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Full Version: In the King's service (wolvenrogue and nightsorceress)
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Aurora, a beautiful young girl, was a servant in the kings house hold. She was kidnapped from her home, and brought to a land she had never seen. There, his regent, the head of the kings house hold bought her and she is forced to be servant. . She hated her captivity and hated those she served. She worked for no pay and was often mistreated by the others because even though they were servants they got paid where she did not. She never ceased plotting her eventual escape. Although she was sweet and gentle, her hatred for her captivity shown all over her face.

King Robert has spent many years alone. His heart longed for someone to be his, someone whom he could love and who would love him in return. Sadly he has not found her.

One day the servant catches his eye. Her beauty along with her soft quiet nature makes his heart race. How could the king fall for someone beneath him, it is complete unheard of. Robert is a powerful man, strong in body and mind, but compassionate with the meek. Despite the objections of his regent he befriends her. The other women of the household are jealous and plot against her. They and the reagent will find the King a formidable enemy.

Robert still mourned his one true love, though she had been gone, lost to fever, on the eve of their marriage 15 years before. Though he had all the wealth and power a man could want, he had become a solitary man, caught up in his sorrows and living in memories. Though many maidens of much influence had sought to be his bride, none were the match of love who lived on in his memory and for whom he pined. The years were slowly consuming him, and though he was still strong of mind and body. He was hollow in spirit.
She carried a bucket and a other such cleaning supplies up the stairs. She paused a moment at the top before moving on to her assignment of cleaning the kings chambers. She knocked on the door at first but when no answer was heard she entered the room. She looked around the room a moment, so much grander than her home, however she would give anything to be back. With a sigh she began her work.
Though Aurora had not noticed him, the king was sleeping quietly in his bed. the curtains drawn. he heard her enter and watched as she was on all fours on the floor scrubbing. As she faced the bed, he had an enticing view of the tops of her breasts which swayed nicely as she scrubbed the floor. Robert was amazed at her beautiful long hair which hung below her waist. She was very small, but the king found that all the more attractive. Such a diminuative flower and so lovely to behold. Her hazel eyes shone clear and bright and he skin showed not one bit of the stress he situation put her in. She was lovely respect, and as she sung quietly to herself as she scrubbed the king grew ever more entranced by the lilting quality of her voice.
Aurora moved around the floor scrubbing with her might. She sung softly to herself since when she was in rooms alone it was her only chance. Just as it was her only chance to have her long hair let down from the bun she was forced to wear. As she scrubbed she let her mind drift. She fantasized about the king, his strong arms pulling him to her, she having to stand on her tip toes to kiss him. A small smile played on her lips as she thought about that. She tossed her scrub brush back into the bucket she sat back on her knees and streched her back her breast pushed out towards him.

She moved off her knees and now was walking towards the bed to begin making it. She moved closer when a gasped escaped her lips. "My lord i am so very sorry, i did not know you were here...." She blushed as her head hung down.
The king smiled at her humility. Non-sense! my child, your presence has been altogether a pleasant distraction. He got up without the slightest shyness dressed in only a night shirt. You may continue your duties, however first I have a special assignment for you today. Ordinarily, the bath steward prepares my bath, however of late I find his work altogether displeasing. So, as you are here, go to the regent this minute and tell him I will speak with him immediately. While we speak, you may fetch water and fill the tub.

A few minutes later the Regent knocked at his door. "Come in", he said. "Wherever did you find this servant girl? Never mind, I don't even care to know. I shall require her services in my chamber on a permanent basis. Oh and replace the Bath Steward. I should hate to think that the rest of the household must put up with his abysmal service. As for my needs, however, they will be seen to by Aurora? is it?" "Yes sire as you wish" the regent replied, knowing there was no point discussing any other possibility once the king had set his mind.
Aurora was a bit taken back when he said her presents was ok. when he said he would like her to run his bath for him she was once again taken a back. She bowed his head and dashed from the room. As she made her way down hall she pulled her had back into the mandatory bun. She hated it. She made many trips for buckets filled with water. Finally the bath was ready for the king. She entered his room her head bowed. "Sir, the bath is ready for you" she said softly to him.
"The king looked at her hair now in a bun and frowned. what have you done to your hair? he asked? Put it back as it was. I care not for the regents rules. You do not work for him any longer." The king walked over near the tub. You will help me remove my clothes and hang them up as I do. Do you understand?
She wrinkled her forehead at his comment about her hair. She bit her lip a moment and pulled it out of it prison. It fell free about her shoulders and looked soft and delicate. She then moved to help him undress. She was nervous, it was clear she tried to look anywhere but his naked body. Her hand were shaking. She was such an innocent girl despite the hell she has been put through. She was unsure what the king mean by she does not work for the regent any more but was to nervous in what she was doing to ask.
The king noticed her shaking hands as she hung his clothes. "What troubles you my child?" he asked. "You seem scared. Am I such a frightening presence? "he asked with a depreciating smile. I really love the look of your hair.
Aurora hung his clothes her back was turned to him. She bit her lip a moment know she would have to turn back around. She slowly did her eyes looking down to the floor in an attempt to avoid looking at his naked body. "Oh no sire, you do not frighten me....i just have never been in the presence of a naked man before" she said so very softly. She smiled though when he said he liked her hair, her hands played with a piece that has fallen in her face.
The king felt foolish at that moment. He hadn't even considered how his body would effect her, such a young woman. "get me my robe" he said.
Aurora didn't understand, she had just filled his bath why would he not want to enjoy. But without questioning him she got him his robe. She stood behind him as he slipped into it. She stepped back waiting for her next orders.
the king turned to her, looking her in the eyes. I have embarassed you. King or not I should not have done that. set up a screen around the tub. The king waited.
Aurora couldn't believe it at first at how kind he was. He cared that his nakedness had made her uncomfortable. She did as he asked and set up screens around the tub. She looked into his eyes once she was done. "Thank you sir" she smiled softly at him. "is there anything else i can get you?"
Wait here a moment. The king went inside the screen and handed her his robe from between them. He sat in the tub beneath the water and said "Now fetch the soap and wash my back" "Is this better?" he asked.
"yes thank you sir. I apologize for my shyness" Aurora waited out side the screen. She saw the robe appear and she quickly took it hang it up for when he was finished in the bath. She then did as he commanded and fetched the soap and a small stool. She sat on the stool behind his back and dipped the soap into the water. She began to gently washed his back. her hand were soft like silk against his skin
The king noticeably relaxed as her soft hands washed him. he was feeling at peace for the first time in a while. Hand me the soap Aurora" He said quietly. "Excuse yourself" He waited patiently for her to step outside the screen. He took the soap from her and standing, washed his bod and sat back down. Then called her back. Wash my hair and rinse me he said.
Aurora did as he asked and left the area. She waited as he washed himself. It was hard for her to be that close to him and not want more than this but knew it would never be. with a sigh entered again and began to wash his hair. She took her time scrubbing his hair and scalp before rinsing it.
"Excuse yourself and etch my towel and robe. This is how we will do baths everyday." Secretly the king hoped she would become more comfortable with him. Untill then he would be patient. He saw her as a delicate flower, and he intended to handle her gently.
"Yes sir" she stood once again and got a towel and his robe for him. She held up the towel so she would not be able to see him but he could take it and dry off. Once he did she then held up the robe in the same fashion.
Once in his robe he again turned to her. Are you familiar with a man's clothing?
Aurora looked down and shook her head. "i am sorry my lord but i am not, but i can certainly try." She bit her lip a little leaving a mark on her rosy lip.
"go fetch the Taylor, and bring him here. He will teach you as I dress."
Aurora left the room quickly. as she rushed to the tailor a few times she reached to put her hair in the bun but remembered she no longer had to do that. She returned quickly with the tailor who went right to work dressing the king.
At the kings instruction, the taylor showed aurora each peice of clothing and the order it would be needed by the king. the king excused the taylor and came out fully dressed.
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