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The Future is Now (khal cium + blinking blue)

Jan 15, 2016

Chiran was a little bit bored. The cafe she was at was wonderful, the day was nice, but things were... so normal.

And hey, there was a guy with a sword. A hot guy with a sword. Others were with him, and she leaned over a little in her chair to watch them all come in, taking a sip from her cup of foamy, sugary, barely-coffee while she did. It was a handful of buff dudes and one woman with a baby, which was also interesting because now she wondered what was up with all that. Whatever it was, her eyes ended up sliding back to the tall purple haired one who looked closest to her age. She waited until everyone was seated, because nobody liked to be approached while they were in the middle of waiting for something, or at least she didn't.

"Hey. Is that real? I've never seen a real sword before, at least not that wasn't in a museum." Her big gold eyes were filled with curiosity, both about the weapon and the teen who seemed to think that it was fine to bring one into a slightly upscale coffee shop.
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