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Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-22-2012 07:03 PM

It was a cold morning, it wasn't too cold, there was no snow, but there was a firm layer of frost on everything when the people of the city woke in the morning. It was cold enough to give frostbite to anyone stupid enough to go around without shoes, or for the few unfortunate, unable to buy shoes. There was one such boy sitting huddled under a tent, his feet buried in a sleeping bag so he would hopefully, not get frostbite. He was young and very handsome, but filthy from head to toe, his clothes too small and tattered, and he was too skinny to be all that physically appealing, though proper meals would fix that in no time at all. He had chestnut brown hair and a soft face that would lite up the world if he where to just smile, but he was too miserable for smiles. He was homeless after all, huddled in a flimsy tent that collapsed every time the wind blew too hard, no shoes, in shorts and a t-shirt which is what he had been wearing when he'd run away from home. His chocolate brown eyes turned to the crowds of people that where passing by in front of his little tent, completely ignoring him, and the paintings he had on display.

His name was Able, like Cain and Able, he'd even had an elder brother named Cain, but Cain was dead, in an ironic twist it was Cain who had died in the struggle, not between siblings, but between father and son. Able's father was a drunk, and an angry one at that, and didn't like his son's doing such 'girly' thinks like painting and dancing. Cain, being the elder, had suffered the brunt of their fathers wrath, and when their father had finally snapped and beaten Cain to death, Able had packed up all of his painting things, had hopped a train, and had vanished from his hometown, hopefully forever. Able had settled into the streets hoping to sell his paintings, but so far, no one had even glanced at them, or him, ignoring him completely as if he didn't even exist, and with winter coming, Able knew death would be coming on swift wings.

It was hard to imagine that the paintings weren't getting any attention though, they where gorgeous, and done almost perfectly. The colors where vibrant and the pictures themselves perfectly lifelike. There was a mystical forest with a unicorn standing in the middle of it, bathed in light and looking perfectly elegant. There was a pile of waterfalls streaming off of a cliff, showering mist and rainbows everywhere, there was even an adorably fluffy kitten sitting in a basket with ribbons all over. Able had only enough paint to finish his last painting, this one of a faceless man peering down into his hands, which where cupped to hold water, the angle as such that you couldn't see the face, but should have seen the reflection in the water, but it was only half finished, so he blew into his hands, trying to pull warmth into them, settled out into the open so that people could watch him paint, hoping that someone, anyone would take an interest, and buy one, just one, then he could buy a pair of socks, another canvas, more paint, and some food... god he was so hungry.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-22-2012 07:56 PM

Eiri Morvane crouched down in front of the smallish tent, the expensive wool coat that was snug along his shoulders hiding part of his face as he studied the paintings. Soft red hair curled around his face in a charming face as he frowned slightly, trying to figure out for himself why the paintings hadn't sold. He'd been here a few times, and each time he'd stopped to look at the young boy with the paintings,and yet something had kept him from approaching until today, without his friend and collegue hanging at his side. "How much for all of them?"The slightly accented words curled around the english as he ducked his head to try to meet the young man's eyes, looking curious.

At just 22 he was the youngest Morvane to ever become the CEO of his company, but he was brilliant at his job, and he enjoyed helping the less fortunate who hadn't been born into a family who could spend a million and not even notice the loss. And while he was trying to be helpful to a boy who he hoped would be smart enough to spend the small fortune he was going to drop on the art, he more then anything else apperciated extrodiary beautiful art. And if nothing else, the pieces were that."Boy?"He asked sounding anxious when he didn't get a answer to his question

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-22-2012 09:16 PM

Able stared at the strange male, so startled and shocked that his voice failed him. Terrified that this larger man was going to hit him he couldn't find his voice for a moment before he swallowed thickly and managed to stammer out a response. “t..thirty f..for each.” he managed to state. “n..ninety... sir. For all th..three.” he stated, swallowing thickly as he waited, wondering if this man was going to laugh at him too like the last one that had stopped by. Thirty for that piece of shit? The other had said your a waste of space and a wast of time. Able was sure he was a good artist, but everyone he had ever shown his paintings to had convinced him he wasn't as good as he thought he was, that he was really actually a terrible artist and that he just didn't realize it. There was hope though, in those pretty chocolate eyes, and his eyes flicked over to the unfinished painting and the almost gone paints and the single empty canvas that he clearly wanted to fill with a painting.

He went back to paying attention to the man, swallowing thickly as he studied the other, waiting for a response to the number he had given. It was almost a sin, in a gallery, paintings like that could have sold for three thousand, or even thirty thousand dollars each. But because he was on the streets, painting on the streets, he would have been lucky to get ten dollars for all of them. He was smart though, the man in front of him was interested, and that meant that Able could jack up the price, even if only a little bit. He swallowed thickly as he studied the man. With ninety dollars he could not only buy new paints, food, and maybe a few more canvases, but he could buy a blanket to go over his sleeping back so he didn't wake up with the shivers, he could buy a long sleeved shirt and some thicker pants too so he didn't freeze to death, maybe even get some socks for his feet.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-22-2012 09:33 PM

Eiri didn't even blink as he nodded,twisting at the waist a little as he dug his wallet out of his jeans, folding the bills together so the boy couldn't see that instead of just the 90 dollars, there were three thousand dollar bills folded in there. Straightening he smiled at the boy, "Will you be able to finish this one, if I could find a warm room for you to paint in?I would like to see the finished piece, instead of just this half finished one."Eiri said handing the money over as he poointed to the half finished piece, looking curious. As a art collector and a dealer he knew how much they were worth, and as a Morvane, the three thousand dollars he'd just dropped was pocket change for the man who was wearing a thousand dollar jacket."I own a studio apartment, and all I would ask for your use of it would be that you finished this piece."He said studying the boy, hands in his pockets as the morvane heir huddled in his jacket, shivering a little in the cold. Despite the layers he was wearing he was cold. He couldn't imagine how the boy was feeling, and the sudden need to help him grabbed him as a fierce desire.

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-22-2012 10:57 PM

Able gasped softly, amazed as the other actually produced the money. He accepted the money and got to his feet, moving into the tent to get some Pizza boxes that he could get cheep, they where good for transferring his paintings, the perfect size and protecting the paintings perfectly. Not the most common, but very effective. He paused though and blinked at the other, hesitating a little. “...” he asked, looking a little baffled, clutching the money in his hands, if it came down to it, he'd rather had a warm room over food and a few new clothes, but Able was not a stupid boy, he knew there was probably going to be a price. Sex most likely, Able wasn't a whore, but people had offered before, and it was getting to the point to where he might accept, just to get out of the cold. “i...” he bit his lip, hesitating, indecision on his face before he finally nodded. “i will finish this painting for you...” he promised swallowing thickly. Anything to get out of the cold, even if it meant becoming a whore. He had nowhere else to go anyway.

“i will go with you.” he decided again, ducking into his tent again, putting the paintings carefully into their pizza boxes before gathering up his few belongings, rolling up his sleeping bag and collapsing his tent before storing his paints into the only actually expensive thing he had. A paint box, there where only five or six colors left, but the paint box could hold two hundred and fifty tubes of paint, a Palette, brushes of all sizes, and even solvent and alcohol along with mixing cups and various other tools. It looked like a fishing box, but all black and it came with a lock. Even coming unequipped the box itself could cost up to two, or three hundred dollars, so it was pretty clear that the boy hadn't always lived on the streets. Everything packed up and loaded into his backpack, tent and sleeping bag alike, he was ready in a matter of minutes, his bare toes digging nervously into the earth. He was unsure about all of this, but he knew that he would be dead in a matter of weeks if he didn't go with this man. “... I'm Able.” he introduced himself suddenly, licking his lips as he followed the other, the money stuffed deep in his pocket, hoping the other would forget he had paid him and wouldn't ask for the money back. Because Able wanted to buy more blue and green to finish this final painting.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 05:52 AM

Eiri smiled sadly at the sight of the boy packing up his things so quickly. It hurt to see that such a talented man had not been able to afford what he deserved, or what he wanted. "Come then."He said before pausing shrugging out of the coat, before drapping the expensive wool over the shivering blond."I'm Eiri."He said already starting to walk. Not telling the other his last name because he usually enjoyed being himself without being the morvane heir, and he was worried that his new...friend? would think of him differently if he knew he was. "My apartment is a few blocks over."He said leading the man from the area, smiling as he saw home. The sleek dark building was beautiful and as he stepped inside he looked at able.

"The whole building is mine, though I only stay in the top floor. If you wish, you could stay with me there and keep me company, or have a whole room and apartment to yourself."He said as if he hadn't just offered the man a apartment. For the moment willing to let the boy believe he was just keeping him there for the final painting, instead of intending on making him stay in the warmth and safety as long as he wanted to. Slipping the paintings out of the boxes he started for the stairs, eager to hang up the paintings

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 01:37 PM

the boy offered Eiri a small smile as the warm jacket settled over him, wrapping the blanket around himself and reveling in the warmth. "thank you for this Eiri." he muttered softly, not giving his own last name for fear someone had a missing persons report out on him, he doubted it, Cain had been the only person that he could actually trust. not only that, but knowing his father, he was being blamed for Cain's death. he looked up at the sleek building with amazement and tilted his head to the side a little as he studied the sleek sides wondering if the other was a modern art builder or something. "the whole thing!?" Able demanded, looking shocked, wide eyed and astonished before they narrowed and studied the other intently, clearly still wondering what the catch was, nothing was ever that good, not without some price to pay.

"look bud... i get you want to act all nice and caring but we both know you only brought be here to rape me." he stated simply. "i'm not an idiot and i'm not a virgin either so go ahead and do it if you want it, you don't have to keep being nice to me, a bed is plenty enough for me." he promised before blushing hard as his stomach growled loudly. "... i'll even pretend to struggle and cry if you feed me first?" he asked hopefully, his stomach had been empty for weeks. eating only the little bits of good food he had been able to find in garbage cans and once a small sandwich that a kind little girl had given him.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 01:50 PM

"Yes, the whole thing. I built it so I could have privacy."Eiri said snickering at the question. He guessed it would be a amazing thing for someone who was homeless. then Eiri turned, looking at him from where he'd moved to the upstairs bedroom, pausing on the stairway as he looked down at the other man."...I don't know if I should be insulted or know, thats not the worst thing anyone's ever accused me of.."He said looking thoughtful as he disappeared into his bedroom before walking back out. Pausing at the top of the stairs as he watched able looking around the place, pausing in front of the art and artichture degrees from MIT."What do you want to eat?"The morvane heir asked as he bounded down the stairs, as eager as a puppy when he put his mind to something. Which made the buildings and art he did do, that much more unqiue because it was like two different people were doing it, with the wacky ideas and simple tastes.

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 02:14 PM

Able looked amazed that the other had built the place by himself and blinked a little as they moved up the stairs, rolling his eyes at the insulted or amused comment. they both knew Able was only there for sexual favors, there was no point in trying to hide it, right? he paused in front of the degrees and his eyes widened a little as he realized that the other was an artist by profession, sure a building artist, but an artist all the same. to have someone like that, interested in his paintings... it was almost too much. "i don't know... how about food?" Able asked with a lopsided little grin. "whatever you want to give me, i'd be happy with bread." he admitted. "it's been almost a month since i've had proper food so whatever you feel like giving me i'll be damn happy with." he admitted as he dumped his backpack on the floor of the kitchen once they where in there and settled himself into a chair to rest, the short walk had been easy, but the stairs had not on his poor starved body and he was tired now, tired and pleasantly warm and hopefully with a full belly before too long.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 02:32 PM

Eiri looked surprised before he paused in the middle of the room to think about the food."Then it'll have to be something light. Otherwise your going to make yourself sick trying to eat something reallly good."He said before scrouching up some toast and a plate bowl of left over pasta. Warming both he set them in front of the boy, he smiled a little as he went back to looking for something to eat for himself."I do work every morning,but I'm usually home in the afternoons.And the studio upstairs is made for 'artistic fancy' as my mother tells me."He said amused, knowing his mother was going to throw a fit when she learned of his newest 'project.'

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 03:14 PM

he nodded a little and his stomach growled loudly as the food was set in front of him. by the time Eiri looked back over at him the food was gone, Able had swallowed it down so fast he had barley paused to breath. it was a good thing it was a small portion or Able would have made himself sick. "i'll be painting upstairs then?" he asked, sounding interested and sleepy. now that he had food in his belly, he was warm and safe he was very tired. he yawned and rested his head on his arms, intending on just sleeping right there, completely uncaring that it was still the afternoon and that if he slept then he was going to be up all night... or he was going to crash and sleep until morning, he hadn't been sleeping well while on the streets, afraid of being attacked. he sighed softly as he snuggled into his arms, already half asleep and completely uncaring that the other was still talking.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 03:21 PM

eiri smiled a little when he realized the boy had fallen asleep. Finishing up his own food he carried the boy upstairs to the studio,settling him on the small day bed he kept there before he settle himself in front of the drawing board. So busy fretting over his latest building that he didn't even notice the boy waking up in the early hours of the morning unilateral he'd heard the be squeak. Staarting a little he looked at the boy then at the clock, offering a small smile."sleep well? I was afraid you'd be up all night with falling asleep that early. Thankfully though you got about 12 hours sleep. Feel better?"eiri asked in a rush looking worried about able as he looked over the sleep missed boy.

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 03:43 PM

Able shifted on the day bed, blinking sluggishly as he yawned and stretched, groaning as he stretched himself out like a cat before blinking sluggishly at his savior, squeaking a little as he realized he was not where he had fallen asleep, but was still dressed in the clothes he had fallen asleep in, jacket and all. he felt... so good, warm and happy and full from his last meal. "... yeah, i feel good." he admitted rubbing his eyes as he tried to wake up. "i didn't mean to fall asleep." he lied, trying to be polite. "sorry to have been a bother..."

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 03:53 PM

Siri looked amused as he looked at the other man, smiling slightly."not a bother. It was actually kind of nice to have company, even if you weren't awake."he teased lightly before stretching,waving able over so he could see the art museum he was designing."have you ever seen a building before it was a building?"he asked for the moment ignoring the voice that sounded like his mother wonder why he felt such a strong need to take care of the boy, or even the desire to share the non finished plans which he almost never did with anyone since he was generally a very private person.

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 04:37 PM

siri!? XDD i thought his name was Eiri?)

he blinked a little and pulled the jacket around himself, still feeling cold as he moved over to the other, examining the lines. "no i haven't." he admitted his eyes scanning the paper. "this is kind of cool." he admitted stroking the design carefully. "it's... kind of beautiful." he admitted smiling a little. "what is it? i can't quite fit it together in my head..." he admitted his head tilted as he studied the drawing. "if you don't mind... i'm going to go out this morning and get more paint.. i need blue, and green." he admitted. he actually needed a full new set of paints, but he thought he only had ninety dollars sitting in his pocket, and he needed new clothes more than he needed more paint.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 04:49 PM

It is...oh man so switching back to my computer...word correction is driving me batty...XDD)

Eiri shrugged looking amused that the other was asking his permission, though since the boy thought he was here for sex he guessed it made sense."If you don't mind staying at the mall for a few hours I can drop you off on my way to the office and pick you up on my way home."eiri offered before nodding towards the building plans."it's going to be the natural history museum, though this wing here is the dinosaurs." he said sounding amused as he pointed to the section that vaguely looked like the king of lizards-t Rex- laying down

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 05:59 PM

he smiled a little a little as he watched the other explain the building. "that's really cool." he admitted examining it his head tilted. "is there an ancient Egyptian part? i like Egypt." he admitted studying the drawing before looking at the other, his head tilted. "i don't mind spending a few hours at the mall." he admitted smiling a little. "it'll give me time to try on some shoes." he really wanted some shoes, his feet hurt all the time from tiny cuts from the city streets. he had a pair of sandles, but they where on their last legs, and he tried not to use them unless he had to. but he could take twenty of the dollars and buy a nice pair of tennis shoes. he leaned forward, examining the others drawing a little more, gently setting his fingers on the others shoulder so he didn't loose his balance, his fingers shockingly soft despite being on the streets.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 06:16 PM

Eiri started a little at the touch, befroe he relaxed.HAving not expected it, though he did relax as he turned his head a lttle smiling."There is.Here see?"He asked drawing a finger across the page to the pyrmid shaped part, which in the end you would have to pass through a tomb to get to the rest of the egyptian things to."Do you need some shoes?"Eiri asked leaning back a little to look at the other's feet,looking thoughtful. Wondering if he had a pair of shoes that would fit. Or maybe his sister's tennis shoes would...maybe.

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 06:37 PM

he smiled a little. "it looks pretty." he admitted. "fancy and interesting and fun." which in his opinion museums should be. "no, i have a pair of sandles i can use until i can get shoes." he promised smiling a little as he yawned and headed off to find a bathroom so he could shower, cleaning himself in the shower and stepping out, clean and gorgeous, clothes still dirty, but himself perfectly clean and as handsome as he should have been as he pulled his shoulder length hair back into a ponytail. "Eiri? can i borrow a pair of pants maybe? it's cold outside..." he admitted tugging at his shorts.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 06:55 PM

Eiri winced at that."Sorry I hadn't thought about that earlier."He said smiling as he got up, padding silently to his bedroom, digging through the drawers. Wincing a little as he held out a smaller pair of dress pants."They're women's pants,but they're the only one thats small enough to be able to fit you."He said blushing slightly because he felt bad he didn't have anything more. Smiling wider he stretched, rubbing his eyes."You want breakfast before we head out?"

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-23-2012 08:14 PM

he smiled a little as he accepted the pants, looking them over before shrugging and stripping out of his shorts and pulling on the slacks. "no one can tell, i have legs enough to fill them out right." he promised examining his long graceful legs with a small grin at the mention of breakfast. "more food? of course." he admitted with a growl of his stomach, taking the money out of his shorts and shoving it into the borrowed slacks, again without looking at it, determined to try and keep it mostly hidden from Eiri, in case he wanted it back... of course, with as big and amazing as the building was, he doubted the other was hurting for money.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-23-2012 08:42 PM

Eiri smiled as he saw the other take the money,amused that he hadn't been sputtered at yet for paying 20 times as much as what the boy had asked for the paintings. Of course, he'd probably hear about it later,but hopefully after Able had bought himself some things with it."And make sure you buy some food while your at the mall to.And clothes."He said tossing the kid his wallet as he walked into the kitchen."I have a running relationship with the Legacies, in the mall."He said shaking a finger, knowing their was two art shops in the mall, and knowing the homeless kid, he'd go to the cheap one.So he was going to take care of that, and overrule any protests."And yes, you will use my account, because I like your artwork, and I know some people who would to.but they want paintings for offices and such, which means shopping at legacies instead of pastles."

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-24-2012 03:26 PM

he grimaced a little at the order to buy food, he wasn't sure if he could afford to buy food too. he gasped as he caught the wallet, his eyes growing wide. "i..what!? no i can't take this it's your money... i haven't earned it..." he protested eyes wide. "and i can't afford Legacies!" oh how he wished he could, their paint was a lot more expensive, but that's because the quality of the paint was ten times better than Pastels was. he hesitated a little clutching the wallet. "i..." he bit his lip hard and then. "i'll pay you back." he decided. "i'll paint, and sell a lot of paintings.. and i'll pay you back." he promised his eyes shining with gratefulness as he wrapped his arms tightly around Eiri, hugging him. "thank you." he whispered. "i promise... i'll make this all worth it. i swear i will." he promised, so overwhelmed with gratefulness and emotions that he just couldn't help himself.

RE: Paint My Heart - jamie_winchester - 03-24-2012 03:43 PM

Eiri tensed a little at the hug before nodding smiling slightly as he turned his head to look at the boy hugging him as he cooked."Whatever. I appericiate art, more then anything else. Giving you the means of painting better, is my pleasure."he shrugged, the morvane heir not even worried about the money, biting his lip as he finished the eggs and bacon, starting to eat."We might have to stop at my mother's on the way home....she has this thing about meeting the people staying at my place...easier to go see her instead of having her show up here."He said sounding a little awkward.His mother made him so awkward it wasn't funny

RE: Paint My Heart - FoxWriter - 03-24-2012 04:36 PM

he smiled a little and let the other go when he felt the tenseness and he started stuffing his face with the bacon and eggs, eager to taste such good food after eating garbage for the last month. "mmmf, well i appreciate it." he admitted. "painting is my LIFE." he admitted smiling happily. "i'm just glad i'll be able to paint and not have someone try to break my fingers for it." he admitted finishing off the last of his food, not even realizing he had given a hint to his own abused past. "i'm... meeting your mother?" he asked looking baffled before he finally realized. "... i'm.. not here for sex... am i?" he asked looking baffled, wondering why the other was just... helping him. no one had ever done such a thing before, people always wanted something from him, whether he got something out of the deal or not. even his own mother had once tried to sell him for drugs, so just being helped was something he understood. "... is your mother frightening or something?"