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Center Point. Chapter Minus.

Nov 27, 2016
(The following story I'm about to tell is based around one of my roleplaying ideas known as Center Point. Its a post apocalyptic story about this huge community and its dark secrets but this is before we get to the events in the main story and if you are interested in the idea I still have slots available to try it so please message me. This is gonna be used sorta as world building or perhaps reference if need be.)

(Also please keep in mind I'm wrtting this very late at night so please excuse grammer errors and what not.)

I awaken just as the sun lights the darken sky, this has been a habbit of mine I guess ever since this whole thing started. I can still rememeber the panic the screams of terrior as people had little to no idea what to do, those who did quickly toke advantage of all the chaos and began committing very terrible acts of violence, this happned all around the globe and after awhile it got so bad that life just seemed to stop. I've often compared these times to the wild west I guess the old history teacher in me just cant seem to stay hidden but really that is what it feels like. People getting killed over the most stupid shit and stealing as well various other things just makes this world look more and more like the hell hole it has become.

My journey wasnt simple... hell it was amazing compared to other stories... but I can only recount the first few days. My family was home and I was at work, It was like any other day I would get in early and sit at my desk and talk about war and violence and politics but really all of that has nothing on todays world its a whole other level. So I would teach for the short period of time I was given, it wasnt the best school by any means and also funding was down around this time so books and supplies had to be reused and in some cases it was used so often that even the lightest touch caused pages to come out of some of the text books. It was shitty but no one who was in charge seemed to care or maybe they did but just couldn't get it done, I tend to believe it was the former but I guess it doesnt matter to much now. I remember the entire school going dark just suddenly... massive amounts of kids just screaming and running all over the place, It toke all the rest of the teachers and employees eveything to just to calm them all down. After things settled most of us were just told to leave and thats what I did, I rushed home to my wife and found that none of the electronics were working. The tv, the oven, my computer ... none of the outlets were giving out power and none of us knew what the hell was going on.

Days passed and we started seeing more and more people getting angry and wanting answers.

(To Be Continued)
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