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Mx M or F In need of (ab)use [Sub seeking Dominants]


May 23, 2012
around and about.
Hello dominant person! Thank you for taking time to check this out.
To save you time, if you have a lot of limits or are easily put off by the darker or kinkier sides of RPing you may want to skip this request thread.

This isn't my main request thread, but simply something that I'm always looking for.


  • I'm looking for rough, Dominant males who have few to no limits for mainly non-con and Master/slave RPs.
  • I am only looking for modern, non-fantasy roles, and age range from about 18 to 28.
  • Looking for mainly: Humiliation, anal training, pet play, rough, watersports, anal virginity and many, many more.


  • I'm looking for kinky and creative Dommes with a darker side and few limits for rough M/s or D/s RPs.
  • I'm open to hearing most ideas, although I would prefer to do something modern, non-fantasy and our characters below the age of about 35.
  • Looking for mainly: Humiliation, anal training, pet play, non-con, watersports, anal virginity, pegging and many, many more.

Please don't hesitate to send me a PM detailing anything that you're craving at the moment.
I use several IMs or PMs, and I look forward to satiating your desires soon!
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