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Kiki's mixed request thread! ( NSFW )craving smutty Diablo II age of discovery scenerio)


Mar 4, 2012
Basically this idea entails a young attractive nurse taking up work at mysterious sleep clinic and meet her boss, the infamous Dr keifer.

light bondage, breasts play, power play, dirty talking, body worship, intimate/inappropriate touching, workplace relationships, medical play, pseudo rape, slutty clothing/forced clothes wearing, sexual trials, vibrators, dildos, massages, orgasm denial, sexual training, unfair 'rules,' public scenes, blackmail, corrosion, sexual frustration, etc.

Possible plots intros: (I am more than happy to develop a fresh one if you have some good ideas.)

Clinical Seduction II

Sera blushed as she struggled in frustration with the buttons. getting into the clinic's small mandatory nurses uniforms were usually a trial, but these new uniforms were particularly challenging. The green haired nurse though still flustered allowed herself a short smile of achievement as she managed to do up the last button to her top, though now it was particularly tight across her full breasts. she blushed knowing that the uniform like all the nurses uniforms was hugging her every curve, of her shapely body. she blushed deeper as she ran her hand down her hip and finding the smooth skin of her thigh almost immediately. fidgeting to herself. was the skirt really going to be that short!? she blushed and closed her eyes. how did she keep getting the shortest skirts?

Keifer smile in greedy amusement as he watched the security monitor. his smile widened as he saw her reaction to her newly hemmed skirt. he leaned back and smiled as he watch the view from the nurses dressing room from his office. Sera was one of his favorites and he knew how awkward she was about having other ogle her legs. that was why in the past she was always given the shortest skirts, till now... he out did himself.
the new uniform was now a one piece with the only adjustment being the buttons on the top. you could be shy and try to button up the top and risking the uniform tighter and pulling up the skirt several inches, or you could leave it unbuttoned and have exposed cleavage in exchange for a slightly longer skirt.

it was a win win.

Another monitor showed one of the more tiresome patients having one of their patents picking their nose in his sleep. Keifer sighed and set a picture in front of that screen.

Keifer picked up a file from his desk. the new nurse was supposed to be coming in today for training. Keifers eyes scanned the photo graph of and attractive young woman and notited under her measurements that she was a double d cup.

keifer smiled and put the file down, this sight shift was going to be very interesting. the monitor caught his attention again as sera raised her arms behind her head to tie her waist length green hair into a pony tail, her skirt rising up her backside with her movement revealing her panties. keifer smiled at sera's sudden reaction to pulled her skirt down and deep blush on her lovely face.

Keifer smiled. indeed it was going to be a interesting night....

Clinical seduction III

it was hot and it was sweaty...

Sera gasped out in passion with his motions as Dr, Keifer continued to bounce her on his lap. The poor green haired nurse blushed a moaned as keifer lewdly caress her thighs as he took her.

"no keifer, please not there..." she begged moaning as his cock went deeper into her as the doctor unbuttoned her over strained top with his teeth, baring her full and heaving breasts. she gasped as he started to lick and suck on her breasts and she desperately tried to hold hims around the neck as her toes started to curl. keifer could feel Sera tightening around him and started to fuck his lovely nurse harder...

Sera would get a shorter skirt after this. he new her exposed legs embarrassed her, but her legs were lovely and her body was for his pleasure...

keifer turned his attention from sera's breasts to a file on his desk.
the new nurse, a photo with her measurements listed. she was an ideal piece of T & A eye candy but one stat stood out to him: "DD cup"

keifer smiled trying to imagine his new nurse in the skimpy uniform he had mailed to her, a hip length skirt, a perfectly fit waist and a top that would barely be able to contain her large breasts without drawing the already tiny skirt higher.

oh this was going to be so much fun when the new nurse arrived in that uniform...

A loud moan from sera and and increased tightness around his cock drew his attention to the beauty her was currently dealing with. "kefier I can't take anymore I going to cum!" she moaned feeling herself cumming as he started to suck on her breasts again.

Clinical Seduction IV

Sera starred towards the polished floor as she and keifer walked through the halls of the clinic, she was discussing the progress with the clinics current patients while Keifer updated her on the finance situation. The lovely green-haired nurse blushed as she felt keifer casually encircle his arm her tiny waist as they walked. She felt his fingers playing with her waist length hair, nurses in any other hospital were required to keep their hair short or up in some manner, but keifer had stated his preference earlier that he enjoyed running his fingers though her hair, and that she was to keep her hair down in his presence.

She felt a shiver up her spine as his hand traveled gently down her the opposite slope of her hip. The tight uniforms keifer required the nurses the wear, particularly the tight miniskirt made only her feel almost naked in his presence. And warm when he touched her.
“anything else you think we need to go over?” Keifer asked a rather excited tone in his voice. She knew that tone and blushed.

“no… I mean ,not that I know of, I think we’ve covered everything, erm, everything recent that is…”s he blushed as keifer stopped his pace, sera tried to remained focused of the floor, but eventually turned, feeling keifer’s eyes gazing though his spectacles down upon her.

“I think we need to go over some of the rules of conduct again.” He said with a smiled as sera’s eyes widened and her blush grew deeper.

“I- I- I know are the rules though Kei- Dr Keifer…” she almost caught herself. “ you know I do…”

The twinkle in keifer’s eye grew brighter as she looked over his helplessly beautiful nurse, his hands placing themselves on the flanks of her full and curvy hips, stroking her gently through her skin tight miniskirt. She blushed as keifer pulled her body intimately close and leaned into him, his face close, almost as if to kiss her. Sera whimpered as she felt her body temperature starting to rise as kefier held her very womanhood in his hands…

“kei-keifer?” she managed to squeak before keifer claimed her lips and she knew it was all, over. The fires in her loins started to melt her within as she felt helpless in her tormentor’s embrace.

Keifer broke the kiss and looked back into the eyes of his beautiful blushing sera. “yes, you know the rules, and yet, you continued to break them… ‘arousing the desires of your employer…’ why do you have such trouble with that one? How many times to I have to ‘punish’ you before you get it?” he asked in a teasing tone as he turned the girl around and gently pressed her to the wall.

She whimpered looking over her shoulder helplessly as he lifted her tiny skirt, no doubt taking note of the wonders those yoga classes were doing with her already amazing body, and the noticeable dampness between her thighs. “I wasn’t trying to-“she stopped as she felt the all too familiar sensation of her boss’s hot, throbbing member against the curves of her shapely backside and the sliding between her thighs, to tauntingly pressed against her womanhood. Only her thin, white panties denied him entry. This only made the poor girl wetter. She felt his hand roam up to cup and pleasingly full breasts through her tight uniform, and she felt his hot breath traveling down her delicate neck.
“you never are and yet you succeed…” keifer whispered as he started grinding agisnt her ass. “you are just a sexy girl who cannot help it…” he whispered kissing her neck and making the poor girl moan. “maybe that was the reason I hired you, besides, it’s your fault the ‘punishing’ is so fun…”

he was grinding against her hips hard now, any means of resistance melted away from her body, “not in the hallway. The cameras...” she gasped as she fondled her breasts in that expert way he knew to play with her.

“I know…” keifer whispered to Sera’s horror. “something for me show the new nurse for orientation…”

Sera’s lovely face burned with embarrassment. “but what if some else sees us here?”

Keifer laughed. “sera… Sera Sera Sera… I gave the rest of the staff the night off an hour ago, but not you, you must be punished…” he turned the beautiful girl around and pinned her to the walls, his hand under her skirt, stroking her most private place before moving her panties aside. There was and grunt from keifer and a loud moan from sera as she threw her arms around his neck as he entered her. She was already hot and wet. Keifer looked down at her with a look of hungry lust and kissed her again, deeper this time. His hand caressing her naked thigh as he devoured her, knowing full well how mad it drove her when her touched her there. She instinctively raised her thigh to his hip. Keifer broke the kiss “…and I have all night to punish you…” he said as he unbuttoned the front of her sera’s blouse.

the moans and cries of passion echoed down the empty halls of the sleep clinic.


(Skirt must be shorter...)

Dr. Keifer designs:
1 2 3 4

Keifer’s clinic

nurse-staff dress code:
All new nursing staff must be in uniform as all times while on duty unless instructed otherwise by a superior. The composition of the default nursing uniform is as following: White mini-skirt, white mid-drift, white three-button blouse, white tennis shoes or high-heels, white socks, nurse’s hat and white thong. The maximum skirt-length for this clinic must not exceed the length of your knuckles, if your skirt exceeds the regulated example or there is a preferred customization that coincides with the minimum requirements, contact your immediate supervisor. Heels or Tennis shoes, or white knee high boots are optional, Stocking’s and other leggings are also optional, but not required. Panties, thongs are optional, but thongs are preferable, for g-strings and other undergarments, contact your immediate supervisor. Custom changes to uniform can be requested through your immediate adviser or by recommendation form you immediate adviser… Nurses at or beyond 36C-cup are not permitted to wear bras within the clinic, NO EXCEPTIONS. Those found in violation of said rule with be subject to discipline by their immediate supervisor. All fine print must be obeyed.

Punishable offenses:
Exposed cleavage in the presence of your immediate supervisor. Swaying hips in the presence of your immediate supervisor, unauthorized customizations to uniform. Inappropriate skirt-length. Wearing a bra in the presence of your immediate supervisor. Not wearing panties in the presence of your immediate supervisor. Tempting or arousing your immediate supervisor with your beauty. Having a nice ass. Having smooth thighs. Pleasing your supervisor with your body. Making your supervisor hard… denying your supervisor’s desires. Wearing a thong or erotic panties… being a great fuck. Letting your hair down. failing a Supervisor’s trails. Bare legs… being sexy…

early termination of employment, negative reference. Being tied up, spankings, hard fucking, titty fucking, sexual torment, money shot. Uniform customization. sexual Enslavement. Public fucking, humiliation, grinding, breasts fondling, massaging, oiling, cunnilinugs, fillatio, cow girl, reverse cow-girl, doggy style, missionary, rape, groping and fondling. Clothed sex Vibrators/sex toys, trials. Cum-on face.

Nurse staff benefits package:
Access to free HealthCare,
Access to free birth control,
Free memberships to tanning salons, health clubs and beauty parlors.

Dr. Keifer also care for lonely, frustrated young women, who come to him for examination and... release...



also, I have bounced ideas with other people on possible short "Train Rape" fantasies, but in a sort of sanctioned world. possibly the city tasks measures of putting vending machines that dispense birth control and fresh panties in exchange for soiled ones, so girls can continue with their day , or maybe they put padding on corners or something so it not so rough.

Example post:

Typically beautiful, shapely girls tended to get alot of intimate attention on the trains. Posted cautions usually warned attractive young women about mini-skirts, low necked shirts and skimpy clothing. The signs even gave visual scenarios of the treatment a sexy girl could face. A caress of the thigh, the very common grope of the ass, or playful spank, of embrace from the side or behind, sometimes for busty girls cupping of breasts of kissing of the neck. then some more erotic examples of escalations, a hand in panties, nipples being pinched, or sucked, a crotch against a shapely ass, or a cock between breasts.

Then there was detailed sketches of common positions girls on the train get raped. usually bent over and held at the waist, or backed into a corner with her arms and legs around her rapist. the illustrations were quiet erotic and very suggestive, whatever public service group made the signs probably hired a doujin artist. in a way the warning really didn't warn so much as gives horny commuters ideas.

Not all girls got raped on the train, but being groped or felt up was almost guaranteed, some girls had to deal with the shame of being fucked on the train or deal with the frustration of being stimulated ,but not fucked. though for a shy, beautiful girl with needs it was an easy outlet.

Juliet, was in a shorter than short mini-skirt, and a top that fit her, but only if she left the two top buttons undone to comfortably contain her large breasts, but expose quite a bit of her cleavage. It was clear the poor shapely girl was to get her share of attention for this commute.

It was mostly the usual, her bare legs caressed by alternating passengers, a few held her waist and pressed their hardened members against her ass, a few more daring men hand ran their hands up her inner thigh and actually stroked her through her skimpy thong once or twice. she would have to hug her breasts to hide her nipples less she attract any further attention. her shapely ass was groped several times nothing unusual, she had a nice ass and tight skirt, so that was bound to happen. though nearing the end of the train ride, one man in particular had gotten very bold. cornering her and lifting her skirt as he ground his bare erection against her thong clad ass, kissing her neck and massaging her large breasts. he seemed committed as he started to undo her top further to bare her breasts. she only had three more stops.

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