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Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 19NOV16) - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-22-2012 08:30 PM

A little about the Lu: Luana is not my real name...because...well who in the hell would name their kid Luana? People who want their kid beaten up that's who. I've got the tatas and the chacha so definitely a girl over here. I've been around 29 years so far, god I am getting old. I'm not looking to "chat" or exchange nudy pictures. Also I am in the world's finest Navy, the United States Navy. I am a Gunner's Mate. Now what does that mean? It means I have access to the Navy's stuff that goes bang and fucks up peoples' day. (PS if you have an issue with the isn't a good idea to spout that off to me. Because if you do...well fuck you, move to Russia.) Right now I am attached to a ship so my response time may vary (but I will let you know when I go underway and a basic idea of when I will be back).

And now that you are bored let's move on to what you actually came here for.

General Guidelines: These are the basics of what makes me a happy camper.

-I like girth in my RP. (Easy there boy, not talking about what's in your pants) I like big, long paragraphs that just ooze succulent details. It makes me happy and tingly. However I have been known to just do 1 paragraph, especially when talking or steamy scenes occur. However if you inspire me (I am looking at you Santos) you will get a lot more.

-To go along with the above...if you can't use proper grammar or open up a spellcheck, please just turn back now. A few mistakes here and there are fine. I'm guilty of it too. I make exceptions for those who do not speak English natively but, hey, they at least try. (Also I find it endearing when one of my partners spells things phonetically)

-I suppose I might call myself a sub...sub switch more like. But I also hate this dom/sub thing. I like people who can be both without being a pussy. If the rp calls for it I might make a character more innocent than normal but I can also make serious fiends. Just so long as you get that when I make a fiend, you better make someone equal to or more so.

-As a heads up I do most everything on my phone now. Please forgive a few autocorrect fails. I do type everything in Pages but sometimes the autocorrect can be quite rude.


(The role I want is on the left)

**Lady Knight-This one is more of a shot in the dark really. See...I joust at renaissance festivals in my spare time (which is rare now...being in the Navy). So obviously I have my stage character and I would really like to pit her against someone to sort of...flesh her out more. The short version is basically a Mulan story. Her brother wished to join the church, her father wanted her brother to become knighted and run their family affairs. So her brother trained her to fight, she lopped off her hair and they set off. He left and went to become a monk while she joined up with a tournament circuit group (it was not entirely uncommon that a few knights, or would be knights, would travel together to tournaments)

**Blast from the Past-I'd like to play around with the more or less cliched idea of a history based character (just someone from another time, doesn't have to be anyone of importance of course) brought to the modern world. Could be a myriad of reason...magic or God-like interference (which are kind of the same thing really). Sorry no pairings for this one sport. I would like to play the person from the modern world. Pick any time frame you want, hell if you want it to be a fantasy elf thing, by all means go for it. This one is super wide open.

**Steel Mafia-I'd like to do a 1920s sort of rp playing a steel tycoon's daughter/heir to fortune. This could go a number of ways....steel mill worker, mafia associate, a fellow socialite...whatever floats your boat.
HeirxMill worker
HeirxMafia man(Don, hitman, don't care)

**Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?-I know this is even more random than the others but I now have this idea of a crime fighting duo of little red riding hood and an anthro big bad wolf would be awesome...My idea is that it is all sort of an underworld plot with the vampire vs. lycan type of thing. Red was a government weapons designer befor being kidnapped by the vampires and then forced to make weapons for them to kill they Lycans, also to be a blood slave while she's at it. She is the one to create the liquid silver bullet that has been causing serious damage to the Lycans. The Lycans find out, at least, where the weapons are being made and raid the mansion to put an end to the creator. However one Lycan, your character, sees it is just a human who was recently fed on by a vampire. (In my world there has to be a blood exchange to be turned) Killing a weakened human is almost demeaning so instead he opts to get the young lady out of return she would make weapons for the Lycans and be his vampire hunting partner.
RedxWolf (anthro or were it matters not)

**Your Plot Here- If none of this tickles your pickle but you think I might be fun, then come at me bro! Tell me what you wanna do. I'm actually very nice when it comes to offers and I will tell you if I like it, if I don't and what could be worked on.

And now for something completely different!
These are just general RPs I like to do. Pick from one and have some fun XP

Original RPness Wrote:
Future bounty hunter (either HunterxHunted or Hunter team)
Vampire (modern or medieval)
Arranged marriage (Ancient china or medieval)
Feudal Japan
Ancient China
Slave (Must have good plot if I'm to be mistress...kind burned out)
1920’s (preferably involving the mafia)
Japanese Highschool
(Suggest something and I'll probably try it)

Squeally FanGirl Goodness Wrote:
Anime- (me+you)(//=or)
(All Worlds can be OC of course!)
Saiyuki (OC+Hakkai)(Lirin+OC)
Gundam Wing (Dunno…no Yaoi and I don’t play Relina, unless I kill her as an NPC)
Hellsing (Seras+Alucard)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Katara+Zuko)
Xiaolin Showdown (Kimiko+Chase Young//Clay)
Angelic Layer (Mizaki+Ojiro)
Ronin Warriors (OC+Ryo//Sage)
Naruto (I love the idea of next gen!)

Total Bookworm-age Wrote:
Books- (me+you)
Harry potter (Hermione+Viktor)(Hermione+Tom Riddle)(Hermione+Snape)
Daughter of the Forest (Sorcha+Red/Simon)

Gamer Wrote:
Video Games- (me+you)
Legend of Zelda (Sorry, only Made ups again…unless you wanna be Link for meh, lol)
Harvest Moon (Most girls+Most Guys)
Devil May Cry (Once again, only originals...unless you wanna be Dante XP)
Dragon Age (Inquisitor Lavellen(IL)+Solas)(IL+Cullen)(OC+OC)(Cassandra+OC)
Mass Effect (Please dear god play a Turian for me)
Elder Scrolls (So much OC. I like playing a Bosmer though.)

**My Rabbit hole

Ring ring ring Banana phone!: How to get ahold of me/rping with me.
-Honestly I don't know how often I will check this board so your best bet is to PM me.

-I will consider RP over threads but I do prefer PM rp. Threads is like voyeurism...not a fan....

-The only messenger I have is MSN, if you want to TALK there I am down, but no RPing, the post limit is too short.

I will NOT participate in ageplay or incest. That is just nasty. Keep that shit away from me.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a picture of a collie puppy.
[Image: CollieRoughPurebredDogNeko7WeekPuppy2.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests - razorbackxr - 07-22-2012 10:07 PM

Not actually a roleplaying match, but I gotta say, Go Navy Gunner's Mates! The only people crazier are the SEALs. And crazy is awesome.

RE: Lu's Requests - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-22-2012 10:11 PM

(07-22-2012 10:07 PM)razorbackxr Wrote:  Not actually a roleplaying match, but I gotta say, Go Navy Gunner's Mates! The only people crazier are the SEALs. And crazy is awesome.

lol well thank ya ^_^

RE: Lu's Requests - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-23-2012 05:49 PM

And here is a collie puppy bump. (Are you seeing a trend?)
[Image: Collie-Puppies-Picture.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-24-2012 07:17 PM

[Image: Collie-puppies-5.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-27-2012 02:49 PM

[Image: misty1.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-28-2012 07:09 PM

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSB9eZCut7ttKPmAXsknWF...t7N34n8KDQ]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-29-2012 02:40 PM

[Image: Suanne_A2010424212031.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 08-09-2012 09:40 PM

[Image: 07-26-09_Sable_Merle_Male_Collie_Puppy_7%2B_weeks11.JPG]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 08-31-2012 10:39 PM

[Image: Major1.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 10-12-2012 07:20 PM

[Image: CollieRoughPurebredDogNeko7WeekPuppy2.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 07-02-2013 11:32 AM

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgitkU0eRSUMGyP7wTbZL...bb5DqPGrSZ]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 27JUL12) - Luana_Blodwyn - 11-21-2013 09:58 PM

Back from deployment and ready to play!

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 19NOV16) - Luana_Blodwyn - 11-19-2016 09:07 AM

[Image: 22bd53695dbe536ff26bb41dc5093f21.jpg]

Bringing this bitch back to life!

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 19NOV16) - Luana_Blodwyn - 11-20-2016 07:32 PM

So apparently I am entitled and alienating for not wanting to let someone use my character as a sex puppet. Lawl.

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 19NOV16) - Luana_Blodwyn - 11-24-2016 10:43 AM

[Image: puppies-7.jpg]

RE: Lu's Requests(Now with more awesome 19NOV16) - Dark Desires - 12-07-2016 09:07 PM

Here is a bump. The link to your rabbit hole doesn't work, an F-list on will work. Good luck in the navy, do come back in one piece.