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Craving Grail war Scenerio for underdog mage cutie -My master can't possibly be the cute~ (NSFW)


Mar 4, 2012
Current Craving.

-My master can't possibly be the cute~ :

Sune stuff

Sune has a teacher who is lusting for her and finds excuses and ways to touch her lecture her and keep her after class. HUGE kink now, Sune has to sit on her teacher's lap, facing him. he lets the hardness of his cock now against her crotch explain the effect of her sexiness and why she needs to be cautious, but he himself does admit to enjoying her beauty and will gladly use whatever discipline he deems necessary to reprimand her for whatever he is holding her to, including rape, which he can even tell her he is looking forward too. Clothed sex and cuddling is also a craving.

be the boy/young man who fucks Sune

Sune's trip.

The bus stop just outside the museum and students started to unload. Ms kai looked over at the now famous museum, I read it had once be an shoe factory in the industrial side of town before group of artists and engineers converted it into a giant play place, for adults as well as kids. still she couldn't really see the education in all this, nor could she see how only three teachers were supposed to chaperone over fifty girls. she sighed as she waited in the long line for entrance. she saw Ms Faye mischievously pulled out a flask from her cleavage and flash a wink at her. Ms Kai shrugged. Might as well.

Sune bounced up and down excitedly on her toes peering over the crowd. the lithe girl's large eyes beamed at the crazy building, all the stuff they could do there! she looked again over the heads of the girls in front of her to see how far she was from the entrance. there were boys here too! the girl blushed as she consciously adjusted the hem of her tight tank top which eagerly hugged her tiny waist while straining to contain the girl's large, but not yet fully mature breasts. its was one of the few occasions where the girls were allowed to wear street clothes without getting detention, besides sayako was not coming on this trip. sune was glad for that, and to be able to wear shorts again instead of just skirts. usually she wore jean cut offs ,but today she just wore tight black spandex shorts, it showed off much of her full hips, tone and shapely buttocks and bare thighs. however a year of fitting into sayako's tiny PE uniforms took away that embarrassment. she brushed her dark brown bangs out her eyes before holing out her hand out to get stamped.



Sune in rape city

Sune's Version^^


Sune pushed back tightly agisnt the wall, hoping too avoid the sight for the passing undead creatures. even in in the dim alley, a soft light fell over her illuminating the pleasing contours of her curvy, shapely body.

she was of mixed decent. nordic on her father's side but Japanese on her mother's side. she had all the delicate and sweet looks of a very pretty asian girl, but with a more curvacious body and particularly full bust and wide hips. the girl was a track start back in school, very fast and athletic. she was scantily clad, only in running shoes, a pair of skimpy spandex short-shorts that hugged her full hips and tone, shapely ass. her tight tank top hugged dearly to her slender waist and practically molded itself around her large breasts. the low neck to her top let much of her cleavage visible. her silky black waist length hair was braided into a pony tail than fell down her shoulder.

she was a sexy girl, and she couldn't help it. and in a city like this, that was the last thing you wanted to be. the monsters here sought out sexy women where ever they could.

Sune whimpered as one of the zombies paused and sniffed the air, picking up the sweet scent of a female. Sune blushed. she forgot the zombies could do that. she dared a glance at the zombie and blushed deeper. he was the same zombie who had raped her at the beginning of the apocalypse... and several other times. the creature knew her body well by now and seemed to have a fetish for tanned skin, black hair and large breasts....

Sune whimpered and looked back down the alley. the zombie had friend with time, and they was a huge growth of semi luminescent purple creep growing down the alley. she needed to escape, but how?!

another sune intro

the throbbing in her loins had still not gone away. Even after a full day had passed, she still felt that her body had not returned back to normal. was it that the effect of the semen was lasting longer? was her body just becoming accustomed if not expectant of the daily rape? or was her body hot with anticipation?

Sune Blushed in shame, she knew she needed to go out and forge for for supplies. her make shift rain system had definitely provided her with enough whatever but her food rations were going to run out soon. Sune shivered at the thought of going out again, knowing what would happen to her.

she was of mixed decent. nordic on her father's side but Japanese on her mother's side. she had all the delicate and sweet looks of a very pretty asian girl, but with a more curvacious body and particularly full bust and wide hips. she was a track star back in school, it was what got her her scholarship to this school. she very fast and athletic, but wonderfully curved and considered one the prettiest if not sexist new freshmen athletes on campus. the the sky turn green and the males of the city turned to horny well-hung zombies that roamed sought and raped whatever sexy girls they could find. Sune of course became an obvious target. with only in running shoes, a pair of skimpy spandex short-shorts that hugged her full hips and tone, shapely, bubble butt. her tight tank top hugged dearly to her slender waist and practically molded itself around her large breasts. the low neck to her top left much of her cleavage visible.

she was a sexy girl, and she couldn't help it. its what the zombies and other creatures of the city desired above all else now.

Sune tried to fight off the memories of being taken from behind, on her back of the a time on her knees when the zombie came on her breasts. her tank top still had semen stains form that encounter. her body grew hotter.

"just... get some food..." she told herself. "just run if any trouble comes... even HIM..."
She was blushing deeply, to go out without getting rape was unlikely. the zombies seemed to know her general location, only the creep which had grown from t
the basement up the stairs was keeping them out, and preventing sune from using the front door the two story house. the creep too had taken her, twice. both time she was careless and forgot it was there, and a third time becasue it grew without her knowing. as long as it didn't fuck her it should grow slower she hoped. at least stay on the ground floor.

finally summoning up her courage. the girl adjust her tight short shorts and re-braided her shining black waist length black hair into a ponytail. for whatever reason some zombies really like her hair to be down when they raped her, leaving her scavenge for scrunches of all things later...

Sune hopped down form the second floor window and into the alley. she huddled her tanned shapely, slender frame together as she slowly and shyly started to walk down the street hoping to avoid alerting any of the creature of the city and the ignore the hot throbbing in her loins...

more sune: ^^

the echoing moans of young women were not unusual in the city. there were plenty of dangers for young women in the city, particularly sexy ones...

Sune's fingers dug into the rough, heavily muscled back of the well-hung goatman as she screamed out, cumming for the third time in a row. her ever increasing tighteness was too much as the goatman roared forcing his cock as deep into her as he could as he came with her, filling her womb with his hot seed. The poor shapely girl shuddered as she she nearly came again as the goatman behind her groaned as he came hard in her tight ass. The two goatmen took time savior their climaxes before withdrawing form the girl and setting her half naked, sweaty, sexy before down between them. Sune was a real beauty and a catch, but in habit, goatmen always tested their women before abducting them. Sune was catching her breath as the two took their place at her flanks, holding her up by her arms while another, their leader greedily assumed his place infront of her with hard and waiting cock. Sune blushed in helpless shame as he slid his cock between her large and wonderfully shaped breasts. she turned away, her pretty face burning. it wasn't the first time this particular trio of goatmen raped her, they always titty fucked her in the end, if she pleased their master enough that he marked her face with his hot seed, then she was theirs. Sune sobbed with shame as the goatman groaned with pleasure as he fucked her breasts. all she wanted to do was find some new shoes at what was left of the clothing store.

it was not the first time the well hung beast of a goatman had taken the shapely, slender, black haired, asian beauty that was sune, and he greatly desired it not to be the last. Held by tanned slender shoulders, all sune could do was try to look away as the arousal of the goatman leader grew with every stoke of his cock between her large, perfect breasts. pre-cum was already cascading down his massive shaft and lubricating its passage between her breasts. Sune whimpered trying to ignore his groans of pleasure and the powerful scent of his hot arousal as his cock throbbed between her breasts, her eyes closing as she blushed in shame. the goatman groaned as she looked at her beautiful face and full smooth and pouty lips, knowing what other pleasures she could be giving him. Sune blinked as one far thrust pressed the massive hot head of his cock agisnt her soft delicate lips, smearing them with his pre-cum. Sune's eye's widened in shocked as the goatman groaned as he desperately started to thrust agisnt his lips and had to turn away, and sobbed. she had already tasted his cock once and some how the thought of willingly pleasuring him like he wanted was too much for the poor girl. Thye goatman groaned in frustration as he wanted her to cave to his needs, though the slightest hint of the blushing girl shyly licking his pre-cum for her bottom lip was too much.

The Goatman leader groaned loudly and Sune squeaked and started to sob as jet after jet of his thick hot seed shot over her beautiful face on other her slender neck till finally pooling down between her breasts. Sune whimpered, unable to face him as she shyly licked the spot of seed that landed on her lower lip and blushed deeper.

That was too much, the goatman's cock didn't even soften, if anything is swelled and throbbed harder. this girl was too much.

Sune looked timidly at the goatman hoping he was finished. one looked from the lust in his eye told her he wanted her more than ever.

Sune squeaked as he picked her up in his strong arms and cried out loudly as she felt his huge thick, hot and very hard cock fill her very hot quim. the poor girl hugged him around the neck, her bare breasts squished against his chest a she desperately held onto him as she melted around his cock. her shapely thighs around his waist as he held her by her perfect ass and began to bounced her rapidly on his cock. Sune sobbed in pleasure as shame as his cock once again conquered her, as she was once again desperately tight around him as pleasure burned though her body.The goatman groaned, even after raping her so many time before the girl never lost her heat and increadable tightness. she was incredible!

his massive, hard member filling her and grinding agisnt her hot flesh as too much. her inner muscles tightened desperately around him as she cried out loudly in passion. The goatman suddenly roared with pleasure forcing her down hard onto his as cock, forcing her a loudly orgasmic scream from her as she felt him cumming with her. The, she went limp his arms. The gaotman breathed hard having cum harder than he ever had before, shuddering as let after jet of his hot seed flowing into poor sune, warming her already burning body.

The goatman groaned a her pulled her off and desperately stroked himself to send a few more jets on the poor girl's face and breasts. sune, so overwhelmed and within the after glow of her multiple orgasms barely noticing the seed cumming on her tanned sweaty skin and beautiful face. the other two who have been furiously stroking themselves followed suite, groaning as the too came on her breasts and neck Sune whimpered trying to turn from the incoming jets that landed on her face.

then they left her. Sune caught breath and whimpered and turned over, blinking to clear her fuzzy vision. she could find where her short shorts went but she could see her panties and her tank top near by. the only thing they hadn't stripped her of during her rape were her new shoes...

sune's ass



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Mar 4, 2012
My master can't possibly be the cute~
Okay, so not really craving anything for Sune right now, but Kinda ripping off Fate and the Grail war concept. Basically imagine you are a servant summoned for the Grail War and you find your master is this little cutie of a mage who wasn't even expecting her experimental summoning to work.

PM me if you want to discuss ideas


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Mar 4, 2012
craving age of discovery Rp


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Mar 4, 2012


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