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NBx Female Who is that mysterious futa stud?

A Majestic Mystery

Majestically Adorable
Feb 8, 2019
Greetings boys and girls! First, to clarify, I do not care what gender you actually are, if you are willing to play as a curvy gal or two in a scene, then we will get along swimmingly! I'm open to a wide variety of scenes and ideas, and particularly enjoy flexible partners! I don't want to be rude, but it's just easier to get this out of the way now, please do not message me with a fully fleshed out character, wanting to play them with no flexibility on the details, that's just not really my jam, sorry! Feel free to show me your character and whatnot, but flexibility goes a long way with me! <3

Now that that whole section of boring garbage is out of the way, lets get into what I'm really here for! First, to clarify, I'm looking primarily for scenes that lean in a more smut heavy direction. I do still enjoy some plot and such, but at the moment, not really looking to star in any plot-heavy super crazy fantasy adventures or anything like that!

Some of my major kinks/cravings include

Massive endowments (Any and all characters I play are going to be packing over 12 inches of fat dong between their thighs, likely somewhere in the 18-24 inch range. I'm flexible on that specific range, but that should give a clearer indicator of what to expect!)
Big ole titties! (I'm not really 100% opposed to flat chested characters, but it's not really my jam, much like the above kink, I reaaaally prefer to keep things rather hefty and wonderful!)
Excessive amounts of cum (I think this is pretty obvious from my above kinks, but fair warning, there is going to be a lot!)
Flirting (Nothing quite like a flirtatious back and forth between characters!)
Snuggles (What am I? A barbarian? Of course I love snuggles!)
Multiple partners (I do so adore scenes involving multiple jiggly beauties for my studly ladies to go to town on!)

What is my stance on anthros and nonhumans?
I am fulling willing to play anthros, humans, magical space genies, whatever really, so feel free to discuss that with me, and give me any sort of suggestions for our scene!

What sorts of scenes do I play?

Modern, fantasy, sci-fi, ect, pretty much all are welcome, as long as everything is lighthearted and consensual, so feel free to suggest whatever you might be craving!

I'm happy to play with either drawn images (NSFW) or real life images. But I do for sure prefer to have our characters based on images, rather than random description for the most part.
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