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Full Version: Search your username on google. ;o
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What comes up?
For me, the 5th picture is actually my avatar and a link it links to bluemoon, weird.

What comes up for your usernames?
Go figure, I get images of lame people in costumes, Guitar Hero, Images of Super Heroes, and links to Heroes the TV show.

Do I have to? D:
We all know exactly what you'd get Goatse.
Ilovegoatse Wrote:...

Do I have to? D:
Yes, especially you.
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yeah, anyone retarded enough to fall for this tarp is retarded.
It's actually SFW.
you cannot tempt me to click the trap.
[Image: hellog.jpg]

This is all it is. :|
googled DJBayview,
I came up with bluemoon
which is a raver deal with it's own forum that I hardly ever visit.
Trygon turns up a link to a german security company, I think, in addition to lots of the Tyranid piece and magic card. Searching for Trygon TBD turns up pages that are almost entirely referencing me.
I get a bunch of things that says the origin of my name, etc.

And, something goaty showed me, a creepy encyclopedia dramatica page on someone else who uses the name Nyoko. For the record, she isn't me.

Its creepy >.>
for Raziel99, it just comes up with my nonoba, kongregate, and pawn accounts.
I got my myspace link, as well as somebody's for bebo, and links for a show by the same name.

Looked further, got lots of links to "Anjeru's Hangout~" here for BM, as well as the Random Facts thread, and my photo album on photo bucket that I made for my convention pictures.

myspace, bluemoon, peter pan, and poets.
Pretty much nothing but and other reviews about the Mauser C-96.
I don't have to: the name's a very common Japanese surname, so...

Not much exciting there.
My username is just that, my username in just about every forum that I've ever frequented. Google simply acknowledges that.

The interesting factoid about my username is that it is actually a modification of the Dungeons and Dragons Goddess "Loviatar" from Greyhawk Adventures. She was the Goddess of Pain and Suffering. It was taken there from Finnish Mythology.

It is the name of many of my characters in online games and is played as predominantly chaotic evil with neutral tendencies.
Elliquiy and Blue Moon, for the most part. It's almost like this is a secret identity >_>
Big Grin

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