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Workshopping request


Jan 15, 2019
Hello all,

I came up with a bit of an idea for a steady RP partner of mine in which I GM a scenario for her, but I need to do some planning to get things set before going ahead.

The idea is this:
A man wakes up in a strange hotel room, finding himself naked and also transgendered. So she, actually, then sits up and finds that there's a naked man on the floor, dead. So she: is no longer a man, has no idea where she is or how she got that way, has no idea who the man is or what happened to him. The clothes present are only what could have been worn into the room and nothing more. Her's are sexy. His are business casual... Or perhaps they're hanging on the railing outside and float away on a breeze so she has to wear the women's clothes.

Anyway, that's all the idea I had so far. I wanted to be able to work back from a possible end so that it might be easier to say what steps got her there. The point being to discover what happened to her to include why she can't remember, if she can change back, who the man was, why he's dead and anything else in between.

Guidelines: putting sex in is a plus, but everything has to be strictly consentual. It can, however, be very awkward and squirmy for her.

PM me, please if you have ideas.

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