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Angel's Examination - A CERBERUS Erotic Tale (BWA x Candria)
02-27-2012, 10:49 AM
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Angel's Examination - A CERBERUS Erotic Tale (BWA x Candria)
Angel wandered up the stairs of the apartment building, grumbling about not being able to use the elevator. The six-foot-four Australian with tanned skin, hazel-green eyes, messy brown hair and dressed in a black suit with red shirt and black tie was given the address of the complex by an anonymous person who claimed to be a friend, offering to give him answers to questions that have plagued Angel since the night of the storm. Unlike most humans, Angel was, for lack of a better word, different; he discovered that he could control the flows and currents of electricity, allowing him to absorb and store it within his body safely, until such a time when he required it's use. He knew he was not human, even more so as he passed the twenty-eighth floor after only beginning to scale the flight of steps two minutes ago.

The "friend" had also requested the presence of Angel's friends, Valerie and Tiberius. However, Valerie was utilising her ability to heal people with water in Kenya and Tiberius... well, Tiberius was just gone. To Angel's disappointment, he awoke that night to find that his older brother had left in the dead of night. As he finally reached the floor he was supposed to be on, Angel wondered the reasons why Tiberius left: was it to become stronger with his power over the earth? Or was it something else?

Approaching the door, Angel reached out for the handle, expecting to step into a hallway of apartments. What surprised him, however, was that not only was the door locked, but after a second glance, he noticed the door was made entirely of steel. Frowning, the Aussie decided to rap his knuckle against the door, wincing as the sound he made sent shivers down his spine. Angel didn't like this... but then again, he knew that if it WAS a trap, then he could easily solve the situation and be back on the plane before more men in suits and body armor appeared to kill him, like the million times before.

"Anyone here? Open up!"
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02-27-2012, 09:05 PM
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RE: Angel's Examination - A CERBERUS Erotic Tale (BWA x Candria)
The door didn't open, but a spy-sized camera had picked up on the man outside the door, and a hidden speaker came to life just after he began knocking. A youthful, cheery voice echoed into the stairway as the young attendant and researcher on the other side became aware of what she considered to be a very handsome man.

"Oh my... hello, there. You must have an appointment with the doctor. Wait just one moment while I confirm that..."

They had, indeed been expecting that a man would be coming to see them for help. An acquaintance of the doctor had called and told them that much. He left out how handsome the man was...and what exactly he was here for. She looked at the description the doctor had given her and guessed that he filled it well enough.

After a long moment of studying and processing information, there was a buzz and the very solid door opened to a shorter woman--no older than twenty by the looks of her. Her blue eyes were bright and full of curiosity as she motioned for him to enter. Her light brown hair, cut in trendy chunks stopped just before her shoulders. She was at least five foot three, but she felt like a pygme next to him. She had a proportionate statuesque body and good posture. Didn't look like she'd gone through the freshman fifteen hysteria at all.

"Won't you have a seat? I'll go get the doctor so you can talk." With that, the bright young woman turned on her heel and practically skipped down the hall. What an interesting young thing...She'd left him in a large sitting room. It was furnished with modern furniture, though not so modern that it was uncomfortable. Cool colors and dark wood gleamed while lovely, colorful paintings hung on the walls. There was a sofa that looked sleek and comfortable in a soothing shade of gray across from two matching recliners. There were other various sitting areas, but this one had a coffee table with a lemonade service already set up for them to enjoy. The hall the young woman had disappeared down was long and well-lit, but not stark white and frightening, as some might think it would be.

It would be a good five minutes before anyone but Angel took up residence in the room.
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