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Full Version: Hi, I'm new...or was that obvious
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Hi everyone at bluemoon! My name is Broken!! lol.

So I suppose I should introduce myself, ne? first off I'm a she and I play shes, not guys so don't ask. Also, I only do male/female pairings....and very rarely, male/male. I like to play all kinds of roleplays from fandoms to fantasies. Recently I've wanted to play an oc version of either Samurai warriors or Dynasty warriors. When out comes to fandom type rps I like to do OCs more than the original, it's more fun that way. Smile I'm always up for an rp, just pm me. My characters are mostly strong females who, inside want to be protected and held.

Despite my, depressing name I'm a rather nice person. I've been called told I have an inner goth side just SCREAMING to get out. So... Well that's really all I have to say.

Welcome to Bluemoon!
Welcome to the site Spirit. I hope you find the role play you are looking for<3

If you need any sort of help feel free to message me.
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