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Sinner's Secrets: Cave System

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Aug 30, 2013
Cave System

Under the entire kingdom of Secrets runs a cave system, millions of tunnels and caves that have gone unexplored since before the land was first destroyed by the woods, now random openings are showing again, caves surfacing, tunnels burrowing themselves, calling to the newest arrivals to the land, to explore.... To their deaths... What calls these creatures, what drives them to go is all unknown, there are many friends that lurk beneath the land's surface, but there are also many foes. Those who enter are strongly urged to remember the tales they are told before entering these caves and always enter with care, cave ins are not uncommon as well as many other dangers that could be lurking behind every turn... Or even right behind you. Do not travel these systems alone if you can avoid it, though you are strong urged not to travel these systems at all....

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