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Helios (Inner Sanctum)


.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
Why do you care?

(Inner Sanctum, Planet #1 of System)

Helios is a highly populated planet and part of the Inner Sanctum. The Illuminati has full control here and its laws are fully upheld. Most citizens are related to those a part of the Illuminati and those few who aren't are mindful to watch what they both say and do. The planet is the closest one to the sun in its system and tends to have more daylight hours than darkness due to its natural on its axis. The weather is fairly temperate, though a bit on the warmer side, and experiences all four seasons yearly.


Jan 26, 2009
Emerald City, WA

Name: Sol Invictus
Attire: His usual purple suit.
Weapon: Himself.
Location: Helios, Invictus tower.
Tagging: No one.
Time: October 1, 3075; morning.

"No, I don't believe you are understanding me. Allow me to correct you." Sol straightened his back and shoulders and looked into the holo-communicator and the face it was projecting. "The Rim is inconsequential. Our presence there is solely to keep otherwise potential threats fighting themselves, and any poor bastard unfortunate enough to get stationed there. There is nothing of value, no resources, and nothing to gain from there. We will continue as planned, and focus on the Six. In particular Thalassa, it's a primary water source for the system, therefore valuable." Sol brushed his goatee and paced thoughtfully. Everything was falling together, more or less. "I want you to continue pressuring Dragonia into becoming a full and protected member of the Illuminati, offer gifts, services, lies. I don't care. If I have to make a public appearance, so be it. Get me an audience, not now... in time... do your work first." The cogs were turning, truthfully they never stopped. Even his dreams were full of plots and ideas. "As you wish, Sir. Might I remind you, however, that there are potential allies on the Rim as well... those with connections to the Six. Just my piece of advice." With that, the face was gone. Sol was perfectly aware of his advice however, it had crossed his mind several times in the past months.

Grabbing his purple jacket he threw his arms through it and walked down the hall from his office. He brought his left forearm up to him and his shimmering omni-tool hologram came into place. "Please inform Captain Gravos to prepare the crew and Hammer for departure. Make sure we have extra fuel cells as well... we will be travelling to the Rim." With a sigh he stepped onto a platform, activated it's anti-gravity thrusters, and began the mental preparation for when he arrived on Charos. He was not looking forward to it.

(exit to Charus)
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