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Chales' Room (4th floor)

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Aug 7, 2011
This is the room in which Chales entertains clients. It is spacious and lit at night by candles all around the edge of the room on various surfaces. Clients have the option for incense or scented candles, and indeed there is the faint smell of such products having been used before. The floor is white marble, covered in deep rugs of crimson. The centre of the room is dominated by a huge double bed covered in crisp satin sheets. One whole wall is a vast window looking out over the city, tinted of course so that it can only be seen through from the inside. If necessary, curtains can be pulled across to shield any light.

In one corner there is a large leather loveseat, perched in between a walk-in wardrobe containing a selection of outfits, and an oak dresser. His “toy box” as Charles calls it, the items within have been accumulated over years of experience, each tried and tested. Handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, rope, a riding crop, dildos, vibrators, large quantities of lube, and much more. You name it, he’s probably got it.

A sliding Japanese door leads off into a bathroom of black tiles, with ample shower space and a Jacuzzi, as well as a wall-cupboard stocked with bathing products, and fresh towels and robes.
Not open for further replies.
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