue. Finally, the male's flesh, is a pale white, not pastey, but a creme, soft, and easy to catch oneself staring at, though he'd find it to be something blush-worthy. Upon his neck, there is a small necklace, or a chocker, rather, clinging to his form with a small, crimson cross, created of a hard, though flattened steel. It's chain, is a simple black, as are the very ends of it's arms, though they do more fade to black, than simply become so. A White sweatshirt, with special little spots of color, which only appear in blacklight, and it's cut-off arms, to make it appear like a T-shirt. Soft to the touch, with a pair of black, thin lines that run from collar, to sleeve-hem. Black stitching, and a gray zipper, though usually kept only zipped up to the belly-button, to keep cool, are the only constantly-visible color variations. A pair of stretchy, light gray gloves, adorn each hand, cut at the knuckles, and letting the back of his hands peek through a neat little circle, they ride about to the place where a loose-wrist watch would fall, before growing loose themselve, and becomming lost in hem. Upon his hips, a pair of acid-green, and black pantaloons, brand-spankin'-new, they don't have a single rip upon their hems yet, and hang loose, nearly to the soles of his shoes. Mostly that vibrant green, though the lap has a pair of straps, sewed on, with the same acid-green, and colored in raven black. A pair of steel loops, hung from each strap, and allowed for various things to be clipped on, though normally, he had no clips to keep there. Cargo pockets on each outside calf, each with the top rectangular part of their tops being black, and stiched with green. Each of his feet adorn a pair of Converse Hightops, ChuckTaylor Allstars. Each one different, the left, is a standard, black and white, original flavored Chuck. However, the right, is a inverted colors 'custom made'. Where the one on the left is black, it is white, and where there is white, it is black. Even the star on the inside of it's ankle, is inverted, for added appeal.
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04-28-2009, 12:34 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Nyoko is a gunslinger with a special ability to heal, given to her by a demon who she now is in service too.

Age: 20
Personality: She is tough, independent and bold.
Appearance: [Image: Gunslinger_Girl_by_ShiroiNeko_sama.jpg]
Weapons: Two Pistols

As a child she was taught, gunslingers ran in the family. Her father was her teacher, her mother had long been out of the picture. At age 17 she left her home in search of adventure and fame, a classic hero's tale.

However Nyoko has one fatal flaw. Her drive for power, her father had trained her well but she still wanted to be the best. So she traveled, searching for anything to help her on her quest to be the best. During her travels she was visited by a demon. She was offered a power by this demon. Something Nyoko couldn't refuse, the power to heal. She wasn't invincible, but she could regenerate quickly. The demon promised more power in time. Of course her new found power had a price. She now was forced to serve the demon and go where he told her.

It has been 3 years since her agreement with the demon began, and she has long regretted her mistake of giving up her freedom for this power. She has searched for a loop hole to her agreement with her demon master, but no hope so far. Now her demon master has bid her come to this land of bluemoon. She was constantly on the move anyways, and maybe this new place will be good for her.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Carmine Alexander Jester
Age: 22
Race: Eternal

Description: Carmine

History: Carmine never really knew his parents, only stories about them from the older kids in the orphanage. Unknown to him the stories were lies, but the lies were the things that shaped him and helped him uncover a book. A book entitled 'The Eternal Mirror', he read the book and began to practice the spells depicted in it, slowly he began to understand the power he could wield, but the more he learned the more deluded he became about how to use it.

He failed to notice a few missing pages, the pages that explained to the caster that each spell would use up a small part of their soul. Now Carmine kept casting until the time came that he used up all of his time, when the reaper came for him he tried desperately to explain that he did not understand the rules. They came to a deal, Carmine could have his life back, in exchange for his free will.

With that he agreed and began his change into an Eternal, a creature with such power that if not controlled it could destroy everything in existence. Though Carmine tired of being a slave and fought back, he was stripped of almost all of his abilities except for one. That was his ability to drain a soul from a living being and use it to fuel his magic.

Though he is no longer what he used to be in terms of power he is still a formidable opponent and a very interesting person.
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04-29-2009, 01:29 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
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..:Nineteen candles:..


..:Arctic Kitsune:..






..:Mushai is no damsel in distress. She's a smooth talkin' thief if there ever was one. She relies more on her cunning and quick wit rather than strength of arm to nab her treasures. She'll smile and make you think you're the only one for her, and all the while she's plottin' to take your money. You'd think that she's a heartless trollop the way she carries on about the men she's double-crossed and swindled, but deep down she's a hopeless romantic. She just hasn't found that one yet. She holds true to Sidione's motto. For pleasure's sake. It just so happens that her pleasures sparkle and glitter, and make her a rich vixen. As sly and cunning as her race are known to be, she'll steal your heart with a look, and steal your gold with a smile.
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05-09-2009, 06:50 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Iris Lunaria
Age: Appears to be twenty-four years of age.
Sex: Female
Weight: 110lbs
Height: 5’3”
Appearance: [Image: irisasangel2-1.jpg]
Iris has held claim as one of the most beautiful slaves in existence today. This is, however, not without the help of her genetic make up. Long white tendrils and matching eyes brows and lashes would fool anyone to believe that she was some sort of albino creature. False. She is of angelic nature and she comes from a mortal man and a angelic mother. Her face has been used to sculpt those perfect porcelain dolls that all the younger girls rave about. Unfortunately, she never held such a doll. Iris is forever seen wearing either a long skirt, or a dress that covers up her legs. This is her comfort, externally of course, by not showing her body completely. Her curves, the perky breast, and the complete rear that deems her worthy of an angelic status. Iris does, however, have a pair of white wings that she is able to hold inside the flesh of her back or extend out to their full size of a span of five feet long. These wings may be easily hidden but just as easily redeemed through any acts of danger or sexual disposition.
History: Iris was damned before her birth. Her mother, the angel, disregarding God’s will and rule against interspecies (erotica!) and their love affairs, found out that her mother was in love with a man. What was worse was that her mother soon became pregnant by this so called man. The out come, was the punishment, the constant beating of her mother, in front of all those who remained in Heaven, providing as an example. The man, her father, was put to death. Killed off by God himself. Iris, however, her fate was cruel. She was damned to grow up in a slave training camp, training in all sexual acts and doomed to never enter Heaven but to serve man for the rest of her life. Her specialties lay in the acts of sex. Providing her master/mistress with pleasure while still being able to accomplish her loyalty. However, her walls have been propped up so highly that they are nearly impossible to penetrate, along with herself. Recently, she has escaped from the slave training camp and considers herself a free being. Free to live out the rest of her life without any type of servitude.
Powers: Besides the stunning good looks that cause many to freeze in their very steps, Iris is able to take flight when she needs it. This being cannot fight, she was never taught to do so.
Likes: Books, long walks, everyday beauty, small animals, religion, the Bible, regardless of it’s lies.
Dislikes: Man, drinking, slavery, ignorance, loud thunder storms, lightening, fire, death.
Extra: Iris is bisexual. Preferring either a male or female owner.
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05-11-2009, 11:04 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Vermillion Aarcos

Race: Nephilim Principality

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Unknown

A visual aid:
Vermillion's effeminate looks and gestures have often(comically in some situations) caused people to mistake him for a woman. He has a slightly pale complexion and is a slender, but strong build with ashen waist-length silken ashen hair, and piercing silver eyes that hint that something vicious may lie behind the visage of his androgynous face. There is a subtle beauty in his gestures; feather-like and graceful.

Personality: Mercurial given the setting. In general he is as his voice. Soft and slightly accented with a hint of darkness. Slightly laconic and callous as he is very slow to anger or show any intense emotions generally, though there are a few things that can rile him up like nothing else. However on the flip side he has shown that he can be unmercifully cruel and vicious to his enemies or those who he deems unworthy of his trust.

Vermillion was once a Principality in charge of inspiring mortals to achieve their goals in life that would benefit their brethren and in turn the glory of God. However, much like Lucifer, Verm began to question why humanity who despite the efforts of the angels continued to stray and sin would inherit the lands that they once called theirs. Vermillion began to see humanity as little more than pawns given the crowns of kings as he watched the various other pantheons hide their greater creations in favor of humanity. Vermillion believes humanity to be little more than pawns and as such believes that the only thing they should inherit is the right to serve those who once ruled this land.

Other info: Despite having fallen, as a Nephilim He still has his wings and some of his powers and having reached the rank of Principality, has trained in combat to be able to hold his own rather well in a fight. His weapon of choice being an ornately decorated Estoc.
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