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NBx Any Predatory Cravings (Incest, Rape, Gender Transformation) [Discord]


May 3, 2012
Hey beauties :3

Let's start with who I am and how I play.
I'm a 31 year old woman located in Europe (which means for Americans: you should have time somewhere between early afternoon and midnight) and have been doing role-plays for a while now, both the sexual kind we're used to on BMR and old-school tabletop stuff.

I only play via Discord as I prefer their kind of pace and the interactivity IMs they offer. I am a friendly and talkative gal, so there will be some OOC-chatter (separately to the IC, don't worry). Be it clarifications about the scene, making fun of the situation one character is in or discussing the latest heatwave, traffic jam or whatever crosses our minds.
If you're interested in playing with me, please write me a PM with more than a one-liner. I put some effort into this thread and I expect you to write a little more than just one or two short sentences. Share your thoughts, what idea struck you fancy? Do you have something of your own you might think would fit my kinks? Stuff like that.

I do have a weird sense of semi-realism in my plays, especially when set in a more fantastical setting. While I love cervical penetrations and large cocks (where applicable) in them, I do know that's really, really hurtful IRL. But I'm not after heavily realistic settings. Things like cervical (or nipple) penetration should be kinda discomforting and could hurt for a while, but the girls can get used to that and even enjoy it.

Talking about my kinks, here's kind of a condensed list of some of them. I'm usually quite flexible about kinks if they fit the setting. So if you want some of your kinks implemented into the play as well, feel free to share them.

Favorites (Major kinks)
Ageplay/(Forced) Incest
Internal Cumshots
Cervical Penetration
Larger Cock
Extreme Pregnancy (in this case, a faster labour)

Yes (Kinks)
Swallowing Semen
Multiple Characters (played by my partner)
Nipple Penetration (by tentacles)
Throat Penetration

Maybe (It's okay)

Nope (Don't even ask)
Scat, Torture, Mutilation

My F-List is a bit longer, but usually is neither complete nor accurate. See "quite flexible" in the paragraph above.

I'm not limited to these ideas. But as a general advice, I'm currently in the mood to play the predatory role in a mostly (not exclusively) abusive relationship. Something on the other side of the coin (playing the prey, the sub, etc) isn't something I am interested at this time.
But I'm quite flexible when it comes to the actual details of a play. Like the setting, era, etc.
(My character and your character)

Incest, Rap, Forced Gender Transformation
This idea probably takes place in a modern setting and involves me playing the older mother to the younger child. Preferably, the mother will be or become a Futanari, and her child is either her daughter, or her son who will undergo a forced gender transformation (highly preferring this) during the play. Besides smut, the play will involve a lot of character development (or rather corruption), as the child is being steered away from being a well-raised, good-in-school kid towards a more... willing role regarding it's mother's desires.

some specific kinks involved
- Forced Incest (obviously)
- Corruption (drugs, behavior, mind control?)
- Gender Transformation (optionally)
- Forced Clotheswearing
- Prostitution (optionally)

Images (mostly real)

Old Ideas (for reference)
#1 Tentacles, Breeding, Rape, possibly Incest, etc (Kind of a dublicate of #3)
I'm flexible when it comes to the setting (medieval fantasy, modern times, science-fiction? Don't care ;)) and details like that. I do love world-building though.
The scenario would be about two (young'ish underage) sisters, of which one gets transformed physically and mentally. Be it by demonic possession, science gone wrong or whatever. Depending on our setting, she could just be able to extrude/grow/project tentacles from her body, and/or become a Futanari and stay mostly human besides that. But she could also grow horns, a tail, wings.... Or morph into some kind of semi-rigid goo-girl. Whatever we agree on ;)
In any case, her thoughts will revolve around procreation a lot. Depending on how she was transformed, this could work through normal impregnation (see Futa) or some nifty stuff like egg-laying with her tentacles. Pregnancy ("extreme" in this case just means how fast the labour is) is definitely a thing here.
There are a few optional kinks and themes as well. It could be a generational thing, where the female children of your character experience the same treatment as your character (an idea I got from Game of Thrones). If so, Snuff could (but really, doesn't have to!) be integrated. Older girls could be "fucked to death (so they would enjoy it, of course)" once they're "too old" for my character.
There are a lot of directions where this could go to. While I'm a little eager to give it a kind of "rapey" atmosphere, that's not a requirement.

#2 Incest, Rape, Transformation, Ageplay

This is not a traditional Mom/son-play, please read the whole idea.
This one's about a sinister single mother with a young son. Due to whatever reasons (maybe it's just time for that now ;)) she starts to force her son into some serious shit. Namely feminizing him (clothes, hormones, operations (although the kid will keep the penis, no worries ;))), using him for sex and corrupting him (drug/alcohol abuse, prostitution, etc). Again, I'm quite flexible about the setting, as well as more story-ideas and kinks.

#3 (Generational) Incest, Breeding, Ageplay, possibly Rape

I've been craving this idea for a while now (and somehow forgot to mention it when I moved to one central request thread :D), but never really got to play it. Virtual chocolate brownies for you, if you want to play this!
As per usual, the setting can be more or less anything. My part would most likely be either a Futanari (yay) or a male (nay, so you'd have to convince me), while you would play her siblings. You wouldn't have to play more than one at a time, although that'd grant another round of brownies.
The idea is as follows: My character has for some reason (depends on the setting) decided to "make her own family" or breed her own dynasty or whatever. This is kinda inspired from Craster (Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire), a man who takes his daughters as wifes... and their daughters and so forth. The same would be the case here. My (preferably) Futanari would start with her sister and continue with her daughters, once they come of age.
There are a lot of fantastic ideas that could be included in this play. For example: Maybe my sibling is possessed by a demon (which explains why she stays young as she continues to breed with her daughter-daughters, also why the pregnancies are as short as they will be in the play), maybe it is something technological?
We'll see ;)
Again, I'm really looking for this one.
Personal Imgur: (some inspirations)
Personal Imgur: (predatory girls I like)

Forced Generational Incest
Taking place in a fantasy setting, this play starts out with two young sisters. There are a few possible reasons for why the following will happen, and I'm really not set on one, so we can come up with whatever we like. The following is just an example.
Maybe their parent's died in some war-related event, or maybe their were slain by some monsters. Without having been closely integrated with the community, the two girls are now on their own. Survival is tough and by wishing to be able to help the younger sister, the older sister makes herself unwillingly a target for greater powers. Now, maybe a demon takes straight up possession of her, or maybe she agrees to a deal, it doesn't matter.
One way or another, a power-hungry entity slowly takes possession over the older sister's mind.
Set on some kind of world domination, the demon will transform the older sister's body into something more useful to him (I'm preferring something to the likes of a futanari succubus, optically) and starts breeding with the younger sister to grow both an army and a harem.

This one would require my partner to play several different, mostly female characters (not necessarily at once, although that would be nice sometimes :3).
The idea is actually quite extendable, for example:
- Bestiality #1 (the demon's army consists of not only males, but also some predatory monsters (used for scouting, riding, etc), and they might need some... recreation)
- Bestiality #2/Monsterstuff (the possessed sister could wander out into the woods to find food or other stuff for the girls (they'll need quite some nourishment ;)) and could get overwhelmed by some monsters. After noticing that she absorbs some of their powers (and physical traits), she lets this happen more often).
- and more, just two ideas ;)

Kinks/Fetishes involved
- Futanari
- Forced Incest (kinda)
- Extreme Breeding (extreme referring to how short pregnancy will be)
- possibly Ageplay
- Excessive Semen
- possibly Tentacles
- Large Cocks
- possibly Bestiality
- aaand more.

Some inspirational images:

As a possible alternative setting, my Character could also be some kind of humanoid alien (with similar characteristics as before: futanari, probably tentacles, etc.pp.) who starts to 'use' a few, or maybe even just one (like in the original idea) female on board a starship, outpost, whatever.

A Power Fantasy
This is actually the least fleshed out idea, but also the most flexible one. It's quite simple. My character (female) has powers, one way or another. Maybe she's a succubus, maybe some kind of tentacly monster-girl, maybe just someone with a gun. Aaand for whatever reason, she's in a dangerous environment with all kinds of bad people and creatures (both female and male, not set on this). She encounters them and "deals with them" (could be completely harmless, like just exhausting them sexually and "turning them in"... but could also be quite fatal).
This could be some kind of heroine play, or of course also on the complete other side of the scale. I'm also not ruling out situations where she could be overwhelmed (as long as it doesn't end the play).

Kinks/Fetishes involved
- too much to list, this could be more or less everything we like and can fit into the play.

Rape, Bestiality, Breeding (optional Tentacles and Snuff)
Set in a fantasy-world, (a) young woman(/women, see optional snuff) finds herself in a dangerous forest. Maybe she got lost, maybe they are a sacrifice to whatever lurks in the forest to protect the nearby villages. The forest itself is home to whatever beasts and monsters we can/want to come up with. And they take advantage of the offering, use her for their own fun and breeding purposes.

some specific kinks involved:
- Bestiality (obviously)
- Breeding (doesn't have to be in each encounter)
- Tentacles (optional)
- Snuff (optional, also only when the victim enjoys/wants it (mind control?))

Images (comic/hentai)

Power Fantasy (Bestiality, Demons, optional Snuff)
This can take many forms, be it in a medieval or a modern setting (with a supernatural spin). One way or another, my character (female or Futanari) ends up with some kind of sexual power (besides any other strength, speed or whatever is needed for the play). Maybe she is a (less than) normal human woman, maybe she's some kind of succubus or monster-girl or whatnot. Maybe she cracks down on dangerous creatures that aren't allowed in "our world", maybe she rids fantasy lands from their beasts, whatever we come up with. In the end, she defeats their enemies by draining or weakening them during sex, to either "send them back" or to outright kill them. Can be some kind of heroine-play, or demon against demon, without humans knowing.
Very vague, but also very free in what we can make out of it.

Some specific kinks involved
- Rape
- Nonhuman partners (kinda obviously)
- Snuff (if wanted)

Images (comic/hentai)
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