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Mx Male Porn Without Plot Thread


Aug 25, 2018
Far Far Away
Whuddup my dudes, I'm Val.
I'm gonna section this post up so you can find what you're looking for without reading walls of text.
If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.

Information About Ya Boi:
+ Currently I'm only interested in writing bottom characters.
+ I usually write a minimum of 300 words per post, or match my partner, but I'm not a sentence-by-sentence RPer.
+ Third person writing much preferred.
+ I like PMs but I'm chill with threads. I won't go off site
+ My F-List is here, it's pretty vanilla but I'm open to a lot of things.
+ Visit this thread to see my Plot With Porn ideas.
+ These days my job is keeping me extremely busy so my availability is weird, I could be on all day or gone for a week. I rarely just up and disappear though.

always feel free to send me your original plot ideas - you can find my yes/no's below for that
You can find a list of things I'm into or fandoms on this thread.
Absolutely Not Into:
+ (I usually have a no rape rule, but for this specific thread, I'm allowing some hard dubious situations. However, please be aware that if something gets too forceful, I may message you OOC to say I'm uncomfortable. If at that point you would like to leave the RP, I understand, and ask the same of you if I ask to step away.)
+ Pregnancy - just not into it, so no breeding please.
+ Treating a male sub like a female - again, just not into it. This includes crossdressing, although it doesn't take lingerie off the table.
+ Bathroom play - you do you bro, but not me, alright?
+ Incest is cool as long as it's not with their parents/grandparents.

-feel free to make edits or submit your own ideas based on one of mine, but let me know what changes you want to make.
-if at any point you're unhappy, let me know and I will gladly change things, rather it be the direction we're going in, a specific scene, or a sexual situation.
-In all plots listed below, I will prefer to have the sub character.

Current Cravings
+I'm really, really into tentacles right now. I'm pretty much interested in anything, but I'm a bit partial to writing against characters that are humanoid on their upper half for kissing purposes, I also like beings that are intelligent and communicate well. Often I write a submissive character that is in awe of these creatures and eager to fuck them, but that's not a requirement. Aliens are good, plants are good, marine animals are good, hit me up.

+I also just really want to write a submissive boy who gets dominated in all aspects of his life, from sex to what he wears to what he eats. Just 100% given over to his Dom.

A New Puppy/Kitten/Fox/YourIdea
Your character finds himself in possession of a new pet who needs some training. This can be done as a completely consensual relationship, or as something a bit more dubious.
Puppy: My character for this would be energetic, loyal, and perhaps a bit temperamental. He'd like to rough house play, have his belly rubbed, and get lots of exercise. Perhaps even go on walks or have play dates with other pups.
Kitten: My character for this would be soft and sweet, more interested in cuddles, sleeping, and light playing. He'd enjoy pets, having his hair played with, and being the only pet around.
Fox: My character for this would be easily excitable and a touch michivious, often getting into things he shouldn't and being easily heartbroken by punishments.

The Heat Den
Option A: For werewolves, going into heat is inevitable, but these days it doesn't necessarily mean they're driven to breed so much as fuck. Thankfully, there are enough humans in the world that are more than happy to please a higher being. Any werewolf can enter a heat den and use whichever volunteer they want, even if they're already being used.
Option B: For Alpha werewolves, going into heat is inevitable, but these days it doesn't necessarily mean they're driven to breed so much as fuck. Thankfully, there are enough Omegas in the world going through heat as well that they are more than happy to be fucked by an Alpha, or two, or five, or eight...
-Willing to write male or both genders
-Willing to write multiple characters and scenarios
-Willing to get as kinky as you want within the lines of our No's

My Sibling/Cousin/Uncle
Relatives go at it in every place they can think of. Can be a sibling pair when their parents are away, a pair of cousins on a camping trip, and uncle and niece/nephew at a family gathering. Let me know, I'm down.
-Preferably my character will be male
-However with siblings or the uncle I would be willing to write female
-I'll write female for the cousin option if there are multiple male cousins

Welcome to Sex Ed
A sexual education teacher decides to show his students instead of tell
-willing to write male or both genders
-willing to explore multiple kinks
-students must be 15+

The Fuck Stall
The boys bathroom on the second floor of the high school is known for selling all kinds of things: answers to tests, drugs, party invites, and most recently - sex. MC is being sold off by his big brother / best friend / childhood bully during their free period. Cum on by!
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