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12-16-2009, 04:14 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]

Reference Picture

Race: Atlantean

Age: Looks about 25

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lbs

Body Type: Athletic. Swimmers body.

Complexion: Fair

Hair: Deep blue and straight. Down to the middle/small of his back.

Eyes: His eyes are not actually "eyes" but are in fact deep pools of water. He has the whites like normal, but the insides of his eyes (where the iris is) looks like shallow water and progessive gets darker toward the center with his "pupils" being nothing more then very deep water. Think this, but the dark, center bit smaller like a pupil:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" rel="nofollow" href=""></a><!-- m --> ... e_3sfw.jpg

Ears: Slightly pointed up top, but nothing terribly noticeable.

Top - When out and about, he wears a chest piece and shoulder pads made of a dark blue leather with silver highlights. Underneath that, he wears a shirt of lighter blue dragon-scale armor. When he's in a more relaxed setting, he wears a light blue, silk, button-up shirt.
Bottoms - He wears simple black slacks, though a water pattern may be placed on the bottom near the cuffs.
Accessories - DJ Heaphones. Around his waist is a tattered, dark blue sash that fades to a light blue near the ends. He also wears bracers/gauntlets of deep blue leather. His boots are just your standard, black boots.

Weapons: Naginata. Traditionally, it's 6 1/2-7 feet long with the blade being about 2 feet of that. He also carries a kukri on his right hip.
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12-16-2009, 04:35 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
bio:i was trained up by my farther to fight and to win from the age of 10 since then i have had many battles despite his age and has never been bested in battle untill the day he saw a beutiful maiden on the battle field
appearence:looks like cloud from final fantasy 7
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12-16-2009, 08:34 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: the wondering man
age 19
gender male
he has no clue who he is or where he came from he woke up in a forest with a hood , a wrist watch and some cut up clothing. he is now searching for who he is.
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12-16-2009, 10:28 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
His name is Lawrence Henderson, and he has lost every big fight he's been in.

It started when he was a much-picked-upon schoolboy. When the local gang of bullies picked on him, he decided to go straight to the top, and launched himself at the largest of the bullies. He was promptly beat down. The next time they did it, though, he did the same thing. This time he lasted a little longer. Eventually, he managed to incapacitate the bully before the others kicked the tar out of him... but they didn't bother him again.

Lawrence's life has been difficult and violent, and he prefers to avoid conflict when he can. When he can't, he doesn't waste time with the small stuff, he goes straight to the top of the food chain and tries to kick the crap out of whoever is there. He is almost always outclassed, but every fight he loses teaches him how to be a better combatant, and how to soak up more damage. When pushed to it, he fights the worst he can find, because that's the only way he can turn losing into an education.

He does manage to survive, obviously, and there are times when he does defeat his chosen opponent, rather than just scare them off or make them think twice. Even then, those are not victories, because he's similarly beat to hell; at best they are draws, ties, where both can be said to have won, but both can be said to have lost, as well. But when you go up against the toughest, meanest enemies you can find, and you break-even? You're apparently doing something right.

He has been known to deliver quick and crushing beatings to lesser combatants (and it's getting to the point that nearly everyone is lesser), but those aren't fights; those are practice. It's not really a fight unless it challenges him, and it can't really challenge him unless there's a chance of him losing. So he fights to lose, and get better as a result.

Lawrence Henderson has never won a fight, but if you come up against him, you're most likely fucked.
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12-19-2009, 12:09 PM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2011 11:31 PM by Sinful Bliss.)
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Shyrii (Maid Manor)
Age: Actually 400 years old, but looks 25
Sex: Female
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Purple
Species: Succubus
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Personality: Shyrii has a lustful temperament, but she’s also easy going with people. Her role as a Mistress creates some conflicts with people. She is a sensual seductress who takes pleasure in mixing things up with her partners, though the princess doesn’t mind being dominated at times.
History: She was born and raised in the Underworld by her parents who spent many years teaching her the ways of the Succubi. She then was entrusted by Lucifer to finish her rough, but erotic training. Once done, Shyrii moved on to the mortal plane to be on her own. The dark-skinned beauty spent many years honing her skills. She traveled from New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to be more like the hussies she watched from adult films. She kept her succubi form in secret and went into her human form to blend in. She starred in some of the hottest movies humans—and demons—had ever seen. At that time she didn’t really need the money, it was more to perfect her sexual abilities on mortals to sustain herself without going out of control. She finally decided to move on to The Maid Manor, where she serves as one of the Mistress with best friend, Ebony.

Name: Avie (Maid Manor)
Age: Actually 300 years old, but looks 20
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Species: Succubus
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Personality: Avie is a wicked person that stops at nothing for herself to have sex; will happily perform anytime and anywhere. She takes her lifestyle with utmost seriousness. The dark-haired sinner will have moments when she is genuinely kind and caring, but only shows such emotions to those she truly trust. Once she becomes aroused, she turns into a cock hungry whore, wants to fuck with many people as possible to satisfy her hunger and lust.
History: She was raised by her parents to be trained in the way of the succubi. They spent many years training her before handing their second daughter off to Lucifer to complete the training regimen. Once she ready, Avie decided to take a different path from her elder sister, Shyrii. She moved on to Club Blood Cherish only to serve the customers in two ways: pain and pleasure.

After the shutting down of the club, the young succubus followed Cherish to the Maid Manor and got reunited with her sister in the process.

Name: Yuuki (Maid Manor)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Yuuki is meek and submissive for the most part she seems happy to exist in her newfound life after the horrible event. Shy at first, but once she warms up she is a very sweet and loving person. She cares deeply for people and would do anything for them. She can be firm and assertive when she wants to be and knows how to stand up for herself.
History: Yuuki once had an ordinary life with dreams in front of her until several men raped her during a vacation trip with some friends on an exotic island. With no contact from the outside, her perfect life was shattered into a thousand pieces. The nightmare continued for several days until a woman named Shyrii came to their aid unexpectedly. Yuuki and couple of her friends escaped the island and to a place that was different to them. After some deliberations, the dark-haired girl decided that she’ll work at the Maid Manor and put the past behind her.

Name: Vivienne Sáralondë (Maid Manor)
Age: looks 24
Sex: Female
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Green
Species: Elf
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Personality: Often shy when meeting a new person or group, Vivienne quickly livens up when extended a friendly smile or word. Generally a very easy going person, she tends to want to make friends rather than enemies, and quickly makes exceptions in order to keep peace. However, if her trust is betrayed she is not likely to ever forget and makes the betrayer pay for his/her actions in kind. She strives to be able to prove herself as someone who can be a compassionate soul, without people taking her lightly or taking advantage of her goodwill and kind heart. She is an avid learner and a quick thinker, always ready to expand her knowledge and become an experienced and well-rounded person.
History: Vivienne was a respected princess of an elven kingdom when a horde of orcs and demons destroyed that and her land and surrounding territories. She ended up being their prize during their victory. The enemy took turns defiling her body – which lasted for two weeks. Hope seemed to be out of reach for the proud elf when a mysterious person came out of nowhere and defeated the corrupted group. After fucking the group and taking anyway their souls, the dark-skinned succubus freed the elf. In the exchange of such freedom, Vivienne accepted a deal to work at the Maid Manor – a place far from the ordinary for a person who lived a rather conservative life. Shyrii's influence on her was necessary to indulge on the life considered taboo by her race, and yet it unleashed the other side of her that loves the thrills of pleasure and sin. Since her freedom, the former princess and the succubus have been good friends ever since despite their roles.

Name: Korhon (Maid Manor)
Age: Actually 500 years old, but looks 30
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Species: Demon
Orientation: Straight
Personality: Despite his dominating nature, Korhon has a feel of the woman’s body. He no longer carries that dark aura where people run and scream in fear. He does not leave the area often unless Shyrii permits him. The demon finds himself being more of a teacher that a dangerous individual in the game of sex.
History: Over the course of few centuries, Korhon fucked and raped women without any remorse. Whatever he wanted at that time, he certainly got with little resistance. There was no way anyone was going to stop his madness. When was about to rape a couple of royal woman and turn them into his play toys, a succubus came out of the shadows to confront the demon. She was hunting the demon for quite some time after he raped several of her assistants. Shyrii was about to fuck him to death and send that bastard to hell. His brutal rape lasted for merely an hour, but the succubus’ mind wasn’t broken. Using a special skill, she was able to let him see the errors of his ways and let the ladies free. Instead of killing the demon as promised, Shyrii gave him an opportunity to join him at the place she calls home which he agreed to.

Name: Carissa Villiers
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human
Personality: Carissa can be high-tempered, but very sweet when a person gets to know her. Being a daughter of multi-billionaires gives her some leeway that most women in the world. Because of her high-maintenance, people tend to keep their distance. As of late, the young woman slowly some dominate personality since her mother gave her lessons.
History: Carissa was born as the sole daughter to parents that runs the world’s hotel conglomerate, raking in billions of dollars in profit. She has everything going her way in life without having to work too hard to get what she wants. She have been going to all-girl private schools since middle school, and she has had little exposure to guys. She is slightly excited about being able to spend some time away from her parents while they continue to collect serious paper.
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12-24-2009, 07:50 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
[Image: anime-girl-anime-girls-8951064-570-.jpg]

Name: Zynara
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Half Human - Half unknown (possibly angel)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 112
Eyes: Primarily brown but color changes according to mood
Hair: Black - Long, straight
Skin: very light - rarely tans
Orientation: Straight (strictly)
Abilities: can talk to animals (though she doesn't flaunt the gift)

She was raised by her parents until at her 16th birthday her eye color began to change uncontrollably. Her father fell into a rage realizing that she wasn't his biological offspring. He took her to a slave/pet house and abondoned her there not even waiting to be paid for her before leaving. Her true father is unknown (for now) but it is suspected that he was angelic. Her own natural shyness and eagerness to please her family gives her a strong tendancy towards being submissive.
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12-26-2009, 12:10 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Character Name: Ahoge Montmartre Chicago
Intended Roleplay: Unspecified/General

Character Race: Shōjō, a form of sea sprite from the mysterious orient; the name also means 'Orangutan', not coincidentally.

Physical Appearance: In the nude- which is a state Montmartre enters more often than those around him would prefer- the gentleman in question resembles nothing so much as a lower order of primate. His hair is a mane of brilliant red, with an oily sheen, and his skin is very nearly as ruddy- unnaturally so, were he human. The backs of his hands, chest, and back are similarly hirsute. His usual form of dress in modern times is an ill-fitting business suit missing at least one button; its fit is tight across the chest, slightly too long in the arms. Similarly, the pants are rigorously cuffed to avoid being dragged on the ground or trodden under ancient, scuffed wingtip shoes of patent leather. Being quite wide, but also extremely short, it is difficult for him to find clothing that fits. He has also never tried.
Among his accouterments can generally be found at least one small clay jug of rice wine, along with stoppered vials, screw-top flasks, and other portable vessels, sometimes carried in his voluminous pockets, at others, in a bandoleer strapped across the chest. Montmartre generally carries a leather wallet full of fresh leaves and a separate set of wallets containing identification papers and passports for a number of separate globe-trotting identities.

Inherent/Racial Abilities: As a Shōjō, Montmartre has both an inordinate love of, and a prodigious tolerance for, all forms of alcohol and intoxicants. His capacity for liquid refreshment is virtually infinite, and his degree of inebriation is a product of conscious control. He is capable of refilling any vessel of spirits that is empty, though not always with the original contents. In addition, the Shōjō possess the secrets involved in the creation of both magical beverages of various sorts, and bottomless, expanding, or otherwise exceptional containers for such. As a spiritual being from an insular culture, he is able to call on a level of basic courtesy when dealing with other spirits of similar origin, and to procure their service, though seldom without the cost of a future favor, at the least. His wanderlust and, thus, frequent separation from his nation of origin makes this last ability a chancy proposition even aside these inherent dangers.

Learned Skills or Acquired Powers: Montmartre has a particular gift for infusing spiritual power into fermented beverages; he also boasts a number of lesser spirits bound into servitude by one means of another. He carries the following magical brews on his person at all times:
  • Munificent Libations of The Three Sovereigns: These potent brews celebrate the legendary Three Sovereigns of Chinese history. The libation of Shennong, first to make healing use of herbs, is a potent wound-closing concoction. The mixed libation of Fuxi and Nuwa, progenitors of mankind, dramatically increases the impulse toward fertility, but also grants wisdom; it is potent for arranging marriages, but not liaisons. If separated and spilled on the ground, the libation of Fuxi can be used for divinatory purposes, while the libation of Nuwa aids the growth of plants and the maturation of animals.
  • Consuming Springs of The Four Heavenly Kings: These astounding drinks are sacred to the four heavenly kings who guard the directions of the compass. Tamon-ten, he who hears everything, grants similarly exceptional hearing to the drinker, as well as control over the mongoose. Zōchō-ten, patron of growth and enlargement, grants the ability to enlarge the body, in whole or in part, as well as skill with the sword. Jikoku-ten, maintainer of the state's borders, grants a warding magic to guard an area for as long as the guardian can maintain the sounds of the Pipa, which he loves. Kōmoku-ten, the all-seeing, grants the power of sight to those who partake of his drink, as well as dominion over serpents.
  • Peerless All-Heavenly Flowing Brews of The Five Emperors: These exceptional beverages contain a fragment of the memory of Huangdi, Zhuanxu, and the Emperors Ku, Yao, and Shun. Anyone partaking of these drinks gains the sagacity and moral fortitude of those great persons. Their primary talents are, respectively, physical immortality, the prevention of incest, motivation toward schooling, benevolence, and humility.[/list:u]
    The following minor spirits are bound in sacred vessels by Montmartre:
    • Aka-name: This long-tongued spirit delights in consuming filth and products of decay, and is primarily used as a cleaning tool. Montmartre bound it by simply promising it all the vomit it could eat on a periodic basis.
    • Ao-sagi-bi: A spectral heron whose feathers produce a ghostly, frightening light. It chooses to travel with Montmartre out of boredom, but has no real loyalty, or indeed utility.
    • Hito-dama: These spirits of the newly dead are not in any way under Ahoge's control. However, he can percieve and communicate with them, and occasionally performs services for the dead in exchange for information.
    • Kameosa: The most vital of Montmartre's spectral servant, Kameosa is a tsukumo-gami in the form of a jug of rice wine. His supply thereof is never exhausted, and it is likely that without his assistance the spirit would have perished of thirst long ago.[/list:u]

      In addition to these servants, friends, and devices, Montmartre has developed an uncanny knack for appearing wherever a bar, tavern, speakeasy, or other drinking house is instituted. Only truly exceptional measures can bar his entrance to such a place, and he is sufficiently old that he has visited almost every alcohol seller at one point or another in his checkered career.

      History: Ahoge Montmartre Chicago takes the name of every place he has spent more than one year- save his first name, which is entirely genuine. His full name is Ahoge Montmartre Seville Nagoya Beijing New Orleans Angeles Chicago.
      While he has been around an exceptionally long time, he has, predictably, accomplished virtually nothing in that time. This in no way inhibits him from telling long, rambling stories of his many acquaintances, who include a number of major and minor historical figures and no few prostitutes with forgiving tastes.

      Character Name: Ambrus Rusadi
      Intended Roleplay: Naughty Petshop

      Character Race: Slaugh, possibly offspring of a Rusalka.

      Physical Appearance: Ambrus appears to be roughly twenty-two years of age; tall, slim, with double-jointed fingers and refined features. On close examination, his inhuman nature is ill-concealed. His mouth is wider than any human's should be, his teeth pale, small, and pointed, contrasting vividly with a long, blue tongue. His skin is pale, as are his eyes, a glaucous blue. He generally affects an embroidered waistcoat over a loose-fitting shirt, and slightly flared trousers with ornamented cuffs- fashionable, in certain Slavic nations, a very long time ago. His preferred colors are autumnal reds, gold, and orange, a bitter jest given his peculiar abilities.

      Inherent/Racial Abilities: Ambrus, as a member of the unquiet dead, sprung from the womb of a water-spirit in the depth of winter, is never warmed. No blaze, no body, no sun's light can ever remove the chill from his flesh. A passing touch from his hand is harmless; a long handshake invites frostbite. Being seated before a fire, he stands up to find his chair coated with rime. Concentration can extend this field further outward from his body, but not suppress it.
      In addition, Ambrus is capable of sealing binding agreements by means of his own blood; of opening gates to The Other Place in natural materials; and of commanding lesser creatures, such as bogies and nixies.

      Learned Skills or Acquired Powers: Ambrus is a competent duelist and fencer, though not exceptional; generally speaking, his conflicts are resolved by means of his aura of cold or by poison, at which use he is more than competent. Being of great age, he is experienced in the means by which pain can be inflicted on a human form, and is expert in most. As a consequence of the circumstances of his birth and the history of his people, he has a broad knowledge of English canon law and the doctrines of the Anglican and Catholic churches, and holds indulgences of long standing from both.
      Ambrus holds a few talismans of minor power. The first is a spike of iron from the maiden of Lady Bathory, which can pierce any unsanctified protection; the second is a ring composed of ice formed under the light of a red moon, which can make springs arise where blood is spilled.

      History: Given his peculiarities, Ambrus has virtually no hope of existing unremarked in polite society. As a consequence, he has long been a member of the criminal classes, first as an assassin, then a minor gang boss, and of late, a hitman again. He is a wanted man in England and several other European states, but has, thus far, found it trivially easy to change enough of his appearance and habits to avoid capture. His wealth has been of no small assistance in this regard, ill-gotten though it may be.
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12-26-2009, 11:02 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: ZhasXukuth (Zah-zhoo-kooth)
Nicknames: Zhas / Zhassy
[Image: iluvwhitepawz.jpg]
[Image: WhitieBkMrk.jpg]
Still deciding
Age: Doesn't know. Mid-aged for an anthro wolf.

Early childhood: Does not remember his parents or any living relatives, but does remember early childhood experiences in which he grew up by himself in a wild forested area just outside a small town where he often visited and stole from to keep himself alive as he was not well recieved as a half-wolf. (the town was primarily human populated).

Adolescence: He had found his first love after living amongst her for years and hadn't realized his feelings for her. She was a human (the only one he'd ever loved) and lived in the nearby town where she often gave him shelter and food, protecting him from the elements and, more oftenly, the townspeople. He had found another love in his childhood friend around the same time and this created a conflict within him. His childhood friend was a female anthro-wolf who showed great affection towards him. Growing up they had eachothers back, but Zhas's love conflict grew into a larger problem when his childhood friend was captured and killed and his human love wouldn't affiliate with Zhas anymore due to public relations.
Zhas was forced to flee his home and now has a deep distrust for humans (not that he didn't before).

Young Adulthood: He's venturing from place to place often getting himself into more trouble than he can probably handle as his head is hot and he's known for making impulsive decisions. This is probably where his life is at now because he's forgotten his age and lives in the present. He's out for himself only, looking for another adventure, home, and wherever food is in good supply Wink and, if the oppourtunity presents itself, will take advantage of any sexual encounter when available.

Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for non-humans and sympathizes with them. Not much else, other than food.

Strengths: Fears little and being an anthro-wolf, can endure great amounts of physical stress. He's not the most intelligent creature, but as far as anthro-wolf's go, he's miles ahead of his wolven bretheren.

Eyes: Will change depending on his mood. (Only the iris changes colour, not the entire eye).
Green: Fearful.
Blue: Sad.
Brown: No strong emotion present.
Yellow: Excited.
Red: Affectionate.
Pink: (Variation of Red).
Black: Angered.

(may add more later)
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01-06-2010, 06:23 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Graf Orlock.
Race: Human or demon.
Age: Unknown.
Location: Wandering.
Occupation: Shaman Healer.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 LBS.

Appearence: He looked young, seeming only to be around 21 or so. This was despite the fact that he had lived much longer then most. The clothing he wore consisted of a light suit of black, leather armor covered by a series of furs from animals, not of this world. One of them included what looked like a wolf, except much larger and it had what appeared to be red symbols over it's black fur. He always carried a brown bag on his back, full of random herbs, drugs and small bottles of alcohol.

Personality: Quiet, respectful and kind to some. Stern and rude to others. He had a powerful presence and his aura was bright. This shaman had lived a long life transending between realitys to heal those in need.
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01-10-2010, 05:23 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
[Image: Anina_Art_1_by_Xappho.jpg] [Image: Anina_Art_2_by_Xappho.jpg]

Name: Onica

Nicknames: None

Birthplace: Unknown

Alignment: Marines

Personality: Sarcastic, Arrogant, Mischievous, Sly, Cocky and Playful.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Race: Shapeshifter/ ESP (Depends on RP)

Age: Unknown, appears in early 20's.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Slightly Tan

Markings: Star tattoos around her belly, hips, lower back and going up her spine. Tribal under left breast.

Interested by: Elaborate characters....aka people that take time to make there characters. Tall, dark and Handsome.....brown hair brown eyes gets her every time. Sarcastic know the type cocky, a little rude.

Personality: She loves to mess with people and tends to be very blunt and at times seems rude or sarcastic. May seem shy or quite around people she dose not know but can be very playful and lovable when she warms up to them. At times she can be an asshole and don't want to be the one to cross her.

The following can change depending on the RP. I can play her as her Un-Normal self or as a normal human girl that joined the Military at a young age.


~ShapeShifting- Only Feral Animals. (Psychokinesis Trait)

~Healing- Onina will heal faster then normal humans and normally with out scars. (Burns, Cut, Brakes.) A few days normaly unless the wound is magic made.

~Clairvoyance- is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, normaly by touching things other then a human.

~Precognition- also called Future Sight, refers to perception that ostensibly involves the acquisition of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information. (Onina can only see up to 3 hours ahead)

~Telepathy- refers to the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses.

~Psychokinesis- meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and , "kinesis", meaning motion; literally "movement from the mind") all in all she can move thing with her mind.


Same Weakness as about any other normal human....However, Like a vampire or werewolf its just harder to kill her:

-Cut off the head.
-Destroy the Brain
-She can not regrow body parts if fully removed....cutting the heart fully out will kill her.
-Its hard to do but draining all her of blood or destroying her whole body will kill her
-She can get sick like a normal human

History- Onica was born just as any other human child is born...a mother and a father. However most of her past is really Misty and the girl will not talk about it much. (It is known that she has show some ESP powers and can shapeshift in some RP depending on the story line) Other then that she is a normal everyday kinda girl. She joined the military at a young age to get away from her Father and Brother.
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01-10-2010, 07:21 PM
Post: #86
Prince Abel Starfire
Prince Abel is a young but very egotistical and ruthless tyrant who rules over the large kingdom of the east known as Firescape. He has a very narrow view on life, being pampered his whole life he has become rather helpless despite his healthily, flawless and divine body. He stand 6’ft and weights 170lb, he appears 22 years of age, having very smooth tan skin, rich black hair and emerald green eyes. Abel has always been one to who adores himself in golden jewelry, fine silk, and leather outfits. He is known for his golden neck guard that was crafted from gold brought to him from the outer planes. Abel was born a mortal but does not seem to age, he has many magical beings who serve him, magic items and spells that farther enchant his looks, but naturally he is flawless as he is god blooded from the fiendish lust deity.

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<!-- m --><a class="postlink" rel="nofollow" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Abel © Me
He must see something he likes © gamegodess81
Abel Icon © Spearfrost
Abel wakey-shaky © Faint
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01-14-2010, 07:09 AM
Post: #87
(My profile description is my character profile. I will likely not be using any other names or characters, as I tend to become confused easily... That being said:)

Name: Avadur
Aliases: Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Hera, Eve
Species: Unknown, possibly wood nymph; Humanoid.
Age: Unknown/Timeless; Appears stuck around 17 years.
Height: 4'6"
Skin: Ivory, often greenish.
Hair: Long, flowing; Color: Pale green.
Eyes: Green.
Distinguishing marks: Tattoo-like green vines twist from ankles and wrists towards torso and up neck.
Clothing: None, when alone. In company of others, a nondescript gray hooded robe.
Abilities: Botanical manipulation, ease of communication with all native Earth species, gift of life to native Earth species, rainmaker.
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, same- or inter-species.
Added notes:
Roleplaying preferences: All non-machine based. Ideally Dark Age.
Non-violent, unless severely threatened.
Body appears like flesh but reacts like wood; i.e. Chips, burns, saps (vs. bleeds). Cutting off a limb or stabbing through will not kill.
Control of plant life gives the potential for bondage and/or masturbatory roles.
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01-24-2010, 01:12 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Lord Tariyami
Occupation: Freelance
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi, Female lean
Age: 21
Scars/Tattoos: He has no scars but two tattoos a Dragon that forms along his arm and a Phoenix spanning his back.
Powers: none
Weapons: Bow Staff, Katana, Huge sword(clouds buster blade)
Fighting style: Maui Thai, Iron Fist, Kendo
-This was a quick post so more to come when I have time.-
Do's and dont's

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until my enemy is dead."
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
:: character list ::


[Image: 30rntw6.png]
elf male pansexual 25 black mage single
      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        My name is Avarian Narya. You may refer to me as such or don’t call me at all. If you make up idiotic nicknames for me, I won’t even bother answering, so just go screw yourself with stupid things like “Avi” or “Ria”. I can’t stand stupidity so if you’re an idiot, just back off; I don’t want you rubbing your moron off on me. Yes, move back. All the way over there. Good. Now we’ll begin. Like I said before, you either call me Avarian or nothing else. I don’t care if it’s too much for your puny brain to handle. I'm a black mage, not one of those ridiculous Paladins who can't get the stick out of their ass. So long as you don't bother me, I won't kill you.

        Now, since you’re obviously a bit delirious – don’t take it personally, I think everyone is – let’s go over what I look like, okay? You with me so far? Jeez, at least try to make it through this thing, ey? Moving on, I am exactly six feet tall, which is just below the norm for elves. It’s the perfect height, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. I have white hair, obviously, and blue eyes. I’m pale – not an albino, get it right – and I don’t tan. Don’t you dare write that I’m a girl or I swear, I’ll freaking frittata your ugly head.

      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        Don’t tell me what to do, I’ll move on to telling you my personality when I fucking feel like it…

        Okay, now I feel like it. Does that piss you off? Good, I like annoying others. Call it a talent or a hobby, doesn’t matter. Well, perhaps “annoying others” isn’t the right thing to say. Let’s just call it a complete lack of regard for other people’s feelings. Yes…I think that’s better. I honestly don’t care what you think. As long as I’m amused, that’s good enough. Ah, perhaps that goes into being called scornful. I’m rather selfish, though that’s natural, isn’t it. As long as I’m better, I deserve things that are better. Don’t even bother trying to correct me, waste of your time and more importantly, mine. Take this as a generous warning, bug the hell out of me and I’ll just kill you. I just care about getting stronger and being the most powerful Black Mage. If you get in the way, you can just become another one of my stepping stones.

        Oh, another warning. I have this “terrible” habit of slipping into some psychotic mode. Lesseee…what was the trigger again…? Ah well, can’t remember. Not important I suppose. If you see me start to rampage, I suggest you teleport five billion fricking miles away before I rip your head off. Trust me, I don’t even bother figuring out who’s an “ally” and who’s an enemy. You can all die, see if I care.

        The only person I cared about died when I was young. I killed him, but that’s not as tragic a story as you make it out to be. When I was younger, I wasn’t exceptionally strong. In fact, let’s just be honest and say that I was pathetically weak. It’s an embarrassing kind of weak. If you don’t grasp exactly how pathetic I was back then – even after I myself say that it was embarrassing – then I give up, there’s no hope for you. If you understand, then carry on. I found my powers relatively early on. Or rather, I found a spell, tried it out halfheartedly and blew up my entire house. My father died in the blast, but hey, now I had power. Most elves give black magic a poor name. Apparently, it’s not in our genetics or some poor excuse like that. But I don’t care if the others have white, red, yellow, blue, or green magic. I had my own style and that was what mattered. The first thing to do was make my tormenters as miserable as possible. I hated them, with enough passion to turn them into something ridiculously ugly, like toads. Freakish creatures. But they should be grateful I didn’t kill them. I was so close to doing it, too. But I was also more interested in discovering how far my magic could go. Of course, it would have made more sense to me to have powers of white magic, but nonetheless, I prefer my black magic over that healing crap that those white mages flip around like clowns.
        Let’s get some things straight, it’s not as if I hated my father and didn’t care when he died. Rather, I was sad, but there were more important things to take care of at the time. Since I didn’t have my mother around, I buried my father myself. Yes, I do know exactly where I buried him, but just in case you began to think it: I’m not a sentimental wimp.
        I left home quickly. Without Father, there was no reason for me to stay any longer in Elias. It took me three years of training while journeying for me to reach A rank. And now, I can kick your ass in my sleep.

        The power did not go to my head, but I do want more. And that, ladies and dumbasses, is the reason I’m on this stupid hunt in the first place.

      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        I have multiple attacks, but I’ll only tell you a few. My most common attack is Nero. It’s my easiest attack to conjure up and requires nearly no energy storing of any kind in order to use it. Plus, it’s quite unlimited, though naturally, it doesn’t pack as strong a punch as say…my Blizzaga attack. Either way, you still wouldn’t win. Nero is a condensed ball of dark energy, which I suppose is really my own life force. That’s its weakness. If I don’t want to take the time to summon up the energy required for it, then I’ll take it out of my own life. Seems fair to me.
        Apart from Nero, which can vary in strength depending on how much power I put into it, my other attacks are ice based. You know what I mean or do I have to explain that to you too? Frozen water? Clear, blueish white stuff, cold to the touch? Yeah, try taking one of those through your heart. Judging from experience and the pitch of my victims screams, it’s not very pleasant.
        Jinx is my ice based regular attack. It’s just multiple shards of ice that are infused with my black magic, making them practically unmeltable. I suppose fire with magic could melt it, but nonetheless, ice magic it is. I really only like it cause the stuff is pretty. Otherwise, I doubt I would use such an inconvenient attack style.
        You know, I can use other elements in my attacks, I just choose not to. Nero is a fire based attack, just to be clear.

        Natural strengths…hmmm…all? Well, seriously, I’m not that perfect. Otherwise, why would I even be bothering with this hunt for the shards? I just want to fight more people. Probably my greatest weakness is my agility. Speed and agility are different, mind you. Just because you can jump around like an annoying bug, doesn’t mean you’ll beat me when it comes to flat out running. Then again, though, I guess I should be honest and admit that I’m not the fastest around. Strength and power is my forte, but I’d assume it’s because of my elven blood that I can only move so fast. Then again, I’m not extremely slow. I hate white magic and excel at black magic, isn’t that unlike the rest of my race? I’m telling you, don’t take me lightly just because my hands don’t have disgusting yellow calluses from a weapon.

        Ah, right. My “psycho” mode. It’s not a big deal since it hardly happens. I’m playing a nice guy and warning you about it. I hardly remember what happens during that time, but I believe it’s triggered by stupidity. You heard me. If someone’s stupid annoys me in just the right way, I slip into a mode where I just go around ripping people’s heads off and setting things on fire. It’s quite fun actually. At least, the adrenaline kick after those experiences are enjoyable. I doubt you can stand up to me when I’m in that mode, but you’re fortunate, I can’t trigger it myself.

" You're gonna get your stupid on me. "

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[Image: 3477drs.png]
    • SEA!WOLF
Hussar Female Heterosexual 26 Corsair Single
      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        Waaait wait wait. Let me get this straight. You want me to talk about myself? Like. A run down on who I am? That's easy. Hi, I'm Jasna von Segur, and I want you to die. What, no, that won't work? Fucking hell, fine. Hi, I'm Jasna von Segur. Just call me Jasna, though Captain works too. Avoid cutesy pet names because I'll lacerate you for them. I'm twenty-six, with my next birthday a ways off. I'm a Corsair. Not your princessy pansy Bards with their flutes or your squishy mages and their magic nonsense; I'm a damn Corsair, and I've no hesitation to introduce you to Quicksilver. Quicksilver, you ask? My rifle, of course. I'm proud of who I am and what I am, and what I've done. I'm a Corsair and a Captain; my ship, the Typhoondancer, I've left in the hands of my Quartermaster till this whole.. fiasco is over. I'm mostly in on this quest to prevent the God from coming back, because I get the feeling he won't be very happy with my kind if he comes to.

        Appearance? Uhh, let's see.. like most Hussar, I'm pretty short - 5'1" - though I do wear heeled boots. I'm light-weight with a thin build, the norm for any Hussar. I've got red eyes and red hair, again, pretty normal. Or, should I say red eye, singular. There's nothing behind this eye patch but a very unattractive scar, and no, I won't show you so don't fucking ask. I'm on the pale side for a Hussar, but still fairly tan, and like most Hussar, I've got tattoos, though mine are of the naval type rather then tribal. Maybe I'll show you those, one day. My hair is fairly long, but I wear it up and out of the way. I like to dress to impress - when you're a Corsair captain, it's almost general policy to make a display. I'm fond of black and red, leather, buckles and feathers, and all my fracs have a hood. Like any self-respecting Corsair, I've got a very respectable tricorne, but sometimes it's better not to announce one's a Corsair to the general public, so I don't always wear it.

      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        Tch, more explanation bullshit? Fine. I'm bossy and I'm authoritative. I'm used to being in charge and I don't like it any other way. I don't take being told what to do well.. at all. In fact, I won't take it. I'll shoot you instead. I like being in charge, and despite how I seem, I'm a good leader. Fun fact: I may be arrogant and egocentric, but I'm well aware of the fact one man can't crew a man-of-war, and I take that policy with me everywhere. I may aggravate them, berate them, boss them around, and make them want to kill me in my sleep, but I do respect and.. slightly appreciate the other Guardians. I've become surprisingly tolerant of a lot of things, but indifferent or apathetic types still irk me. Loud, rude, violent, snobbish, arrogant, quiet, flirty, lazy - all those I can deal with (and do).

      • ?█████████████████████████████████████████████████

        { abilities and attacks will be updated later~}

" Try telling me what to do again, I dare you. "

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[Image: k3rk8j.png]
undead female pansexual 23 rouge single
      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        Names don't matter after death. When I was alive, human, my birth name was Farren. It meant wanderer, and suited my class status expertly. Since my death and rebirth, I've been given a new name to match myself once again, now being addressed as Grimmex. Most call me Grim, though. Rolls off the tongue a little better.

        My body, though I may be technically dead, is still healthy. I have no marks that claim me as dead; no bruising, or rotten limbs. The only barren I have with the fact that I'm apart of the walking dead are the the markings that line my neck. They look like bones, stretching out in three rows, wrapping around my entire neck until they come to a small space at the very back. They're pale, though against the contrast of my skin, they're extremely visible. From time to time, I'm told that my eyes glow golden, though I'm sure that's just their imagination. Short, messy hair that's never kept rests on my head, the strands a pale gray. I lack feminine physic, only having a curved waist and upper body. I'm usually seen in dark fitted clothing, but that really all depends on the situation and what I'm doing that day. The last distinguishing feature I have would be a scar that runs from above my lips on the right side, and carries down underneath my bottom lip.

      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        You want to know how I act? Well... I don't really know what to tell you. As far as I know, I'm a passive person. Just a face in the crowd. I don't do anything to stand out, or draw too much attention to myself, so some might call me bland, or boring. I just don't see the point in getting carried away with an ego that'll only piss people off and make more trouble for myself with. You could say I'm laid back, but I'm not even sure if that's the right word to call it. I enjoy simple things; brass knuckles, cigarettes, alcohol... I'm not hot-headed, and I always think before I act in a fight. I like to think that I remain extremely calm and collected under pressure, but that could just be me softening up how I think of myself. Other times I'm lazy. I want to do nothing at all but recline.

        I travel a lot. I've got a paranoid state of mind when it comes to staying in one place long enough. I keep to myself for the most part, only taking on a partner for one or two nights before calling it quits. I don't see sex as much of anything but an emotion release. I don't worship the act, but I don't overlook it, either. Along with traveling comes street smarts, you could say. I know what to look for when I'm traveling, and I know how to approach it. There are sometimes when I can't overcome whatever I'm up against, but I've never been able to fully appreciate living after a fight, considering I'm technically dead.

        I have a lot of knowledge stored from my travels, but I rarely choose to enlighten anyone. I don't keep friends very often, and when I do, I usually end up leaving them in the end. I've got no one to share all my wisdom with, but I don't really mind. I'm fine being isolated and alone. When I am in a verbal argument, however, I do enjoy getting the upper hand any way I possibly can. I'm a visionary, and therefore opinionated with many, many things.

      • █████████████████████████████████████████████████

        When I am faced with a fight, I don't pay much attention. I have no special abilities, apart from not being able to die without strong magic. My weapons of choice are usually melee weapons, or hand to hand combat. I can use brass knuckles better than an actual weapon, and from time to time I'll release the blade that's in the toe of my boot out to do extra damage. I suppose another half-ability would be my speed; I'm faster than most, but I've been working with hand to hand combat since I was alive. I know the key points in a person's body to hit when in a fight to make the battle that much quicker, but I also know how to draw things out, if I feel it needs to be.

        Alongside my weapons, I have the only companion I've been capable of trusting. I adopted a wolf named Azazel, and he works like a second weapon mister.

" Why bother? "
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
The Guys of BEdZ

There are a number of guys who live in the Beta Episilon Zeta fraternity house, plus one woman who serves as the overseer of the house.

Known members of the house (and university community) as of 3/23/10 include...

a senior, he is a guard on State's basketball ball team
Six foot one and 205 pounds
short blond hair
has an insatiable sex drive

a sophomore, he is a theater major
5-8, and 165 pounds
brown hair, very stylish
his new roommate, and lover, is Joel (see matthunter's post for more info on Joel)

another senior, Chris is a pre-med major
openly bi-sexual
just under six feet tall
dark, penetrating eyes, and has a wide infectious smile

a junior, he is a chemistry major
5-10, 160 pounds
blonde with blue eyes
rooms with Eric

a sophomore, he is an el-ed major
has some hidden bi interest, he is the only black living in the house
5-11, 185 pounds, solid muscle
Rooms with Alan... not yet introduced.
Aaron's words appear in this shade.

Ms. Beth Darlington
42 years old, she is hired by the national BEZ organization to give oversight to the house, coordinate cleaning, meals, and limit the amount of alcohol that flows through the house.
She is divorced, no children.
Five foot six, she maintains a nice figure
Projects an air of authority in the house without being stiffling
She has an affair of some sort going on with at least one faculty member at State, including Jeffrey O'Bannon..
Her words always appear in pink.

Andy Hardlin
a sophomore, he has not yet declared a major
5, 11, weighs 165 pounds
deep blue eyes, magnetic personality
lives very much in the moment
his new roommate was to be Joel, but Joel has moved to Chuck's room (see Matthunter's post for more info on Joel)
His posts appear in orange.

a freshman
about 6 feet, weighs 165 pounds
red hair
major is education
comes from a wealthy family
drives a 94 Cutlass, one of the pool of cars available for house members
appears he may be one of Ms. Darlington's pets
he is very outgoing
his roommate is Rick

Political science professor at the university
friend / lesbian lover of Beth Darlington
age and appearance has not yet been determined.

Richard, or Rick
a junior
6 foot 5, easily the tallest guy at the house... but it was as if the signals got crossed going from his head all the way to his feet; he was naturally clumsy.
thin, with wavy brown hair
chemistry major
has an easy-going way about him that puts everyone at ease.
his roommate is Stan

Dr. Jeffrey O'Bannon
faculty member at State
has taught in the Mathematics Department for the past eight years
44 years old
five foot nine, 160 pounds
married to Jenny; their marriage has cooled off sexually
sex toy for Beth Darlington

Will McPharron
a freshman
major is undecided at this point.
5 foot nine, his hair is long and jet black
raised in a warm, supportive family, he is easily and naturally expressive of his emotions.
His posts appear in green.

Mark Evans
6 foot 2, 215 pounds, solid muscle
short brown hair, dark green eyes
Still a member of the national Beta Society, though he no longer lives at the House. He had lived there his Junior and Senior years at State, when as a star soccer player he had gotten State's team into the NCAA tournament, only to blow his knee out in the semi-finals. That fateful injury changed his plans to sports management, which necessitated another two years at State following what should have been his senior year.
He is 24 years old, has an apartment off campus, and spends his free time coaching at soccer clinics and camps while finishing his advanced degree. He is also an assistant coach for the men and women's soccer teams.
His posts appear in blue.

Tony Myers
a junior, plays on the lacross team at State.
A native of Mississippi, he has a strong southern accent and treats others with customary southern charm.
He is 5 foot ten, weighs 185 pounds, and has short dark hair.
He is a sports management major.

Other members of the fraternity and university community will be profiled as they appear in the story.

Other members of BlueMoon are welcome to create characters and join in; please pm me, if interested.
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01-25-2010, 10:17 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Kari

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, long

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: You never ask a woman that! But her body type is slender

Cup Size: DD

Other Info: She is currently attending The BEdZ a sorority, much against her wishes. She doesn't really know what she will find. A normally sweet disposition, she can turn ugly if the wrong thing is said or done.
No one should pay for love in blood or flesh

Hey I'm back. Send me a pm if you're interested, I'll give you a list of what I will and wont do.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Character Name: Isarain Malice Gale
Species: Dragon
Age: 19
Biography: Born to rule over his native land he spent the first thirteen years of his life doing almost nothing but brutal training so that when his time came he would be strong enough that no one would ever take the throne from him. All was going well until he heard of a plot to slay his sister and brother so that there would be no chance one of them could get it in his stead, and he took none to kindly to that. Knowing that even with the strength he had then he wasnâ??t a match for the elders he sold his soul to a Destroyer Lord for in exchange for the power to protect his brother and sister. In the process of gaining that power he was stripped of his free will and turned into an animal born to kill, and that woke up the powers of destruction that already flowed strong in his blood.

A year later he regained his mind but was still bound to the service of the Destroyer Lord, and for the next three years he was a loyal servant. In that time he strengthened himself to the point where even his own master was beginning to fear what he was capable of, and thus came the betrayal. In an attempt to keep control over him stable the Destroyer lord took someone precious from Isarain and tried to hide them away, and that was where the plan backfired.. Rather than serving faithfully to make sure the person wouldnâ??t be hurt the enraged dragon showed his fury by shattering the guarding barrier around the reality in which his master stayed. He went in with the intent of destroying the treacherous lord, but then the dragonâ??s plans backfired. He was stripped of the destruction powers he had been given and sealed in the void between realities, but he hadnâ??t lost the power in his blood.

Within a month he pulled enough power in to himself to destroy the spells binding him and make his escape. In that month he had come up with a plan to end his feud with the so called lord. He went to the Lord of Creation who he learned his mother had served and asked him for help in awakening the powers of creation in his blood. After a test to prove his worth the dragon received the aid in waking up more of his power, and in the process he created a being known as Zenerath who would be instrumental in bringing down his former master.

He went back to that now unguarded reality and with his new abilities nearly effortlessly obliterated the Destroyer Lord. He destroyed his former masterâ??s mind, body, and soul before sealing the powers he had inside of Zenerath.

Since then has spent his time mastering the balance between the power of destruction and the power of creation in his blood, and at the same time working to make right some of the wrongs he had committed in the service of the one he destroyed.

Personality: To say that he is highly protective of those he cares for is to call a tornado a small wind. Even the slightest threats to someone he guards will usually be met with the full crushing force of his power. While heâ??s actively guarding someone he is calm, collected, and virtually impossible to distract.
However when heâ??s not guarding someone he can be rather random in his actions and moods, and sometimes he could even be called childish. He does whatever fits his fancy at the moment in time without seeming to care for future consequences, but that isnâ??t always the case.

Despite his antics he is amazingly intelligent and quite capable of grasping even difficult subjects with relative ease. That intelligence is commonly used for developing a scheme with which to reach a goal while heâ??s calm, but when in a fight he uses it to plan and control his powers with amazing precision.

Being natural born predator he can be very aggressive at times, though his methods of aggression arenâ??t always the straight forwards knocking someoneâ??s teeth from their mouth. He is fully capable of being subtle despite what he leads people to believe.

At times he channels his strong will to simply subvert and manipulate those who arenâ??t as strong willed or minded as himself.

Appearance: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" rel="nofollow" href=""></a><!-- m -->
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" rel="nofollow" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Major Weapon:
Akero-Serato(Endless Dream): Forged from his bones, given power by his soul and blood, and held together by the force of his will. Unlike past weapons this blade allows him to freely channel his powers through it thus making it perhaps the most deadly sword he has ever used. The entire natural body of the blade is the same metallic silver color as the fangs and bones from which it was forged. In the center of the actual blade is a glowing shard of what looks to be red glass, but in reality it is a shard of oblivion granted to him by the Destruction Lord who helped him gain full control over his powers. That shard allows him to tap into the limitless destructive power that is the essence of destruction and channel it through the sword.

At the end of the hilt is a blue gem, the gift the Lord of Creation who aided him gave him after he gained control over his powers. It allows his sword to stay strong and together through even the most brutal of attacks while allowing Isarain to focus the energy of creation into the sword.

Being partially powered by his soul it also is capable of tearing the energy from whatever it cuts to further fuel his onslaught.

Aside from the brutal physical assaults he can unleash with it also expands on his already considerable mental strength which can be channeled through it for amazing results. The only limit to this bladeâ??s power seems to be the will of the one who made it, which seems boundless most of the time, making it incredibly deadly by all stands.

Misc.: His eyes are that of a predator and as such for a weak mind is amazingly hypnotic even when he isnâ??t focused on it. When he focuses on a hunt the natural hypnotic effect of his eyes increases greatly.

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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]

Damien King


Reference Picture

Damien King is a solid athlete. He loves the game of football, and his frame compliments his passion. Standing at 6' 0" and wieghing 175 pounds, his lean, yet toned body glistens when he sweats and shines with a hint of gold in the sun.


Damien King is quite social. He enjoys being around people, and gets energy from others. He enjoys sports, games, and other activities, because it allows him to intereact with so many people. He is smart, and witty, and is not the stereotypical jock; he's quite compassionate and empathizes with the underdog.

He laughs a lot, cracks jokes, picks on other people... all for a good time. He enjoys bonding with his buds, and always is up for a god keg party.


Born and raised in Kentucky, Damien is far from the redneck stereotype. His father, a successful Attorney, provided him with all of his needs. At the age of seven, his mother, Caroline, died of a Breast Cancer after struggling with the fatal disease for nearly five years. At the age of twelve, Damien's father started dating again. By the time Damien entered highschool, he was pretty popular. Going to a private school, Damien was far from the redneck hill-billy territory, except in one fashion: football.

Football lead to his thriving success. It was here that he met his best friend, Jimmy. Ever since his Freshman year, he had been popular. Achieving great stats in the sport he loved, he drew the attention of every girl in the school. He went on many dates, attended dozens of parties, and always had a blast. He is now a Junior, and the star Quarterback of the Titan's Football Team. As life continues on, how will it change for Damien? What good is yet to come; what bad?

Quick Facts/Info

Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175lbs
Build/Physique: Toned & Tan
Orientation: For roleplaying purposes, I will tell you: Bicurious. However, this can't be automatically assumed as being 'known' information at the start of an RP.
Annual Income: No Job
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02-02-2010, 09:43 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Alaine Calo
Age: 20 years
Appearance: She either has her brunet hair in a bun or straight and lets it come to her mid back. She has light blue eyes, and her cup size is said to be 42D. She weighs from 120-130 and stand 5'6". Wears a pair of reading glasses when studying and wishes to be left alone.
Bio: Her family was upper middle class that enrolled her into a private school where she was a three time letter winner in track and four time letter winner in most academic programs. She had the choice to go to MIT but turned it down for a free ride to State. Her parents never really forgave her for doing so and have basically faded out of her life. Now a senior in college she is starting to live life for the moment.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Jessica
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5' 3"
Appearance: Jessica is a petite woman, as stated previously standing at a height of 5' 3". She has shoulder-length blonde hair, and green eyes.

Bio: She grew up with a pretty normal life. Having both parents raise her and being an only child. She went to a public school, having her own group of friends while attending primary school. She now attended college as a Sophomore with an interest in Biology.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
two points before posting. 1: Character personalities and/or opinions will vary according to the RP.
2: This will add badass to this thread page.
[Image: VampireHottie.jpg]

Name: Angel/Axel Foxton
Age: 23
Hair: Silverish white
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weight: 210Ibs
Race: Human
Bio: Axel Is first and only born to the richest family In his known world, endulged In worldly delcasies ever since his youth. Everything Angel wanted, he recieved. From age as early as 4, he was known around the world as a prodigy, excellent at everything he does. With his family's endless endorsment, he became an Icon around the world, renouned as one of the most perfect beings to have ever set foot on his earth. Axel took up the nickname angel for a number of reasons, first being his almost pure snow white hair. Secondly, because of his flawless preformance In the task given. And thirdly, Axel was assigned to the human military at the age of 21 by his father. In the family's eyes It was one more step for their son to step on, and rise to prefection. Axel however hated the Military, the one thing this so called "Perfect human" couldnt do, was mercilessly kill. He had one option, and he mastred It. Axel became the number one reconnassince and stealth officer In the entire american military, always reaching his target and subdueing It without killing. And thus the nickname, "Angel."

[Image: Crazy_Twins____by_Ao_Guu.jpg]
Note: Both descriptions at once because I never RP one without the other.

Names: Vice(left) & Slider(right) Last name unkown.
Age: Vice-15/ Slider-16
Hair: Redish
Race: Human
Eyes: Red (both)
Height: Vice-5'3/ Slider 5'4
Bio: Very little Is known about Vice & Slider's past. What Is known, Is that the brothers are only a year apart In age, and look almost exactly alike except for their hair. They both bare their family trademark, the rare red eye pupils that only they naturaly posses. They're notorious criminals around the world, comitting every crime In the book. From murder, to theft, to robbery, to rape. Even at such a young age, the amount of Anarchy and rules theyve broken are endless. A bounty placed by the goverment, states that If they are braught dead or alive the capturer will be awarded $2 billion.

[Image: Neko.jpg]

Name:Syris Emberstone
Hair:Dark purple/Often dyed silver
Eyes:Golden yellow
Bio: Syris' world has been ruled by the humans for centuries an centuries, Inslaving the Nekos as they came Into existance simply because they resembled why the called a "Cat". A few years ago, a Neko genius formulted a plan to reverse the situation, and free the Nekos from slavery. He organized a world wide campaign, where Nekos abducted and subdued human females, and forcibly mated with them. In nothing but a year the population of the Nekos doubles, and they waged war on the human race. The war was successfull, however one of Its casualties was the man behind the plans, Syris' father.
6 years have passed since the war, and Neko's roam the streets at night with humans as their pets and slaves, the Cycle of hatred had been spun once again. Syris Is one of the most respected Nekos In society, following the family name and reputation and leading the Neko army's advances further and further through the world. He resides In an extravagent mansion, with a human pet arriving at his door step every year, the best of the crop.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Skyro
Age: Exact age unknown, thought to be late teens
Appearance: Dark, messy hair, light skin and bright green eyes. Also has a small marking on the lower back, 天, a marking symbolising 'Sky.' It is uncertain where this marking came from.

Bio: No one is quite sure where he came from, he just appeared one day in London tower, inside all the locks doors. He was just there. He had no idea how he got there, what his purpose being there was or even what his name was.

Four years after his appearance, he had little contact, he had made few friends and would speak to only a select few. Skyro knew little when he had arrived and although people didn't realise it, he had learnt a lot. Watching people come and go from the many homes he had stayed in, he learnt about human nature, how people were currupt and how people lied, stole and cheated their way to fortunes.

A few weeks ago, Skyro was thinking, that's all he really did, think. And suddenly his mind filled with images, images of the sky and the clouds, the stars and the moons. When he opened his eyes, he was a new man.

Skyro knew his place, and his father had sent word of his destiny.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Sophia Luna
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Charmer for hire, palm reader, works in advertising from time to time as a freelancer.
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, fun-loving, and very sociable. She is a creative woman when she wants to be, and is firmly grounded in what she does or doesn't want.
Kinks: Oral (Both giving and receiving), lactation, breastplay, public scenes, using foods, dress-up (wearing clothes picked by someone else), and more.
Appearance: [Image: Raiza.jpg]
Quick Bio: Sophie worked hard to get to college and discover what she really wanted to do with her life, though she didn't quite know what it was yet. Her natural powers as a witch really leaned toward putting her talent to use after college, and even during. She's living in Coup de Ville at the moment to see what it's like.
Extras: Loves cats and is allergic to most real flowers.
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: seth
Age: is unknown for sure but he looks about eighteen has been around longer
Eye color: red
Hair color and style : spiky and dark purple with pointy ears though his ears are commonly confused as part of his hair
Abilities : has al they same abilities as his pokemon half gengar
Past: his father is a human and his mother is one of team galactics earlier specimens who where thought to be unstable and malfunctioning she was relased and found by seths father she is a gengar he has one sister who is currently a haunter and has yet to grow into her gengar state
Special item: He has a silver necklace in the shape of a pokeball that prevents his capture by fellow trainers his dad only made five prototypes one he gave to his wife as their wedding ring one as a set of earrings given to his daughter one her eighth birthday and the necklace that seth has the ther two he gave to seth under the hopes that his son could help others like him with them they are a watch and bracelet
Species: half human half gengar
Downfalls: weak against anything but normal type attacks and had to grow into a gengar type as does his sister is kinda on the dead side being a ghost type
Family names: father: Zack. mother: Sarah. sister Rosalie
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
((I prefer to make up new characters to better match the different variety of topics I'm roleplaying but this is the main one I like to use. She also has a variety of backgrounds that I use for different topics but this is her original background. I also have a main character I like to use for normal real-life roleplays but I’ll post that one later))

Name: Sionnach
Alias: Silver Fox; Sy
Age: 15-17

Infancy - Toddler: Sionnach is a seemingly young girl who was born on a planet abundant with creatures like anthromorphs, demons, angels, and elementals. And even humans. Sionnach’s mother was a fox anthromorph and her father a human. Together they made her, what the people of her world call, a Tréig. A creature that is an abomination to nature and the races. She had soft vanilla toned skin and bright glittery gold eyes. Her hair was short and silver with tints of purple. She also had fox ears that were silver and a bushy fox tail that was silver w/ black tip that reached to her knees. Her parents tried to keep her a secret but soon she was found out. One night when she was still very young, her home was attacked by a mob. Her older brother and father fought off the mob as her and her mother tried to escape. All was in vain for soon the mob found them. She watched as an arrow punctured through her mother’s chest. As her mother slowly bled to death she used what energy she could muster to teleport young Sionnach away from the hostile world. Only to be sent to another world just as hostile, if not more so: Earth.

Toddler – Child: Through the years she has learned the hostility of the humans that covered the new planet and grew to live more in the wild. Even in the woods that she was accustomed to thanks to her home planet she was still alone. The animals shunned her because of her human blood that they sensed. Even other foxes backed away from her in fear. She learned to hunt on her own, live on her own, find warmth in the winter on her own, all while harvesting the small flicker of magick she held inside of her thanks to her mother’s blood. She knew how to speak wolf, fox, tiger, and had some control of the wind which grew stronger as her emotions did.

Child – Young Teen: As she reached what humans would consider the teenager stages of one’s life, the hunting in her woods grew slim and she migrated toward another where a small town was near. Curious of the humans she stuck close but still out of site. She was still spotted at times and turned into an urban legend being named “The Silver Fox”. As scientists and biologists and legend seekers sought after her, she learned the skills of stealth and evasiveness. Over time she learned the human language English and had observed enough of the humans that she felt she could pass as one of them. After all the only differences were her ears, tail, fangs, and claws. So one night she stole some clothes from a house and joined the society: wearing a hat to hide her ears and usually a trench coat of sorts to hide her tail.

Young Teen – Now: She fit in fairly well to the human world. Traveling from place to place usually attracted to the more larger cities with greater population even though she knew the more people around her increased the risk of her exposure. She was found out one day on accident but, shockingly, due to her well shaped figure and uniqueness of her animalistic features she got a job as an exotic dancer, stripper, window girl, and other things of that nature. She learned to rule the streets and underground as well as harnessing her feminine power. She gained the name Sy as a code name of sorts as well as an abbreviation for her exotic birth name. Now-a-days she is more of a freelance worker; she does a little of this and a little of that for some money or merchandise. By day she is a good girl and does small quick hire jobs for loose cash like car wash’s, bussing tables at a restaurant, etcetera. And by night she turns toward the more illegal jobs such as filling for “exotic” prostitutes, making runs/trades for drug-dealers, and when she’s in the mood she’ll dance on stage for some tips and/or drugs that she can sell herself. All the while she is searching for others like herself. Anthromorphs, demons, anything. Just someone who isn’t human like herself.

[Image: l_94ee9658e0864460bc4da2b0b38b9dca.jpg] ((I know ear and tail color are off but it's closest I could get))
.:Demented thoughts of a passive psycho:.
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