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Mx Female Hot passionate smut rp! (MxF, Group)


Jun 17, 2015
Hey Everyone!

My name is Kyle, I’m a mid 20’s male looking for some exciting m/f smut rp. I have been rping for a long time and an awesome story revolving around enthusiastic smut is always incredibly enjoyable.

F-list: F-list - Warning

I am completely up for any type of genre! I’ve done everything from slice-of-life college stories, to dark fantasy. I am open to whatever kinks you can come at me with save a few exceptions (toilet play, beastiality, vore, super abusive). I really only do OC roles, as I am not well versed enough in any fandom to be of service there. I am also open to joining groups, or putting groups together if that is your interest!

I would say my primary loves are Exhibitionism, Group sex, orgasm denial/ ruined orgasm, and voyeurism. I love roles where my partner and I can play multiple characters all engaging in lusty activities. I would honestly love for my partner to be a switch. Being dominant is fun, but sometimes I want to be submissive and made to do as my partner pleases.

I enjoy a lot of detail with my smut, so I’ll usually type between 2 - 4 paragraphs. I would love for every action to have gravity to it. I hate when I describe actions and there is absolutely no reaction to them at all. Even the simplest scene can be incredible if both partners are putting in a lot of sensual detail. I love to please my partners, so please don’t hesitate to tell me what you enjoy. I also enjoy talking and flirting OOC and sharing pictures if you are comfortable with that!

Couple role ideas!

- Lust Zombies: Post apocalyptic world that is filled with mindless zombie like creatures. These creatures are filled with an uncontrollable lust instead of hunger for human flesh. If they manage to get their hands on you, they will fuck you relentlessly until you are able to escape.

- The Guild: A guild of skilled individuals that are sent out into the world on missions of a sexual nature. The members of the guild must be amazing at fighting, and skilled in the are of sexual conquest.

- Public Glory Hole: Someone has been tied up against the wall of a bathroom stall. Several holes are cut into the wall revealing the persons most enjoyable parts. Random people come into the bathroom and decide to enjoy these parts while they are in there.

- Sex Fight’s: A world where arena combat is broadcast to a wide audience. With thousands watching fighters face off in 1 on 1 or group matches. The only difference between these fights and our own worlds, is that these end in orgasm. The opponent that cums 3 times in a match loses. May the best fighter win!

- Sex Club Exploration: A group of young, horny college students investigates an infamous sex club near campus. The group can be as large or as small as we like. The students go in our of curiosity, but end up exploring their wildest sexual fantasies with each other and other club guests.

- Open to countless other ideas!

I only rp over Skype or Discord, so please shoot me a contact request and we can test out our compatibility!

Skype: voidnonuser24 (barely use this anymore)
Discord: Mason#7199

I am in the pst timezone, and usually on during week days, sometimes on weekends.

Talk to you soon!
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