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Full Version: I'm In Love With A Stripper (Me&nladisha)
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The scene is that of a typical Strip Club in Miami, Florida. On this particular night, the joint is quite busy. At the door walks in a man that could be no less than forty-five years old. He seemed a bit overdressed for the venue, as he sported a very expensive looking black Armani suit and matching tie to go along with a pair of slim, red-tinted sunglasses.

His face was rugged with a small amount of stubble, his body as toned as when he was 25. He did not seem like the usual perverted old man you would expect to find in such an establishment and even the club itself seemed to be a little above average in its appearance. But it was still a Strip Club, there was no disguising that.

The man was quick to order a drink, a Rum and Coke. As he left a generous tip to the bartender he turned to face the stage, paying no mind to anyone else in the establishment, not even so much as a glance. He removed his sunglasses, tucking them in the front chest pocket of his blazer and sipped on his drink, his eyes eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next dancer.
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Esmeralda strutted out onto the stage dressed in nothing more then a bikini and high heels. As usual, she was immiedately disoriened by the flashing multi-colored lights. Up on stage, all illumination was on her. Only the patrons down on the floor had the luxury of the soft mood lighting. The disorientation passed momentarily. Esmeralda knew exactly where her favorite pole was, and made a beeline once for it. Once there, she leaned back against it and stretched her long, taut stomach and her enormous 54E breasts. Then she started her routine. It was so familiar, she didn't really need to think about it. It was mostly flexing her stomach muscles back and forth, puffing out and rubbing her breasts, and sliding up and down and all around the pole as though it were a giant, pencil thin penis. She even stuck it between her breasts and slide up and down. At least she could enjoy the nice coolness of the metal against her sensitive stomach and her breasts.

This was her life, Monday through Friday, from 4 in the afternoon till midnight. For 8 dollars an hour, she danced around that pole and flirted with the customers in exchange for tips - which thankfully supplimented her income. At 19, Esmeralda should have been in college, not a strip club. But she made the poor decision to run away from home. She only made it as far as Miami. The 40 dollars a week she made, plus the extra she took home from tips, was all she had to sustain herself. At least this establishment was well kept. The manager kept his hands to himself, and the bouncers were kind enough to make sure the performers got to thier cars before heading home. Things could have been worse. But Esmeralda was not happy. She knew she was better than this. Why did these men come here to watch her and the other women dance when they could get the same entertainment at home, on the internet with a cheap beer or liquor limited only by the amount in the bottle rather than the bartender trying to do his part to cut back on drunk driving? Esmeralda spent 8 hours doing dance routines symbolizing sex and sexuality, but none of the men had ever done so much as slap her behind (then again, Esmeralda could see why most of these men had to come here to get themselves off, and didn't blame women for staying away from them). But just once, with all this sexual energy around her - hers and the other dancers' costumes, the lights, the smutty lyrics of the songs they had to dance to - did Esmeralda want to meet a man who could show her what sex was truly about.
Marek was immediately intrigued. Not so much as the other perverts in the joint, half of which probably had their hands in their pants within seconds. Esmeralda was stunning, that was all that Marek could think of. He almost inhaled the drink he drank it so fast, and walked more towards the stage, hoping to see her a little better. Luckily a seat really close had opened up, and he took it. As he sat down, he placed his sunglasses on the table, but his eyes never left Esmeralda, not for a second.

To be perfectly honest, Marek was unsure why he was in this club. He was a rich man, and an experienced one. One thing he was not, was desperate, something he considered most other men in this place as. He believed himself to be above that. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but perhaps now he did. He just didn't want to see this young girl dance, he was certain it was more than that. He reached for a bill in his pocket. But it wasn't a 1, it was a 50.
The time came for Esmeralda to move to mingle a bit with the crowd. Usually for her, this just meant strutting around accepting tips, flirting with the customers, and occasionally thrusting her boobs at someone. The watchful eyes of the bouncers made sure the men kept thier hands to themselves. Usually, she only recieved 10s and 20s. If she wanted more, she'd have to lower herself to the level of some of the older women and literally dance in someone's face, sit on someone's lap and flirt with them, or get someone to take her to a private booth for some one-on-one time. Not with these pigs! Most of them looked like this was the chance they ever had to be in the presence of a pretty lady. Besides, the longer she spent mingling was less time she could spend dancing. That was what the men were here for, wasn't it? To watch girls like her dance. Only when Esmeralda was dancing was she truly able to tolerate her job. Her meandering path took her past a dignified looking gentleman in a very expensive Armani suit. She spared him a flirtatious smile. If he was still there later, she might pass him again. As a stripper, she learned to pay close attention to wealthy customers. They had more money to throw at pretty girls. She might be able to milk at least an extra 100 dollars from him in 20s before he was satisfied. More if he was generous.
Marek played close attention. He kept a calm demeanor even though he was unable to get over the striking beauty of Esmeralda. He watched her closely as she made her way past him and around. He watched and listened intently as the other old men, the perverts leered at her and said things to her that Marek wouldn't dare. Things that made them sound like they thought they had a shot. As if she would have even given them a second glance had the venue not been a Strip Club. Marek started to think he'd want a private dance, but that bridge would be crossed when he came to it. He didn't move physically, but his glare did not go off of Esmeralda, not once. He reached back into his pocket, and now had two fifties and a twenty, and he planned on spending at least that much, as soon as attention was paid to him. He still wasn't sure why he had remained, perhaps Esmeralda was the only reason. He broke his glance for a moment to snarl at a fellow patron making some unsightly remarks, but his glance would quickly go back to Esmeralda. He raised a hand, unsure if that would be how he'd get her attention or not. He wasn't used to these clubs. Another dancer actually came over to him, but he shook her away. He wanted Esmeralda.
Esmeralda chose a stage close to the gentleman in the Armani suit for her next set. She was a bit disappointed he hadn't thrust a 20 at her. Perhaps if she danced a little closer to him, that might melt his heart, and loosen his wallet. Her next routine was a variation of her first one, with the movements adapted to the tempo of the new song, and (because this was slower) with a little more touching of her tits. Briefly, she noticed her friend, a dancer named Ruth, who introduced herself as Vixen, approach the gentleman in the Armani suit. Fortunately, he waved her away. Esmeralda still had a shot.

When she was finished, Esmeralda swaggered over to the gentleman in the Armani suit. Normally, she waited for a man to catcall her in a way that interested her, but this man was surprisingly silent. Maybe a little close contact might inspire him. She normally didn't to this, but she couldn't let a customer like this get away. She'd never hear the end of it if the other dancer's heard about it. That had been her biggest mistake when she first started.

"Hey there," she smiled at the gentleman in the Armani suit. She tried to act 29 instead of 19, radiating the confidence of a seasoned woman rather than a nervious, desperate teen. "I'm Fantasia. Who might you be, handsome." She was mimicking what she saw the other women do. All the while, her heart thundered nerviously in her chest.
Marek's smile was warm, and his demeanor cool. He had got what he wanted, and without doing much of anything really. He was an older man, so it's not as if he wouldn't have been able to come up with something colorful to draw her attention. He'd been at these clubs before, but never really got into anything as much as he feels he was about to. As he watched Esmeralda in her second routine, he felt himself getting a little stiff. Especially in the parts where she'd touch her gigantic breasts. It wasn't so much that it was really visible, but he definetly felt something. Then she had approached him, introducing herself as "Fantasia".

"Marek" was all he said, and he hand raised towards her, which contained $120 altogether. Chump change for the successful business man. "Fantasia you are just...smoking." He remarked. "And it goes without saying..." He continued.. "That there is so much more where that came from. "Maybe some alone time?" He pointed towards one of the private rooms so she might not get the wrong intention. Yes, he wanted her now, but he was going to do it the right way, and he didn't want to frighten her, he knew she was very young, and despite being in a stip club, Marek in no way was a dirtbag like the rest of the older men in the place.
Esmeralda gave a nervious giggle as she accepted the bills. Probably a good $60 she thought. "You're too kind, Marek," she said with a smile. Part of her nerviousness came from the fact this guy was quite handsome. Ruggedly handsome, in fact. He looked mature and masculine, everything Esmeralda looked for in a man. If this weren't a strip club, Esmeralda might actually come on to this guy - if he was around her age. Even in the dim light of the floor, she could make out he was quite a bit older - maybe even 25 years her senior.

Her heart skipped a beat when he guestured for the private booths. She'd never had any experience in there. Because she never actively engaged a customer, no one had ever invited her. She hoped Marek wouldn't notice her swallowing hard with anxiety.

"Of course, sweety," she said. "Follow me." She held out her hand seductively as if to lead him.
It was just now that Marek fully realized just how young "Fantasia" really was. But it didn't matter to him. He wanted what he wanted, and he always got anything that he wanted. He smiled as she took the money from his hands, not knowing she wasn't even aware of how much he had actually given her. He took her hand as she led him into the private room. Like her, Marek had never done this before, he wasn't entirely sure what to expect. He was very experienced when it came to Sex, but the venue of a Strip Club was still slightly new to him. He stared at her ass briefly, it was all he could not to slap it.

Marek became slightly aroused at the mere thought of what was about to happen. "I must admit.." he began as the got into the room. "You are the only one I have eyes for as far as the girls here." He admitted to her, .fully aware that might make him vulnerable, if he hadn't been so wealthy. But he was. He reached in his pocket, pulling out another bill. This time, a one-hundred dollar bill.
Esmeralda lead Marek into one of the booths and closed the privacy screen. She took a quick glance around for the panic button. She had been shown where it was located on her first day. It would summon security if a client tried to overstep his boundries. She motioned for Marek to take a seat in the chair at the center of the room. She blushed a little when he said he only had eyes for her. And she was the one who was supposed to be acting!

"Make yourself comfortable," Esmeralda invited. "I'll be right back after I slip into something a bit more comfortable." She made another attempt at a seductive smile before slipping out through a bead curtain at the head of the room that concealed a door leading back to the dressing rooms. She not only needed to change her costume, she needed to get a grip on herself as she plotted her next step forward.
Marek smiled as he was led to the room. He didn't say anything further just yet. As they stepped behind the privacy screen, he felt his heart speed up, just a bit. He finally had Esmeralda alone, and he was going to enjoy every second of it. He was at least 25 years older than her, he thought, but it was plain as day anyway. As she stepped behind the curtain, Marek took a seat. He could only imagine what she would look like when she returned. As for now, Marek removed the blazer of his suit and loosened his tie a little, getting more comfortable. Lastly, he tossed a few more 20's on the floor a foot or so in front of the chair.
In the privacy of the dressing rooms, Esmeralda nerviously removed her bikini top. She took the bills she collected out of the pockets she had sewn into the garment and put them in her strong box. She'd count it all later. She changed into into an opaque neglige. The part covering her chest was a little darker than the rest, but still thin enough to make out the shape of her breasts and the outline of her nipples. She considered fingering her nipples to make them erect, but that would take too long. Marek was waiting. As she headed back toward the booth, she bumped into another friend of hers, Dominique.

"Hey, Esme," she said. "You're dressed up nice. New routine?"

"No," Esmeralda replied. "I got a customer in private."

Dominique let out a squeal. "Oh! You go girl! I told you you could do it. So, is he cute?"

"I guess."

"Is he rich?"

"He wears Armani."

Dominique squealed again. "Alright! Now listen up: if you do this right, you can make a killing tonight! Here's what you got to do - "

Five minutes later, filled with even more anxiety, no thanks to Dominique's little pep talk, Esmeralda re-entered the booth, coming out of the bead curtains with the strut and swagger of a catwalk model. She had never done a private show before, and hoped the tips Dominique gave her worked. She tried her best to hide her nerviousness.
While Esmeralda was inside the dressing room's preparing for the very worthwhile dance that was upcoming. Marek checked his cell phone for a moment to try and divert his nervousness(though it was well hid anyway.), but no messages were displayed there. He started to tilt his head back and forth, sort of massaging his neck. Then Esmeralda re-emerged into the room, and Marek's eyes lit up. He gave her a look that was no doubt going to make her blush, unless she somehow fought that off. "Mm, mm..." He said, a bit of a wink made. He was so looking forward to this dance, and he was willing to throw all the money he had on him, at Esmeralda. Money was no object to this man.
The look Marek gave her made Esmeralda loose her cool entirely. She blushed, and very nearly crossed her arms and legs for modesty. The wink made it all the more difficult. Nonetheless, she forced herself to maintain her posture. She had to stay focused. She slid her arms up her sides, placed them behind her head, and began her routine. Much as she did on stage, she flexed her belly and thrust out her tits. She danced her way close to Marek, then, while still gyrating her belly, leaned towards Marek, thrusting her tits outward toward his face.
Marek again smirked as Esmeralda began her routine. Quickly, he had yet another bill for her, another fifty, was thrust into her top as she threw her huge tits into his face. If he had been any weaker, he would have grabbed them, but he knew that would be out of line. "Baby, you're so hot." Was all he could really come up with at this point. Quickly, Esmeralda was making him hard. He sat there, watching her perfect body gyrate around. He felt himself getting extremely hot, so he thought it was a good idea to undo a few buttons on his shirt.
Esmeralda tried not to blush when Marek stuck a bill in her top. He came so close to her tits! Yet oddly enough, she was thrilled. This handsome, older man had come within inches of touching her breasts with his big, sturdy fingers. No man had ever come that close - neither before she ran away from home, or after she started her work here. She smiled seductively (actually, it came out more like an innocent teenager's flattered grin) when Marek said she was "so hot." She took that as her cue to say, "I can fulfill your every desire." She then reared up, stretching her stomach and puffing out her boobs. She gyrated her hips and lightly teased the crotch of his pants. She tried not look down there, knowing he was probably getting an erection from all this. But then again, part of her wondered what his penis looked like, and what it might feel like inside her. Despite her profession as a sex object, she herself was still a virgin.
A wide grin crept its way onto Marek's face as Esmeralda told him she could "fulfill all his desires".

"I'm sure you can, my dear." He replied, again with a wink. But he was beginning to become overwhelmed by the hot nineteen year old Stripper. He was becoming more aroused with each passing second. He could actually feel beads of sweat start to drip down his forehead and onto his face. Marek had not intended on being this turned on, but he was. It took all the strength he had to keep his hands to himself.

"If we weren't in this club, I swear I don't think I could keep my hands to myself." He said with a grin, but he felt like he was wavering a bit, lowering closer to the level of the regular perverts who would frequent clubs like this. Yet another bill was taken out and flung out of Marek's hand, flying through the air landing at Esmeralda's feet.

"But, I'm sure you hear that alot.
Esmeralda shivered at Marek's comment. She wasn't sure what to think about Marek. On the one hand, he was a very handsome man. Yet like all men who came here, his true colors were coming out. He was just another pig who needed a cheap thrill because he couldn't get any action anymore. He was probably married too. Esmeralda felt her heart sink. For a second, the rhythm of her dance slowed. She wondered how much longer she had to keep him here. The bill landing at her feet reminded her of why she was putting up with this guy. Is that a 50? she thought. Perhaps she could milk a few more dollars from him before she shooed him out. She picked up her tempo and continued teasing his crotch.
Marek also began to second guess himself. He was indeed coming off that in which he looked down upon. He was sounding like a perverted old man, but he was certain that wasn't really him. He began to think about Esmeralda. What would drive a woman to work at this sort of place? Especially one that looked no older than 20 or 21. He thought about asking, but didn't want to ruin anything. He had no idea who this woman was, or what her life was really like. She probably didn't even care what he had to say or ask about. But what was the harm?

"I've been wondering..."

He began, but that's where she indirectly cut him off, when she began teasing his crotch more, picking up the's almost as if he couldn't speak because of it.
"Wondering what?" asked Esmeralda, letting her dance slow a bit. She stepped back a bit and ran her fingers down between her breasts and across her stomach. She needed to pretend she was interested in Marek; that was part of her job. But there was a deeper fascination behind her. As dirty as he was, there was something about Marek that attracted her. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was enough to make her think twice before writing him off as just another perverted pig.
"Well.." He cleared his throat a bit. "First of all I am acting improper, but that's not it." He paused a moment, he was about to take a risk, or at least he thought it was a risk. "What I'm wondering is why you would be in a place like this. Filled with perverts on a nightly basis. Now I'm sure you'd lump me in there with them, and perhaps that's fair because I've probably been behaving as such.

"But something tells me you can do more, and I'm not talking sexually."
Esmeralda was flattered by Marek's comment. She almost stopped dancing. She wanted to explain herself to Marek, both for his benefit as well as to reassure herself. But that was personal information, and the first rule of a stripper was never to divulge personal information - not that that stopped any of her friends. But Esmeralda was better than that.

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do," she said, trying to be coy. However, faint changes in her tone indicated her act was weakening. There was something extraordinary about Marek, but she didn't know what it was.

He gave her a thoughtful look. He was a bit disappointed with her answer, but not all that surprised. He understood why she wouldn't really give him more of an answer than that. Why would she? She didn't know who he was or where he from; what he was about. She would have to be stupid to give in and divulge personal details so easily.

"So basically, you need it to pay the bills."

Marek's comment was quite presumptuous, but he thought he hit the nail right on the head with it. To him, there would be no other reason for a young lady to become a stripper. "So maybe this will help." Surprisingly, he pulled out not just one bill, but several, folded into a money clip. It much have been at least half an inch thick. A couple hundred easy.

"Money is of no object to myself." He commented, with a smile.
Esmeralda's heart almost stopped at the sight of Marek handing out a wad of so much cash. She actually did stop dancing, and her jaw dropped open. She had never seen so much money in her life.

"I..." she began. "Thank you..." She carefully approached Marek and gingerly reached out to accept the bills. Part of her was a bit suspicious. Was this some sort of ploy? She'd read stories on the internet - fictional stories, of course - of men buying women as sex slaves. By accepting the money, was she about to embark on some faustian bargain? Her heart pounded in her chest.
Marek could easily tell by the look of hesitation on Esmeralda's face, that she was a little weary accepting the cash. Maybe she thought there was some type of attachment with accepting the cash, which there honestly was not. He wasn't trying to buy her or anything of the sort. He liked her, and it was as simple as that.

"Not a problem." He responded to her thanking him for the unusual amount of cash he handed her. Especially since it wasn't related to the dance, or at least didn't appear to be.

"Don't worry." He continued. "There are no strings attached to that." Again, he flashed that great smile of his. "Though I would like to see you outside of this place. If I am alone in that wish, then you won't ever see me again, after tonight. That isn't why I gave you the money however, so I wouldn't expect a decision based on that. I like you, that's all.

"I realize I'm a little too old.." His voice trailed off, as did his smile.
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