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Domination and Control M4F.

Jan 11, 2018
Hi there, glad you are checking out my thread. I'm currently looking to play as a Dom against a female writer playing a female sub. Vanilla roles tend to get boring to me so unfortunately i'm not really open to those but i am to playing lighter hearted dominant man.

I'm college educated but graduated with a finance degree so, expect decent but not the best English from me. I tend to write on average 2 mid sized paragraphs but can do slightly more or less depending on my partner. I don't enjoy one-liner responses simply because it gets hard for me to really get into an rp like that. I also tend to prefer back and forth sessions once in a while rather than sending one message a day though i understand it can be difficult because we all have real lives.

Likes: Note* We don't have to include all of these or even most of them, they're just there for an idea of what i enjoy.

Domination- A must, love the feeling of being in control and in power and using it.

Raceplay- just hot

Humiliation and degradation- Love it as a form of demeaning my partner making them just feel like an object or toy made to be used by me.

Filming/photographs- Really enjoy it as a form of future control over you or as a means of humiliation.

Harems/ multiple women- What guy doesn't dream of using more than one woman at once?

Race play- I really enjoy using race to humiliate and degrade. Racial slurs and such can be a lot of fun.

Impregnation and breeding- I enjoy the risk of pregnancy and impregnating women makes them feel like the belong to me but i'm not really into playing against pregnant women.

Addiction- I enjoy the thought of you needing whatever it is i have. You needing to come back to me and me abusing that to get what i want.

Pet play- Leash's, collars and cages ++++

Unrealistic likes- Completely optional

Hypnotism- Not necessarily into the become a mindless doll type of hypnotism because i feel's like im not really role playing with anyone at that point but i really enjoy using it to have some form of control, whether i make you uncontrollably horny at the snap of my finger, make myself the most attractive man in the world to you, make your body more sensitive or make you have a humiliation fetish.

Large cocks and cumplay- Love having tons of cum, the thought of a woman covered or being filled with lots of my cum is a big turn on.

Bimbofication- Love smart, uptight women turning into cum addicted bimbo sluts.

Aphrodisiacs- Generally enjoy your body being uncontrollably hot and heavy, needing me despite what your mind thinks and wants.

Theres plenty more i like but that should give you a general idea of what i'm into.

Limits- Just not my cup of tea.

Blood or extreme violence

Heavily pregnant women

Playing multiple men


playing submissive.


I'm open to plenty of roles and fandom so if you have similar likes and are craving a role play or specific role don't hesitate to message me.
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