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Horror Rp (NSFW open RPs)


Nov 12, 2018
-Hi! im plantplanet , you can call me planet or plant whichever!
-I'm 20
-most of my characters are female, just let me know especially for original rps if you'd like me to play a certain gender with certain genitals
-OOC is not required but if you're comfortable talking OOC im up for it ^^
-I stick to dms/email/doc. My discord is personal and I will keep it that way
-Have some common decency. Don't be rude to me
-I take breaks often so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to RP
-I don't mind if you take a break/arn't interested anymore and don't text me for a while, life gets busy its whatever
-gore is SO OKAY!!!! infact go ham, whether it's towards my character or there's just a situation involving gore
-All i ask is that you don't kill my character, not too fun (This really depends on the RP plot, convince me uwu)
-I prefer literate style
-I'd prefer if it's not all NSFW, thats kinda boring. If possible i'd like for it to be mostly horror, the added on NSFW or any mention of nudity or 18+ content is purely a bonus.
-I'm a stupid sucker for twisted romantic horror stories (whether it's normal or a toxic relationship) lmk if you're not up for any kind of romance in the RP
-Want a bad ending? I'm down
-Please DM me with the intent on giving me somewhat of an idea what you're looking for and work things out with me, don't leave it up to me please.
-my characters tend to be submissive. Most inexperienced or just really shy.
-I believe thats it, i'll add later if i need too!

-Underaged characters, even aged up
-Anything im uncomfortable with
-Almost anything having to do with a minor, count me out
-Vore/piss/really nasty fetishes ya kno
-Rping as celebrities. It's weird as shit
-I will update as i go
HERE! is my f-list
Bold: preference to play (if none are bold then i don't have a preference on which one i'd like to play)

Stalker x Victim
Self explanitory
What kind of stalker are they? Is stalking easier with their profession? (ex: a photographer stalker wont be seen as weird taking photos, a builder might be able to get their hands on blueprints of a victims house and find the easiest way in, a hacker might be able to black mail a few people or even get into the victims social media/accounts/etc)
Want a twist? How about: A stalkerXvictim story where the stalker comes to find that the victim isn't as innocent as they seem. The victim is very good at hidding it but maybe their also a stalker, maybe they're a murderer, a creature of the unknown, anything! Unfortunately it isn't made clear until the stalker is trapped or made a victim themselves!

Therapist x Client
Is the client someone whose really looking for help? Maybe they're there for legitimate reasons or maybe they're there to confess a murder they've done?
Is the therapist really there to help or to look for someone vulnerable enough to manipulate? Will they get a taste of their own medicine or will they reveal something far more sinister about themselves?

Nurse/Doctor x Mental Patient/Patient
Nurses are supposed to care for their patients but due to circumstances they start to spend more and more time with a specific patient. Maybe the patient is very charming and convinces the nurse that they arn't crazy as the charts say they are. Is there a motive behind this? Is the patient just trying to find the easiest way out or are they just trying to find someone to sympathize with them to get something they want?
Is their purpose a bit more sinister? What would they do with the nurse when they've gotten what they've want?
(I have a slight character inspiration for this! Ciocolatta from JJBA is such a great and sinister villain)

Sober x Addict

Killer x unsuspecting victim (a stranger/the killers friend is at the wrong place at the wrong time/etc)
No one wants to die, right? So what do you do when you're witness to a murder or even dare find out someone is out to get you?
What do you do then?

Cannibal or Serial KillerXHostage
Talk about a sticky situation, how would an innocent person end up in the presence of a cannibal/serial killer?
Can they smooth talk their way out of being the next victim? Or were they even in the plan to be killed (and eatten) in the first place? What would be another motive for them being there?

First time killer x serial killer
When you're adrenaline is pumping it's hard to control yourself. Was the murder an accident? Or the complete opposite? Either way there's gotta be someone out there to mentor a first-time killer like them, no one else has more experience.

Any kind of monster X human

I don't know if it counts as horror bit I recently watched phantom of the Opera and forgot how much I loved it so if you can find a way to convince me with a plot similar I'm so down!!

i'm so sorry if these arn't too interesting!
I'm super open to different plots and super open to making the perfect character to play against ^^

Feel free to ask me anything!​
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Nov 12, 2018
Updated a little bit. It's summer and i'm feel nostalgic for this site and kinda itching to do some horror rp
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