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Star Wars Canon AU

Nov 10, 2014
Annika Skywalker hated sand. The only thing she hated more than sand was slavery, and Tatooine, her homeworld, was absolutely covered in nothing but both of those things. It was the handsome 50 year old Palpatine who used dark mind tricks to convince Annika that Padrom, her love interest and the Senator from Naboo, was going to die. He put thoughts of Annika's mother dying in her head as well. Palpatine had been messing with Annika's thoughts for a long time, because he saw her potential as an apprentice. Her raw power, and wild temperment which could be harnessed into a wild fire that could burn down the republic once and for all.

Characters Female Anakin (Annika) Skywalker and young handsome (45-50 year old) Palpatine who is interested in Annika's body as well as her obedience.

In this roleplay, Annika will help Palpatine finish off Mace Windu before he can disfigure Palpatine. And Palpatine will defeat Yoda fast enough to help Annika defeat Obi-Wan.
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