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Mx M or NB Tentacles!!!!

Aug 25, 2018
Far Far Away
Hey all!

I am really, really craving some tentacle porn, so if you've clicked on this I hope you are too xD

I have zero plot, but I'm down for doing a one-shot sex scene (or a handful of scenes) or doing an actual story with actual thought out characters!!! (and lots of smut).

Here's the one thing that might throw you off: I am NOT down for non-con/rape/assault/whatever you want to call it.

That being said, we can discuss some dub con elements. But I'd really rather write a character that is 100% here for getting fucked, alright?

Now as for your character, I'm not picky! Alien's? sweet. Sea monster? why not. Plant? I can dig it. Just let me know what you want to be in control of, and I will happily work with it!
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