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Holy Light and Black Clouds (All are welcome)
07-20-2011, 02:01 AM
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RE: Domination
(07-20-2011 12:11 AM)Yajirobe Wrote:  Zero knew the zone very well, since he fit the describition of the people in the zone so well. He was the great traitor to good after all. He listened as he looked around, so many powerful demons. He knew taht th ey all had their weaknesses, everyone did. He heard wings and a voice, which belonged fo Flail. "He wants us to fight for him, and I am sure he wants us to be the tools of his personal revenge," he said calmly, unlike most he wasn't so effected by her looks. He was a cool fallen angel.

He smirked at the comment of hers, "I am sure you will have more then your share of fun," he commented his eyes forward, "This is going to be a very interesting game that is going to be played, I am sure you will get to kill whatever you want on both sides, their strong, and our failures to show examples of what happens when they don't try."

Zero's mind was already working preparing for the tasks ahead, he made notes of the numbers of every type of demon present, and he was sure he would be task with leading at least a group of these demons on the battlefield.
Char, flew the the sky cutting threw the first layer of clouds as he knew this meeting as going to be extremely important. He used his speed to get to that point. He was always a bit away from everyone else.He saw another angel flying up, and blinked, he knew this one rather well, "Well it is good to see you as well Ramina. He looked ahead as he focused his attention forward, "Well now, I think this is going to be our grand test, a chance to prove we are up to the challenge," he said before thinking. He smiled, his mind thinking about the fight and thus the normal awkwardness in his tone was absent.

Flail frowned and poked Zero on the arm."Oh Zero-Wero, your no fun, fun."She teased and giggled."I'm sure our happy King will no doubt tell us that we lead the charge and take those who stand in our way down to the filthy ground,"She smirked and giggled as well.Looking at him, she grinned."millenia have passed and finally Satan daddy is going to do something about claiming back his rightful and spot."Looking down at the hoard of demons, she felt the ground beneath her feet shake a bit."Here he coooomes~"She sang, seeing the dark black sky light up red and from behind a mountain of ice, Satan himself appeared, long black wings like a bats flapped hard, sending torrents of wind to the ground.

"MY CHILDREN"He called out as he hovered over his followers.

Everyone roared and cheered for him.

"The time has come to take back what is ours. To take back what had been ours since the beginning of time, since birth."He grinned evily, his black eyes taking in the hoards before him."Now my children.Now....we shall take Paradise....take Heaven......and take Earth."Everyone cheered."They think we will charge in fools."He snickered."No. We are more cunning then that. My fallen children, upon freedom, head to Earth or Heaven and guide those who are of sin and lead them towards destruction, lead them so that they may corrupt others.Kill those of holy virtue and claim your new home.My precious demons, we shall also take that in which no human has ever stepped on.The mountain of Gods."all roared in glee."Yes...the Gods. The beings who claim to be better then us.March through their gates and let them know who is superior.Now Go my children.Go and take back what is our."He smiled and sent them on their way.

Flail purred in amusement, her tail swaying back and forth."Big daddy sure does big plans."she looked at Zero."So Zero dear, what will you do?"she asked, looking away from him, watching as all the demons and fallen."I'm gonna to Earth first.....or maybe Heaven.Mmmm...I can't decide.Where should I go Zero Wero."

Seeing The Sanctum, Ramina looked at Char."Will see what's gonna happen and how it will happen."Folding her wings, she descended toward the ground and landed on the soft grass, her eyes taking in the large golden cathedral that lay before her.Inside, holy sayings and biblical saying were inscribed in the walls and doors, the true sayings of Her Father and his time."Come Char, let us head inside.I sense everyone has gathered already."following others, Ramina folded her wings agains ther back.Ascended the long, golden stairs, she took each step, each step leading her towards the greater good." you think the being from the great mountain will come and help us."She asked a bit concerned.It was rare for angels to even ask the great Gods from the mountain for help, since they rarely ever speak half the time.
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