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The Smile - Kitty-kun - 06-23-2011 06:11 AM

John has been inconsolable over the death of his boyfriend, Marcus. Marcus was precious to him, and he was instantly taken away. The police said he was killed by the three gunshots. Though John blamed himself. While never vocalizing his thoughts, the boy thought quietly if he wouldn’t have argued with him, he wouldn't have went out driving to relieve his stress from the yelling that went back and forth. Neither would he have been shoot for his car and the money he had on his person.

Even after a year of grieving heartache over his loss, John’s as hurt as the day he learned of Marcus's death. A new semester of college having just started the boy learns to wear a false smile from time to time, and fake emotions to go with that fake smile. Just so that he doesn't make others worry about his life. He lived in his depression, yet never allowed anyone to see how much he was hurting.

Despite having none of the true emotions to go with it, the false smile he wore captivated one boy,Christian. After meeting Christian during classes in some boring lecture he began to find the boy irresistible. Christian knew he wanted him. Knowing he wanted to be the cause of that smile on the boy's lips, he started talking to him, and persistently kept asking John for a date. Each time Christian would turned be away by the boy whose hurt Christian never saw. Realizing he couldn't get rid of him that easily, John gave in, and allowed Christian one date. Christian’s persistence won him a date. Though would it win him the chance see to behind the smile?

RE: The Smile - Ravonies - 06-23-2011 10:05 AM

Um are you looking for Yoai? If so i may um..... be mistaken in my ntent to join.

RE: The Smile - Kitty-kun - 06-24-2011 07:54 AM

Yes, this would be story involving two guys in a relationship.