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Jun 29, 2019
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There are a lot of people who seem to be confused on what you should/should not be reporting. This is to get into some of the most popular mis-reports :: Spam // Cold Calls // Racism // Harassment // Mod Impersonating // Deletions

  • SPAM

    Unless the Post/Message has absolutely nothing to do with the site or section and/or has links/advertisements to other places it is NOT SPAM. If you get a PM that has nothing to do with your RT or likes and is some random, uninteresting idea, its called a COLD CALL.


    When you get a message from a user and it contains ideas that you didn't mention in your Request Thread, this is called a Cold Call. These are usually not reportable, but they are in some circumstances. If the message reads as something that has been copied and pasted in its entirety (i.e., not changed at all, like the same message that the user could easily send to another user without making any changes whatsoever, or if you have received the same exact message from the user in the past) then it should be reported as spam. Messages that are sent to users without altering them at all can harm the site, as they are identified as spam and could threaten the security of the site.


    A lot of people seem to be unable to tell the difference between Racism and Preferences.

    Racism is the belief a particular group is inferior to you.

    Preference is what you personally like/find attractive.

    Having a sexual preference for a particular ethnic group is not Racism. Having an ethnic preference is like having a preference for BDSM or Vanilla sex.


    This is something we take very seriously but often run into the same issue. The member being reported for harassment was never told.

    Unless you have TOLD the person that you no longer wish to communicate, we can't do much. If you choose to just stop replying to a person [either just talking or RPing together], you will have to deal with the consequences.

    Which is, the people will message you several times wondering what happened. Until they finally get the hint or are reported for it, usually finding out through the Mod that the person didn't want to talk anymore.

    We don't do anything till AFTER they have been told you wish to stop. Because it'd be pretty shitty of us to warn someone for harassment when they were never told about the restraining order.

    Of course, this is dependent on the severity of the harasser.


    While it's perfectly fine to help members who have questions about something, it is not ok to go into a thread and then try to be a public mod about something in the thread. At this point, if there's something NOT site compliant, you hit the Report button.

    On the same token, if someone comes into your thread doing this, do not respond, hit the report button.


    First :: Regular members can not move, merge, or close threads. Only Mods and Admins. Regular members can delete their own threads and posts after they have 3 posts and have waited 24 hours to gain full membership.

    Second:: We do not delete RPs. Not unless we have consent from all parties. No "He said its fine." "She doesn't care." "They aren't here" if we do not get consent from all parties we will not delete the thread. We really do not like deleting the Roleplay threads though.

* This is open to changes and additions.
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