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Double up? (Any character or plot you want)


Feb 17, 2017
Hello there welcome to my request thread, I hope you find something that interests you.

Rules and Information

I prefer about 1-3 paragraphs I can do more if you want but, nothing less than a paragraph.
Literacy is a must, if you have poor spelling and grammar I won't be a very good fit as a partner for you.
Story is a must, of course I expect a fair amount of erotica in the RP but I'm looking for background and build, otherwise for me the smut gets boring very quickly
I only roleplay in third person, and will expect my partner to do the same.
Don't be shy, I try to be as friendly and polite as possible, if you have any ideas or kinks on your mind that aren't listed just tell me. I'm totally fine with just taking one idea from any of the plots listed or pairings and coming up with something new.

The proposition

I'm having a hard time finding partners for niche roleplays and other ideas I have.

So basically I am happy to play any gender of character you wish, in any sort of roleplay you want, be that your own world, a fandom, or something else. In return you reciprocate and do the same for me. I can play multiple characters if you wish of any gender its entirely up to you if you can do the same for me. Drop me a message if you're interested.

My Ideas and Fandom Thread
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