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Status Update Guideline [Updated 12/26/2019]

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Jun 29, 2019
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So there have been a lot of people misusing the status updates so here is a guide on what not to do with them.

1: Don't use status updates to air dirty laundry, vague or otherwise. In other words, do not post messages negatively targeting or calling out other users or user behaviors, whether you use their names or not.

2: Keep flirting to a minimum.

3: Nothing excessively lewd. In terms of imagery this means no pictures with exposed genitalia, no bare breasts with nipples, no photographs or art of people engaging in sexual acts, and in terms of language it means not engaging in explicitly sexual conversations or comments. The profile posts are publicly viewed, so all status updates should follow the same standards as avatars and signatures. NSFW links should be marked as such when posted.

4: Don't rapid fire talk over status updates, and don't post to the walls of multiple people one after the other, as this takes up the entire visible profile post section of the site.

5: Status updates are not places to advertise for or seek RPs, keep that to Request Threads. This includes (but is not limited to) posts such as "craving a roleplay about [thing]", "would love to write against [character or image]", "updated my request thread", "have room for more roleplays", and posting on the profiles of others to let them know you're interested in their ideas.

6: Do not post on the profiles of other users to check and see if they are still interested in your shared roleplay, or to let them know that you have posted in the roleplay. Please keep this to PMs.

Please remember that everything you post is public and therefore open to viewing and interpretation from those other than your intended recipient. Speaking rudely or harshly as a joke to a friend may not be seen as such when viewed by a community unaware of your relationship and sense of humor, and if these are reported they will be taken down.
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Please remember to adhere to the Safe For Work expectations of your Status Update/Profile Post and even your thread titles. If it can be viewed on the main site index page, it needs to be Safe For Work. We need to keep BMR safe for people who browse around eyes that are not their own, and some of the status updates have been getting a tad on the lewd/flirty side. This means that no bodily appendages or heavy sexual innuendo need to be included within these updates. There are plenty of times and places for such a thing to take place, and what is visible on the main index page is not the place for it.

Additionally, please refrain from using them to inform someone that you sent them a private message. Two alerts for one message is not necessary. The PM itself shall suffice. Any personal messages shall be delivered over PM, rather than over the status/profile post as well since it is visible to the public.

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