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Full Version: Heavenly Torture
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Sanaki grimaced when she realized that she was being forced to go into battle. As a succubus she would much rather spend the day fucking and corrupting weak minded men. However, being one of the generals of a prestigious Demon Command, it was her duty. She had skipped out on the battle before and they had lost a lot of soldiers. Perhaps she shouldn't have skipped out. They had infiltrated the middle world, and the angels wanted them all dead. They were ruthless, a symbol of Gods might. He had gone so far as to use the energies of the Devil himself to provide them strength. Or so they said.

Either way, they would not lose this battle. One day they were all going to infiltrate Heaven, Kill god, and rule all three worlds. The underworld, the middle world, and the over world. It would be all theirs within time. But if they could not fight off Gods servants, they were still very far from achieving that goal.
Michael had operated as one of the frontline shocktroops during the duration of the conflict, neutralizing and annihiliating key targets amongst the demonic hordes; his was the glory and might of Heaven, and he pursued his duties with a determination and zeal fueled all the further by his hatred for the Enemy. Bastard progeny of Lucifer, little better than beasts themselves, he had little mercy for their kind, and indeed would like nothing more than to wipe the lot of them from the Under Realm. Of course, by the word of God, the demons were to be permitted to remain in their little realm... meaning he had to make due with the few foolish enough to leave it.

So when he appeared before Sanaki, the air itself seeming to tremble with his arrival, he was more than ready for the succubus; he wore no armor, for he needed none, clad only in a close-cut white tunic and trousers. His hair, blonde and cropped close to his head, seemed to contrast against his brilliantly blue eyes; his features were almost sharp, all thin jaw and high cheekbones, lending him an aristocratic air that only accentuated his quiet power.

"Abomination," he pronounced, a single finger pointing in her direction, every bit the proud, unstoppable force. "Your service to your Dark Lord draws to an end. Surrender yourself to God's will, and perhaps you shall be spared from his wrath."
Sanaki did not even flinch at his appearance. Her expression was that of a bored women. Only when he spoke did she lazily turn her head to the side to get a good look at him. Her mouth curled up into a smile as her eyes went up and down from head to toe. "Oh, I'm so honored that you decided to come to me personally." She whispered, her tongue slithering out of her mouth and rubbing against her full lips. She could tell that this was a very powerful angel, because the atmosphere changed. She let down her own walls, and her aura quickly spread and collided with his. It was hot and humid. She lifted her hand up and then all of that aura was quickly drawn into the power of her hand. "You look so tasty...I can't wait to corrupt you...all that power...that wave length..." She squeezed the powerful ball of power and it solidified into a one handed sword. The blade was as black as the sky above her, and random sparks of energy crackled around it.

She literally began salivating as she began to advanced, the smirk on her fist turning into a full blown ear to ear grin. There was a look of insanity in her eyes as she began to laugh uncontrollably. "I'm sure you'll entertain me, won't you? I promise to return the favor!" Suddenly she vanished and appeared right before him, attempting to cut him in half vertically.
Had the opponent been an angel, perhaps even another archangel, there is little doubt she would have landed a grievous blow; but Michael had lived a long existence indeed, and his power was bolstered by the Might of God himself. Even as her weapon came crashing down, his hand came up, fingers wrapping around her wrist... and stopping the slice dead, less than an inch from his forehead.

"You are but a foolish whelp to a foolish Master, Michael replied, his own tone a mixture of forced boredom and simmering rage; his eyes glittered as his power was fed, deliberately and forcefully, into the sword she clutched in her grip. The weapon in question was beginning to smoke and rattle, the introduction of Divine Power interfering and disrupting the summoned sword's cohesion. "Lucifer has long sought to regain his place amongst the Host, and yet to this very day refuses to shed the quality that cast him out; his own pride. You are no less afflicted, though I sense you are by far more drawn to the dark reaches of Lust. We share a quality, you and I, for I too have within me the capacity for sin." His lip began to curl, revealing unusually sharp pearly whites, even as her black sword began to smoke and steam, his grip unyielding. "I am Wrath. Feel my Lord's Will, and be undone!"

Only then did his hand release her wrist, but the other was already drawing back into a tight fist... a fist that actually seemed to swell in size, growing twice as large as he focused his Power into it. With a roar, he swung at the laughing demoness' face, the blow heralded by a sudden flash of blinding light.
When he stopped her weapon just before it hit its target, she grinned. If he had gotten sliced, he wouldn't have been worth her time. However, when she was about to withdraw, she felt his arm wrap around her waist, keeping him from escape. She began pulling at her sword, her expression not full of anger, but frustration. Frustration that she could not move, and was stuck in his grip. Listening to his words, she continued to struggle until his aura began to seep into her weapon and disrupt the unholy wave length of lust and the weapon simply dispersed before she let it channel to her body. Still, even when he released her wrist his energy had almost a numbing effect. She could not do anything to prevent being hit by the angels gigantic blow. Her body was launched into several abandoned buildings before she could get her footing to try to slow herself down. Finally she managed to grab a hold of the ground and skidded to a halt. When she came to her sense she realized that her neck was broken, and her head was in a particularly unhealthy angle. She placed both hands on her cheek and the cracked it back into place.

She screamed in pain and doubled over, continuing to hold her head in both hands before looking at the ground. She saw drops of blood dripping steadily onto the ground coming from the corner of her mouth. She then began giggling again, and then straightened herself up. She smiled once more at the Arch Angel. "Your so strong..." She said, lifting her hand up slowly as her nails formed into poison dripped talons. "You're really, really strong!" Her eyes began to shift in all directions. "I'm not sure how I can deal with're more powerful than any angel or human I faced...I must have you..I must." Finally, she looked directly at him again and began shuffling from side to side. The lust she felt for this Angel was beginning to take over her mind. Her vision was blurry still from the hit she just took. "Why are there four of you?" The disoriented succubus asked as she stumbled about. She seemed as if she was already defeated, but she was at her most powerful when consumed with lust this way. She would not stop until she cornered her prey.
Michael didn't seem to follow her, per say, simply eliminating the distance between himself and his prey in a sudden transition; he reappeared about twenty feet away from the stunned succubus, lips curved in a smile surprisingly wicked for one of his creed. He knew well what afflicted her, and knew too that he could take advantage of this opportunity; though much more powerful, demons born of Lust were typically a great deal more single-minded when their own sin overcame them, often forgetting caution and strategy in the face of a simple charge. So he stoked her inner flames, head tilting as he began to speak softly, in a voice nearly as tempting as her own.

"I want you, demoness," he cooed, voice no less commanding as he took a few steps towards her; behind his back, however, his fingers clenched, a faint radiance developing in his palm. "Surely you drip and writhe at the thought of being consumed in my fire, and of consuming me in yours... imagine the decades that might pass while he rut as animals, taking each other time and time again until we've not the strength for anything but our own screams." The radiance was solidifying, forming first a construct about a foot long... and then brancing out about halfway down the length, protrusions extending until it formed a crucifix. "Feel my fire call to you, Temptress, come to me so we might join for the rest of eternity!" With that siren's call, his free hand extended, beckoning, offering... even as the other, hidden one waited to smite her down.

He knew that the key to striking her down was a single strike of overwhelming force; the longer the fight went, the greater the risk she would slip away and escape. So even as he goaded her, tempted her and drew her in, he was calling upon his inner Might, channeling it into the crucifix even as he kept it hidden from her view. When she tried to charge him, he would wait until the very last moment, and then present the cross, slam it into her dark body with all the force and majesty he commanded; in many ways the crucifix was a point of focus, a means to better harness his power. Released into a demon, well... not even the flames of Hell would compare to the agony.
Hearing his words, her body jolted in response. Her movements and laughing seized all of a sudden, and her head was tilted to the ground. "You...want me do you?" His provocations did not work in the way that he expected it to. "You're strong're holy. You aren't supposed to want me until I corrupt you!" She shouted, now all of a sudden angered. She was disoriented no more, but insanity still kept her mind restrained. "Predators are supposed to want their prey! Not the other way around! Its not right, you knoooooooooow?" She asked and then began walking in circles. "I don't want you to enjoy it...I'm going to torture you until you beg me to kill you..and then I will bring you a gift that no man has ever known and lived to tell about it." The grin was now plastered on her face as she turned to face him.

This time she did not bother to advanced slowly. She had already broke out into a run straight for him. "I'm going to make you regret ever giving into your lusts before I had a chance to corrupt you!" As soon as she got within striking distance of him, she quickly moved around him, unexpectedly. Her instincts told her to. "What you got back here?" She demanded as she quickly made her way behind him.
Just as she began to spin, his arm was swinging out, swinging the crucifix in a wide arc; he knew that she was expecting some form of trick, and so he did not waste his power attempting to smite her with it now, instead choosing to release its physical form at the last moment. As the crucifix disintegrated with a blinding flash of light, drawn back into his corporeal being, his hands snaked out to catch her corrupted flesh, the very contact causing his stomach to writhe with displeasure... he held fast, however, drawing her close to his shimmering body and trapping her in a crushing embrace.

"You have it the other way around," he murmured, eyes meeting hers squarely as he gripped her by the throat with one hand, eyes glimmering a bright silver. "You believe that you will defeat me. That is untrue. You believe you will corrupt me. That is untrue. And as for torture... you are entirely mistaken there. You are a creature of darkness, something unfit to exist in any realm where Good hopes to thrive. You have flaunted the Laws of Heaven, and for that your punishment will be extensive." He gave her a sharp tug, closing the gap, and looked her square in the eye; "Your kind sicken me... look into my eyes, Temptress, and be afraid, for while you are under my grasp, I will put you through trials that will strip what little strength you have stolen from Man. There is none mightier than God... but there are those for whom you have more cause to fear..."

It was then he drew her in for a hard, almost greedy kiss, tongue slipping into her mouth... normally the exact thing a demon of Lust would hope for. But unlike her normal liasions, his touch burned as surely as fire or holy water, the tongue inside her seeming to trace a line of flames across the walls of her cheeks, and roof of her mouth, his own Wrath flooding into her body as he crushed her to him.
Sanaki noticed something gathering in his hand but it disappeared suddenly, leaving her confused. Once again, the Angel gripped her, but the time she was more intent on getting away. She made strange moaning noises as she struggled in his embrace, barely listening to what he was saying. She knew as soon as he pressed her against his body she was too far gone. She loved being close to this man, and his words became transparent as her lust began to take over her body and her nipples became hard. Her hips became gyrating and as soon as he pulled her in for a kiss she gladly received. Nothing could turn her off more than the acidic saliva that was being forced into her mouth by the angels tongue. She screamed and then pulled her head back. She was almost thinking clearly now, and was able to come up with a retort.

"Blah blah blah, do your kind ever shut up? All you talk about is a perfect and heavenly God, and yet he made us unholy and foul demons! Sure, you could blame our existence on Lucifer, but God created him too! He gave them the ability to spawn off impure and ungodly creatures! He banished Lucifer for committing a sin. Well who decided what was sin anyway?! God is a cruel bastard! If he was so all powerful, he would have killed us all off a long time ago! Instead he lets us escape from the Underworld and wreak havoc, something that is in our nature to do! God is a joke!" She shouted, her words a little distorted from the injuries to her mouth. "Our Lord only wishes to have his revenge...He was cast aside by God but he would never cast aside any of his loyal subjects just for some stupid mistake!"
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