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Rings of Malediction

Oct 18, 2017
( I'm just kind of making this up as I go along. Might add pictures and formatting if it gets long enough. Enjoy? )

If you were condemned the live outside of the holy city of Penzura then you were condemened to live alongside desperate outcasts, and sometimes, even alongside the demonic horrors that plagued the city's outskirts. Being a succubus who claimed at least one-and-a-half centures of age, Marazanna was relatively young and counted amongst those "horrors". But, her origin and residence on just the second of the five outer "rings" of the outskirts had effectively made her one of the least threatening humanoid beings that one could encounter outside of the city.

Penzura culture perpetuated the idea that the farther one ventures outside of the city, the more dangerous the beasts that inhabit it become. For the most part, it was true. The city itself was inpenetrable for demonic entities in the form of a divine, and violent punishment-- those who managed to enter would have their entire bodies combust in holy flame.

The first ring around the city was 3500-meters long, and while demons who ventured into that area were heavily suppressed by the holy radiance, it was not nearly as deadly as the city's boon. This area was mostly free of demons, allowing humans outside the city a "safe-zone".

Marazanna resided on the inner layer of the second ring, just 500 meters into it's 1500-meter stretch. The area was an attraction for lesser, but still dangerous forms-- succubi and incubi, satyrs, harpies, vampires, centaurs, and sometimes even cyclops were found in this ring and any humans who did ventured here were usually physically equipped to deal with any potential demonic encounter. The creatures of the 2nd ring weren't as fearsome as the others, but they were violent and predatory in their own right. Humans were valuable for sustenance, magic, and for Marazanna, unlocking the mystery to withstanding the city's "curse" upon demons.
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