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Fx M or F "Sophisticated/complex Reverse Corruption" or "Unwanted Absolute Worship" [Long-Term/Discord]


May 3, 2012
Hey there,

title sounds a bit confusing, doesn't it? I think it does. But before elaborating on that, let's get the usual out of the way.

Due to being locked out of my account after captcha hit the old forum (don't ask. I don't know. It's embarrassing enough as it is), I grew frustrated and went on hiatus for a few years. Now I'm back and getting into the mood again.
What you need to know about me:
I'm a thirty-year-old German and have been role-playing - erotic and normal, storytelling and systems - since roundabout 15 years, give or take. I do prefer Messengers over PMs because it enables better spontaneity and direct responses without things "cooling off" due to slow responses... while still leaving the option for slow responses when circumstances are as such.

The first craving is actually an old craving, Jun 24, 2016 to be exact.

My Mind...
This is a long-term play that... doesn't really follow the usual template of "this is the dominant/controlling personae vs this is the submissive/reacting personae."
A lot of things can be molded towards a specific setting and pairing that fits us both, but in general it comes down to the following:

My character (female, but there's the option for Futanari, which I might prefer) has for unknown reason gained a special characteristic regarding her vaginal fluids. This could be after some sort of science experiment that went wrong, a curse or spell, or really anything that we can come up with. From that point onwards, her fluids act as a form of mind-altering drug. Whoever comes in contact with it, revers it as something to be worshiped, especially its source (MC). In the eyes of the afflicted, she would be more than a mere woman, she would be godlike - Her wishes would be commands and laws. Not obeying her an unthinkable sin. And not belonging "to the fold" something that is obviously and fundamentally wrong it needs no explanation why. It HAS to be changed. By no means does this have to have a religious spin, just worded as such to make a point. But it's an option nevertheless.

Where it now deviates from your run-of-the-mill megalomania-play is what my character thinks about it, and what the other characters think and do.
My character would start as an actually quite decent gal - without any knowledge of her new power. The blissful victims keep their wits and don't become the stereotype Bimbo (or equivalent)... But their whole life has been refocused and all that counts now is to serve my character and to spread her blessing;).
... Even if she doesn't actually want that... That just means she has to be shown the power and status she deserves.

Which brings us to the "reverse corruption" and the unclear lines of good and bad here. The victims are obviously brainwashed and serve her, but they will also do everything in their power to strengthen her position. That could be "forcibly" introducing new victims into the fold, threatening others or even... removing them from the picture.
And at the same time, they have to show my character what she deserves and that it's nothing to be shy about. It is hers to take, and it is her destiny.
This way, the character that seems to have the power is actually the one that becomes corrupted by her "underlings"... until the rape of someone's son is something natural to her, no, something that is her inherent right to do.

I would like this play to focus on the small encounters between characters. Sure, some kind of world-domination-thing is going on in the background, and "progress" there can be implied by WHICH victim has just been "introduced" into the fold, but it's kind of a meta-plotline and not what the play actually focuses on. Due to this play requiring you to play quite a few characters, concentrating on one or a small few at a time is probably for the better. But I'm open for other ideas.

The point that remains is: "Person gains unwanted power over opposite sex, underlings 'steer' said person into dark places."

Credit where credit is due, this idea is not mine to claim. The original idea (at least relative to me) was posted by purrfection.
purrfection said:
Slurping, suckling, moaning, licking, Adriana had never tasted a cock so beautifully good as her new Master's, eagerly blowing him in the back storeroom of the small office where they worked. Her tall heels clicked merrily together as her tongue worked up and down his brilliant shaft and bulbous, turgid head.

In fact, she hadn't ever tasted a cock at *all*. It was a point of pride for her, really—or had been—that she had never been with a man before, never done anything more intimate than holding hands. No man had ever *deserved* her, she felt. She was too gorgeous for most people, really, to even share a room with her.

And then...what was it, two minutes ago? It felt like a lifetime. Two beautiful, incredible, wonderful, best-minutes-of-her-life-ago she had walked in on her Master stroking his big beautiful cock.

She hadn't known he was her Master at the time. For some reason, she had thought he was just some *co-worker* of hers, another worker bee trying to plug away and work this capitalism shit out for himself like everyone else.

Adriana had thought that she was only at this office to begin with to appease her overbearing mother, insisting that any daughter of *hers* was going to *work*, even if she *was* a trust fund baby with millions of dollars to her name and a body so fucking hot that men got into fights in bars over who got to buy her drinks. That she was only barely nineteen didn't seem to bother them.

Adriana had even been—perish the thought!—strangely disgusted when she first saw her Master's cock.

But then the smell hit her. Taking hold of her olfactory senses, the heat slipping over her tongue and down into her belly, warming every single part of her. She *needed* to suck his cock. She needed to let him know how much he deserved. She had slipped down onto her knees and took him inside her plush, thick lips, his hands stroking the gorgeous mass of her midnight black hair.

Now, she looked up at him with worship in her emerald-green eyes, thick breasts urgently pressing against his thighs, a long trail of drool and precum amassing slowly in her sumptuous cleavage. Now, she knew the truth. That he was her Master. That she had started working here to be with *him*. That she was born to serve him this way, to be the wicked cocksucking servant he had always required.

Why had he been stroking himself like this in the middle of the day? It wasn't for her to wonder. She hoped it was because of her tiny outfit, though—that after weeks of mercilessly teasing him in teensy miniskirts and tight silk blouses, tall boots and stellar high heels, he had finally taken too much and needed a hot release in the middle of the day. Maybe he'd been doing it this whole time, and she had merely just now noticed.

But more importantly, didn't he have a girlfriend? Why wasn't *she* sucking him off, stroking him, getting pregnant from him, bearing him daughter after daughter to rape into his personal slaves? He complained often and loud, she recalled, about how weird it was having such a hot girl as his girlfriend who would barely even kiss him because of her own emotional hang-ups. The very notion that there was a woman with her Master already who *hadn't* been giving him everything was furiously frustrating to Adriana.

In fact, many things needed to be fixed, once her Master finished his load inside of her. He needed to hear all of it. The other girl employees who needed to be raped into his service and serve alongside her in a perfect elite harem of loving sisterslaves. The same with the boss. Adriana could volunteer to kill the men if he wanted; they didn't have any place near *Him*.

She would be his perfect little evil mind-controlled pet, and she would do her darnedest to make sure that he got *everything* he deserved.

If you're interested, hit me up with a PM.
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