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Full Version: Succubus and the loving neighbor boy {Ryuu & Camryn Draik}
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Alex is fairly average young man, he is 17 years old, 6 feet tall, has dark brown hair that usually has a messy spiked looked to it, he has hazel eyes, and a nice tan skin tone. Alex is not exactly ripped for his age, in fact he looks extremely average physically but is actually very nicely toned, and isn't a jock but is still rather athletic. Alex practices par kour(free running), knows some martial arts not from lessons but from his ex-marine father and uncles. Alex is also fairly smart so his grades are never lacking.

Despite personality, outward appearance, and social status, Alex does have one problem in his life at the moment. His family. Alex's parents had been going through some trouble with each other Alex was never entirely informed of, but despite that he understood what was happening. The problems had been progressing so far that when it was time for Alex and his parents to move into their new house, his mom stayed behind to take some time to think. Alex didn't entirely mind though, he didn't do too much with his parents at this point anyway, however he did enjoy his dad's company very much, and was glad he at least had him to hang out with until he started hanging out with the local kids. 

So Alex and his father approached their new city together, yet somehow alone. Alex's father understood how hard the problems between him and his wife must be on Alex, and as the approached their new neighborhood said "excited?" Alex replied "not really, a little anxious I guess" his father Clyde said "well don't worry son, a new neighborhood a new school and a new city, it's a nice way to start over, leave your problems behind. Besides its a nice area, I think you'll like it here." Alex gave a small smile and said "yeah I guess you're right dad.... So exactly how much longer till we get there?" Clyde replied "just a little longer son in fact" his father stretched his neck out a bit and with a very very slight strain in his voice said "this should be the neighborhood right here." 

they turned into the neighborhood and Alex realized his dad was right, it was a very nice neighborhood not a perfect one, but nice. Alex began scanning the streets for neighbors, hoping he'd see someone his age instead of a bunch of little kids or something. As they approached the house, Alex could see the for sale sign by now, off in the distance an empty drive way and a small white sign on the lawn as his dad said "here we are Alex" he smiled and looked at Alex and back at the road as he said "home sweet home" as they drove up however Alex could've sworn he saw a girl who looked about his age out of the corner of his eye but when he looked back saw no one there. They pulled up to the house, opened the garage and door to the house and then began to help with unloading the moving van that had been following them. 

Alex was ready to finally start his new life as he said "hey dad is it ok if I just hang out outside for a bit? It's nice out so I figure I'll just stretch my legs a but after that drive." his dad replied "no problem Alex, heck I might join you in a bit after all that driving myself." "thanks dad" Alex walked out onto his new slowly stretched as he lay down spread out on his back on the grass, his head resting on his hands.
Alura Johnson filled up the watering can in the sink. She'd told her mom that she'd take care of the plants since her mother was so concerned about them. She sighed to herself. It wasn't like they'd die if they didn't get attention everyday. Regardless though, she'd wanted her mother out of the house especially for the start of the school season. It was always the most exciting part of the school year for her. New faces of kids just moving into the neighborhood as well as old ones of the people still chasing her. She still couldn't really figure out why.

Heading out side for the third time to take care of the plants she smirked letting her eyes roam the neighborhood. Last time she was out she saw a new car and a moving van headed up the street. Hopefully a kid her age was moving in. She thought she saw a guy her age in the back seat but wasn't completely sure. Her cut off shorts rode up her ass slightly as she bent over to water the next batch of flowers. With how hot it was today she'd been wandering around in just her cut off shorts and bikini top. Granted partially to see if she could lure some company to the house. If she did at least she had a pool to offer.

(Sorry it's short)
Alex lay on his new lawn as he thought on how nice the sky looked in the summer, he was sad to be moving but he felt excited too. He hadn't really moved much before, maybe once or twice, and both times were when he was young so he wasn't worried about having no friends, but he felt an odd sensation of isolation regardless.

As these thoughts drifted through his mind Alex felt the need to actually stretch his legs, so getting up he started walking down the street with no particular destination. Alex was slightly hoping to maybe meet a neighbor on his little stroll but not expecting anyone to actually be home on a Saturday, it being 11am he also figured anyone who was home would probably be asleep. So he walked on with his curiosity of his new home growing with each and every house he passed, wondering just what kind of people lived in each house, hoping he hadn't been placed in a neighborhood of retired people and no one his age. As Alex walked along he soon came upon a wonderful surprise... A beautiful young girl, who couldn't be more than a year from him in age. She had beautiful black hair and a magnificent body being shown off by her cut off shorts which beautifully eventuated her perfect little butt, and her cleavage being put on display in a beautiful bikini top. Alex felt a weight lifted from his shoulders as he approached the girl's home and as he reached the driveway stopped, smiled lightly and said "hey there, my name's Alex" pointing to his house by pointing his thumb over his shoulder and motioning with his head said "I'm the one who just moved into that house that was for sale at the end if the street"

(no problem, I usually don't post too much, a paragraph or two on average, sometimes more. but I like to make a very thorough intro, just my rp style)
A smile crept over Alura's lips as she heard foot step come up the street then stop. She grinned a bit more when she heard the voice. Granted she wasn't straight but sometimes all a girl needs is a little male company.
Alura turned and pushed the long black bangs out of her face. "Hey there. I'm Alura." She said putting the watering can down then walking towards him. Her hand out stretched. "I was wondering if the newbie would be a guy my age." She laughed softly. Alura looked the 'kid' over some. He was cut. Kind of a skater build. "So you going to be going to Jefferson then?" She asked motioning behind her. The school was right down the hill behind the housing.

After a while of talking she asked. "So would you like to come in? I've got drinks and snacks inside. No sense roasting our asses out here longer than we have to right?" She said with a grin that to most that were experienced with her, which weren't many, was a sign of trouble.
As alex heard her voice a strange feeling crept into his head, he wasn't sure what it was but it felt kind of good. "Hi alura, I'm Alex, and yeah I know the feeling. I was afraid I was moving into some boring retired neighborhood." as he talked she seemed to become more and more beautiful "Yeah, I'm actually all transferred and stuff so I'll be going there soon as summer vacation lets out." Alex smiled as he spoke to Alura, she was much more attractive than he thought she was just passing by, up close she was immensely beautiful, with raven black hair, beautiful brown red like eyes, and incredibly fair skin.

The very thought of not replying yes almost seemed unimaginable as Alura asked him inside. Her very words drew his mind to a strangely confident place as he replied with a gentle smile "Y-yeah, yeah sure. I'd love to come inside"
Alura's smile broadened. "Cool."
She walked in with Alex following close behind. "Well this neighborhood isn't the most exciting. I'll tell you that now. Not many parties around here and alot of parents in the area are kinda strict about keeping an eye on all of us 'delinquents.' " Her smile never fading.
As she walked up to the kitchen she nudged a plate of rice crispy treats towards him. "Here have some."
Alex followed the beautiful girl into her home all the while in a sort of shock that he just met an incredibly beautiful the very day he moved into the neighborhood, but oh so glad. As they walked in and Alura explained to him about the neighborhood he was glad that someone like her was in the neighborhood so he wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of boring parents and no fun. As he was listening to her Alura offered him some rice crispy treats. Alex chuckled "Haha sure I'd love one" Alex picked up the treat nearest him and bit into the delicious treat he said "Man it's been a long time since I've had one of these" he then looked at Alura while holding a half eaten crispy and said "you know Alura I gotta say I'm glad I was able to find someone who I can hang out with so soon after just moving in." Alex gave Alura a smile as he said this and placed his empty hand on the counter behind him and leaned back on it holding the crispy in his other hand while he looked at the gorgeous girl in front of him.
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